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Class LL Girls Outdoor Track Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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     Viewing qualifiers for a league shows submitted CIAC qualifiers for that league, not that league's league tournament qualifiers.

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Girls 4x100
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (15) All Qualifiers (88)
Brien McMahon52.05*5/10: McMahon@Darien
Danbury50.37*5/10: Danbury vs. Staples
East Hartford52.33*5/6: GHI
Enfield51.94/27: Enfield vs. EO Smith
Fairfield Ludlowe50.52*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Glastonbury50.65/13: Farmington
Greenwich52.73*4/19: @ Ridgefield
Hall52.40*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Newtown53.94/19: Newtown vs New Milford
Norwich Free Academy53.75/12: Waterford
Ridgefield49.42*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Southington50.98*4/27: Duel vs Conard
Staples50.25/17: Greenwich
Trumbull52.95/10: THSvGHS and St. Joe's
Wilbur Cross54.45/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross
Girls 4x400
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (13) All Qualifiers (61)
Brien McMahon4:24.14*4/19: Wilton@McMahon
Danbury4:11.79*5/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
East Hartford4:25.12*5/6: GHI
Fairfield Ludlowe4:14.79*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invite @ Danbury
Glastonbury4:02.06*5/14: J.I. Invite
Greenwich4:12.46*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Hall4:19.28*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Newtown4:07.85/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Norwich Free Academy4:21.04/23: East Lyme
Ridgefield4:06.68*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Staples4:07.69*5/10: Danbury
Trumbull4:19.44/20: THSvWHS
Wilbur Cross4:21.05/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross
Girls 4x800
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (8) All Qualifiers (65)
Danbury10:40.07*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invitational
Glastonbury9:19.17*4/27: Avon
Hall10:06.88*4/20: Southington
Newtown9:50.85/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Norwich Free Academy10:54.15/12: Waterford
Ridgefield10:39.13*5/8: CT Classic
Southington9:45.45*4/27: Duel vs Conard
Staples10:15.05*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Girls 100 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (42) All Qualifiers (205)
Aguilar, SofiaBrien McMahon12.94*4/26: McMahon@Fairfield Ludlowe
Ardrey, AdelaStaples13.34/30: Westhill
Barricelli, EliseNewtown12.35/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Bragg, JuliaRidgefield12.88*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Bransford, JasmynNorwich Free Academy12.54/14: Woodstock
Caiola, HannahGlastonbury12.45/13: Farmington
Carroll, RileyGlastonbury12.95/13: Farmington
Copeland, AbigailDanbury13.37*5/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Dickson, FlorenceDanbury12.65*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invitational
Echevarria, CeciliaHall13.29*4/13: Avon
Edward, ChristlineNorwalk13.24/30: Bridgeport
Egan, KaylaGreenwich13.19*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Elliot, HannahNorwich Free Academy13.05/7: Fitch
Fay, KaitlynGreenwich12.65/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Gasparo, SofiaRidgefield13.23*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Healy, AlyssaGlastonbury12.95/13: Farmington
Johnson, CiaraEnfield12.95/4: Enfield vs. EO Smith
Legere, EmilyBrien McMahon13.35/3: McMahon@Bridgeport
Leonzi, AbigailTrumbull13.14/20: THSvWHS
Liles, MollyStaples13.35/17: Greenwich
Litchfield, ShannonSouthington12.65/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Mazzarella, AudreyEnfield13.41*4/13: Enfield HS vs. Manchester
Melvin, ElizabethFairfield Ludlowe13.48*4/30: @Darien
O'Neill, ErinSouthington13.15/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Pattison, KaylaFairfield Ludlowe13.09*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Pelletier, KaylaSouthington12.99*5/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Phillips, CharlotteFairfield Ludlowe13.52*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Pizzitola, LivvySouthington12.49*4/13: SHS Duel vs Glastonbury
Poulin, LydiaHall13.39*4/27: Farmington
Powers, RileyNewtown13.24/19: Newtown vs New Milford
Prozzo, RileySouthington13.09*5/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Riek, NatashaRidgefield13.39*5/8: CT Classic
Rosario, ShakiraDanbury13.47*5/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
Smith, AlannaDanbury12.16*5/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Smith, EmilyGlastonbury13.15/13: Farmington
Smith, KyraEast Hartford13.14*4/13: EO Smith
Sowa, AbigailSouthington13.37*5/1: Duel Vs Northwest Catholic
Stapleton, TiaFairfield Ludlowe12.95/4: @Ludlowe vs. Wilton 5/4/21
Stevens, FrancineStaples12.22*5/10: Danbury
Wessels, CamillaSouthington13.05/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Williams, KimberleighDanbury13.50*4/26: Danbury vs. Westhill
Young, ShaniyaBrien McMahon13.35/3: Bridgeport@McMahon
Girls 100M Hurdles
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (15) All Qualifiers (80)
Andrews, AlyssaTrumbull17.15/10: THSvGHS and St. Joe's
Barricelli, EliseNewtown12.35/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Bastek, SophiaGreenwich16.05/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Brust, AlexaGreenwich16.35/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Daugherty, ErinRidgefield16.10*5/8: CT Classic
DeMassa, IsabellaRidgefield17.30*5/8: CT Classic
DePina, MikaylaTrumbull16.55/10: THSvGHS and St. Joe's
Kpodar, AudreyDanbury17.35*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invitational
Magendantz, AbigailHall17.21*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Powers, RileyNewtown13.14/26: Dual Newtown vs Masuk
Smith, EmmaGlastonbury16.37*5/14: J.I. Invite
Spann-McDonald, ZoeGlastonbury16.55*5/14: J.I. Invite
Townsend, HaleyGreenwich17.05/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Whelchel, CorinneDanbury17.61*5/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
White, NyiaWilbur Cross16.74/22: Hamden vs Wilbur Cross
Girls 200 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (39) All Qualifiers (223)
Aguilar, SofiaBrien McMahon27.94/26: McMahon@Ludlowe
Ardrey, AdelaStaples28.04/30: Westhill
Barricelli, EliseNewtown25.65/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Bastek, SophiaGreenwich27.19*5/3: Greenwich vs Westhill
Bollo, OliviaStaples27.60*5/10: Danbury
Bragg, JuliaRidgefield26.53*4/30: FCIAC #3 at Ridgefield
Bransford, JasmynNorwich Free Academy26.75/12: Waterford
Caiola, HannahGlastonbury26.35/13: Farmington
Carroll, RileyGlastonbury27.02*4/13: Southington
Copeland, AbigailDanbury26.97*5/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
DeWitt, SamanthaStaples27.44*5/8: Connecticut Classic
Dickson, FlorenceDanbury26.86*5/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
Fay, KaitlynGreenwich26.95/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Gasparo, SofiaRidgefield27.35*4/30: FCIAC #3 at Ridgefield
Gilliard, BrianaDanbury27.82*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invitational
Jefremow, NadineFairfield Ludlowe28.07*5/10: @Ludlowe vs. Bridgeport
Johnson, CiaraEnfield27.63*4/27: East Hartford vs. Enfield
Landers, MackenzieGlastonbury28.04*4/13: Southington
Mathews, ElaineRidgefield28.08*5/15: FCIAC #6 at Ridgefield
Mazzarella, AudreyEnfield26.94/13: Enfield HS vs. Manchester
Melvin, ElizabethFairfield Ludlowe26.98*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Nash, CassidyBrien McMahon27.65/3: McMahon@Bridgeport
O'Neill, ErinSouthington27.95/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Park, KaylaNorwich Free Academy27.15/7: Fitch
Pattison, KaylaFairfield Ludlowe27.22*5/15: Ludlowe @ New Canaan
Pizzitola, LivvySouthington26.33*4/13: SHS Duel vs Glastonbury
Poulin, LydiaHall28.05*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Powers, RileyNewtown27.14/23: Pomperaug and Newtown Dual
Prozzo, RileySouthington27.39*5/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Smith, AlannaDanbury24.75*5/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Smith, EmilyGlastonbury27.97*5/4: Conard
Smith, KyraEast Hartford26.69*5/6: GHI
Smith, MeghanGlastonbury28.01*5/4: Conard
Spheeris, LaurenStaples27.55/17: Greenwich
Stevens, FrancineStaples24.87*5/10: Danbury
Stewart, KeiraEast Hartford27.92*5/6: GHI
Wessels, CamillaSouthington27.65/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Whelchel, CorinneDanbury27.84*5/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Young, ShaniyaBrien McMahon28.10*4/26: McMahon@Fairfield Ludlowe
Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (18) All Qualifiers (83)
Bastek, SophiaGreenwich46.75/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Bourne, OuonaejahWest Haven51.24/28: Hamden vs West Haven
Brust, AlexaGreenwich47.45/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Burgess, AnnaFairfield Ludlowe51.61*5/15: Ludlowe @ New Canaan
Daugherty, ErinRidgefield46.65/4: FCIAC #4 at Staples
DeMassa, IsabellaRidgefield51.73*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Edward, ChristlineNorwalk49.66*5/10: Warde
Mathews, ElaineRidgefield51.02*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Murphy, HannahStaples46.95/17: Greenwich
Mutti, SamanthaBrien McMahon50.72*5/10: McMahon@Darien
Neugebauer, AllisonFairfield Ludlowe50.60*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Pacini, OliviaDanbury51.07*5/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
Smith, EmmaGlastonbury46.60*5/14: J.I. Invite
Sowa, AbigailSouthington48.18*4/13: SHS Duel vs Glastonbury
Townsend, HaleyGreenwich49.84*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Troy, KayleighNewtown51.45/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Whelchel, CorinneDanbury50.77*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invitational
White, NyiaWilbur Cross46.35/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross
Girls 400 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (37) All Qualifiers (154)
Barricelli, EliseNewtown58.95/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Bastek, SophiaGreenwich62.07*4/26: @ Greenwich vs Stamford
Bollo, OliviaStaples60.65/17: Greenwich
Bransford, JasmynNorwich Free Academy63.84/28: Ledyard
Caiola, HannahGlastonbury62.95/13: Farmington
Caron, JacquelineGlastonbury62.05/13: Farmington
Carroll, RileyGlastonbury60.91*5/14: J.I. Invite
Daplyn, EsmeGreenwich61.99*4/26: @ Greenwich vs Stamford
DeWitt, SamanthaStaples59.85/4: Ridgefield
Gattinella, AvaGlastonbury62.75/13: Farmington
Gilliard, BrianaDanbury61.34*5/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
Granitto, BiancaGreenwich61.38*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Harding, MollyGlastonbury59.55/13: Farmington
Havemann, TatumStaples61.78*5/10: Danbury
Healy, AlyssaGlastonbury63.65*4/24: Bloomfield Invite
Jefremow, NadineFairfield Ludlowe62.10*5/4: @Ludlowe vs. Wilton 5/4/21
Keeley, AnnaFairfield Ludlowe60.70*5/10: @Ludlowe vs. Bridgeport
Keller, GeorgiaRidgefield62.65/4: FCIAC #4 at Staples
Litchfield, ShannonSouthington63.74*5/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Marchand, EvelynTrumbull60.15/10: THSvGHS and St. Joe's
McCarthy, AllyNewtown61.04/26: Dual Newtown vs Masuk
McGrath, ReganRidgefield60.51*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Melvin, ElizabethFairfield Ludlowe62.32*5/4: @Ludlowe vs. Wilton 5/4/21
Michalowski, GraceRidgefield60.27*4/30: FCIAC #3 at Ridgefield
Moriarty, GraceFairfield Ludlowe61.15/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Moskal, LaurenHall60.52*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Nash, CassidyBrien McMahon63.15/3: McMahon@Bridgeport
Park, KaylaNorwich Free Academy61.34/28: Ledyard
Powers, RileyNewtown59.35/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Roggendorf, HanaHall62.38*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Smith, AlannaDanbury56.79*5/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
Smith, EmmaGlastonbury59.51*5/6: Greater Hartford Invite
Smith, MeghanGlastonbury59.67*5/6: Greater Hartford Invite
Snayd, HannahNewtown63.04/23: Pomperaug and Newtown Dual
Stevens, FrancineStaples58.05/17: Greenwich
Townsend, HaleyGreenwich62.75*4/19: @ Ridgefield
Zydanowicz, JuliaHall63.35*4/13: Avon
Girls 800 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (36) All Qualifiers (112)
Anderson, ElizabethGreenwich2:26.85/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Bentley, AnneliseFairfield Ludlowe2:27.04/21: @Ludlowe vs. Norwalk
Buonocore, ElizabethRidgefield2:27.88*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Caron, JacquelineGlastonbury2:17.20*5/4: Conard
Consla, EllaTrumbull2:26.35/10: THSvGHS and St. Joe's
Daplyn, EsmeGreenwich2:17.64*5/3: Greenwich vs Westhill
Dragotta, CatherineBrien McMahon2:29.55/3: McMahon@Bridgeport
Dudus, JacquelineGlastonbury2:28.12*5/4: Conard
Foran, LeighStaples2:27.45/17: Greenwich
Gattinella, AvaGlastonbury2:20.21*5/4: Conard
Gawley, MayaDanbury2:30.08*5/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Havemann, TatumStaples2:20.45/17: Greenwich
Healer, MiaHall2:27.04*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Holden, KaliTrumbull2:21.74/27: THSvSHS
Holmes, NoraHall2:23.76*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Hooker, GraceRidgefield2:27.79*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Izzo, JacquelineSouthington2:23.83*4/20: SHS vs Hall Duel Meet
Keeley, AnnaFairfield Ludlowe2:17.01*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Keller, GeorgiaRidgefield2:21.99*4/19: FCIAC #1 at Ridgefield
Kelley, MakaylaNorwich Free Academy2:21.04/23: East Lyme
Lombardo, JessicaSouthington2:27.75*5/15: Froshmore Championships
MacElhiney, CaseyGlastonbury2:20.00*5/6: Greater Hartford Invite
MacElhiney, KelleyGlastonbury2:25.72*4/24: Bloomfield Invite
Marchand, EvelynTrumbull2:27.34/20: THSvWHS
McCarthy, AllyNewtown2:24.14/23: Dual Newtown vs Pomperaug
McGrath, ReganRidgefield2:22.38*5/8: CT Classic
McGrath, RoryRidgefield2:23.45*5/8: CT Classic
Michalowski, GraceRidgefield2:24.43*4/19: FCIAC #1 at Ridgefield
Nedder, MikaylaGlastonbury2:25.75/13: Farmington
Noble, MariGreenwich2:23.96*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Park, KaylaNorwich Free Academy2:22.65/12: Waterford
Pedersen, MargoWilbur Cross2:20.05/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross
Pillsbury, DianeSouthington2:27.58*4/13: SHS Duel vs Glastonbury
Priest, RylanHall2:24.21*4/27: Farmington
Rector, KatherineRidgefield2:26.43*4/26: FCIAC #2 at St. Joseph
Sanderson, KatherineHall2:27.67*4/27: Farmington
Girls 1600 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (45) All Qualifiers (130)
Anderson, ElizabethGreenwich5:33.17*4/26: @ Greenwich vs Stamford
Carbone, CalynTrumbull5:39.75/4: THSvSHS
Caron, JacquelineGlastonbury5:03.30*5/14: J.I. Invite
Consla, EllaTrumbull5:21.15/4: THSvSHS
Daplyn, EsmeGreenwich5:12.17*4/19: @ Ridgefield
Dolan, JosieStaples5:19.15/17: Greenwich
Dragotta, CatherineBrien McMahon5:32.36*4/26: McMahon@Fairfield Ludlowe
Duclos, ElianaNorwich Free Academy5:22.28*4/30: Xavier
Dudus, JacquelineGlastonbury5:37.77*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Dykstra, JamieManchester5:37.38*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Evans, HaleyGlastonbury5:40.01*5/14: J.I. Invite
Flanagan, DeirdreRidgefield5:25.35/4: FCIAC #4 at Staples
Foran, LeighStaples5:30.55/13: Stamford
Gattinella, AvaGlastonbury5:16.46*5/14: J.I. Invite
Graham, AmandaBrien McMahon5:38.97*4/13: McMahon@New Cannan
Healer, MiaHall5:33.33*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Holden, KaliTrumbull5:12.65/4: THSvSHS
Holmes, NoraHall5:24.88*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Hooker, GraceRidgefield5:36.67*5/10: FCIAC #5 at Ridgefield
Izzo, JacquelineSouthington5:01.05*5/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Jones, SophiaNorwich Free Academy5:40.00*5/15: East Lyme Distance Qualifier
Keeley, AnnaFairfield Ludlowe5:00.06*4/21: @Ludlowe vs. Norwalk
Keller, GeorgiaRidgefield5:10.03*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Lombardo, JessicaSouthington5:26.37*5/15: Froshmore Championships
Lynch, AnnaritaDanbury5:25.69*5/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
MacElhiney, CaseyGlastonbury5:09.61*4/30: CT Distance Festival
MacElhiney, KelleyGlastonbury5:18.22*5/14: J.I. Invite
McCarthy, AllyNewtown5:27.04/19: Newtown vs New Milford
McGrath, RoryRidgefield5:30.55*5/15: FCIAC #6 at Ridgefield
Michaud, GraceSouthington5:20.42*5/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Moore, TessaStaples5:35.15/17: Greenwich
Moriarty, GraceFairfield Ludlowe5:30.60*4/26: @Ludlowe vs. McMahon
Mueller, MadisonRidgefield5:19.85*5/8: CT Classic
Nedder, MikaylaGlastonbury5:38.91*5/14: J.I. Invite
Noble, MariGreenwich5:09.62*4/19: @ Ridgefield
Paluska, AnnikaGlastonbury5:35.45/13: Farmington
Park, KaylaNorwich Free Academy5:17.80*5/15: East Lyme Distance Qualifier
Powers, RileyNewtown5:20.04/23: Pomperaug Newtown dual
Priest, RylanHall5:22.57*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Queiroz, StephanieDanbury5:22.26*4/19: Danbury vs. Stamford
Rector, KatherineRidgefield5:13.10*4/19: FCIAC #1 at Ridgefield
Sanderson, KatherineHall5:14.12*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Snayd, HannahNewtown5:38.04/19: Newtown vs New Milford
Weiksner, AnnaGreenwich5:37.27*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Zydanowicz, JuliaHall5:40.16*5/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Girls 3200 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (38) All Qualifiers (98)
Anderson, ElizabethGreenwich11:55.31*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Carbone, CalynTrumbull12:18.78*4/30: THSvRHS
Caron, JacquelineGlastonbury11:27.27*4/24: Bloomfield Invite
Consla, EllaTrumbull11:53.32*4/30: THSvRHS
Csak, SabinaGreenwich12:18.78*5/3: Greenwich vs Westhill
Daplyn, EsmeGreenwich11:32.58*5/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Dickson, OliviaGlastonbury12:17.35/13: Farmington
Dolan, JosieStaples11:41.57*5/10: Danbury
Duclos, ElianaNorwich Free Academy12:19.04/23: East Lyme
Dudus, JacquelineGlastonbury12:20.71*5/14: J.I. Invite
Flanagan, DeirdreRidgefield11:56.35*5/8: CT Classic
Gaspar, AnaGreenwich12:18.62*5/3: Greenwich vs Westhill
Gattinella, AvaGlastonbury11:33.46*5/6: Greater Hartford Invite
Graham, AmandaBrien McMahon12:24.13*4/13: McMahon@New Cannan
Holden, KaliTrumbull11:15.14/20: THSvWHS
Hooker, GraceRidgefield12:24.46*5/8: CT Classic
Hurley, AnnikaGlastonbury12:15.55*5/4: Conard
Izzo, JacquelineSouthington11:01.05/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Keeley, AnnaFairfield Ludlowe10:48.22*5/8: Connecticut Classic Invite @ Danbury
Liu, EmmaGlastonbury12:18.64*5/4: Conard
Lombardo, JessicaSouthington12:16.05/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Lynch, AnnaritaDanbury12:12.07*5/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
MacElhiney, CaseyGlastonbury11:07.61*5/11: Hall
MacElhiney, KelleyGlastonbury11:33.34*5/11: Hall
Marchand, EvelynTrumbull12:25.35/10: THSvGHS and St. Joe's
Michaud, GraceSouthington11:02.05/4: Duel Vs Farmington
Moriarty, GraceFairfield Ludlowe12:14.60*5/4: @Ludlowe vs. Wilton 5/4/21
Mueller, MadisonRidgefield11:48.99*4/26: FCIAC #2 at St. Joseph
Noble, MariGreenwich10:54.55/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Nolan, EmilyFairfield Ludlowe12:14.76*4/30: @Darien
Omelchenko, AnnaWilbur Cross12:17.05/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross
Poplawski, AbigailTrumbull12:26.64/20: THSvWHS
Queiroz, StephanieDanbury11:39.00*4/26: Danbury vs. Westhill
Rector, KatherineRidgefield11:31.48*5/17: FCIAC #7 at Danbury
Sanderson, KatherineHall11:27.19*4/20: Southington
Stein, JordanFairfield Ludlowe12:20.99*5/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Vanni, RebeccaRidgefield12:18.85/4: FCIAC #4 at Staples
Weiksner, AnnaGreenwich12:19.93*4/26: @ Greenwich vs Stamford
Girls Shot
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (15) All Qualifiers (53)
Belu-John, DenetteSouthington30-01.54/27: Duel vs Conard
Denerville, KemberlyBrien McMahon31-3.504/26: McMahon@Fairfield Ludlowe
Dorce, DilayniBrien McMahon36-1.04/26: McMahon@Bridgeport
Duzy, HannahHall31-05.255/6: Greater Hartford Invitational
Filloramo, CaitlynFairfield Ludlowe34-1.755/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Graham, HannahNorwich Free Academy30-5.754/23: East Lyme
Lafontaine, SaraSouthington33-05.04/27: Duel vs Conard
Magendantz, GretaHall31-10.005/1: Bloomfield Mini Invitational
Mayhew, SerenityNorwalk30-5.04/30: Bridgeport
Nowacki, SarahNewtown33-8.04/19: Newtown vs New Milford
Olmsted, LaraGreenwich31-7.05/10: Greenwich vs Trumbull/St. Joe's
Robinson, MonicaGlastonbury31-7.04/13: Southington
Rogers, TiannaDanbury39-2.04/26: Danbury vs. Westhill
Symonette, TaylorStaples35-7.04/27: Trumbull
Zaczynski, AlexahSouthington36-04.54/27: Duel vs Conard
Girls Discus
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (9) All Qualifiers (45)
Denerville, KemberlyBrien McMahon86-10.005/10: McMahon@Darien
Filloramo, CaitlynFairfield Ludlowe108-5.05/17: Ludlowe @Warde
Graham, HannahNorwich Free Academy100-10.05/12: Waterford
Marek, MakenzieSouthington87-02.05/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Mayhew, SerenityNorwalk107-0.04/30: Bridgeport
Millard, ShaynaNewtown85-9.05/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Nowacki, SarahNewtown96-2.04/19: Newtown vs New Milford
Spann-McDonald, LaylaGlastonbury100-1.05/14: J.I. Invite
Symonette, TaylorStaples91-2.05/4: Ridgefield
Girls Javelin
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (13) All Qualifiers (48)
Duzy, HannahHall95-0.05/1: Bloomfield Mini Invitational
Glasgow, AhlannaDanbury99-0.05/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Granitto, BiancaGreenwich91-1.05/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
Gulick, RileyBrien McMahon96-4.004/13: McMahon@New Cannan
Imme, MarisaSouthington116-06.04/27: Duel vs Conard
Marin, MayaTrumbull101-11.04/30: THSvRHS
McGrail, AnnaSouthington104-00.05/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Morris, AnnaGlastonbury91-4.04/27: Avon
Nowacki, SarahNewtown102-9.04/19: Newtown vs New Milford
Pelletier, KaylaSouthington128-09.55/15: Hillhouse Invite
Rogers, TiannaDanbury95-0.05/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Roth, SydneyRidgefield96-07.005/10: FCIAC #5 at Ridgefield
Zaczynski, AlexahSouthington135-05.05/15: Hillhouse Invite
Girls Long Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (26) All Qualifiers (110)
Bransford, JasmynNorwich Free Academy16-3.754/23: East Lyme
Cledera, ChristtalDanbury15-4.05/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
Diakhate, MariamaHamden16-11.04/28: Hamden vs West Haven
Drechsler, GraceSouthington15-09.55/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Egan, KaylaGreenwich15-4.54/19: @ Ridgefield
Eslava, OliviaGreenwich17-0.04/26: @ Greenwich vs Stamford
Gawley, MayaDanbury15-4.05/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
Harvey, AvaStaples16-2.505/17: Greenwich
Hursey, CatherineNorwich Free Academy15-3.255/12: Waterford
Malz, MalloryGlastonbury17-3.55/6: Greater Hartford Invite
McDowell, AlexandriaManchester15-2.05/11: Tolland vs. Manchester
Miller, GraceNewtown15-2.05/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Minott, GabriellaEast Hartford15-9.55/6: GHI
Pelletier, KaylaSouthington15-09.254/13: SHS Duel vs Glastonbury
Powers, RileyNewtown15-2.04/30: Newtown vs Barlow Dual
Reilly, NatalieFairfield Ludlowe15-5.504/30: @Darien
Riek, NatashaRidgefield16-2.755/4: FCIAC #4 at Staples
Robles, GiulianaDanbury15-3.05/10: Danbury vs. Staples
Rosario, ShakiraDanbury16-5.05/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
Stapleton, TiaFairfield Ludlowe16-8.504/30: @Darien
Stewart, KeiraEast Hartford15-3.755/6: GHI
Teraszkiewicz, ZosiaNewtown15-1.05/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Wessels, CamillaSouthington16-05.55/15: Froshmore Championships
Williams, KimberleighDanbury15-6.05/1: Danbury vs. Greenwich
Williams-Monroe, AyannuaWilbur Cross15-3.05/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross
Zaczynski, AlexahSouthington15-11.54/20: SHS vs Hall Duel Meet
Girls High Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (20) All Qualifiers (104)
Adams, JaimeNewtown4-8.05/10: Dual Newtown versus bethel
Asido, KaitlynSouthington4-08.04/13: SHS Duel vs Glastonbury
Cook, TabithaGreenwich5-0.05/1: Greenwich vs Danbury
DeSousa, KathrynGlastonbury5-2.04/13: Southington
Ellavsky, MayaHall4-10.04/27: Farmington
Freyler, SamanthaSouthington5-0.05/15: Froshmore Championships
Guiduli, SofiaStaples4-10.04/20: SHS-St. Joseph's
Harvey, AvaStaples4-8.04/27: Trumbull
LeClair, BrittanyGlastonbury5-2.04/13: Southington
LeClaire, TennalyGlastonbury4-10.05/14: J.I. Invite
McDowell, AlexandriaManchester5-00.04/20: RHAM HS vs. Manchester HS
Miller, GraceNewtown4-8.04/26: Dual Newtown vs Masuk
Pacini, OliviaDanbury4-8.05/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
Perry, JacquelineEnfield4-08.004/13: Enfield HS vs. Manchester
Reilly, NatalieFairfield Ludlowe5-2.04/26: @Ludlowe vs. McMahon
Spheeris, LaurenStaples4-10.05/17: Greenwich
Stapleton, TiaFairfield Ludlowe5-6.05/15: Ludlowe @ New Canaan
Troy, KayleighNewtown4-8.04/23: Pomperaug and Newtown Dual
Wackerman, KaileyFairfield Ludlowe5-4.05/4: @Ludlowe vs. Wilton 5/4/21
Wyatt, EmmaHall4-8.04/20: Southington
Girls Pole Vault
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (15) All Qualifiers (61)
Blend, IsabelleStaples8-6.05/13: Stamford
Boyer, AlexisNorwich Free Academy9-0.04/28: Ledyard
Bunce, CavanGlastonbury8-0.05/13: Farmington
Christina, SarahGlastonbury8-0.05/13: Farmington
Elliot, HannahNorwich Free Academy9-6.04/14: Woodstock
Freyler, SamanthaSouthington8-06.05/15: Froshmore Championships
Golas, SydneyHall10-0.05/1: Bloomfield Mini Invitational
Hanlon, NoraHall9-0.05/1: Bloomfield Mini Invitational
Hilary, AnnaGlastonbury8-0.05/13: Farmington
Malz, MalloryGlastonbury11-0.04/27: Avon
McDowell, AlexandriaManchester9-06.04/20: RHAM HS vs. Manchester HS
Reeves, NatalieSouthington9-00.04/20: SHS vs Hall Duel Meet
Ryan, CeliaGlastonbury8-0.04/24: Bloomfield Invite
Urban, SophiaGlastonbury8-6.04/24: Bloomfield Invite
Zaczynski, AlexahSouthington10-06.005/13: Duel vs Simsbury
Girls Triple Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (10) All Qualifiers (66)
Diakhate, MariamaHamden32-7.54/22: Hamden vs Wilbur Cross
Echevarria, CeciliaHall32-02.04/20: Southington
Harvey, AvaStaples35-4.05/17: Greenwich
Malz, MalloryGlastonbury35-7.54/13: Southington
Nurse, LeahManchester32-0.55/14: Randy Smith Journal Inquirer Greater Manchester Invitational
Pelletier, KaylaSouthington33-00.04/20: SHS vs Hall Duel Meet
Reilly, NatalieFairfield Ludlowe32-7.04/21: @Ludlowe vs. Norwalk
Robles, GiulianaDanbury34-6.55/14: Danbury vs. Trumbull
Stapleton, TiaFairfield Ludlowe36-1.04/30: @Darien
Williams-Monroe, AyannuaWilbur Cross32-0.55/4: East Haven vs Wilbur Cross