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Friday, February 19 (4:30 p.m. start)
Saturday, February 20 (10:00 a.m. start)

--- Team Scores ---
1) Danbury, 209.5; 2) South Windsor, 196; 3) Xavier, 156; 4)
Shelton, 145.5; 5) Trumbull, 103; 6) Amity, 101; 7)
Glastonbury, 98; 8) Southington, 94.5; 9) Greenwich, 86.5;
10) Simsbury, 85; 11) Brien Mcmahon, 83; 12) NFA, 80; 13)
Cheshire, 79.5; 14) Stamford, 72.5; 15) Manchester, 71.5;
16) Ridgefield, 69; 17) Fairfield Prep, 61; 18) Newtown,
52.5; 19) Westhill, 43; 20) East Hartford, 42; 21) Staples,
40; 22) New Britain, 32; 23) New Haven Co-Op, 28; 24) Platt
Tech/West Ha, 27; 25) Warren Harding, 10; 26) Bridgeport
Central, 0.

--- Place Winners ---
Championship: Sam Odell, South Windsor def. Dylan Bryant, Danbury, 3-2
3rd Place: Cody Keane, Glastonbury def. Johnny D'elia, Greenwich, 11-4
5th Place: Nick Crudo, Newtown def. Brandon Liscinsky, Trumbull, 6-3

Championship: Tyler Keane, Glastonbury def. Brian Jennings, Danbury, 4-3
3rd Place: Ricky Jorge, Xavier def. Sean Kellett, Shelton, Pin 4:48
5th Place: Peter Litwin, Amity def. Clifford Magloire, Stamford, 3-2

Championship: Charles Costanzo, Danbury def. Ben Pierre Saint, Stamford, 3-1
3rd Place: Gregory Ouellette, South Windsor def. Jason Rojas, Fairfield Prep, 10-0
5th Place: Bernard Wallen, New Britain def. Brad Wyzykowski, Xavier, 9-5

Championship: John Damici, Danbury def. Jed Cervero, Cheshire, 4-2
3rd Place: Anthony Pedraza, Manchester def. Brandon Lopez, South Windsor, 9-2
5th Place: David Barbar, Trumbull def. Pat Hamel, Southington, 9-1

Championship: Casey Mitchell, South Windsor def. Benjamin Anderson, Trumbull, 4-0
3rd Place: Daniel Calzarette, Simsbury def. Christian Hammon, NFA, 11-3
5th Place: Doug Fontaine, Southington def. Edward Hunt, Shelton, 12-1

Championship: Joseph Sargenti, South Windsor def. Kane Jarmon, NFA, Pin 2:38
3rd Place: Colin Paulish, Ridgefield def. Joseph Roberts, Fairfield Prep, 8-4
5th Place: Tyler Arsenault, Danbury def. Ryan Butler, Xavier, 7-4

Championship: Tyler Cunningham, Xavier def. Nick Cipriano, NFA, 5-3
3rd Place: David Laborda, Greenwich def. Ricky Jordan, Shelton, 4-1
5th Place: Cory Seeger, Southington def. Joseph Pieretti, Newtown, Pin 3:25

Championship: Jake Odell, South Windsor def. Alex Amador, Fairfield Prep, Pin 1:50
3rd Place: Bryan Polonia, Stamford def. Alexander Pyne, Amity, 3-0
5th Place: James Cummiskey, Greenwich def. Elliot Antler, Xavier, 11-2

Championship: Travis Tiger, Ridgefield def. Nicholas Stemm, Simsbury, 12-1
3rd Place: Dillon Carter, Xavier def. Romero Dasilva, Platt Tech/West Ha, 8-0
5th Place: Kevin Smith, Danbury def. Terron Edwards, Brien Mcmahon, Pin 1:23

Championship: Alex Carpenter, Amity def. William Pogacsus, Shelton, 7-2
3rd Place: John Smith, Danbury def. Spencer Brickey, Simsbury, 20-7
5th Place: Verlin Morgan, Brien Mcmahon def. Christopher Turner, Manchester, 9-4

Championship: Kyle Copes, Cheshire def. Mike Frizinia, Shelton, 11-10
3rd Place: Nicholas Puchalsky, Glastonbury def. Carmine Castiglion, Southington, 5-2
5th Place: Tyler Hancock, Danbury def. Duncan Cozens, Ridgefield, 12-4

Championship: Tito Slaughter, New Haven Co-Op def. Quincy Thomas, South Windsor, Pin 5:40
3rd Place: Cosmo Iadanza, Westhill def. Colter Abely, Xavier, 5-2
5th Place: Robert Gelozin, Shelton def. Jacob Duchen, Amity, 6-0

Championship: Pat Gillen, Shelton def. Bryan Barnash, Trumbull, 17-2
3rd Place: Dylan Hancock, Danbury def. Lloyd Brown, East Hartford, Pin 5:33
5th Place: Sean Marinan, Xavier def. Jake Reid, Cheshire, 7-3

Championship: Jeff Starr, Brien Mcmahon def. Matthew Kunkel, Xavier, Pin 1:42
3rd Place: Steven Storozuk, Manchester def. Pearce Thompson, Glastonbury, Pin 1:24
5th Place: Paul Sullivan, South Windsor def. Said Sarfaraz, Staples, 1-0

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---
Steven Storozuk From Manchester
285 Lbs, 4 Pins, 6:22