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Class LL Boys Outdoor Track Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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     Viewing qualifiers for a league shows submitted CIAC qualifiers for that league,not that league's league tournament qualifiers.

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Boys 4x100
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (13) All Qualifiers (69)
Danbury44.28*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Enfield45.55/4: Enfield vs EO Smith
Fairfield Prep45.64*5/1: Prep vs. Notre Dame West Haven
Fairfield Warde46.02*4/19: FCIAC Dual with Darien
Greenwich44.74*5/3: Vs Westhill
Hall43.95*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Newtown46.114/19: Newtown @ New Milford
Norwalk46.20*4/21: Ludlowe
Norwich Free Academy43.94/28: Ledyard @ NFA
Shelton45.34/12: Cheshire
Southington45.13*4/27: Southington at Conard
Staples44.97*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Trumbull45.84/20: Westhill
Boys 4x400
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (9) All Qualifiers (54)
Fairfield Prep3:39.04/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Greenwich3:29.02*5/1: Vs Danbury
Hall3:25.89*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Newtown3:37.05/10: Newtown vs. Bethel
Norwich Free Academy3:39.24/23: NFA @ East Lyme
Ridgefield3:38.96*5/8: CT Classic
Southington3:37.59*4/27: Southington at Conard
Staples3:36.83*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Trumbull3:38.64/20: Westhill
Boys 4x800
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (10) All Qualifiers (61)
Glastonbury8:41.89*5/7: Greater Hartford Invitational
Greenwich8:46.98*5/1: Vs Danbury
Hall8:04.40*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Newtown8:43.05/10: Newtown vs. Bethel
Norwich Free Academy8:32.05/12: Waterford @ NFA
Ridgefield7:58.98*5/8: CT Classic
Shelton8:42.73*4/27: Amity
Southington8:47.96*4/27: Southington at Conard
Staples8:25.95*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Westhill8:31.44/20: Westhill @ Trumbull
Boys 100 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (36) All Qualifiers (193)
Aristilde, DangeloNorwich Free Academy11.14/28: Ledyard @ NFA
Barnett, DenzellNew Britain11.08*4/30: HPHS
Blount, DarrenFairfield Prep10.44/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Calabrese-Gavay, MaxwellDanbury11.24*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Cameron, CharlesHall11.72*4/13: Hall v Avon
Cofrancesco, NathanSouthington11.15/4: Southington at Farmington
Davidson, MaxNorwich Free Academy11.54/14: NFA @ Woodstock Academy
Dawson, AldonNorwich Free Academy11.25/12: Waterford @ NFA
DelMonte, RyanSouthington11.59*5/13: Simsbury at Southington
Edwards Jr, DivineHall11.32*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Giordano, EthanSouthington11.72*5/15: CT Froshmore Meet
Gladstone, JonFairfield Warde11.25/14: FCIAC Dual Meet @ McMahon
Henriques-Setho, IsraelHall11.43*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Klein, SamuelShelton11.25/7: Foran
Lee, StephenNorwich Free Academy11.44/14: NFA @ Woodstock Academy
Leroy, JaydenDanbury11.65*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Lizardi, IsaiahHall11.52*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Lorent, JasonShelton10.95/7: Foran
Mazurkiewicz, BlaiseBrien McMahon11.35/3: McMahon V Bridgeport
McGeehan, ConnorStaples11.54/30: Westhill @ Staples Dual
Moodie, DavidWesthill11.31*5/13: Westhill v St. Joes
Nordberg, KonurStaples11.54/30: Westhill @ Staples Dual
Nye, ZaneGreenwich11.67*5/3: Vs Westhill
O'Donnell, AndrewGreenwich11.28*4/19: Ridgefield
Ortiz Lopez, DiegoNew Britain11.07*4/30: HPHS
Papadimitriou, AriShelton11.54/12: Cheshire
Paul, JeremiahNorwich Free Academy11.34/14: NFA @ Woodstock Academy
Pilkington, MasonEnfield11.48*4/13: Enfield HS vs. Manchester HS
Rodman, MaxHall11.67*4/13: Hall v Avon
Russell-Laga, PatrickStaples11.44/30: Westhill @ Staples Dual
Santos, LukaDanbury11.28*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Smith, CalebNewtown11.35/10: Newtown vs. Bethel
Smith, TymaineFairfield Prep10.64/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Valentino, DanteTrumbull11.14/20: Westhill
Williams, SeanNorwalk11.64*4/27: New Canaan
Young, RobertFairfield Prep11.53*4/23: Prep vs. Notre Dame West Haven
Boys 110M Hurdles
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (5) All Qualifiers (49)
Foster, GregoryNorwalk16.15/10: Warde
Kpodar, O'NealDanbury15.58*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Martinez, JohanseDanbury15.78*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Pinnix, JordanManchester15.48*5/15: Randy Smith Journal Inquirer Greater Manchester Invitational
Reyes, JavierDanbury15.84*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Boys 200 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (33) All Qualifiers (178)
Aristilde, DangeloNorwich Free Academy22.84/28: Ledyard @ NFA
Beierle, IanSouthington23.65/4: Southington at Farmington
Blount, DarrenFairfield Prep22.84/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Boone, GroverNorwich Free Academy23.85/12: Waterford @ NFA
Calabrese-Gavay, MaxwellDanbury23.90*4/19: Danbury Dual #1
Cameron, CharlesHall23.71*5/15: Froshmore Invite
Cofrancesco, NathanSouthington23.45/4: Southington at Farmington
Dawson, AldonNorwich Free Academy23.65/12: Waterford @ NFA
Eng, EthanSouthington23.15/4: Southington at Farmington
Foster, GregoryNorwalk23.64/30: Bridgeport
Giordano, EthanSouthington23.45/4: Southington at Farmington
Gladstone, JonFairfield Warde23.15/14: FCIAC Dual Meet @ McMahon
Hall, AidanNewtown23.44/26: Newtown vs Masuk
Klein, SamuelShelton23.15/7: Foran
Kwarteng, GabrielDanbury23.94*4/19: Danbury Dual #1
Lee, StephenNorwich Free Academy23.74/28: Ledyard @ NFA
Lizardi, IsaiahHall23.43*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Lorent, JasonShelton22.05/7: Foran
Markos, AmitRidgefield23.13*4/30: FCIAC Dual
Mazurkiewicz, BlaiseBrien McMahon23.70*4/26: McMahon V Ludlowe
Moodie, DavidWesthill23.24*5/13: Westhill v St. Joes
Nordberg, KonurStaples23.34/30: Westhill @ Staples Dual
Nye, ZaneGreenwich23.47*5/1: Vs Danbury
O'Donnell, AndrewGreenwich22.15/10: Vs Trumbull and St Josephs
Pierre Louis, MaxsonNorwich Free Academy23.04/14: NFA @ Woodstock Academy
Pilkington, MasonEnfield23.44/20: Enfield HS vs. East Catholic
Rodman, MaxHall23.75*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Russell-Laga, PatrickStaples23.55/13: Stamford @ Staples Dual
Smith, TymaineFairfield Prep22.94/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Szostak, MaxStaples23.45/13: Stamford @ Staples Dual
Thomas, KyleDanbury23.53*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
York, JonathanHall23.59*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Young, RobertFairfield Prep23.84/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (3) All Qualifiers (41)
Foster, GregoryNorwalk42.48*5/10: Warde
Kpodar, O'NealDanbury42.85*4/19: Danbury Dual #1
Vendrella, AnthonyWest Haven42.94/28: @ Hamden
Boys 400 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (24) All Qualifiers (105)
Addotey, GlennDanbury53.49*4/19: Danbury Dual #1
Bianchi, GianlucaGreenwich53.15/10: Vs Trumbull and St Josephs
Carusone, JaisenSouthington53.11*4/20: Glastonbury at Southington
Eng, EthanSouthington53.53*4/27: Southington at Conard
Giordano, EthanSouthington52.15/4: Southington at Farmington
Goldenberg, HarrisonGreenwich53.35/10: Vs Trumbull and St Josephs
Harrington, AlexStaples52.85/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
Kwarteng, GabrielDanbury51.85*4/19: Danbury Dual #1
Lizardi, IsaiahHall52.16*4/13: Hall v Avon
Lorent, JasonShelton52.04/22: Jonathan Law
Luc, MichaellyNorwich Free Academy52.84/23: NFA @ East Lyme
Markos, AmitRidgefield50.28*4/30: FCIAC Dual
McDaniel, SeanHall52.50*5/4: Hall v NWC
Mott, SamirStaples52.85/13: Stamford @ Staples Dual
O'Donnell, AndrewGreenwich50.35*5/1: Vs Danbury
O'Keefe, LiamTrumbull52.85/4: Stamford
Poseno, AndrewNewtown53.54/19: Newtown @ New Milford
Rendon, JamieHall53.32*5/4: Hall v NWC
Ruffo, TobiasHall50.64*5/4: Hall v NWC
Russell-Laga, PatrickStaples53.41*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Sandler, SamuelHall53.31*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Sardo, MichaelGlastonbury53.03*5/7: Greater Hartford Invitational
Szostak, MaxStaples51.64*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
York, JonathanHall51.34*5/4: Hall v NWC
Boys 800 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (28) All Qualifiers (98)
Addotey, GlennDanbury2:05.43*4/26: Danbury Dual #2
Barkasy, SeanManchester2:04.10*4/20: dual meet sw
Beverly, WalkerHall2:00.77*4/20: Hall v Southington
Bolden, CalebFairfield Prep2:01.04/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Bonaddio, FrankNorwalk2:00.63*5/4: Darien
Dai, LukeHall2:00.99*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Davis, JacobNew Britain2:02.38*4/24: Bloomfield Mini Inv
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep1:58.04/23: Prep vs. North Haven
Egervari, ZanderFairfield Warde2:04.05/14: FCIAC Dual Meet @ McMahon
Gregory, JosephTrumbull2:02.54/27: Staples
Harrington, KyleStaples2:03.60*5/8: Ct. Classic @ Danbury
Jelinek, ZacharyGreenwich1:59.06*5/3: Vs Westhill
Lepska, GeorgeStaples1:58.85*5/8: Ct. Classic @ Danbury
Linn, FrederickStaples2:05.55/13: Stamford @ Staples Dual
Lizardi, IsaiahHall2:02.94*4/20: Hall v Southington
Lorenz, JonathanStaples2:02.75/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
McDaniel, SeanHall2:04.15*4/20: Hall v Southington
McDonough, MatthewRidgefield2:01.27*5/8: CT Classic
McLaughlin, ColinWesthill1:59.75*5/3: Westhill @ Greenwich
Rendon, JamieHall2:01.71*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Ruffo, TobiasHall1:57.78*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Scully, LiamHall2:02.33*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Sisk, GabrielHall2:03.22*5/15: Froshmore Invite
Smith, ColeHall2:05.10*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
St.Fort, JalenStaples2:01.25/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
Tarsy, RoryStaples2:04.95/13: Stamford @ Staples Dual
Taylor, DrewHall2:01.99*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
York, JonathanHall2:03.15*5/15: Froshmore Invite
Boys 1600 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (19) All Qualifiers (99)
Accurso, JosephGlastonbury4:37.59*4/24: Bloomfield Invitational
Ballard, RyanNorwalk4:38.78*5/10: Warde
Barkasy, SeanManchester4:31.20*4/13: dual meet RHAM
Beverly, WalkerHall4:23.61*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Carcich, LiamRidgefield4:27.13*5/8: CT Classic
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep4:21.36*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Harding, DillonStaples4:33.17*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Hergenrother, StevenRidgefield4:36.87*5/8: CT Classic
Jelinek, ZacharyGreenwich4:37.35/10: Vs Trumbull and St Josephs
King, CharlesRidgefield4:19.61*5/8: CT Classic
Lorenz, JonathanStaples4:27.87*5/8: Ct. Classic @ Danbury
McLaughlin, ColinWesthill4:38.34/30: Westhill @ Staples
Niranjan, AmruthHall4:36.39*5/11: Hall v Glastonbury
Rendon, JamieHall4:37.68*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Robinson, ThomasHall4:31.82*4/13: Hall v Avon
Ruffo, TobiasHall4:35.79*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Tarsy, RoryStaples4:37.05/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
Taubman, ZacharyStaples4:37.10*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Taylor, DrewHall4:36.23*4/13: Hall v Avon
Boys 3200 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (19) All Qualifiers (94)
Beverly, WalkerHall9:46.45*5/4: Hall v NWC
Carcich, LiamRidgefield10:07.85/4: FCIAC Dual
Consolati, DylanNorwalk10:05.19*5/4: Darien
Donovan, RyanRidgefield9:58.45/4: FCIAC Dual
Dovaras, JackRidgefield9:57.65/4: FCIAC Dual
Frank, SamuelHall10:06.07*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Harding, DillonStaples9:58.05/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
Hergenrother, StevenRidgefield9:57.35/4: FCIAC Dual
King, CharlesRidgefield9:48.95/4: FCIAC Dual
Lorenz, JonathanStaples10:03.25/13: Stamford @ Staples Dual
McDonough, MatthewRidgefield10:07.15/4: FCIAC Dual
McLaughlin, ColinWesthill10:09.17*5/3: Westhill @ Greenwich
Mickool, BenjaminRidgefield10:07.45/4: FCIAC Dual
Namiot, CharlesRidgefield10:08.85/4: FCIAC Dual
Niranjan, AmruthHall9:57.09*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Robinson, ThomasHall9:58.34*4/20: Hall v Southington
Tarsy, RoryStaples10:08.71*5/10: Staples @ Danbury Dual
Taubman, ZacharyStaples9:55.25/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
Vo, BronsonTrumbull9:55.64/27: Staples
Boys Shot
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (13) All Qualifiers (63)
Baker, GrantNewtown43-9.54/23: Newtown @ Pomperaug
Bona, RyanBrien McMahon42-2.04/13: McMahon V New Canaan
Feliciano, MichaelNew Britain42-03.05/11: Windsor
Freyler, JackSouthington41-10.05/13: Simsbury at Southington
Geary, MatthewSouthington43-8.04/20: Hall at SHS
Gooda, AhmedEnfield48-4.54/13: Enfield HS vs. Manchester
Gray, DustinStaples41-11.004/20: St. Joseph @ Staples Dual
Klick, JosephNorwich Free Academy46-04.54/28: Ledyard @ NFA
McKinnon, CarsonShelton41-2.05/7: Foran
Monteiro, AlexanderNorwalk41-5.04/14: Wilton
Moro, DeanStaples43-08.004/27: Trumbull @ Staples Dual
Ribeiro, JordanNorwich Free Academy51-02.05/7: NFA @ Fitch
Ruelas Villasenor, AbrahamHall43-4.504/27: Hall v Farmington
Boys Discus
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (6) All Qualifiers (47)
Addotta, JosephRidgefield116-06.04/30: FCIAC Dual
Feliciano, MichaelNew Britain121-03.04/30: HPHS
Freyler, JackSouthington128-4.04/27: NWC at Southington
Geary, MatthewSouthington122-08.05/4: Southington at Farmington
Gooda, AhmedEnfield138-04.04/20: Enfield HS vs. East Catholic
Ribeiro, JordanNorwich Free Academy123-04.05/7: NFA @ Fitch
Boys Javelin
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (6) All Qualifiers (51)
DeBarber, RyanEnfield172-03.004/27: Enfield vs East Hartford
Ferguson, JulianEnfield142-08.005/4: Enfield vs EO Smith
Freyler, JackSouthington162-04.05/13: Simsbury at Southington
Klick, JosephNorwich Free Academy148-01.04/23: NFA @ East Lyme
Pellegrino, JohnBrien McMahon140-9.05/3: McMahon V Bridgeport
Santos, TimothyShelton144-2.05/7: Foran
Boys Long Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (8) All Qualifiers (79)
Chesanow, AidenSouthington20-05.04/20: Glastonbury at Southington
Cotner, ZacheryNorwich Free Academy21-03.05/7: NFA @ Fitch
DeLuca, AnthonyGreenwich20-2.04/26: Vs Stamford
Faugno, davidGreenwich20-2.55/1: Vs Danbury
Henriques-Setho, IsraelHall22-0.505/4: Hall v NWC
Manu, JamilManchester20-5.55/7: Greater Hartford Invite
McGeehan, ConnorStaples21-03.505/4: Ridgefield @ Staples Dual
Nye, ZaneGreenwich21-10.05/1: Vs Danbury
Boys High Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (8) All Qualifiers (69)
Carifa, ZacharyGreenwich5-10.04/19: Ridgefield
Catuccio, MatthewTrumbull6-4.04/27: Staples
DeLuca, AnthonyGreenwich5-10.05/1: Vs Danbury
Herron, AlexEnfield5-10.04/13: Enfield HS vs. Manchester
Manu, JamilManchester5-10.05/4: East Catholic vs Manchester
McGeehan, ConnorStaples6-02.004/27: Trumbull @ Staples Dual
Pierre Louis, MaxsonNorwich Free Academy6-04.05/7: NFA @ Fitch
Savino, JosephShelton6-0.05/7: Foran
Boys Pole Vault
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (9) All Qualifiers (40)
Calibo, TrentGlastonbury12-0.04/13: Southington Dual Meet
Chesanow, AidenSouthington13-0.05/4: Southington at Farmington
Cotner, ZacheryNorwich Free Academy12-06.05/1: Windham @ NFA
Davidson, MaxNorwich Free Academy11-06.04/23: NFA @ East Lyme
Edwards, SamuelNewtown11-6.04/23: Newtown @ Pomperaug
Merkin, JeremyTrumbull13-0.05/4: Stamford
Ryen, ThomasGlastonbury11-0.04/27: Avon Dual Meet
Steele, EthanEnfield11-06.004/13: Enfield vs. Manchester
Wiedemer, EricGlastonbury11-6.05/4: Conard DualMeet
Boys Triple Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (7) All Qualifiers (45)
Calderon II, LuisHamden40-0.255/11: Hamden vs East Haven
Henriques-Setho, IsraelHall45-5.04/20: Hall v Southington
Luc, MichaellyNorwich Free Academy39-08.54/28: Ledyard @ NFA
Manu, JamilManchester42-4.05/11: Tolland vs. Manchester
Pierre Louis, MaxsonNorwich Free Academy41-01.254/28: Ledyard @ NFA
Savino, JosephShelton40-01.54/27: Amity
Zadi, MarkHall39-06.05/15: Froshmore Invite