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Singles1 Charlotte Jennings (SP) beat Ainslee Campbell (T) 8-1
2 Mia Gonzalez (SP) beat Shae Pillar (T) 8-0
3 Victoria Chandler (SP) beat Myah Brewer (T) 8-0
4 Allison Smoloski (SP) beat Cynthia Flores (T) 8-2


Lila Alderete and Calista Oria (SP) beat Avery Goodwin and Ellie Goodwin (T) 8-1
Nicole Raymond and Anna Kronen (SP) beat Corrine Chadwick and Heidy Campoverde (T)
Ayssa Zapata and Emily Dwyer (SP) beat Hadja Diallo and Maddie McGillicuddy 8-1

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