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Friday, February 15 (4:30 p.m. start)
Saturday, February 16 (9:00 a.m. start)

--- Team Scores ---

1) Ledyard 252.5; 2) Foran 153; 3) New Fairfield 143; 4) Avon 142; 5)
Branford 132.5; 6) Berlin 132.5; 7) Bacon Academy 130.5; 8) Platt 107;
9) Waterford 95; 10) Guilford 87; T11) Suffield 76; T11) New London 76;
13) Bethel 68; 14) Lyman/Windham Tech 67; 15) Law 63; 16) East Haven 61;
17) Woodstock Academy 50; 18) Wolcott Tech 48; 19) Vinal Tech 45; T20)
Stratford 39; T20) SMSA/University 39; T22) Fermi 35; T22) Brookfield 35;
24) St. Bernard/Norwich Tech/Wheeler 32; T25) Lyman Hall 17; T25) Bunnell
17; 27) Ellis Tech 10; T28) Sheehan 6; T28) Rockville 6; 30) Lewis Mills
3; 31) Wilcox Tech 0

--- Place Winners ---

Championship: Connor O'Brien, Bacon Academy def. Liam Callahan, Foran, 6-0
3rd Place: Matthew Dowler, St. Bernard/Norwich Tech/Wheeler def. Derek Shultz, Ledyard, 3-1
5th Place: Riley Greider, Berlin def. Samantha Rebentisc, Law, 9-0

Championship: Brentt Smith, Waterford def. Dillon Lisk, Suffield, 6-0
3rd Place: Robert Drury, Ledyard def. Nicholas Kelsey, Branford, 4-0
5th Place: Jacob Pouliot, Foran def. Chris Oyola, Platt, 8-2

Championship: Taylor Shay, New Fairfield def. Devon Marcaurele, Ledyard, 7-1
3rd Place: Marlon Argueta, Platt def. Ethan Grieder, Berlin, 7-0
5th Place: Colin Rook, Guilford def. Michael Lapia, Stratford, 6-1

Championship: Matt Mcallister, Bacon Academy def. Joseph Martone, Branford, 6-0
3rd Place: Grayson Deluca, Woodstock Academy def. Msi Potter-Rivera, Lyman/Windham Tech, 9-0
5th Place: Jeremy Eliades, Berlin def. Mike Commander, New London, pin 1:49

Championship: Howard Kilpatrick, Bacon Academy def. Ryan Bannon, Law, 3-0
3rd Place: Edward Rivera, Branford def. Mathew Jones, Ledyard, 4-3
5th Place: Rich Schlichting, Berlin def. Noah Criscuolo, Guilford, 16-2

Championship: C.J. Luth, Foran def. Blaise Boullianne, Brookfield, 15-0
3rd Place: Justin Timberlake, Ledyard def. Kevin Pirruccio, Berlin, 9-4
5th Place: Anthony Milano, East Haven def. Justin Lindblom, Waterford, 12-3

Championship: Jimmy Murphy, Avon def. Jake Eliades, Berlin, 7-5
3rd Place: David Travisano, Branford def. Youssef Saez, Platt, 8-3
5th Place: Sri Louis, New London def. Spencer Sgandurra, Waterford, pin 4:17

Championship: Clay Callahan, Foran def. Brandon Finney, Ledyard, 6-0
3rd Place: Andrew D'amico, New Fairfield def. Jonah Swett, Lyman/Windham Tech, 7-6
5th Place: Dillon Mccarthy, Waterford def. Nicholas Rasmussen, New London, pin 4:42

Championship: Mikey Amorando, New Fairfield def. Caile Johnson, Ledyard, pin 3:51
3rd Place: Brandon Murphy, Stratford def. Beau Garcia, Foran, 5-1
5th Place: Victor Viera, Bethel def. C.J. Delgrosse, Avon, pin 2:20

Championship: Joe Murphy, Avon def. Ryan Wade, Ledyard, pin 0:38
3rd Place: Trystan Cauley, Suffield def. Brendan Macintyre, Bethel, 12-6
5th Place: Collin Flannery, Vinal Tech def. Kevin Crispin, Wolcott Tech, pin 1:34

Championship: Colin Grim, Ledyard def. Dan Rodriques, Avon, 7-2
3rd Place: Kayron Macon, Smsa/University def. Zachary Hubler, Foran, pin 0:45
5th Place: Robert Tedesco, Bethel def. William Hess, New Fairfield, pin 3:41

Championship: Marcus Deren, Vinal Tech def. Mark Lisitano, Guilford, pin 5:24
3rd Place: Dustin Chang, Wolcott Tech def. Matt Nardi, Suffield, pin 2:31
5th Place: Clayton Ahearn, Lyman Hall def. Jared Willsey, Bethel, Default

Championship: Benjamin Morales, Ledyard def. Ryan Tharas, New Fairfield, 4-3
3rd Place: Patrick Sawicki, Bacon Academy def. Jonathan Melendez, Platt, pin 3:53
5th Place: Tony Dinse, Guilford def. Jorge Meralla, Branford, 10-8

Championship: Derek Schneider, East Haven def. Austin Fries, Branford, pin 1:35
3rd Place: Darick Orange, Lyman/Windham Tech def. Dashua Roldan, Smsa/University, 2-0
5th Place: Mike Burek, Berlin def. Kevin Mcdonald, Ledyard, 7-4

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---
Joe Murphy From Avon
170 Lbs, 4 Pins, 5:59