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Stamfordwon 5-2 in a very competitive and evenly match tennis match
 In singles one SHS Omar Rhazali beatAndre Illardi 6-0,6-0
 In singles two SHS Jonah Lotstein defeated Adam Bassany 6-3, 2-0 ( Injury)
  In singles three DHS  GeorenCirryll defeated Shreyans Daga 6-4,-4
  In single four SHS Christian Toczek defeated DHS Sahill Patel 6-1,6-3
 In doubles one Shs Victor Amerio and Areyah Pollack defeated Will Sweeney/ Omar Granada Ishan Patel n6-1,6-1 
In doubles two SHS Brandon White and Ben Aparicio beat DHS Muataz/ Ishan Patel6-1,5-7,11-9
In doubles three DHS Jose Zambrano/Addie Jousula beat Tyler Ng Sidd Bokka 6-1,6-2
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