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BethelPostseason 11/11/20
The New Fairfield Rebels ended the season with a tough loss to the Bethel Wildcats in 5 sets, 9-25, 25-22, 25-18,16-25, and 11-15. The Rebels struggled through the first set's loss to find new momentum in the wins of the 2nd and 3rd set. The final story of a long and stressful season was about to be played out in a 5th set of rally score to 15. The Rebels had played hard and delivered winning points after many  long rallies. They had the skills and experience needed to win. For the final set of the year the Juniors, Kelly Ford, Bridget Martin, Riley Gibbons, Brielle Vore, Olivia Chadwick and Sophomore, Brianna Perun with the Senior support of Caroline Keary and Giavonna Lannguth took the court to lead the team to victory. Seniors Crystal Gangi, Maija Evans, and Emily Flanagan stood by for support. The Seniors had made the best of every point and every rally up until this point. It was now time for the underclassman to push forward for the win. 
The Rebels took the initial lead, but untimely one ball handling error after another and the Wildcats took the win. The Rebels lost 11-15. It was a hard loss amongst a season of losses. The 2020 season, although we are all grateful for having completed it,  had many obstacles and disappointments. We lost time, competition and moments to celebrate. We learned to be flexible and take care of each other. We stayed connected even when the threat of Covid loomed over every practice and game. In the end we made it through, not unscathed but somehow a little stronger.Stronger as volleyball players and stronger as people. We ended the 2020 season a bit disappointed but grateful for the community we created within our team.  
Kelly Ford had 13 digs, 6 kills, 2 solo blocks and 1 ace.  Riley Gibbons had 5 kills and 3 solo blocks. Maija Evans had 4 kills and 1 ace.. Emily Flanagan had 2 kills and 2 digs. Bridget Martin had 14 digs and 1 kill. Giovanna Langguth had 14 digs. Caroline Keary had 1 solo block, 1 kill, and 3 digs. Briana Perun had 2 kills, 1 ace and 6 digs. Olivia Chadwick had 2 kills and 1 ace. Brielle Vore had 2 digs. 
Jody Chadwick
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