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1Singles     Kyra Dybas (G) def. Noelle Gluck (D)    6-3    6-2
2nd Singles    Shining Sun (G) vs vs. Julia Glowania (D) 7-6, 4-3. to be finished    7-6    4-3
3rd Singles    Caitlin Mahoney (G) def Scarlett O’Malley (D)    6-1    6-1
4th Singles    Izzy Everett (G) def. Caitlin Cronin (D)    6-2    6-0
1st Doubles    Malena Schraa & Emily Weinstein (G) def. Janie FitzPatrick/Lily Keehlwetter (D)    6-3    6-2
2nd Doubles    Yume Inagawa  & Cameron Sowter (G) def. Sara Droogan/Sophie Ezbianski (D)     6-1    6-0
3rd Doubles    Emme Pecorin & Maddy Wilber (G) def. Sydney Johnson/Marlowe Corcoran (D)     6-0    6-1
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