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Singles1.  Kaya Bonderenko (HC) def. Ainslee Campbell (T) 8-4
2. Julia Bell (HC) def. Angie Solano (T) 8-0
3. CC Bunlue (HC) def. Shae Pillar (T) 8-0
4.  Torrington forfeits

1. Maddy Capozzi and Caitlyn Coletti (HC) def. Avery Goodwin and Ellie Goodwin (T) 8-1
2. Abby Cummings and Cailyn Gorman (HC) def. Corinne Chadwick and Heidy Campoverde (T) 8-0
3. Kayla Gunnoud and Sara Audi (HC) def. Maggie McGillicuddy and Kim Thompson (T) 8-0
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