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Friday, February 21 (4:00 p.m. start)
Saturday, February 22 (10:00 a.m. start)

1) Newtown, 213; 2) Xavier, 207; 3) Danbury, 200.5; 4) Simsbury, 185; 5)
Trumbull, 146; 6) Southington, 119.5; 7) Shelton, 92; 8) Greenwich, 91;
9) Manchester, 89; 10) Westhill, 82.5; 11) New Britain, 80; 12) Nfa,
78.5; 13) Amity, 65; 14) Ridgefield, 61; 15) Glastonbury, 61; 16)
Weaver/Htfd Public, 60.5; 17) Cheshire, 57; 18) Conard, 45; 19)
Fairfield Prep, 44; 20) Mcmahon, 38; 21) Platt Tch/W Haven, 28; 22) New
Haven, 27; 23) Stamford, 24; 24) East Hartford, 19; 25) Staples, 11; 26)
Central, 4.

--- Place Winners ---
Championship: Paulo Freitas, Danbury def. Zachary Murillo, Southington, 8-5
3rd Place: Matt Foster, NFA def. Patrick Moynihan, Xavier, 11-5
5th Place: Brandon Aguda, Greenwich def. Kevin Zentner, Fairfield Prep, Default

Championship: Jeremy Fields, Danbury def. Edward Lovely, Newtown, 8-1
3rd Place: Vincet Palermo, Simsbury def. Austin Abacherli, Southington, pin 3:36
5th Place: Nico Distassio, Shelton def. Alex Margetoes, Greenwich, 5-2

Championship: Chris Bryant, Danbury def. Keith Penney, Simsbury, 6-0
3rd Place: Zachary Bylykbashi, Southington def. Luca Crudo, Newtown, 5-1
5th Place: Kyle Mcginnis, Shelton def. Matthew Conte, Westhill, Default

Championship: Kevin Jack, Danbury def. Cross Cannone, Trumbull, 14-3
3rd Place: Matt Gonzalez, Newtown def. Jesse Cala, Amity, 9-1
5th Place: Joseph Kyle, Conard def. Jake Holland, Xavier, 9-0

Championship: James Leuci, Newtown def. Kevin Side, Ridgefield, 3-1
3rd Place: Kevin Cecio, Trumbull def. Justin Peterson, Danbury, pin 2:21
5th Place: Alex Jarombek, Greenwich def. Thomas Fredericks, Xavier, 5-2

Championship: Will Chowanec, Xavier def. Keith Fernandes, Simsbury, 11-3
3rd Place: Jacob Cervero, Cheshire def. Christian Carter, Manchester, Default
5th Place: Tracy Trice, Weaver/Htfd Public def. Alec Marquis, Danbury, pin 2:35

Championship: Favion Williams, Weaver/Htfd Public def. Alex Perez, Manchester, 23-8
3rd Place: Nicolas Pogacsas, Shelton def. Quinn Marino, Xavier, pin 2:09
5th Place: Kenneth Agosto, New Haven def. Krzysztof Mazur, Westhill, 5-4

Championship: Anthony Falbo, Newtown def. Steven Briganti, Trumbull, 11-4
3rd Place: Sean Penney, Simsbury def. Felix Gonzalez, Manchester, pin 3:08
5th Place: Jack Freiheit, Greenwich def. Jahill Bryant, NFA, 3-1

Championship: Brendan Butler, Xavier def. Alexander Martin, Southington, pin 1:20
3rd Place: Yovanny Goris, Westhill def. Joseph Ryan, Trumbull, 6-4
5th Place: Thomas Reardon, Glastonbury def. Raymond Nunez, Danbury, pin 2:15

Championship: Juan Garcia, Danbury def. Gabe Vega, Cheshire, 7-1
3rd Place: Martin Chobanyan, Westhill def. Seve Burgos, Xavier, 10-3
5th Place: Liam Cummings, Shelton def. Forrest Speed, Newtown, 15-0

Championship: Colin Cunningham, Xavier def. James Demaio, Simsbury, 7-5
3rd Place: Thomas Larussa, Newtown def. Khal Exum-Strong, NFA, 9-7
5th Place: Josh Graves, New Britain def. Shawn Devin, Southington, pin 2:52

Championship: Zachary Maxwell, Southington def. C Sollenberger, Trumbull, pin 5:47
3rd Place: Jacob Feldman, Simsbury def. Alex Swaby, New Britain, 9-7
5th Place: Andy Hubina, Newtown def. Alex Merdinger, Shelton, pin 2:29

Championship: Andrew Cavanna, Glastonbury def. Chid Broderick, Xavier, 5-2
3rd Place: Andrew Marino, Trumbull def. Justis Lewis, Mcmahon, pin 1:48
5th Place: Noel Cardona, Manchester def. Luis Laboy, New Britain, pin 2:28

Championship: Nicholas Crowle, Fairfield Prep def. Bradley Helmkamp, Simsbury, pin 2:16
3rd Place: Nikolas Photos, Amity def. Ryan Wagner, Newtown, 9-3
5th Place: Patrick Malchar, New Britain def. Bruce Stiles, New Haven, Default

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---
Kevin Cecio From Trumbull
132 Lbs, 4 Pins, 9:41