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StPaul vs Torrington at Page Park on 4/25/2023

1 Charlotte Jennings (SP) beat Ainslee Campbell (T) 8-2
2 Mia Gonzalez (SP) beat Shae Pillar (T) 8-0
3 Victoria Chandler (SP) beat Avalee Fritch1  8-0
4 Allison Smoloski (SP) beat Heidy Campoverde 8-1


1 Lila Alderete and Calista Oria (SP) beat Avery Goodwin and Ellie Goodwin (T)
2 Anna Kronen and Renee Singleton (SP) beat Angie Solano and Kim Thompson (T) 
3 Ruby Leonard and Jayda Holley (T) beat Kirsten Ward and Arianna DeLeon 8-5

St Paul improves to 6-3 on the season
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