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These are the highlights from today’s soccer game between Parish Hill HS and Windham Tech from yesterday.

Game Date: September 11, 2017
Game Time: 3:45 PM
Weather: Sunny

Minute 5: Parish Hill Junior Lucian Araujo scores first goal after receiving a pass from sophomore  Zachary Mihok from left side of the field.
Minute 15: Windham Tech responds with a goal scored by #17.
Minute 31: Parish Hill’s Senior Kaleb Calkins drives the ball from half field all the way into Windham Tech’s goal with a beautiful shoot from outside the 18th.
Minute 56: Senior Tommy Lehoux finds the box after receiving a cross from sophomore Zachary Mihok.
Minute 66: Junior Gavin LaBelle scores after a great team effort and puts Parish Hill in a comfortable position.
Minute 78: A few second after getting into the field freshmen magic happens when freshmen Brent Freed received a pass from junior Gino Gonzales and Brent puts the ball into the back net ending the game with a great and well-earned win.

Final score:

Parish Hill HS - 5
Windham Tech - 1

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