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1singles Charlotte Jennings (SP) def Camry Smith (N) 8-1
2 singles Josephine Burke (N) def Emily Dwyer (SP) 8-5
3 singles Mia Gonzalez (SP) def Cassandra Cozzi(N) 8-6
4 singles Victoria Chandler (SP) def Amy Morrisey (N) 8-7 tiebreak 

1  Doubles Lila Alderete and Calista Oria (SP) def Ava Defillipo and Sophia Defillipo (N) 8-7 tiebreak 
2 Doubles Anna Kronen and Renee Singleton (SP) def Kaitlyn Swindon and Juliana Felix (N) 8-2
3 Doubles Madison Bloom and Ayssa Zapata (SP) def Eliviah Schroeder and Giovanna Krupp (N) 8-6.
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