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1SKevin Wang lost to Christos Matos 0-6, 0-6
2S Jackson Houk lost to Ian Balfour, 1-6, 1-6
3S William Jakubowski lost to Quinn Lebelle, 0-6, 0-6
4S Yakin Chowdhury lost to Colton Murch 1-6, 0-6

1D Luis Ruiz-Perez/Edrian Adams lost to Louis Dhervilly/Adam Balfor 0-6, 0-6
2D Trevor Rathbun/Leeano Kimsoto lost to Arthur Dhervilly/Andrew Bertrand 1-6, 0-6
3D Lidwrig Jacquet/Gerry Lemieux lost to Jayden Campisi/Alistair Hoglund 1-6, 1-6
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