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Stamfordtraveled to Bridgeport and defeated the Hilltoppers 6-0.
In a competitive #1 singles Jona Lotstein defeated BCHS' Ricardo Marin 6-2,6-0
In another very competitive match SHS' Brandon Newman beat BCHS'Jamesan Refeah 6-4,6-4
In#3 SHS'Max Zelikman beatBCHS' Kashwayne Hanson 6-0,6-0
Singles #4 was a draw.
In Doubles #1 SHS'Alfonso Espinosa/Vivan Kotian beat BCHSWayne GAyle/ Arnold Agualiara6-0,6-0
#2 SHS'Tyler Ng/ Sid Bokka beat BCHS Edwin Menedez/Yasser Franco 6-0,6-0
#3 SHS Gabe Lesser/esh Kartick beat O'Keith Samuels/ Kamen Ortiz 6-0, 6-0
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