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NoahFaithful (S) def Carter Clayton 6-1 6-4
Giovanni Marchetti (S) def Reid Morrow 4-6 6-3 10-7
Owen Lukowicz (S) lost to Joden Borlac 0-6 3-6
Alex Spaulding (S) lost to Evan Danylin 3-6 4-6

Mike Belanger and Raymond Zhang (S) lost to Evan Dillman and Peter Mcgoldrick 3-6 1-6
Jameson Bodenburg and Mason Casale (S) lost to Connor Lafferty and Chris Ranch 6-1 2-6 10-8
Adittya Chopra and Lucas Pylpiv (S) def Patrick Human and Harshil yerrabelli 7-6 6-4
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