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1Singles     Kyra Dybas (G) lost to Leah Zang (NC)     2-6    2-6
2nd Singles    Shining Sun (G) lost to Aaciya Sonthonnax (NC)    2-6    3-6
3rd Singles    Izzy Everett (G) lost to Liza Sieghart (NC)    0-6    3-6
4th Singles    Caitlin Mahoney (G) def Layla Zuwiyya (NC)    6-3    6-2
1st Doubles    Malena Schraa & Emily Weinstein (G) def Lucy Bench/Sophie Adamczyk (NC)    6-2    6-4
2nd Doubles    Yume Inagawa  & Cameron Sowter (G) def Claire Pellegrino/Camryn Lee (NC)    6-2    6-1
3rd Doubles    Emme Pecorin & Maddy Wilber (G) def Christina Carr/Amy Meng (NC)    6-1    6-2
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