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Date:Wednesday, April 6th, 2023                
Opponent:    Waterford                
Site:    East Lyme High School                
Coaches:    Susan Welshock        5-2        
Varsity    East Lyme        Defeated or Lost To    Waterford    Score
S1    Jiauri Peng        Defeated    Ian Balfour    6-2, 6-1
S2    Ajay Rana        Lost To    Cristos Matsas    6-3, 6-3
S3    Kenny Zheng        Lost To    Peter Colonis    6-1, 6-3
S4    Eric Lovering        Defeated    Jayden Campisi    6-1, 6-1
D1    Rohan Purohit        Defeated    Quinn Lebelle    6-0, 6-0
    Rohun Boopathy            Noah Westkott    
D2    Ethan Cummings        Defeated    Colton Murch    7-6, 6-4
    Adit Sahasrabudhe            Adam Balfour    
D3    Andrew Campbell        Defeated    Allistair Haglund    6-4, 6-4
    John Ibrahim            Kaden Casteel
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