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STPaul winning 3-0 when match postponed due to rain

Match finished on 5-4-2023

1 Charlotte Jennings (SP) beat Shelby Douglas (A) 8-0
2 Allison Smoloski (SP) beat Sabrina Ortega (A) 8-6
3 Mia Gonzalez (SP) beat Aliah Depina (A) 8-5
4 Victoria Chandler (SP) beat Lilly Rogers (A) 8-2

1 Lila Alderete and Calista Oria (SP) beat Julia Wright and Addyson Izzo 8-6
2 Renee Singleton and Anna Kronen (SP) beat Zoe Frager and Brooke Johnson (A) 8-6
3 Atyana Delvalle and Faith Walker (A) Beat Abigail Ambose and Emily Dwyer (SP) 8-6
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