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Ina well contested match involving 1-4 singles Brien McMahon defeated undermanned Stamford
6-1.  Stamford's Ayush Jhaveri defeated a solid Raphy Benjamin 6-1,6-2 in #1 singles.
Arush Rao of McMahon outlasted Stamford's Mihir Mahavdev 6-4. 3-6, 12-8 (tie breaker)in #2 singles.
McMahon's Emerand Charles defeated Shreyan Dagan of Stamford 6-4, 6-3 in a well contested match in #3 singles.
In #4 singles Redmond Little defeated Victor Amerio 6-4, 6-3 in another solid battle.
In doubles the experienced Abbison Fraey and Jordan Lester  easily defeated the hard-fighting doubles
team of Stamford's Max Zelikman and Marcel Majewski. Stamford forfeited #2 and #3 doubles
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