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Singles1. Milana Montini (HC) def. Sabrina Ortega (A) 8-0
2. Ella Mancini (HC) def. Shelby Douglas (A) 8-0
3. Julia Benvegnu (HC) def. Faith Walkder (A) 8-0
4. Atyana Del Valle (A) def. Sarah Audie(HC) 8-0

1. Kaya Bonderenko and Jayme Ertdmann (HC) def. Julia Wright and Addison Izzo (A) 8-4
2. Caitlyn Coletti and Julia Bell (HC) def. Zoe Frager and Brooke Johnson (A) 8-3
3. CC Bunlue and Maddy Capozzi (HC) def. Maria Dominguez and Lily Rogers (A) 8-3
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