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atDave Krill Tennis courts at Wilby High School

1 Charlotte Jennings (SP) beat Janelix Tirado (W) 8-0
2 Mia Gonzalez (SP) beat Shakira Negron (W) 8-0
2 Allison Smoloski (SP) beat Mariana Rivera (W) 8-0 
4 Ryland Anderson (SP) beat Brenny Habson De Villar (W) 8-6

1 Lila Alderete and Calista Oria (SP) beat Ann Marie Centron and Aarah Tolson (W)
2 Anna Kronen and Renee Singleton (SP) won by forfeit
3 Madison Bloom and Emily Dwyer (SP won by forfeit

St Paul wins 7-0

St Paul improves to 7-3 on the season.
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