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StPaul at Woodland
1 Charlotte Jennings (SP) beat Audrey Fencil 8-3
2 Yasmeen Galal (W) beat Mia Gonzalez (SP) 8-3
3  Vivian Mogyoros (W) beat Allison Smoloski (SP) 8-1
4 Laura Degennaro (W) beat Nicole Raymond (SP) 8-1


1 Ryle Montini and Bella Mastropietro (W) beat Calista Oria and Victoria Chandler (SP)
2 Ava Naclerio and Abby Raffone (W) beat Renee Singleton and Anna Kronen (SP)8-5
3 Cori Patchkofsky and Cate Fazzone (W) beat Madison Bloom and Emily Dwyer (SP)

St Paul is now 8-5
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