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RHAMGirls’ tennis team lost to East Hartford 4-2 in a rain-shortened match at RHAM High School on May 2nd. Due to impending rain, matches were 8 game pro sets. Their record is now 3-5.

Line 1 Singles -- Stephanie Marquez def Lauren Fenton (R)  8-0
Line 2 Singles -- Shelly Sirisanth def Teresa Hooker(R)  8-0
Line 3 Singles -- Caitlin Fraire def Bridget Austin (R) 8-1
Line 4 Singles -- Swathie Ganesh def Brynn Malryn (R)  8-7 (tie-breaker)

Line 1 Doubles -- Addison Brown and Grace Baran (R) def Christie Zembrowski and Emma Lindsay 8-3
Line 2 Doubles -- Morgan Fazzino and Anna Lavenburg(R) def Tayla Garrol and Addison Rojas 8-4
Line 3 Doubles -- Ilena Hoang and Nattie Rodriguez vs Kate Landry and Kiley Stanford (R) match halted at 6-3 due to rain
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