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DanburyVs Staples 4/18/22
Danbury High lost to Staples 0-7

1.Georen Chirayil lost to Noah Wolff 0-6, 0-6
2.Kier Fahsbender lost to Brett Lampert 0-6,0-6
3.Adam Bassuny lost to Alex Guadarrama 0-6,0-6
4.Will Sweeney lost to Hayden Frey 1-6,4-6


1.Sahil Patel and Sharva Karthikeyan lost to Jared Even and Lucas Ceballos-Cala 1-6, 0-6
2.Ishan Patel and Olmer Granados lost to Holden Dalzell and Clint Graham 0-6, 0-6
3.Matt Emminger and Zach Wright lost to Shreyas Gorre and Mattie Guadarrama 2-6,1-6
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