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ECC Boys Basketball Unofficial Rankings

Power Points: One point for each win by each opponent beaten

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Note: Rankings below include all games and do not take into account any special methods a league may have for determining its own rankings.
Many leagues have standings on their website. [Visit the ECC Website]
School Pct. Wins Losses Pwr.
Record Breakdown
Norwich Free Academy 1.000 20 0 164 Wins: Classical (RI) (w), Enfield (9w), Daniel Hand (6w), Waterford (9w), Stonington (10w), East Lyme (6w), Ledyard (12w), Waterford (9w), St. Bernard (13w), Wethersfield (8w), East Lyme (6w), Woodstock (7w), E.Hartford (6w), Bacon Acad. (6w), New London (8w), Fitch (17w), Hall (6w), Norwalk (5w), New London (8w), Xavier (13w)
Fitch .850 17 3 133 Wins: Woodstock (7w), Norwalk (5w), Chicopee (MA) (w), Maloney (11w), St. Bernard (13w), New London (8w), Ledyard (12w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Stonington (10w), Windham (4w), Woodstock (7w), East Lyme (6w), Ledyard (12w), Bassick (8w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Stonington (10w), New London (8w)
Losses: Prince, Waterford, NFA
Griswold .700 14 6 107 Wins: Killingly (12w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Windham (4w), Tourtellotte (1w), Plainfield (10w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Killingly (12w), Montville (14w), Windham (4w), Wheeler (10w), Parish Hill (8w), Putnam (6w), Bolton (4w), Plainfield (10w)
Losses: Suffield, Woodstock, St. Bernard, Stonington, St. Bernard, Ledyard
Montville .700 14 6 95 Wins: Lyman Mem. (11w), Killingly (12w), Wheeler (10w), Grasso Tech (5w), Tourtellotte (1w), Windham (4w), Wheeler (10w), Putnam (6w), Windham Tech (15w), Tourtellotte (1w), Grasso Tech (5w), Norwich Tech (3w), Putnam (6w), Bacon Acad. (6w)
Losses: Lyman Mem., Griswold, Killingly, Plainfield, Stonington, Windham Tech
St. Bernard .650 13 7 126 Wins: Windham (4w), Stonington (10w), Lyman Mem. (11w), Killingly (12w), Griswold (14w), Ledyard (12w), Putnam (6w), Plainfield (10w), Tourtellotte (1w), Killingly (12w), Wheeler (10w), Griswold (14w), Plainfield (10w)
Losses: Stamford, Holy Cross, Fitch, Immaculate, NFA, Windham, Waterford
Ledyard .600 12 8 106 Wins: Bacon Acad. (6w), Granby (12w), Putnam (6w), Killingly (12w), Woodstock (7w), Old Saybrook (2w), Stonington (10w), East Lyme (6w), New London (8w), Waterford (9w), Griswold (14w), West Haven (14w)
Losses: Stonington, Newtown, Fitch, NFA, St. Bernard, Bacon Acad., Fitch, Woodstock
Killingly .600 12 8 86 Wins: Woodstock (7w), Plainfield (10w), Putnam (6w), Windham (4w), Woodstock (7w), Putnam (6w), Tourtellotte (1w), Plainfield (10w), Montville (14w), Lyman Mem. (11w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Windham (4w)
Losses: Griswold, Montville, St. Bernard, Ledyard, New London, Griswold, St. Bernard, Lyman Mem.
Lyman Memorial .550 11 9 81 Wins: Norwich Tech (3w), Putnam (6w), Tourtellotte (1w), Windham Tech (15w), Wheeler (10w), Norwich Tech (3w), Montville (14w), Putnam (6w), Tourtellotte (1w), Wheeler (10w), Killingly (12w)
Losses: Montville, Plainfield, Canton, St. Bernard, Ellington, Plainfield, Windham, Wind.Locks, Killingly
Stonington .500 10 10 87 Wins: Plainfield (10w), Chariho (RI) (w), Ledyard (12w), Bacon Acad. (6w), New London (8w), Griswold (14w), Plainfield (10w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Woodstock (7w), Montville (14w)
Losses: St. Bernard, Westerly (RI), NFA, East Lyme, Woodstock, Fitch, Ledyard, E.O. Smith, Waterford, Fitch
Plainfield .500 10 10 82 Wins: Lyman Mem. (11w), Wheeler (10w), Windham (4w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Lyman Mem. (11w), Putnam (6w), Montville (14w), Windham (4w), Windham Tech (15w), Tourtellotte (1w)
Losses: Stonington, Killingly, Griswold, Waterford, Stonington, St. Bernard, Killingly, Woodstock, St. Bernard, Griswold
Wheeler .500 10 10 39 Wins: Ellis Tech (4w), Norwich Tech (3w), Tourtellotte (1w), Norwich Tech (3w), Ellis Tech (4w), Grasso Tech (5w), Windham (4w), Putnam (6w), Tourtellotte (1w), Parish Hill (8w)
Losses: Hale Ray, Montville, Plainfield, Montville, Lyman Mem., Griswold, Putnam, St. Bernard, Lyman Mem., Windham
Waterford .450 9 11 105 Wins: Valley Reg. (16w), New London (8w), Plainfield (10w), Old Lyme (19w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Fitch (17w), Stonington (10w), East Lyme (6w), St. Bernard (13w)
Losses: Trumbull, Glastonbury, NFA, Woodstock, NFA, Immaculate, New London, Amistad, East Lyme, Ledyard, Farmington
New London .400 8 12 73 Wins: Windham (4w), East Lyme (6w), Bacon Acad. (6w), Killingly (12w), Waterford (9w), Capital Prep (16w), Woodstock (7w), Amistad (13w)
Losses: New Bedford (MA), Wilbur Cross, Fitch, Waterford, East Lyme, Stonington, LaSalle Academy (RI), NFA, Ledyard, NFA, Fitch, Weaver
Remaining: East Lyme (1/9,6w)
Woodstock Academy .350 7 13 65 Wins: Windham (4w), Waterford (9w), Stonington (10w), Griswold (14w), Plainfield (10w), Ledyard (12w), East Lyme (6w)
Losses: Fitch, Killingly, Bacon Acad., Ellington, Ledyard, Killingly, Fitch, NFA, Auburn (MA), Bacon Acad., New London, East Lyme, Stonington
East Lyme .300 6 14 44 Wins: Bacon Acad. (6w), Stonington (10w), New London (8w), Windham (4w), Waterford (9w), Woodstock (7w)
Losses: Morgan, ND-WH, Daniel Hand, New London, NFA, Prince, Glastonbury, NFA, Fitch, Enfield, Ledyard, Amistad, Waterford, Woodstock
Remaining: New London (1/9,8w)
Bacon Academy .300 6 14 39 Wins: Norwich Tech (3w), Woodstock (7w), Ledyard (12w), Woodstock (7w), Putnam (6w), Ellis Tech (4w)
Losses: Ledyard, Griswold, East Lyme, Stonington, New London, Fitch, Griswold, Plainfield, Waterford, NFA, Stonington, Killingly, Fitch, Montville
Putnam .300 6 14 18 Wins: Tourtellotte (1w), Wright Tech (1w), Civic Leadership (1w), Ellis Tech (4w), Tourtellotte (1w), Wheeler (10w)
Losses: Windham Tech, Ledyard, Killingly, Lyman Mem., Montville, Killingly, St. Bernard, Wheeler, Plainfield, Lyman Mem., Griswold, Bacon Acad., Achievement First, Montville
Windham .200 4 16 35 Wins: St. Bernard (13w), Lyman Mem. (11w), Tourtellotte (1w), Wheeler (10w)
Losses: New London, St. Bernard, Valley Reg., Windham Tech, Griswold, Montville, Woodstock, Plainfield, East Lyme, Killingly, Fitch, Wheeler, Griswold, Rocky Hill, Plainfield, Killingly
Tourtellotte .050 1 19 4 Wins: Ellis Tech (4w)
Losses: Putnam, Parish Hill, East Hampton, Ellis Tech, Montville, Griswold, Wheeler, Parish Hill, Lyman Mem., Aerospace, Putnam, Killingly, Montville, St. Bernard, Wheeler, Windham, Lyman Mem., East Hampton, Plainfield