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Friday, February 19 (4:30 p.m. start)
Saturday, February 20 (9:00 a.m. start)

--- Team Scores ---
1) Fairfield Warde, 207; 2) New Milford, 201.5; 3) Hand,
178; 4) Bristol Central, 147.5; 5) Bristol Eastern, 128.5;
6) Conard, 115; 7) Middletown, 108; 8) Eo Smith, 93.5; 9)
Newington, 90; 10) Masuk, 89; 11) New Canaan, 79.5; 12)
Farmington, 79; 13) Hall, 77; 14) Maloney, 75; 15)
Pomperaug, 73; 16) Fitch, 71.5; 17) East Lyme, 65.5; 18)
Darien, 59.5; 19) Woodstock Academy, 52; 20) Fairfield
Ludlowe, 51; 21) Wethersfield, 47.5; 22) Wilton, 32; 23)
Norwalk, 30; 24) Bunnell, 30; 25) Torrington, 16; 26) Notre
Dame, 5.5; 27) Windsor, 0.

--- Place Winners ---
Championship: Connor Kirkegard, New Milford def. Andrew Chase, Bristol Eastern, 4-2
3rd Place: Pharoh Eaton, Fairfield Warde def. Brian Amato, Newington, Default
5th Place: Andrew Carignan, Middletown def. Kareem Small, East Lyme, pin, 4:02

Championship: Victor Ekpenyong, Middletown def. Ross Spencer, East Lyme, 14-2
3rd Place: Josh Dess, Bristol Eastern def. Alex Thalassinos, New Milford, 9-1
5th Place: Mike Pokorny, Bristol Central def. Chan Keoveunexay, Farmington, pin, 4:25

Championship: Nick Amorando, New Milford def. Cody Hawley, Fitch, pin, 1:42
3rd Place: Jake Savoca, Hand def. Joe Galvin, Bristol Central, pin, 4:38
5th Place: Danny Almeida, Fairfield Warde def. Connor Flynn, New Canaan, pin, 2:50

Championship: Ed Carroll, Hand def. Evan Fraser, Fairfield Warde, 5-4
3rd Place: Chris Chorzepa, Newington def. Devin Murphy, Eo Smith, 8-2
5th Place: Fred Reisch, Norwalk def. Colin Lombardi, Bristol Central, pin, 1:59

Championship: Brenden Quinn, Pomperaug def. Nick Cyr, Bristol Central, 5-3
3rd Place: Andrew Gotowala, Newington def. Jesse Lusa, Eo Smith, pin, 2:10
5th Place: Max Flanagan, Hand def. Andrew Golden, New Milford, 11-2

Championship: Seth Vose, Bristol Central def. John Jongbloed, Hand, 3-2
3rd Place: Ian Mcallister, Fairfield Warde def. Johnny Bello, Conard, 8-0
5th Place: Kevin Hein, Masuk def. Hunter Eldred, New Canaan, 10-1

Championship: Aaron Cardona, Maloney def. Lucas Muntz, Conard, 6-5
3rd Place: Lars Remole, Darien def. Anthony Terlizzi, New Milford, 4-2
5th Place: Luke Allen, Fairfield Warde def. Henry Nickerson, Woodstock Academy, 18-10

Championship: Cameron Gonzalez, Fitch def. Bobby Rigilano, Fairfield Warde, 7-2
3rd Place: Antonio Squirewell, Conard def. Matt Marquis, Bristol Eastern, 7-4
5th Place: John Corcoran, Darien def. Tyler Strauss, Farmington, 3-1

Championship: Brian Onofrio, Hand def. Thomas Anania, Fairfield Warde, pin, 0:34
3rd Place: Karl Bradshaw, New Milford def. Matt Flader, Masuk, 4-3
5th Place: Malik Mcgarrah, Wethersfield def. Zach Garoffolo, Fairfield Ludlowe, 5-2

Championship: Justin Scalise, Hall def. Brohen Krsulic, Woodstock Academy, 4-0
3rd Place: Mike Sullivan, Fairfield Warde def. Rafael Dominguez, Maloney, 15-0
5th Place: Mike Lipka, Bristol Eastern def. Liam Fitzpatrick, Darien, 10-3

Championship: Devon Carrillo, Middletown def. Mike Sheehan, Fairfield Ludlowe, 6-0
3rd Place: Terrence Reedy, Wilton def. Kevin Wilcoxson, Bunnell, 3-1
5th Place: Adam Misiorski, Hall def. Matt Saraceno, New Milford, 9-0

Championship: Sean O'connell, Farmington def. Tom Clarke, Eo Smith, 25-8
3rd Place: William Lerner, Hall def. Brian Richman, New Milford, 7-2
5th Place: Matt Piazza, Bristol Eastern def. Jordan Tharp, Middletown, 7-0

Championship: Adam Lynch, New Milford def. Erik Tucker, Masuk, pin, 3:02
3rd Place: Chris White, New Canaan def. Marcio Ventra, Fairfield Warde, pin, 4:35
5th Place: Alex Sorvillo, Eo Smith def. Dylan Lindahl, Hand, pin, 1:24

Championship: Larry Burns, Conard def. Joe Dimichele, Hand, 3-1
3rd Place: Dean Tsopanides, Torrington def. Dj Sanderson, Bristol Central, 4-3
5th Place: Dan Minardi, Masuk def. Ian Jones, Pomperaug, Default

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---
Brian Onofrio From Hand
152 Lbs, 4 Pins, 3:41