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JoelBarlow v. New Fairfield            
Home Team: New Fairfield            
Date of Match: May 3, 2023            
OVERALL MATCH RESULT: Joel Barlow defeated New Fairfield by a score of 7-0            
    winners shown in yellow        
Singles    Joel Barlow    New Fairfield    Score
1    Wesley Nichols    Forfeit    
2    Chris Gagliardi    Forfeit    
3    George (Jay) Hill    Forfeit    
4    Roshan Swapna Ananda    Forfeit    
1    Lincoln Stefkans and Caedan Frederickson    Ben Kuntze and Holger Leon    8-5
2    TJ Silhavy and Mateo Jara    Miles Scholz and Michael Graziano     8-4
3    Kristian Pavel and Graham Ollendorff    Johnathan Subdhan and Sean Cox    8-4
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