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Friday, February 20 (4:30 p.m. start)
Saturday, February 21 (9:15 a.m. start)
At Bristol Central

--- Team Scores ---
1) Fairfield Warde 203.5
2) New Milford 163.5
3) Bristol Central 147.5
4) Platt 131.0
5) Hall 123.0
6) Newington 121.0
7) Daniel Hand 109.5
8) Middletown 108.5
9) Bristol Eastern 108.5
10) Woodstock Acad. 90.0
11) Pomperaug 87.0
12) Conard 85.0
13) Masuk 69.0
14) Fitch 69.0
15) Farmington 69.0
16) East Lyme 68.0
17) Wethersfield 67.5
18) Fairfield Ludlowe 64.0
19) New Canaan 50.0
20) Maloney 48.0
21) Bunnell 31.0
22) Darien 22.0
23) Wilton 21.0
24) Branford 18.0
25) Norwalk 14.0
26) Torrington 9.0
27) Weaver 7.0
28) Notre Dame-WH 0.0

--- Place Winners ---
Championship: Ross Spencer, East Lyme def. Andrew Chase, Bristol Eastern, Decision 10-0
3rd Place: Conor Kirkegard, New Milford def. Cameron Barnard, Fairfield Warde, Decision 4-3
Fifth Place: Alexander Tresselt, Maloney def. Mohsin Raza, Newington, Decision 4-3

Championship: Victor Ekpenyong, Middletown def. Evan Fraser, Fairfield Warde, Decision 6-3
3rd Place: Garrett Gitterman, Maloney def. Paul Gutierrez, Conard, Decision 9-2
Fifth Place: Joshua Dess, Bristol Eastern def. Ryan Ahearn, Pomperaug, Pin  2:16

Championship: Eric Orrell, Farmington def. Marshall Simpson, Conard, Decision 5-1
3rd Place: Nick Amorando, New Milford def. Edward Carroll, Daniel Hand, Decision 8-7
Fifth Place: Domenic Tenan, Bristol Eastern def. Brandon McBreairty, Fairfield Warde, Decision 21-5

Championship: Ian McAllister, Fairfield Warde def. Nestor Rivera, Newington, Decision 9-7
3rd Place: Ryan Carbonell, Bristol Central def. Diego Perez, Wethersfield, Decision 7-0
Fifth Place: Erik Francks, Platt def. Andrew Golden, New Milford, Decision 13-8

Championship: Nicholas Cyr, Bristol Central def. Bobby Rigilano, Fairfield Warde, Decision 9-7
3rd Place: Patrick Michael, Branford def. Roberto Solano, Conard, Decision 3-2
Fifth Place: Nikolas Moreschi, Platt def. Andrew Gotowala, Newington, Decision 5-4

Championship: Curtis Watkins, Fairfield Warde def. Robert Caleca, Pomperaug, Decision 7-1
3rd Place: Kyle Nunez, Newington def. Brandon Mals, Bristol Eastern, Decision 4-3
Fifth Place: Justin Beers, Fitch def. John Jongbloed, Daniel Hand, Decision 11-0

Championship: Ryan Clarke, East Lyme def. Reese Denu, Pomperaug, Pin  1:50
3rd Place: Alexis Hidalgo, Hall def. Ryan Kuska, Masuk, Decision 11-4
Fifth Place: Eric Anderson, Daniel Hand def. Seth Vose, Bristol Central, Decision 9-4

Championship: Justin Scalise, Hall def. Luke Andrade, New Milford, Decision 7-0
3rd Place: Michael Bove, Woodstock Acad. def. Cameron Gonzalez, Fitch, Pin  4:25
Fifth Place: Zachary Flashman, Masuk def. Jacob Melhorn, Middletown, Decision 11-1

Championship: Brian Onofrio, Daniel Hand def. Austin Darley, Bristol Central, Pin  2:43
3rd Place: Brohen Krsulic, Woodstock Acad. def. Devin Carrillo, Middletown, Decision 4-2
Fifth Place: Alex Delaney, Fairfield Warde def. Matthew Sareceno, New Milford, Decision 10-4

Championship: Oleg Mironchenko, Woodstock Acad. def. Michael Ceruzzi, Hall, Decision 2-0
3rd Place: Kevin Koenig, Platt def. Scott Horan, Newington, Decision 4-2
Fifth Place: Michael DiRocco, New Canaan def. Karl Bradshaw, New Milford, Decision 17-2

Championship: Sean O'Connell, Farmington def. Matt Rahman, Platt, Decision 7-4
3rd Place: James Queiros, Wethersfield def. Michael Sheehan, Fairfield Ludlowe, Decision 7-4
Fifth Place: Michael Green, Woodstock Acad. def. Robert Esposito, Newington, Default

Championship: Henri Fatigate, Fairfield Ludlowe def. Nick Murillo, Platt, Decision 4-3
3rd Place: Alfonso Sneed, Fairfield Warde def. Harrison Scully, Newington, Pin  2:08
Fifth Place: Nichols Charney, Bunnell def. Matthew Piazza, Bristol Eastern, Decision 13-1

Championship: Adam Lynch, New Milford def. Wesley Ruimerman, Middletown, Decision 7-5
3rd Place: Dylan Lindahl, Daniel Hand def. Alexander Smith, Bristol Central, Pin  3:11
Fifth Place: Vincenzo Cardilo, Fairfield Warde def. Chris Sciarretta, New Canaan, Decision 3-2

Championship: Timothy Chambers, Bristol Central def. Joseph Winoski, Platt, Pin  1:29
3rd Place: Matthew Berman, Hall def. Austin Freeman, New Milford, Pin  3:30
Fifth Place: Dan Minardi, Masuk def. Nate Bass, Fairfield Warde, Decision 1-0

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---
Michael Bove from Woodstock Acad.
145 lbs, 4 pins, 14:16