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Westhillbeat Stamford High 6-1 but despite the score there were competitive matches
In #1 singles Rohan Surywanshi defeated Aayush Jhaveri 5-7, 6-2, 10-4,In #2 singles Ryan Karamdefeated Ben Yudolevich 6-3,6-2
In #3 singles Weshhill's Aryan Anand of Westhill defeated Mihir Mahavdev of SHS 6-0,6-0
In #4 singles SHS's Shreyans Daga defeat WHS Josh Rosenberg 6-7, 6-1, 10-4.
In #1 doubles WHS'sIssacMalkin- Aryan Batra defeated SHS's Vlad Vetroff- Victor Anerio 6-2,6-2.
In #2 doubles WHSVaslayo Palinal/ Rohan Sohu defeated Stamford's Max ZelikmSidd Bokka 6-0,60an/ Justin Leung 6-1,6-0
In #3 doubles WHS'sDREG Jumeny/Jake Lupkin defeated SHS's Marcel Majewski/
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