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ParishHill (6-0-0) vs. Public Safety (1-2-1) – Game Highlights

     Today Parish Hill played Public Safety at Parish Hill High School. Sophomore Zachary Mihok (#8) started the scoring marathon after receiving a cross from right side of the field from junior Lucian Araujo. Not long after, the second goal came from junior Cyrus Sprague (#13) after receiving a pass from the right side from Zachary Mihok. Next goals came from junior Lucian Araujo (#7) (goal 3, 4 and 6) assisted by Cyrus Sprague, freshmen Jaden Cordy (#11) after receiving a pass from Lucian Araujo. Senior Kaleb Calkins scored 7th goal and freshmen Brent Freed scored the final goal.

Game Date: 9/26/17

Location: Parish Hill High School

Final Result: Parish Hill 8 – Public Safety 1

Goals: Paris Hill HS:

Sophmore Zachary Mihok (#8) 1st goal – assisted by junior Lucian Araujo 

Junior Cyrus Sprague (#13) 2nd goal – assited by Zachary Mihok

Junior Lucina Araujo (#7) 3rd, 4th , 6th goal  – assisted by Cyrus Sprague

Freshmen Jaden Cordy (#11) 5th goal – assisted by Lucian Araujo

Senior Kaleb Calkins (#6) 7th goal - individual play

Freshmen Brent Freed (#10) 8th goal. 

 Goals: Public Safety : Junior Samuel Darko (#7)

Saves: Parish Hill HS – 2 (Goalie Thomas Mckinney)

Assists: Parish Hill HS – Cyrus Sprague (#13), Lucian Araujo (#7), Zachary Mihok (#8)

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