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Class M Boys Outdoor Track Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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     Viewing qualifiers for a league shows submitted CIAC qualifiers for that league,not that league's league tournament qualifiers.

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Boys 4x100
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (15) All Qualifiers (69)
Bloomfield45.74/20: Bloomfield vs Wethersfield
Cromwell45.14/14: Hale Ray @ Cromwell
Ellington46.09*5/5: East Windsor, Windsor Locks
Granby Memorial46.55/7: Granby East Windsor
Haddam-Killingworth46.04/20: H-K VS. WESTBROOK
Jonathan Law44.05/6: vs Hillhouse
New Fairfield45.99*4/26: Bethel @New Fairfield
Plainville45.64/27: Plainville vs Maloney
Prince Tech44.48*5/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Seymour46.97*4/20: @Derby
Stonington46.85/13: vs. East Lyme
Tolland45.79*5/15: J.I. Invitational
WCA46.455/15: WCA vs Woodland
Windham45.84/28: Windham @ Bacon
Woodland46.05/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Boys 4x400
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (10) All Qualifiers (54)
Bloomfield3:34.40*4/24: Bloomfield Mini Invitational II
Cromwell3:45.05/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Ellington3:34.62*5/14: JI Manchester Invitational
Haddam-Killingworth3:32.34/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Jonathan Law3:32.75/6: vs Hillhouse
New Fairfield3:32.89*5/8: Connecticut Classic @Danbury
Stonington3:39.05/13: vs. East Lyme
Tolland3:31.55*5/15: J.I. Invitational
Windham3:40.54/20: Windham vs. New London
Woodland3:38.15/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Boys 4x800
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (12) All Qualifiers (61)
Bloomfield8:54.30*5/4: Bloomfield vs New Britain
Cromwell9:09.254/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Ellington8:43.77*5/14: JI Manchester Invitational
Haddam-Killingworth8:39.49*5/8: CT CLASSIC INV.
Jonathan Law9:06.35/11: @ Guilford
Lewis Mills8:57.55/4: Lewis Mills @ Plainville
New Fairfield8:59.76*5/3: Stratford @New Fairfield
Plainville8:50.05/13: Plainville at Bristol Eastern
Rocky Hill9:07.14/28: Rocky Hill vs Hartford Public
Stonington8:51.45/13: vs. East Lyme
Tolland8:20.26*5/15: J.I. Invitational
Woodland9:04.14/27: @ Wolcott, with Naugatuck
Boys 100 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (44) All Qualifiers (193)
Barnwell, KareemBloomfield11.74*5/4: Bloomfield vs New Britain
Bretthauer, ThomasJonathan Law11.64/13: vs Sheehan
Brodnitzki, JacobNorthwestern11.15/7: Wamogo
Colangelo, NoahKillingly11.25/5: Killingly vs. New London
Davis, JaredNew Fairfield11.84*4/26: Bethel @New Fairfield
Figueiredo, LucasWCA11.65/11: WCA vs Watertown
Filippone, ConradWoodland11.35/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Harrigan, EthanJonathan Law11.64/22: @ Shelton
Higginbotham, GarySuffield11.83*4/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Higgins, PeterBloomfield11.43*5/4: Bloomfield vs New Britain
Kelsey, JustinBacon Academy11.64/28: Bacon vs. Windham
Kentish, DominicNew Fairfield11.55/13: New Fairfield @Bunnell
Kovatch, CodyTolland11.59*4/27: Tolland vs RHAM
Kowal, JohnHaddam-Killingworth11.64/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Langs-Myers, ZaidPrince Tech11.84*4/10: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 1
Lanzieri, JoshuaSeymour11.34*4/20: @Derby
Lasher, BeauPlainville11.44/27: Plainville vs Maloney
Lester, KavenPrince Tech11.40*5/4: Prince Tech mini Meet
Lovelace, DaevyonCromwell11.55/14: Hale Ray @ Cromwell
Marois, TimPlainfield11.25/4: Windham at Plainfield
Martino, JakeBacon Academy11.45/8: Bacon vs. Plainfield
Mascoli, VincentLewis Mills11.65/4: Lewis Mills @ Plainville
Massaro, AnthonyEllington11.52*5/14: JI Manchester Invitational
Mazza, EthanWolcott11.54/22: Seymour, St Paul
McMullen, RyanSuffield11.83*4/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Melendez Gonzalez, DarwinWindham11.35/4: Windham @ Killingly
Miller, MatthewBloomfield11.54/20: Bloomfield vs Wethersfield
Mooney, JoshuaStonington11.15/13: vs. East Lyme
Owusu, ErvinWoodland11.34/20: @ Woodland, with Wilby, Sacred Heart
Pena, JalilPrince Tech11.51*5/11: Prince Tech mini Meet 2
Pritchard, ShaneJonathan Law11.24/30: vs Foran
Richards, MichaelGrasso Tech11.82*5/4: Prince Tech Mini Meet 1
Robinson, KobyWCA11.14/28: WCA vs Torrington
Sivo, VincentEllington11.84*5/14: JI Manchester Invitational
Stewart, TroyPrince Tech11.59*5/11: Prince Tech mini Meet 2
Sullivan, JayseanPlainfield11.55/4: Windham at Plainfield
Tedeschi, LucianStonington11.55/13: vs. East Lyme
Tomasetti, JaredNew Fairfield11.17*4/26: Bethel @New Fairfield
Villafane, JaydenWindham11.34/28: Windham @ Bacon
Washington, NaheimJonathan Law11.14/30: vs Foran
Wilborn, ZykarieCromwell11.55/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Wilson, EthanCromwell10.95/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Wootton, ChrisJonathan Law11.65/6: vs Hillhouse
Wynn, JadenCromwell11.25/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Boys 110M Hurdles
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (19) All Qualifiers (49)
Glaza, PhoenixStonington17.14/22: vs. Ledyard
Johnson, MichaelLewis Mills15.05/4: Lewis Mills @ Plainville
Johnson, TyShawnPlainville16.24/27: Plainville vs Maloney
Kolcio, ZenonHaddam-Killingworth17.00*5/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Langs-Myers, ZaidPrince Tech16.48*5/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Lavery, LiamNorthwestern17.55/11: Thomaston
Margiatto, ChrisSuffield17.24/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Meade, EricWoodland16.10*5/11: @ Derby, with St Paul
Meade, ThomasWoodland16.84/27: @ Wolcott, with Naugatuck
Monty, MichaelMorgan17.15/4: Morgan vs East Hampton
Mooney, ChrisStonington16.65/13: vs. East Lyme
Mooney, JoshuaStonington15.15/13: vs. East Lyme
Pederson, MichaelNew Fairfield16.60*4/26: Bethel @New Fairfield
Sweney, EamonHaddam-Killingworth15.21*5/8: CT CLASSIC INV.
Tanguay, LoganGranby Memorial16.55/7: Granby East Windsor
Warters, JacksonJonathan Law16.14/13: vs Sheehan
Webber, JasonEllington15.98*4/20: Ellington vs Rockville
Wilkie, JoshuaEllington15.95*4/27: Canton, Somers
Wolliston, ChristianBloomfield17.39*4/27: Bloomfield vs Bulkeley and Prince Tech
Boys 200 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (39) All Qualifiers (178)
Adams, PeytonBacon Academy24.05/1: Bacon vs. Lyman Memorial
Anderson, MichaelCromwell23.85/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Barnwell, KareemBloomfield24.02*4/27: Bloomfield vs Bulkeley and Prince Tech
Bretthauer, ThomasJonathan Law24.14/22: @ Shelton
Brodnitzki, JacobNorthwestern23.25/4: Gilbert
Cavrell, KevinHaddam-Killingworth24.15/5: H-K VS. VALLEY
Davis, JaredNew Fairfield23.95/10: New Fairfield @New Milford
Filippone, ConradWoodland23.15/11: @ Derby, with St Paul
Giles, KeyshonJonathan Law23.54/30: vs Foran
Harrigan, EthanJonathan Law23.54/27: vs Daniel Hand
Higginbotham, GarySuffield23.54/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Johnson, MichaelLewis Mills23.25/4: Lewis Mills @ Plainville
Kennedy, DanTolland24.05/4: Tolland vs South Windsor
Korczynski, AidanWindham23.45/13: Windham vs. Fitch and Killingly
Kovatch, CodyTolland23.35/4: Tolland vs South Windsor
Kowal, JohnHaddam-Killingworth23.84/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Lanzieri, JoshuaSeymour22.97*4/20: @Derby
Lasher, BeauPlainville23.15/11: Plainville vs Platt
Lester, KavenPrince Tech23.10*5/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Mascoli, VincentLewis Mills24.05/4: Lewis Mills @ Plainville
Massaro, AnthonyEllington23.70*4/20: Ellington vs Rockville
Mazza, EthanWolcott23.85/11: @ Holy Cross/ Sacred Heart
McCue, ConnorSuffield23.44/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Miller, MatthewBloomfield24.04/20: Bloomfield vs Wethersfield
Mooney, JoshuaStonington22.85/13: vs. East Lyme
Owusu, ErvinWoodland23.35/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Pena, JalilPrince Tech23.75*5/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Pritchard, ShaneJonathan Law23.24/30: vs Foran
Richards, MichaelGrasso Tech23.65/13: @ Ellis Technical High School
Robinson, KobyWCA23.14/28: WCA vs Torrington
Stewart, TroyPrince Tech23.66*5/11: Prince Tech mini Meet 2
Swercewski, NathanWoodland24.15/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Tedeschi, LucianStonington22.95/13: vs. East Lyme
Tomasetti, JaredNew Fairfield22.58*5/8: Connecticut Classic @Danbury
Villafane, JaydenWindham22.85/13: Windham vs. Fitch and Killingly
Washington, NaheimJonathan Law23.34/13: vs Sheehan
Wilkie, JoshuaEllington24.04*5/11: Stafford, East Granby
Wilson, EthanCromwell23.55/14: Hale Ray @ Cromwell
Wynn, JadenCromwell23.15/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (12) All Qualifiers (41)
Hickey, BlakeTolland41.98*5/15: J.I. Invitational
Johnson, MichaelLewis Mills40.55/4: Lewis Mills @ Plainville
Johnson, TyShawnPlainville43.35/4: Plainville vs Lewis Mills
Kent, CalebHaddam-Killingworth44.24*5/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Langs-Myers, ZaidPrince Tech41.37*5/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Martineck, DJTolland42.45/4: Tolland vs South Windsor
Mooney, JoshuaStonington41.45/15: @ Waterford
Sweney, EamonHaddam-Killingworth41.14/20: H-K VS. WESTBROOK
Tompkins, KevinSuffield43.46*4/22: Vs HMTCA and SMSA
Warters, JacksonJonathan Law41.35/6: vs Hillhouse
Webber, JasonEllington43.49*4/14: Suffield, Coventry
Wolliston, ChristianBloomfield44.07*4/27: Bloomfield vs Bulkeley and Prince Tech
Boys 400 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (23) All Qualifiers (105)
Adams, PeytonBacon Academy52.95/8: Bacon vs. Plainfield
Blanda, DanielBacon Academy53.45/8: Bacon vs. Plainfield
Bretthauer, ThomasJonathan Law52.24/13: vs Sheehan
Brodnitzki, JacobNorthwestern50.45/11: Thomaston
Davis, MatthewBloomfield52.90*5/4: Bloomfield vs New Britain
Harrigan, EthanJonathan Law52.14/27: vs Daniel Hand
Jennings, MatthewHaddam-Killingworth51.14/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Korczynski, AidanWindham53.05/4: Windham @ Killingly
Lagerman, RalphNew Fairfield53.05/13: New Fairfield @Bunnell
Lester, KavenPrince Tech51.11*4/24: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 2
Massaro, AnthonyEllington51.24*5/14: JI Manchester Invitational
McCue, ConnorSuffield52.44/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Montalto, SamuelStonington52.64/28: @ Fitch
Payne, AidenPlainville52.95/13: Plainville at Bristol Eastern
Rathke, CameronGranby Memorial53.75/7: Granby East Windsor
Robertson, ColeTolland52.95/4: Tolland vs South Windsor
Robinson, KobyWCA53.84/28: WCA vs Torrington
Sivo, VincentEllington52.70*4/27: Canton, Somers
Sullivan, ConnorCromwell53.64/20: Cromwell @Coginchaug
Swercewski, NathanWoodland52.85/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Villafane, JaydenWindham52.95/1: Windham @ NFA
Wesley, TylerBloomfield51.66*4/27: Bloomfield vs Bulkeley and Prince Tech
Wootton, ChrisJonathan Law52.25/6: vs Hillhouse
Boys 800 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (11) All Qualifiers (98)
Cayward, JacksonTolland2:01.81*5/11: Tolland vs Manchester
Cazabal, VictorWindham2:04.34/20: Windham vs. New London
Cozean, MaxwellHaddam-Killingworth2:00.05/5: H-K VS. VALLEY
Davis, MatthewBloomfield2:06.70*4/24: Bloomfield Mini Invitational II
Gibbons, PatrickNew Fairfield2:03.90*5/3: Stratford @New Fairfield
Jennings, MatthewHaddam-Killingworth1:56.85/5: H-K VS. VALLEY
Linton, NoahTolland2:03.04*5/15: J.I. Invitational
Rivera, JeremyPrince Tech2:05.40*5/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Thurz, JackRocky Hill2:01.75/4: Rocky Hill vs Wethersfield
Viera, StevenTolland2:06.58*5/11: Tolland vs Manchester
Wesley, TylerBloomfield1:59.71*5/4: Bloomfield vs New Britain
Boys 1600 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (20) All Qualifiers (99)
Bendtsen, NicholasWolcott4:16.66*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Cascio, JustinLewis Mills4:39.04/13: Maloney @ Lewis Mills
Cayward, JacksonTolland4:28.89*5/11: Tolland vs Manchester
Cazabal, VictorWindham4:34.15/13: Windham vs. Fitch and Killingly
Courtar, JeremyPlainville4:45.95/4: Plainville vs Lewis Mills
Cozean, MaxwellHaddam-Killingworth4:45.21*5/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Davidson, NathanSuffield4:35.39*4/22: Vs HMTCA and SMSA
Gibbons, PatrickNew Fairfield4:19.79*5/8: Connecticut Classic @Danbury
Gruczka, RyanStonington4:27.75/15: @ Waterford
Houghtaling, GavinEllington4:47.69*4/20: Ellington vs Rockville
Jennings, MatthewHaddam-Killingworth4:19.85*5/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Linton, NoahTolland4:37.75/4: Tolland vs South Windsor
Moores, RyanBacon Academy4:45.05/8: Bacon vs. Plainfield
Rodriguez, MarkCromwell4:45.04/20: Cromwell @Coginchaug
Slavin, ColinWoodland4:45.04/13: @ Woodland, with Oxford
Smith, DamianEllington4:47.67*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Stoffler, LukeTolland4:35.47*4/27: Tolland vs RHAM
Thurz, JackRocky Hill4:36.67*4/30: CT Distance Festival
Viera, StevenTolland4:45.70*4/27: Tolland vs RHAM
Wilcox, ConnorBacon Academy4:44.85/12: Bacon vs. Montville
Boys 3200 Meters
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (27) All Qualifiers (94)
Bendtsen, NicholasWolcott9:43.75/11: @Holy Cross
Bensavage, NickolasWolcott9:43.05/11: @Holy Cross
Cannella, JohnStonington10:36.35/15: @ Waterford
Cascio, JustinLewis Mills10:08.04/13: Lewis Mills @ Berlin
Cayward, JacksonTolland10:35.89*4/27: Tolland vs RHAM
Cazabal, VictorWindham10:12.05/4: Windham @ Killingly
Christensen, TrevorRocky Hill10:45.04/20: Rocky Hill vs Newington
Davidson, NathanSuffield10:14.67*5/5: Vs. Canton and Rockville at Suffield
Elsass, NicholasEllington10:33.83*5/5: East Windsor, Windsor Locks
Freeman, CalebHaddam-Killingworth10:09.23*5/8: CT CLASSIC INV.
Gibbons, PatrickNew Fairfield9:49.35/10: New Fairfield @New Milford
Gruczka, RyanStonington10:20.54/28: @ Fitch
Hedges, AndrewHaddam-Killingworth10:36.26*5/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Houghtaling, GavinEllington10:09.07*5/14: JI Manchester Invitational
LaChapelle, NicholasWoodland10:44.15/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Linton, NoahTolland10:42.37*5/11: Tolland vs Manchester
McNamara, ChasePlainville10:43.35/11: Plainville vs Platt
Merola, GreysonHaddam-Killingworth10:34.85/12: H-K VS. EAST HAMPTON
Muricchio, LiamWoodland10:44.45/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Nickels, TylerTolland10:33.38*5/15: J.I. Invitational
Rodriguez, MarkCromwell10:06.05/14: Hale Ray @ Cromwell
Slavin, ColinWoodland10:22.05/6: @ Woodland, with Kennedy, Torrington
Smith, DamianEllington10:26.73*5/5: East Windsor, Windsor Locks
Solerti, MattSeymour10:41.40*5/12: @Naugatuck
Stoffler, LukeTolland10:09.10*5/11: Tolland vs Manchester
Viera, StevenTolland10:23.70*4/27: Tolland vs RHAM
Wilcox, ConnorBacon Academy10:40.05/8: Bacon vs. Plainfield
Boys Shot
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (11) All Qualifiers (63)
Barker, RyanPlainville48-8.05/13: Plainville at Bristol Eastern
Bish, BrandonBloomfield50-05.04/20: Bloomfield vs Wethersfield
Bozeman, BrandonBloomfield42-06.004/24: Bloomfield Mini Invitational II
Bruder, JohnHaddam-Killingworth52-10.04/20: H-K VS. WESTBROOK
Buzik, TimothySeymour47-0.04/20: @Derby
Fitzpatrick, DevinPrince Tech45-5.04/24: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 2
Gagnon, LucasWolcott44-05.05/11: @ Holy Cross/ Sacred Heart
Jolly, LeoTolland46-00.05/15: J.I. Invitational
Lee, AlexanderWindham41-4.04/28: Windham @ Bacon Academy
Persechino, ChrisNorthwestern41-11.54/20: Shepaug
Sweney, EamonHaddam-Killingworth44-02.05/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Boys Discus
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (13) All Qualifiers (47)
Armonio, Jehu AngeloEllington116-0.05/7: CT Relay Festival
Barker, RyanPlainville126-11.05/11: Plainville vs Platt
Bish, BrandonBloomfield146-04.04/10: Bloomfield Mini Invitational I
Bruder, JohnHaddam-Killingworth128-08.05/5: H-K VS. VALLEY
Buzik, TimothySeymour126-0.04/20: @Derby
DiMatteo, MaxwellRocky Hill123-00.04/28: Rocky Hill vs Hartford Public
Dutkewych, LeoEllington119-3.05/7: CT Relay Festival
Fitzpatrick, DevinPrince Tech124-8.05/4: Prince Tech mini Meet
Gagnon, LucasWolcott121-02.05/11: @ Holy Cross/ Sacred Heart
Martino, JakeBacon Academy134-4.05/12: Bacon vs. Montville
Persechino, ChrisNorthwestern118-7.04/23: Nonnewaug
Schulte, GaryJonathan Law120-7.04/27: vs Daniel Hand
Walsh, PeterBacon Academy125-04.04/14: Bacon Vs. Fitch
Boys Javelin
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (15) All Qualifiers (51)
Bish, BrandonBloomfield153-06.04/24: Bloomfield Mini Invitational II
Bosco, JohnHaddam-Killingworth141-03.05/5: H-K VS. VALLEY
Cavallo, MichaelPlainville136-9.05/13: Plainville at Bristol Eastern
Digregorio, AndrewEllington144-6.05/11: Stafford, East Granby
Handlmaier, DanielNew Fairfield139-9.05/13: New Fairfield @Bunnell
Luther, SamuelHaddam-Killingworth136-11.005/8: CT CLASSIC INV.
Martino, JakeBacon Academy139-10.05/1: Bacon vs. Lyman Memorial
Mooney, JoshuaStonington160-0.005/15: @ Waterford
Peasley, ThomasTolland140-07.05/11: Tolland vs Manchester
Randazzo, ZacharyCromwell137-05.05/14: Hale Ray @ Cromwell
Sweney, EamonHaddam-Killingworth160-08.05/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Violano, AdamSeymour142-0.24/27: @Watertown
Walsh, PeterBacon Academy150-07.04/14: Bacon Vs. Fitch
Whelan, MitchellEllington149-0.04/20: Ellington vs Rockville
Wing, DavidStonington142-07.005/13: vs. East Lyme
Boys Long Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (17) All Qualifiers (79)
Adams, PeytonBacon Academy20-2.55/4: Bacon vs. Woodstock
Anderson, AjraelBloomfield20-0.54/10: Bloomfield Mini Invitational I
Bendtsen, NicholasWolcott19-04.04/20: @ Oxford
Brodnitzki, JacobNorthwestern19-7.04/27: Terryville and Housatonic
Cipcic, AverySuffield19-03.004/22: Vs HMTCA and SMSA
Forte, AlexanderWolcott19-00.04/20: @Oxford, Watertown
Hall, DylanPlainville19-7.05/4: Plainville vs Lewis Mills
Inkel, OrionHaddam-Killingworth19-09.05/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Kennedy, DanTolland19-04.004/27: Tolland vs RHAM
Kovatch, CodyTolland19-05.55/15: J.I. Invitational
Kowal, JohnHaddam-Killingworth19-08.504/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Lanzieri, JoshuaSeymour21-5.004/27: @Watertown
Lasher, BeauPlainville19-5.05/11: Plainville vs Platt
Law, AidanHaddam-Killingworth20-05.05/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Martineck, DJTolland20-07.004/27: Tolland vs RHAM
McCue, ConnorSuffield19-09.005/5: Vs. Canton and Rockville at Suffield
Stewart, TroyPrince Tech19-10.505/15: Bloomfield Mini Invitational 3
Boys High Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (18) All Qualifiers (69)
Adams, PeytonBacon Academy5-11.05/12: Bacon vs. Montville
Anderson, AjraelBloomfield5-10.04/10: Bloomfield Mini Invitational I
Brady, ElijiaPlainfield6-0.05/4: Windham at Plainfield
Cipcic, AverySuffield5-10.004/28: Vs Bolton and Granby
Colangelo, NoahKillingly5-8.04/24: Woodstock v Killingly
Cole, MatthewWolcott6-00.04/27: Naugy, Woodland
Johnson, MichaelLewis Mills5-10.04/13: Lewis Mills @ Berlin
Jones, KevinGranby Memorial5-10.04/28: Suffield Bolton
Law, AidanHaddam-Killingworth5-10.04/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Meade, EricWoodland5-10.04/13: @ Woodland, with Oxford
Michna, NicholasNorthwestern5-10.05/7: Wamogo
Payne, VictorCromwell5-08.05/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Randazzo, ZacharyCromwell5-08.05/12: Cromwell @ Old Saybrook
Shea, BraedanEllington5-8.04/20: Ellington vs Rockville
Smith, NathanielWoodland6-0.04/27: @ Wolcott, with Naugatuck
Sweney, EamonHaddam-Killingworth6-00.04/27: H-K VS. MORGAN
Walsh, PeterBacon Academy5-10.04/14: Bacon Vs. Fitch
Wilkie, JoshuaEllington6-0.04/27: Canton, Somers
Boys Pole Vault
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (4) All Qualifiers (40)
Howes, CooperHaddam-Killingworth10-06.05/12: H-K VS. EAST HAMPTON
Lpizra, BisherSeymour11-06.04/20: @Derby
Pellegrino, CostantinoSeymour10-6.004/27: @Watertown
Scott, NoahWoodland10-6.05/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Boys Triple Jump
View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (11) All Qualifiers (45)
Brodnitzki, JacobNorthwestern39-2.54/23: Nonnewaug
Cole, MatthewWolcott42-0.04/20: @Oxford, Watertown
Hall, DylanPlainville39-0.05/4: Plainville vs Lewis Mills
Inkel, OrionHaddam-Killingworth39-04.05/15: HILLHOUSE INV.
Kennedy, DanTolland39-06.05/15: J.I. Invitational
Kovatch, CodyTolland41-06.05/15: J.I. Invitational
Meade, EricWoodland41-5.05/15: @ Woodland, with Seymour, WCA
Pederson, MichaelNew Fairfield39-5.05/3: Stratford @New Fairfield
Shea, BraedanEllington41-6.05/14: JI Manchester Invitational
Villafane, JaydenWindham41-3.04/28: Windham @ Bacon Academy
Washington, NaheimJonathan Law41-10.04/27: vs Daniel Hand