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VarsityVolleyball vs. Notre Dame Cathedral  9/20/21 AWAY
The New Fairfield Rebel Varsity Volleyball team improved their season record to 3-2 with a win over Notre Dame High School. This was the first contest against Notre Dame in 2 years due to Covid. The Rebels won 3 sets to 1, 25-23, 22-25, 29-27, 25-22. The battle went back and forth point by point. The team one the first set 25-23 and then got steamrolled in the beginning of the second set. Notre Dame had an 8 point leave before the Rebels could put a point on the scoreboard. The team rallied to make an incredible comeback only to lose 22-25. The next set was even more intense with long rallies and big saves ending in a win, 29-27. The 4th game ended with the Rebels victorious, 25-22. 

The offense was led with strong serves from Bridget Martin with 7 aces, Georgia Chadwick with  6 aces and Brielle Vore with 5 aces. The team had a collective 21 Kills with Brianna Perun leading the pack with 5 kills. Avery Predham and Brielle Vore each had 4 kills. Georgia Chadwick had 3 kills, Kay Crute had 2 kills. Sofia Brindise , Sienna Harter and Olivia Chadwick each had one kill. 

The defense started on the nets with Avery Predham and 4 solo blocks.  Sofia Brindise followed with 2 solo blocks. The long rallies were supported by excellent defensive play from Georgia Chadwick 16 digs, Bridget Martin 13, digs, and Sienna Harter 12 digs. A well balanced back row made for great saves and big saves. 

Each new game brings more dynamic plays with a quicker offense and a reliable defense.
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