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Singles1. Christian Kaverud G lost to Liam Hovorka 3-6,3-6
2. Andrew Risinger G lost to Ryan Hovorka 3-6,5-7
3. Niteesh Kalangi G lost to Will Mathias 2-6,1-6
4. JD Landry G lost to Vishent Kandipilli 5-7,5-7
1. Elliot Kim/Alex Scudder G lost to Pari Lorve/Amaan Banreja 6-4,2-6,3-10
2. Nick Bonaiuto/Kyle Wallace G lost to Charlie Scheff/Micheal chen 3-6,6-7
3. Eric Hine/Tim Frigiani G lost to Preston Abshire/Aaderen Senthil
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