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Friday-Saturday, February 17-18

Results provided by New Haven Register and Danbury News-Times

Team results

1. Danbury, 274.5; 2. New Milford, 172; 3. Amity-Woodbridge, 156; 4. Southington, 147.5; 5. Trumbull, 136.5; 6. Cheshire, 124.5; 7. Stamford, 111.5; 8. New Britain, 106; 9. Greenwich, 101; 10. Norwich Free Academy, 81.5; 11. Glastonbury, 80; 1 (tie). Xavier-Middletown and Manchester, 75; 14. Newington, 68; 15. Shelton, 58; 16. Hall-West Hartford, 54.5; 17. Bridgeport Co-op, 49; 18. Norwalk, 48; 19. East Hartford, 45; 20. South Windsor, 35.5; 21. Newtown, 30.5; 22. Westhill-Stamford, 29.5; 23. Fairfield Prep, 18; 24. New Haven Co-op, 16; 25. Platt Tech/West Haven, 0.


103: Championship: Mike Battinelli (Stamford) dec. Anthony Amorando (New Milford), 7-0; Consolation: Mike Briskin (Cheshire) dec. Nick Custodio (Trumbull), 6-5; Fifth place: Jack Germano (Newington) dec. Mike Medeiros (Danbury), 3-1.

112: Championship: Jeff Solomon (Southington) pinned Mike Cunningham (South Windsor), 3:43; Consolation: Ronnie Waters (Cheshire) dec. George Madkour (Danbury), 6-4; Fifth place: Tyler Vallario (Glastonbury) dec. Steve Krohley (Amityh), 4-2.

119: Championship: Dave Badgley (Southington) pinned Steve Cessario (East Hartford), 5:30; Consolation: Jon Goncalves (Danbury) dec. Chris Ly (Shelton), 5-3; Fifth place: Rich Reher (Trumbull) pinned Mike Katz (Amity), 3:28.

125: Championship: Brett Roberts (New Britain) dec. Spiros Stefanatos (New Milford), 6-3; Consolation: Tucker Schaefer (Danbury) pinned Matt Van Houston (Stamford), 1:31; Fifth place: Justin Krofssik (Shelton) dec. Brett Pallotto (Cheshire), 9-7.

130: Championship: Tyler Howe (Danbury) technical fall over Trevor Ritchie (Southington), 15-0; Consolation: Mike Vernik (Amity) dec. Mike Bagot (Glastonbury), 10-8; Fifth place: Pat Notti (Cheshire) dec. Andrew Davis (New Britain), 2-1.

135: Championship: Joe Bullard (Bridgeport Co-op) dec. Dean Smith (Danbury), 9-5; Consolation: Jordan Jacquo (New Britain) dec. Andrew Gewirtz (Amity), 8-6; Fifth place: Casey Smith (Trumbull) won by injury default over Stefon Camacho (Stamford).

140: Championship: Frank Cammisa (Danbury) won by technical fall over Mike Bellagamba (New Milford), 18-2; Consolation: Elard Coello (Stamford) dec. Matt Ehalt (Shelton), 4-3; Fifth place: Brian Meskill (Xavier) pinned Harold Zomback (Cheshire), 1:55.

145: Championship: Tom Scott (Danbury) dec. E. Pierre Saint (Stamford), 4-3; Consolation: Cody Griswold (New Milford) dec. Jake Clarke (Greenwich), 3-2; Fifth place: Robert Tomlinson (Cheshire) won by injury default over Uzzell Thomas (New Britain).

152: Championship: Kyle Rodgers (Danbury) dec. Jamie Pisano (New Milford), 6-0; Consolation: Evan Ogren (Hall) dec. Nik Sam (Trumbull), 5-0; Fifth place: Derek Waldron (NFA) won by injnury default over Ron Thompson (Westhill).

160: Championship: John Holzinger (Xavier) dec. Tim Petrides (Norwalk), 8-3; Consolation: Ryan Roddy(Amity) dec. Rich Zschoche (Danbury), 4-0; Fifth place: Kayden Luchs (Glastonbury) dec. Alex Uliasz (Southington), 5-3.

171: Championship: Jeff Espositi (Danbury) dec. Anthony Kaponis (Newington), 5-2; Consolation: Joe Colella (New Britain) dec. Ken Oghayore (Bridgeport Co-op), 4-1; Fifth place: Loc Nguyen (Manchester) pinned P.J. Arnold (New Milford), 2:10.

189: Championship: Brandon Williamson (Greenwich) pinned Nik Murphy (NFA), 5:20; Consolation: Dan Lombardo (Amity) dec. Dave Kennedy (Danbury), 10-2; Fifth place: Erik Sommer (Trumbull) pinned Omar Brown (East Hartford), 1:30.

215: Championship: William Knight (Manchester) pinned Platon Koukides (Norwalk), 3:51; Consolation: Matt Vernick (Amity) pinned Robert McAviney (Cheshire), 1:34; Fifth place: Jesse Ludgin (Hall) pinned Max Connolly (Southington), 5:31.

275: Championship: Tom Ferrell (New Milford) pinned Anell Montanez (Trumbull), 5:35; Consolation: Mike Ward (NFA) dec. Rej Gachelin (Greenwich), 3-2; Fifth place: Spencer Charette (Southington) pinned Ryan Grabinski (Amity), :08.