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Friday-Saturday, February 18-19

Results provided by The Hartford Courant

Team results

1. Danbury 311.5; 2. Fairfield Warde, 162; 3. New Milford, 161; 4. East Hartford, 132.5; 5. Xavier-Middletown, 109; 6. Norwich Free Academy, 103; 7. Southington, 97; 8. Amity-Woodbridge, 90; 9. Simsbury, 89; 10. Newington, 86.5; 11. Trumbull, 77; 12. Cheshire, 75.5; 13. Norwalk, 75; 14. South Windsor, 73; 15. Greenwich, 69; 16. New Britain, 68; 17. Stamford, 50; 18. Fairfield Prep, 45; 19. Weston-Joel Barlow, 44; 20. Westhill-Stamford, 39; 21. Glastonbury, 38.5; 22. Bridgeport Central, 38; 23. Shelton, 32.5 ; 24. Hall-West Hartford, 32; 25. Platt-Meriden, 30; 26. Newtown, 29; 27. Bulkeley-Hartford, 25.5; 28. Manchester, 21.

Individual results

103: Championship: Anthony Valles, South Windsor tech fall Mike Batinelli, Stamford, 17-2; Third place: Greg Fontaine, Southington dec. Ronnie Waters, Cheshire, 5-3; Fifth place: George Madkour, Danbury pinned Syid Massiah, Bridgeport Central, 3:25

112: Championship: Tyler Howe, Danbury dec. Victor Garcia, New Britain, 12-10; Third place: Will Sherman, New Milford dec. Phillip LaClair, East Hartford, 3-2; Fifth place: Kevin Hovey, Simsbury dec. Don Spadaro, Fairfield Warde, 10-4

119: Championship: Joey Martin, Simsbury dec. Timothy Holmes, East Hartford, 15-1; Third place: Willy Squarciafico, Xavier, dec. Mark Madkour, Danbury, 3-1; Fifth place: Spiros Stefanatos, New Milford dec. Aaron Rodgerson, Trumbull, 12-9

125: Championship: Kevin Horan, Newington dec. Dean Smith, Danbury, 5-3; Third place: Kyle McAlees, South Windsor dec. Anthony LaRosa, Xavier, 13-3; Fifth place: Joe Hall, New Milford dec. Samuel Wade, Bridgeport Central, 6-3

130: Championship: Nick Weyer, Danbury dec. Andrew Durrand, East Hartford, 2-1; Third place: Peter Stefanatos, New Milford dec. Stefon Camacho, Stamford, 6-1; Fifth place: James Silva, Trumbull dec. William MacDonald, Simsbury, 4-1

135: Championship: Frank Cammisa, Danbury dec. Louis Cofrancesca, 5-1; Third place: Michael Bellagamba, New Milford dec. Christopher Amato, Xavier, 10-8; Fifth place: Michael Damiano, Greenwich dec. Jordan Jacquo, New Britain, 12-8

140: Championship: Kyle Rodgers, Danbury pinned Levi Shelley, Fairfield Warde, 3:04; Third place: Spenser Hennes, Platt Tech pinned Brian Sloat, Trumbull, 2:12; Fifth place: David Spears, Bridgeport Central dec. Brandon Williamson, Greenwich, won by default

145: Championship: Jeff Marra, Danbury dec. Tyler LeBlanc, East Hartford, 5-0; Third place: Jamie Pisano, New Milford, pinned Tim Petrides, Norwalk, 0:50; Fifth place: Derek Waldron, NFA dec. Evan Ogren, Hall, 3-0

152: Championship: Anthony Liseo, Southington dec. Ismael Nieves, Bulkeley, 3-2; Third place: Jeff Esposti, Danbury dec. Lonnie McGee, Fairfield Warde, 6-2; Fifth place: Justin Toland, NFA dec. Jacob Spencer, Amity, 9-2

160: Championship: William Esposito, Danbury, dec. John Holzinger, Xavier, 3-2; Third place: Zach Wagner, Fairfield Warde dec. Todd Everette, Simsbury, 8-0' Fifth place: Steven Chamble, Newington dec. Gabriel Ouellette, NFA, won by default

171: Championship: Matt Tricarico, Danbury, pinned Patrick Knight, New Milford, 3:00; Third place: Anthony Kaponis, Newington pinned Philip Thompson, Westhill, 5:42; Fifth place: JJ Casagrande, Fairfield Warde vs. Luis Miranda, East Hartford, double forfeit

189: Championship: Anthony Parrish, Fairfield Warde, dec. Nicholas Rankin, NFA, 10-4; Third place: Michael Riley, East Hartford dec. Matthew Vernik, Amity, won by default; Fifth place: Alex Read, Newtown pinned Jason Sandler, Weston/Barlow, 3:29

215: Championship: Dave Bernstein, Fairfield Prep, dec. Chase DeCarlo, Danbury, 12-2; Third place: David Johnson, NFA pinned Platon Koukides, Norwalk, 2:50: Fifth place: William Knight, Manchester pinned Max Connolly, Southington, 1:34

Heavyweight: Championship: Brendan Herlihy, Fairfield Warde, pinned Thomas Ferrell, New Milford, 3:46; Third place: Angel Montanez, Trumbull pinned Nick Papachristou, Norwalk, 1:46; Fifth place: Spencer Charette, Southington pinned Rob McAviney, Cheshire, 1:19