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Class LL Rankings

2013 Class LL Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting the morning after the last game
Tiebreaker Notations:
1) *Head-To-Head (2-team tie only)
2) +Opponents Wins and Ties
3) %Highest Ranked Opponent Defeated
4) @Winning Percentage
5) ^By Lot
Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Newtown11-0630/01710155.45126Wins Over: Pomperaug (L-4w), Bethel (M-9w), Brookfield (M-9w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), New Milford (LL-4w), Wolcott (M-7w), Weston (M-3w), New Fairfield (M-8w), Stratford (L-3w), Immaculate (S-0w), Masuk (L-7w) 
2.Glastonbury10-1490/01490135.45116Wins Over: Hall (LL-9w), South Windsor (LL-1w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), Newington (LL-5w), East Hartford (LL-3w), Manchester (LL-7w), Conard (LL-4w), New Britain (LL-4w), Windsor (L-6w), Simsbury (LL-2w)
Losses To: Southington (LL-9w) 
3.Hall9-1410/01310131.00102Wins Over: Newington (LL-5w), Simsbury (LL-2w), East Hartford (LL-3w), Southington (LL-9w), New Britain (LL-4w), South Windsor (LL-1w), Manchester (LL-7w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Conard (LL-4w)
Losses To: Glastonbury (LL-10w) 
4.Southington9-1400/01300130.0098Wins Over: Glastonbury (LL-10w), Manchester (LL-7w), Simsbury (LL-2w), New Britain (LL-4w), Conard (LL-4w), Newington (LL-5w), East Hartford (LL-3w), South Windsor (LL-1w), Cheshire (LL-4w)
Losses To: Hall (LL-9w) 
5.Norwich Free Academy8-2490/01290129.00136Wins Over: Montville (S-7w), Fitch (L-4w), Ledyard (M-9w), Windham (S-7w), Cranston West (RI) (LL-4w), East Lyme (L-6w), Killingly (M-4w), Stonington (M-8w)
Losses To: Glastonbury (LL-10w), New London (L-9w) 
6.West Haven9-2510/01410128.18136Wins Over: Foran (M-8w), Cheshire (LL-4w), Guilford (L-5w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Xavier (LL-7w), Hamden (LL-3w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Daniel Hand (L-8w), Shelton (LL-7w)
Losses To: Greenwich (LL-8w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w) 
7.Fairfield Prep9-2420/01320120.00120Wins Over: Stamford (LL-2w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Branford (L-0w), Shelton (LL-7w), Cheshire (LL-4w), Amity (LL-5w), Hamden (LL-3w), Xavier (LL-7w), West Haven (LL-9w)
Losses To: St. Joseph (M-10w), Daniel Hand (L-8w) 
8.Ridgefield9-2390/01280116.36118Wins Over: Cheshire (LL-4w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Stamford (LL-2w), Harding (L-3w), Norwalk (LL-4w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Wilton (L-4w), Danbury (LL-3w)
Losses To: St. Joseph (M-10w), Darien (L-10w) 
9.Xavier7-3410/01110111.00136Wins Over: Staples (LL-8w), Hamden (LL-3w), Hillhouse (M-5w), Amity (LL-5w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Daniel Hand (L-8w), Shelton (LL-7w)
Losses To: North Haven (L-9w), West Haven (LL-9w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w) 
10.Brien McMahon8-2290/01080108.0096Wins Over: Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Danbury (LL-3w), Westhill (LL-6w), Harding (L-3w), Stamford (LL-2w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Norwalk (LL-4w)
Losses To: Ridgefield (LL-9w), St. Joseph (M-10w) 
11.Greenwich8-3350/01150104.55126Wins Over: West Haven (LL-9w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Norwalk (LL-4w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Westhill (LL-6w), Danbury (LL-3w), Staples (LL-8w)
Losses To: Darien (L-10w), New Canaan (L-10w), Trumbull (LL-8w) 
12.Staples8-3340/01140103.64118Wins Over: Wilton (L-4w), Westhill (LL-6w), Stamford (LL-2w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Danbury (LL-3w), Trumbull (LL-8w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Norwalk (LL-4w)
Losses To: Xavier (LL-7w), New Canaan (L-10w), Greenwich (LL-8w) 
13.Trumbull8-3320/01120101.82114Wins Over: Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Stamford (LL-2w), Norwalk (LL-4w), Westhill (LL-6w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Wilton (L-4w), Danbury (LL-3w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w)
Losses To: Shelton (LL-7w), Staples (LL-8w), St. Joseph (M-10w) 
14.Shelton7-4380/0105095.45142Wins Over: Trumbull (LL-8w), Guilford (L-5w), Amity (LL-5w), Foran (M-8w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Hamden (LL-3w), Derby (S-5w)
Losses To: Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Daniel Hand (L-8w), Xavier (LL-7w), West Haven (LL-9w) 
15.Manchester7-4280/098089.09124Wins Over: New Britain (LL-4w), Newington (LL-5w), South Windsor (LL-1w), Conard (LL-4w), Simsbury (LL-2w), Farmington (L-9w), East Hartford (LL-3w)
Losses To: Windsor (L-6w), Southington (LL-9w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), Hall (LL-9w) 
16.Hartford Public6-5170/077070.00118Wins Over: South Windsor (LL-1w), RHAM (L-4w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Fermi (M-0w), Weaver (S-2w)
Losses To: Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Windsor (L-6w), Middletown (L-10w), Wethersfield (L-8w), Hall (LL-9w) 
17.Westhill6-5150/075068.18102Wins Over: Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Danbury (LL-3w), Harding (L-3w), Stamford (LL-2w)
Losses To: Norwalk (LL-4w), Staples (LL-8w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Trumbull (LL-8w), Greenwich (LL-8w) 
18.Fairfield Ludlowe6-5140/070063.6498Wins Over: Lyman Hall (M-2w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Harding (L-3w), Norwalk (LL-4w), East Haven (M-2w), Stamford (LL-2w)
Losses To: Ridgefield (LL-9w), Staples (LL-8w), Westhill (LL-6w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w) 
19.Amity5-6210/068061.82124Wins Over: Seymour (S-6w), Sheehan (M-6w), Lyman Hall (M-2w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Hamden (LL-3w)
Losses To: Shelton (LL-7w), Xavier (LL-7w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Cheshire (LL-4w), North Haven (L-9w) 
20.Newington5-6120/060054.55118Wins Over: Bacon Academy (M-2w), South Windsor (LL-1w), East Hartford (LL-3w), Simsbury (LL-2w), New Britain (LL-4w)
Losses To: Conard (LL-4w), Hall (LL-9w), Manchester (LL-7w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), Southington (LL-9w), Wethersfield (L-8w) 
21.Wilby5-680/058052.73110Wins Over: Kennedy (LL-3w), Torrington (L-3w), Watertown (M-1w), Crosby (LL-1w), Sacred Heart (S-0w)
Losses To: Derby (S-5w), Ansonia (S-11w), Brookfield (M-9w), Naugatuck (L-9w), Wolcott (M-7w), Seymour (S-6w) 
22.New Britain*4-6120/052052.00110Wins Over: South Windsor (LL-1w), Conard (LL-4w), Simsbury (LL-2w), Berlin (M-5w)
Losses To: Manchester (LL-7w), Southington (LL-9w), Hall (LL-9w), East Hartford (LL-3w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), Newington (LL-5w) 
23.Conard4-6120/052052.00108Wins Over: Newington (LL-5w), Simsbury (LL-2w), South Windsor (LL-1w), RHAM (L-4w)
Losses To: East Hartford (LL-3w), New Britain (LL-4w), Manchester (LL-7w), Southington (LL-9w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), Hall (LL-9w) 
24.Cheshire4-7160/056050.91138Wins Over: Lyman Hall (M-2w), Sheehan (M-6w), Hamden (LL-3w), Amity (LL-5w)
Losses To: Ridgefield (LL-9w), West Haven (LL-9w), Daniel Hand (L-8w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Southington (LL-9w) 
25.Fairfield Warde4-7130/053048.18146Wins Over: Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Wilton (L-4w), Bassick (L-3w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w)
Losses To: Foran (M-8w), Trumbull (LL-8w), New Canaan (L-10w), Darien (L-10w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Sheehan (M-6w), St. Joseph (M-10w) 
26.Norwalk4-7120/052047.27124Wins Over: Westhill (LL-6w), Harding (L-3w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Stamford (LL-2w)
Losses To: Danbury (LL-3w), Trumbull (LL-8w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Ridgefield (LL-9w), Staples (LL-8w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w) 
27.New Milford4-780/046041.82120Wins Over: Weston (M-3w), Watertown (M-1w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Stratford (L-3w)
Losses To: Masuk (L-7w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), Pomperaug (L-4w), Newtown (LL-11w), Bunnell (L-4w), Brookfield (M-9w), New Fairfield (M-8w) 
28.East Hartford+3-890/039035.45136Wins Over: Conard (LL-4w), South Windsor (LL-1w), New Britain (LL-4w)
Losses To: Bloomfield (S-9w), Simsbury (LL-2w), Hall (LL-9w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), Newington (LL-5w), Southington (LL-9w), Wethersfield (L-8w), Manchester (LL-7w) 
29.Hamden3-890/039035.45118Wins Over: Danbury (LL-3w), East Haven (M-2w), Jonathan Law (M-4w)
Losses To: Xavier (LL-7w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Cheshire (LL-4w), West Haven (LL-9w), Shelton (LL-7w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Amity (LL-5w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w) 
30.Danbury3-880/038034.55136Wins Over: Norwalk (LL-4w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Harding (L-3w)
Losses To: Hamden (LL-3w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), New Canaan (L-10w), Staples (LL-8w), Westhill (LL-6w), Trumbull (LL-8w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Ridgefield (LL-9w) 
31.Kennedy3-820/032029.09104Wins Over: Watertown (M-1w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Crosby (LL-1w)
Losses To: Wilby (LL-5w), Seymour (S-6w), Woodland (S-10w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Stratford (L-3w), Torrington (L-3w), Naugatuck (L-9w) 
32.Simsbury2-940/024021.82142Wins Over: East Hartford (LL-3w), South Windsor (LL-1w)
Losses To: Farmington (L-9w), Southington (LL-9w), Hall (LL-9w), Conard (LL-4w), New Britain (LL-4w), Manchester (LL-7w), Newington (LL-5w), Middletown (L-10w), Glastonbury (LL-10w) 
33.Stamford2-930/023020.91128Wins Over: Bassick (L-3w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w)
Losses To: Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Harding (L-3w), Trumbull (LL-8w), Staples (LL-8w), Ridgefield (LL-9w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Norwalk (LL-4w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Westhill (LL-6w) 
34.Bridgeport Central1-1030/013011.82132Wins Over: Harding (L-3w)
Losses To: North Haven (L-9w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Danbury (LL-3w), Bassick (L-3w), Westhill (LL-6w), Norwalk (LL-4w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Staples (LL-8w), Trumbull (LL-8w) 
35.South Windsor1-100/01009.09118Wins Over: Rockville (M-0w)
Losses To: Hartford Public (LL-6w), New Britain (LL-4w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), East Hartford (LL-3w), Manchester (LL-7w), Newington (LL-5w), Simsbury (LL-2w), Hall (LL-9w), Conard (LL-4w), Southington (LL-9w) 
36.Crosby1-100/0706.36126Wins Over: Immaculate (S-0w)
Losses To: Naugatuck (L-9w), Woodland (S-10w), Watertown (M-1w), Derby (S-5w), Wolcott (M-7w), Wilby (LL-5w), Seymour (S-6w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Ansonia (S-11w), Kennedy (LL-3w) 

Class L Rankings

2013 Class L Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting the morning after the last game
Tiebreaker Notations:
1) *Head-To-Head (2-team tie only)
2) +Opponents Wins and Ties
3) %Highest Ranked Opponent Defeated
4) @Winning Percentage
5) ^By Lot
Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Darien+10-1550/01570142.73130Wins Over: Hillhouse (M-5w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Bassick (L-3w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Ridgefield (LL-9w), Wilton (L-4w), Harding (L-3w), North Haven (L-9w), New Canaan (L-10w)
Losses To: St. Joseph (M-10w) 
2.Platt11-0480/01570142.7396Wins Over: Waterford (M-4w), East Catholic (S-5w), Plainville (S-4w), Tolland (M-1w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Weaver (S-2w), Berlin (M-5w), Rockville (M-0w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Maloney (L-1w) 
3.New Canaan10-1510/01540140.00122Wins Over: Daniel Hand (L-8w), Bassick (L-3w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Danbury (LL-3w), Chicopee (MA) (M-3w), Staples (LL-8w), St. Joseph (M-10w), Wilton (L-4w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w)
Losses To: Darien (L-10w) 
4.Middletown10-1510/01530139.09120Wins Over: East Lyme (L-6w), Wethersfield (L-8w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Fermi (M-0w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Bristol Central (L-4w), Maloney (L-1w), Farmington (L-9w), Simsbury (LL-2w), Windsor (L-6w)
Losses To: New London (L-9w) 
5.New London9-2530/01440130.91146Wins Over: Plainfield (S-5w), Windham (S-7w), Killingly (M-4w), Griswold (S-5w), Fitch (L-4w), Middletown (L-10w), Waterford (M-4w), East Lyme (L-6w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w)
Losses To: Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Ledyard (M-9w) 
6.Farmington9-2430/01340121.82120Wins Over: Simsbury (LL-2w), RHAM (L-4w), Maloney (L-1w), Wethersfield (L-8w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Windsor (L-6w), Bristol Central (L-4w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Plainville (S-4w)
Losses To: Middletown (L-10w), Manchester (LL-7w) 
7.North Haven9-2390/01320120.00114Wins Over: Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Xavier (LL-7w), East Haven (M-2w), Sheehan (M-6w), Branford (L-0w), Guilford (L-5w), Hillhouse (M-5w), Foran (M-8w), Amity (LL-5w)
Losses To: Daniel Hand (L-8w), Darien (L-10w) 
8.Daniel Hand8-3480/01310119.09148Wins Over: Hillhouse (M-5w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), North Haven (L-9w), Cheshire (LL-4w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Shelton (LL-7w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Guilford (L-5w)
Losses To: New Canaan (L-10w), Xavier (LL-7w), West Haven (LL-9w) 
9.Naugatuck%9-2370/01300118.18116Wins Over: Crosby (LL-1w), Wolcott (M-7w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Torrington (L-3w), Bunnell (L-4w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Wilby (LL-5w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Kennedy (LL-3w)
Losses To: Woodland (S-10w), Ansonia (S-11w) 
10.Bristol Eastern9-2390/01300118.18116Wins Over: Berlin (M-5w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Fermi (M-0w), Maloney (L-1w), Windsor (L-6w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Bristol Central (L-4w)
Losses To: Middletown (L-10w), Farmington (L-9w) 
11.Wethersfield8-3290/01120101.82116Wins Over: E.O. Smith (L-5w), Maloney (L-1w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Fermi (M-0w), RHAM (L-4w), Bulkeley (L-5w), East Hartford (LL-3w), Newington (LL-5w)
Losses To: Rocky Hill (S-10w), Middletown (L-10w), Farmington (L-9w) 
12.Avon8-3290/0109099.09112Wins Over: Lewis Mills (M-2w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), North Branford (S-7w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Cromwell (S-4w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w)
Losses To: Canton (S-7w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w) 
13.Windsor6-4270/089089.00130Wins Over: Manchester (LL-7w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Bristol Central (L-4w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), RHAM (L-4w), Maloney (L-1w)
Losses To: Farmington (L-9w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Glastonbury (LL-10w), Middletown (L-10w) 
14.Cheney Tech7-4260/096087.27120Wins Over: Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Platt Tech (L-5w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Abbott Tech (M-4w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w)
Losses To: Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), East Catholic (S-5w) 
15.Masuk+7-4210/092083.64112Wins Over: New Milford (LL-4w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Bunnell (L-4w), Oxford (S-6w), Stratford (L-3w), Immaculate (S-0w), Weston (M-3w)
Losses To: Pomperaug (L-4w), Ansonia (S-11w), Bethel (M-9w), Newtown (LL-11w) 
16.Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby7-4220/092083.6494Wins Over: Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Enfield (S-5w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w)
Losses To: Morgan (S-10w), Cromwell (S-4w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), SMSA/University (S-5w) 
17.East Lyme6-5160/076069.09116Wins Over: Griswold (S-5w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w), Fitch (L-4w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), Waterford (M-4w)
Losses To: Middletown (L-10w), Stonington (M-8w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), Montville (S-7w), New London (L-9w) 
18.Notre Dame-West Haven5-6160/069062.73136Wins Over: Branford (L-0w), Amity (LL-5w), Cheshire (LL-4w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Hamden (LL-3w)
Losses To: St. Joseph (M-10w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Ridgefield (LL-9w), West Haven (LL-9w), Xavier (LL-7w), Daniel Hand (L-8w) 
19.Vinal Tech/East Hampton5-5120/062062.0098Wins Over: Wolcott Tech (M-1w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), Platt Tech (L-5w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w)
Losses To: Abbott Tech (M-4w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Cheney Tech (L-7w) 
20.Guilford5-6130/063057.27116Wins Over: Lyman Hall (M-2w), Branford (L-0w), East Haven (M-2w), Jonathan Law (M-4w), Hillhouse (M-5w)
Losses To: Wilton (L-4w), Shelton (LL-7w), West Haven (LL-9w), North Haven (L-9w), Foran (M-8w), Daniel Hand (L-8w) 
21.Platt Tech5-6110/061055.45116Wins Over: Abbott Tech (M-4w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w)
Losses To: Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w) 
22.Pomperaug4-7180/059053.64160Wins Over: New Milford (LL-4w), Masuk (L-7w), Bunnell (L-4w), Weston (M-3w)
Losses To: Newtown (LL-11w), Brookfield (M-9w), Bethel (M-9w), Woodland (S-10w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), New Fairfield (M-8w), Oxford (S-6w) 
23.Bulkeley5-690/058052.7392Wins Over: Weaver (S-2w), Fermi (M-0w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Maloney (L-1w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w)
Losses To: Windsor (L-6w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Bristol Central (L-4w), RHAM (L-4w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Wethersfield (L-8w) 
24.Bristol Central4-6110/051051.00118Wins Over: E.O. Smith (L-5w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Maloney (L-1w), Fermi (M-0w)
Losses To: Windsor (L-6w), RHAM (L-4w), Middletown (L-10w), Farmington (L-9w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w) 
25.E.O. Smith5-660/056050.9194Wins Over: Rockville (M-0w), Maloney (L-1w), Fermi (M-0w), RHAM (L-4w), Tolland (M-1w)
Losses To: Bristol Central (L-4w), Wethersfield (L-8w), Farmington (L-9w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w) 
26.Wilbur Cross4-7130/055050.00120Wins Over: Jonathan Law (M-4w), East Haven (M-2w), Hamden (LL-3w), Cheshire (LL-4w)
Losses To: Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Daniel Hand (L-8w), Shelton (LL-7w), Amity (LL-5w), West Haven (LL-9w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Hillhouse (M-5w) 
27.Fitch4-7110/051046.36118Wins Over: Stonington (M-8w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w), Bacon Academy (M-2w)
Losses To: LaSalle Academy (RI) (LL-4w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), East Lyme (L-6w), Montville (S-7w), Griswold (S-5w), New London (L-9w), Ledyard (M-9w) 
28.RHAM4-7110/050045.45116Wins Over: Bristol Central (L-4w), Fermi (M-0w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Bacon Academy (M-2w)
Losses To: Ledyard (M-9w), Farmington (L-9w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Windsor (L-6w), Wethersfield (L-8w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Conard (LL-4w) 
29.Bunnell4-780/049044.55120Wins Over: Immaculate (S-0w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), New Milford (LL-4w), Stratford (L-3w)
Losses To: Brookfield (M-9w), Masuk (L-7w), Bethel (M-9w), Naugatuck (L-9w), Pomperaug (L-4w), New Fairfield (M-8w), Oxford (S-6w) 
30.Wilton4-780/048043.64134Wins Over: Guilford (L-5w), Branford (L-0w), Bassick (L-3w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w)
Losses To: Staples (LL-8w), St. Joseph (M-10w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Trumbull (LL-8w), Darien (L-10w), New Canaan (L-10w), Ridgefield (LL-9w) 
31.Harding3-890/039035.45112Wins Over: Jonathan Law (M-4w), Stamford (LL-2w), Bassick (L-3w)
Losses To: Norwalk (LL-4w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Ridgefield (LL-9w), Danbury (LL-3w), Darien (L-10w), Westhill (LL-6w), Bridgeport Central (LL-1w) 
32.Bassick3-870/037033.64104Wins Over: Bridgeport Central (LL-1w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w)
Losses To: East Haven (M-2w), New Canaan (L-10w), Darien (L-10w), Wilton (L-4w), St. Joseph (M-10w), Stamford (LL-2w), Harding (L-3w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w) 
33.Torrington+3-840/035031.82138Wins Over: Kennedy (LL-3w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Watertown (M-1w)
Losses To: Ansonia (S-11w), Wilby (LL-5w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Wolcott (M-7w), Naugatuck (L-9w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Woodland (S-10w) 
34.Stratford3-840/035031.82118Wins Over: Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Kennedy (LL-3w), Immaculate (S-0w)
Losses To: Weston (M-3w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), New Fairfield (M-8w), Brookfield (M-9w), Masuk (L-7w), Newtown (LL-11w), New Milford (LL-4w), Bunnell (L-4w) 
35.Maloney1-90/010010.00134Wins Over: Fermi (M-0w)
Losses To: Farmington (L-9w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Wethersfield (L-8w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Middletown (L-10w), Windsor (L-6w), Bristol Central (L-4w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Platt (L-11w) 
36.Branford0-110/000.00122Losses To: Woodland (S-10w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Wilton (L-4w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Guilford (L-5w), North Haven (L-9w), Lyman Hall (M-2w), Jonathan Law (M-4w), Hillhouse (M-5w), Sheehan (M-6w), East Haven (M-2w) 

Class M Rankings

2013 Class M Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting the morning after the last game
Tiebreaker Notations:
1) *Head-To-Head (2-team tie only)
2) +Opponents Wins and Ties
3) %Highest Ranked Opponent Defeated
4) @Winning Percentage
5) ^By Lot
Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Valley Regional/Old Lyme11-0670/01780161.82134Wins Over: Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Avon (L-8w), Enfield (S-5w), North Branford (S-7w), Morgan (S-10w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Cromwell (S-4w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w) 
2.St. Joseph10-1600/01740158.18140Wins Over: Notre Dame-West Haven (L-5w), Fairfield Prep (LL-9w), Ridgefield (LL-9w), Darien (L-10w), Wilton (L-4w), Bassick (L-3w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Brien McMahon (LL-8w), Trumbull (LL-8w)
Losses To: New Canaan (L-10w) 
3.Joel Barlow*9-2410/01360123.64122Wins Over: Bethel (M-9w), New Milford (LL-4w), Stratford (L-3w), New Fairfield (M-8w), Torrington (L-3w), Pomperaug (L-4w), Oxford (S-6w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Weston (M-3w)
Losses To: Newtown (LL-11w), Brookfield (M-9w) 
4.Bethel9-2440/01360123.64128Wins Over: New Fairfield (M-8w), Pomperaug (L-4w), Bunnell (L-4w), Derby (S-5w), Masuk (L-7w), Immaculate (S-0w), Oxford (S-6w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Brookfield (M-9w)
Losses To: Joel Barlow (M-9w), Newtown (LL-11w) 
5.Brookfield9-2380/01350122.73116Wins Over: Bunnell (L-4w), Pomperaug (L-4w), Immaculate (S-0w), Stratford (L-3w), Wilby (LL-5w), Oxford (S-6w), Weston (M-3w), New Milford (LL-4w), Joel Barlow (M-9w)
Losses To: Newtown (LL-11w), Bethel (M-9w) 
6.Gilbert/NW Regional9-2420/01330120.91120Wins Over: Cromwell (S-4w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Canton (S-7w), Avon (L-8w), Enfield (S-5w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w)
Losses To: North Branford (S-7w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w) 
7.Ledyard9-2390/01320120.00110Wins Over: RHAM (L-4w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), Killingly (M-4w), New London (L-9w), Plainfield (S-5w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w), Montville (S-7w), Waterford (M-4w), Fitch (L-4w)
Losses To: Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), Stonington (M-8w) 
8.Quinebaug Valley9-2330/01250113.64106Wins Over: Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Abbott Tech (M-4w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Platt Tech (L-5w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Killingly (M-4w)
Losses To: Prince Tech (S-9w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w) 
9.Stonington8-3330/01150104.55104Wins Over: Waterford (M-4w), Griswold (S-5w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w), East Lyme (L-6w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), Ledyard (M-9w), Killingly (M-4w), Westerly (RI) (L-3w)
Losses To: Fitch (L-4w), Montville (S-7w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w) 
10.Foran8-3280/01100100.00106Wins Over: Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Sheehan (M-6w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Lyman Hall (M-2w), Hillhouse (M-5w), East Haven (M-2w), Guilford (L-5w), Jonathan Law (M-4w)
Losses To: West Haven (LL-9w), Shelton (LL-7w), North Haven (L-9w) 
11.New Fairfield8-3220/0106096.36102Wins Over: Immaculate (S-0w), Oxford (S-6w), Stratford (L-3w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Bunnell (L-4w), Pomperaug (L-4w), New Milford (LL-4w)
Losses To: Bethel (M-9w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), Newtown (LL-11w) 
12.Wolcott7-4210/096087.27120Wins Over: Sacred Heart (S-0w), Seymour (S-6w), Torrington (L-3w), Crosby (LL-1w), Derby (S-5w), Wilby (LL-5w), Watertown (M-1w)
Losses To: Naugatuck (L-9w), Newtown (LL-11w), Ansonia (S-11w), Holy Cross (S-8w) 
13.Ellington/Somers6-5310/092083.64140Wins Over: Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Enfield (S-5w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Canton (S-7w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w)
Losses To: North Branford (S-7w), Cromwell (S-4w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Avon (L-8w) 
14.Bullard Havens Tech6-5190/081073.64116Wins Over: Abbott Tech (M-4w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Platt Tech (L-5w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w)
Losses To: Cheney Tech (L-7w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Bassick (L-3w) 
15.Granby Memorial6-5180/078070.91108Wins Over: Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Canton (S-7w)
Losses To: Enfield (S-5w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Avon (L-8w), Coginchaug (S-9w) 
16.Sheehan6-5120/074067.2786Wins Over: Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Jonathan Law (M-4w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), East Haven (M-2w), Branford (L-0w), Lyman Hall (M-2w)
Losses To: Amity (LL-5w), Foran (M-8w), Cheshire (LL-4w), North Haven (L-9w), Hillhouse (M-5w) 
17.Hillhouse5-6160/068061.82126Wins Over: Jonathan Law (M-4w), Lyman Hall (M-2w), Sheehan (M-6w), Branford (L-0w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w)
Losses To: Darien (L-10w), Daniel Hand (L-8w), Xavier (LL-7w), Foran (M-8w), North Haven (L-9w), Guilford (L-5w) 
18.Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton5-6170/067060.91108Wins Over: Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Enfield (S-5w)
Losses To: Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Cromwell (S-4w), Canton (S-7w), North Branford (S-7w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w) 
19.Berlin5-6120/062056.36124Wins Over: Tolland (M-1w), Rockville (M-0w), Weaver (S-2w), Plainville (S-4w), East Catholic (S-5w)
Losses To: Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Platt (L-11w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), New Britain (LL-4w) 
20.Waterford4-7150/055050.00138Wins Over: Bacon Academy (M-2w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), Windham (S-7w), Griswold (S-5w)
Losses To: Platt (L-11w), Killingly (M-4w), Stonington (M-8w), Montville (S-7w), New London (L-9w), Ledyard (M-9w), East Lyme (L-6w) 
21.Killingly4-7120/052047.27128Wins Over: Tolland (M-1w), Waterford (M-4w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w), Montville (S-7w)
Losses To: Ledyard (M-9w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), New London (L-9w), Windham (S-7w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), Stonington (M-8w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w) 
22.Abbott Tech+4-780/049044.55118Wins Over: Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w)
Losses To: Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Platt Tech (L-5w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Prince Tech (S-9w) 
23.Jonathan Law4-790/049044.5586Wins Over: East Haven (M-2w), Branford (L-0w), Lyman Hall (M-2w), Plainfield (S-5w)
Losses To: Harding (L-3w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Hillhouse (M-5w), Hamden (LL-3w), Sheehan (M-6w), Guilford (L-5w), Foran (M-8w) 
24.Weston3-840/035031.82124Wins Over: Stratford (L-3w), Immaculate (S-0w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w)
Losses To: Oxford (S-6w), New Milford (LL-4w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Newtown (LL-11w), Brookfield (M-9w), Pomperaug (L-4w), Masuk (L-7w), Joel Barlow (M-9w) 
25.Bacon Academy+2-950/025022.73118Wins Over: Killingly (M-4w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w)
Losses To: Newington (LL-5w), Ledyard (M-9w), Waterford (M-4w), East Lyme (L-6w), Stonington (M-8w), Montville (S-7w), Fitch (L-4w), Windham (S-7w), RHAM (L-4w) 
26.East Haven2-930/025022.73100Wins Over: Bassick (L-3w), Branford (L-0w)
Losses To: Hamden (LL-3w), North Haven (L-9w), Wilbur Cross (L-4w), Jonathan Law (M-4w), Guilford (L-5w), Lyman Hall (M-2w), Foran (M-8w), Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Sheehan (M-6w) 
27.Lyman Hall2-920/023020.91100Wins Over: East Haven (M-2w), Branford (L-0w)
Losses To: Fairfield Ludlowe (LL-6w), Cheshire (LL-4w), Guilford (L-5w), Amity (LL-5w), Hillhouse (M-5w), Foran (M-8w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Jonathan Law (M-4w), Sheehan (M-6w) 
28.Lewis Mills2-920/022020.00134Wins Over: Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w)
Losses To: Morgan (S-10w), Avon (L-8w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Canton (S-7w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Nonnewaug (S-4w) 
29.Wilcox Tech2-910/021019.09124Wins Over: Wolcott Tech (M-1w), Whitney Tech (S-0w)
Losses To: Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Platt Tech (L-5w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Abbott Tech (M-4w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w) 
30.Watertown1-1010/013011.82118Wins Over: Crosby (LL-1w)
Losses To: Holy Cross (S-8w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Seymour (S-6w), Wilby (LL-5w), New Milford (LL-4w), Kennedy (LL-3w), Ansonia (S-11w), Derby (S-5w), Wolcott (M-7w), Torrington (L-3w) 
31.Wolcott Tech+1-90/010010.00110Wins Over: Whitney Tech (S-0w)
Losses To: Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Platt Tech (L-5w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Abbott Tech (M-4w) 
32.St. Bernard/Norwich Tech1-90/010010.0090Wins Over: Woodstock Academy (M-0w)
Losses To: Griswold (S-5w), Plainfield (S-5w), Windham (S-7w), Waterford (M-4w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), Fitch (L-4w), East Lyme (L-6w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Montville (S-7w) 
33.Tolland1-100/01009.09124Wins Over: Rockville (M-0w)
Losses To: Killingly (M-4w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), Berlin (M-5w), Platt (L-11w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Bloomfield (S-9w), East Catholic (S-5w), Plainville (S-4w), Weaver (S-2w), E.O. Smith (L-5w) 
34.Fermi+0-110/000.00132Losses To: East Catholic (S-5w), Maloney (L-1w), Bulkeley (L-5w), Middletown (L-10w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), RHAM (L-4w), Wethersfield (L-8w), E.O. Smith (L-5w), Hartford Public (LL-6w), Bristol Central (L-4w), Bloomfield (S-9w) 
35.Rockville+0-110/000.00120Losses To: E.O. Smith (L-5w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Weaver (S-2w), Berlin (M-5w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Tolland (M-1w), East Catholic (S-5w), Plainville (S-4w), Platt (L-11w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), South Windsor (LL-1w) 
36.Woodstock Academy0-90/000.0098Losses To: St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), East Lyme (L-6w), Griswold (S-5w), Killingly (M-4w), Stonington (M-8w), Ledyard (M-9w), Fitch (L-4w), Plainfield (S-5w), Windham (S-7w) 

Class S Rankings

2013 Class S Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting the morning after the last game
Tiebreaker Notations:
1) *Head-To-Head (2-team tie only)
2) +Opponents Wins and Ties
3) %Highest Ranked Opponent Defeated
4) @Winning Percentage
5) ^By Lot
Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Capital/Classical/Achievement11-0610/01840167.27122Wins Over: Platt Tech (L-5w), New London (L-9w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Abbott Tech (M-4w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Prince Tech (S-9w) 
2.Ansonia11-0520/01760160.00104Wins Over: Torrington (L-3w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Wilby (LL-5w), Derby (S-5w), Masuk (L-7w), Wolcott (M-7w), Watertown (M-1w), Seymour (S-6w), Crosby (LL-1w), Naugatuck (L-9w) 
3.Rocky Hill10-1450/01520138.18112Wins Over: Wethersfield (L-8w), Tolland (M-1w), East Catholic (S-5w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Weaver (S-2w), Plainville (S-4w), Bristol Central (L-4w), Berlin (M-5w), Rockville (M-0w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w)
Losses To: Platt (L-11w) 
4.Woodland10-1370/01510137.2790Wins Over: Branford (L-0w), Crosby (LL-1w), Kennedy (LL-3w), Naugatuck (L-9w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Pomperaug (L-4w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Torrington (L-3w), Derby (S-5w), Seymour (S-6w)
Losses To: Holy Cross (S-8w) 
5.Morgan10-1410/01440130.91104Wins Over: Lewis Mills (M-2w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), North Branford (S-7w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w)
Losses To: Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w) 
6.Prince Tech9-2390/01400127.27114Wins Over: Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Whitney Tech (S-0w), Platt Tech (L-5w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Abbott Tech (M-4w)
Losses To: Windham (S-7w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w) 
7.Coginchaug9-2330/01250113.64108Wins Over: SMSA/University (S-5w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), North Branford (S-7w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Cromwell (S-4w)
Losses To: Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Morgan (S-10w) 
8.Bloomfield9-2270/01240112.7396Wins Over: East Hartford (LL-3w), Berlin (M-5w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Rockville (M-0w), Tolland (M-1w), Weaver (S-2w), East Catholic (S-5w), Plainville (S-4w), Fermi (M-0w)
Losses To: Rocky Hill (S-10w), Platt (L-11w) 
9.Holy Cross8-3330/01210110.00116Wins Over: Watertown (M-1w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Kennedy (LL-3w), Weston (M-3w), Torrington (L-3w), Woodland (S-10w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Wolcott (M-7w)
Losses To: Derby (S-5w), Ansonia (S-11w), Naugatuck (L-9w) 
10.Montville7-4300/0108098.18116Wins Over: Stonington (M-8w), Plainfield (S-5w), Fitch (L-4w), Waterford (M-4w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), East Lyme (L-6w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w)
Losses To: Windham (S-7w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), Killingly (M-4w), Ledyard (M-9w) 
11.North Branford7-4330/0106096.36142Wins Over: Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Cromwell (S-4w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w)
Losses To: Avon (L-8w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Morgan (S-10w), Coginchaug (S-9w) 
12.Windham7-4280/0102092.73108Wins Over: Montville (S-7w), Plainfield (S-5w), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), Killingly (M-4w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Bacon Academy (M-2w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w)
Losses To: Griswold (S-5w), New London (L-9w), Norwich Free Academy (LL-8w), Waterford (M-4w) 
13.Canton7-4240/098089.09100Wins Over: Avon (L-8w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Enfield (S-5w)
Losses To: Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Granby Memorial (M-6w) 
14.Northwest Catholic7-4190/093084.55116Wins Over: Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Rockville (M-0w), Plainville (S-4w), Tolland (M-1w), East Catholic (S-5w), Berlin (M-5w), Weaver (S-2w)
Losses To: Bloomfield (S-9w), Bristol Eastern (L-9w), Platt (L-11w), Rocky Hill (S-10w) 
15.Griswold5-4170/071078.8988Wins Over: St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), Windham (S-7w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w), Fitch (L-4w), Plainfield (S-5w)
Losses To: East Lyme (L-6w), Stonington (M-8w), New London (L-9w), Waterford (M-4w) 
16.St. Paul Catholic6-490/078078.0082Wins Over: Watertown (M-1w), Torrington (L-3w), Kennedy (LL-3w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Crosby (LL-1w)
Losses To: Derby (S-5w), Woodland (S-10w), Naugatuck (L-9w), Holy Cross (S-8w) 
17.Seymour6-5150/085077.27108Wins Over: Kennedy (LL-3w), Watertown (M-1w), Sacred Heart (S-0w), Derby (S-5w), Crosby (LL-1w), Wilby (LL-5w)
Losses To: Amity (LL-5w), Wolcott (M-7w), Oxford (S-6w), Ansonia (S-11w), Woodland (S-10w) 
18.Oxford6-5180/083075.45120Wins Over: Weston (M-3w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w), Immaculate (S-0w), Seymour (S-6w), Bunnell (L-4w), Pomperaug (L-4w)
Losses To: New Fairfield (M-8w), Masuk (L-7w), Brookfield (M-9w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), Bethel (M-9w) 
19.Derby5-6210/078070.91142Wins Over: St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Wilby (LL-5w), Crosby (LL-1w), Watertown (M-1w)
Losses To: Ansonia (S-11w), Bethel (M-9w), Seymour (S-6w), Wolcott (M-7w), Woodland (S-10w), Shelton (LL-7w) 
20.Enfield5-6220/073066.36134Wins Over: Granby Memorial (M-6w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Cromwell (S-4w), SMSA/University (S-5w)
Losses To: Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Canton (S-7w) 
21.SMSA/University5-6190/072065.45116Wins Over: Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Cromwell (S-4w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w)
Losses To: Coginchaug (S-9w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Morgan (S-10w), Enfield (S-5w) 
22.Hyde Leadership5-6190/071064.55132Wins Over: Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Canton (S-7w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Lyman Hall (M-2w)
Losses To: Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Enfield (S-5w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Morgan (S-10w), North Branford (S-7w) 
23.Plainfield5-6120/068061.82106Wins Over: St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (M-1w), North Providence (RI) (L-6w), North Smithfield (RI) (M-4w), Central Falls (RI) (M-1w), Woodstock Academy (M-0w)
Losses To: New London (L-9w), Windham (S-7w), Montville (S-7w), Ledyard (M-9w), Jonathan Law (M-4w), Griswold (S-5w) 
24.East Catholic5-6100/065059.09112Wins Over: Fermi (M-0w), Weaver (S-2w), Rockville (M-0w), Tolland (M-1w), Cheney Tech (L-7w)
Losses To: Platt (L-11w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), Plainville (S-4w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Berlin (M-5w) 
25.Cromwell4-7200/064058.18148Wins Over: Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Ellington/Somers (M-6w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w)
Losses To: Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Enfield (S-5w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Avon (L-8w), North Branford (S-7w), Coginchaug (S-9w) 
26.Plainville+4-680/050050.00118Wins Over: Weaver (S-2w), East Catholic (S-5w), Rockville (M-0w), Tolland (M-1w)
Losses To: Platt (L-11w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Berlin (M-5w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Farmington (L-9w) 
27.O'Brien Tech4-670/050050.00100Wins Over: Whitney Tech (S-0w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w), Abbott Tech (M-4w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w)
Losses To: Cheney Tech (L-7w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Capital/Classical/Achievement (S-11w), Platt Tech (L-5w) 
28.Old Saybrook/Westbrook4-790/049044.55120Wins Over: Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Nonnewaug (S-4w)
Losses To: Hyde Leadership (S-5w), North Branford (S-7w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Morgan (S-10w) 
29.Nonnewaug4-740/045040.91100Wins Over: Haddam-Killingworth (S-0w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Lewis Mills (M-2w)
Losses To: Avon (L-8w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Canton (S-7w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w) 
30.Stafford/East Windsor2-940/024021.82104Wins Over: Housatonic/Wamogo (S-0w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w)
Losses To: Ellington/Somers (M-6w), SMSA/University (S-5w), Enfield (S-5w), Cromwell (S-4w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Morgan (S-10w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w) 
31.Weaver2-910/023020.91126Wins Over: Rockville (M-0w), Tolland (M-1w)
Losses To: Bulkeley (L-5w), Plainville (S-4w), East Catholic (S-5w), Berlin (M-5w), Rocky Hill (S-10w), Platt (L-11w), Bloomfield (S-9w), Northwest Catholic (S-7w), Hartford Public (LL-6w) 
32.Notre Dame-Fairfield1-100/01009.09118Wins Over: Immaculate (S-0w)
Losses To: Stratford (L-3w), Masuk (L-7w), Oxford (S-6w), Bunnell (L-4w), Weston (M-3w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), New Fairfield (M-8w), New Milford (LL-4w), Joel Barlow (M-9w), Bethel (M-9w) 
33.Sacred Heart^0-110/000.00152Losses To: Wolcott (M-7w), Ansonia (S-11w), Naugatuck (L-9w), Holy Cross (S-8w), Seymour (S-6w), New Fairfield (M-8w), Woodland (S-10w), St. Paul Catholic (S-6w), Kennedy (LL-3w), Torrington (L-3w), Wilby (LL-5w) 
34.Haddam-Killingworth+0-110/000.00152Losses To: North Branford (S-7w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (M-5w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Hyde Leadership (S-5w), Morgan (S-10w), Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Canton (S-7w), Avon (L-8w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (M-11w) 
35.Trinity Catholic+0-110/000.00142Losses To: Sheehan (M-6w), Westhill (LL-6w), Fairfield Warde (LL-4w), Greenwich (LL-8w), Foran (M-8w), Darien (L-10w), St. Joseph (M-10w), Stamford (LL-2w), Bassick (L-3w), New Canaan (L-10w), Wilton (L-4w) 
36.Housatonic/Wamogo+0-110/000.00136Losses To: Old Saybrook/Westbrook (S-4w), Morgan (S-10w), Canton (S-7w), Stafford/East Windsor (S-2w), Avon (L-8w), Lewis Mills (M-2w), Coginchaug (S-9w), Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby (L-7w), Granby Memorial (M-6w), Nonnewaug (S-4w), Gilbert/NW Regional (M-9w) 
37.Immaculate+0-110/000.00124Losses To: New Fairfield (M-8w), Bunnell (L-4w), Weston (M-3w), Brookfield (M-9w), Oxford (S-6w), Crosby (LL-1w), Stratford (L-3w), Bethel (M-9w), Masuk (L-7w), Newtown (LL-11w), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-1w) 
38.Whitney Tech0-100/000.00104Losses To: O'Brien Tech (S-4w), Prince Tech (S-9w), Cheney Tech (L-7w), Vinal Tech/East Hampton (L-5w), Wolcott Tech (M-1w), Quinebaug Valley (M-9w), Abbott Tech (M-4w), Bullard Havens Tech (M-6w), Platt Tech (L-5w), Wilcox Tech (M-2w)