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ECC Boys Basketball Unofficial Rankings

Power Points: One point for each win by each opponent beaten

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Note: Rankings below include all games and do not take into account any special methods a league may have for determining its own rankings.
Many leagues have standings on their website. [Visit the ECC Website]
School Pct. Wins Losses Pwr.
Record Breakdown
Bacon Academy .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Ledyard (12/20,0w), Norwich Tech (12/23,0w), Griswold (12/27,0w), Woodstock (1/2,0w), East Lyme (1/4,0w), Stonington (1/7,0w), New London (1/9,0w), Fitch (1/11,0w), Killingly (1/13,0w), Griswold (1/17,0w), Plainfield (1/21,0w), Ledyard (1/24,0w), Waterford (1/28,0w), Woodstock (1/31,0w), NFA (2/4,0w), Stonington (2/6,0w), Putnam (2/12,0w), Ellis Tech (2/13,0w), Fitch (2/17,0w), Montville (2/19,0w)
East Lyme .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Morgan (12/19,0w), ND-WH (12/23,0w), Daniel Hand (12/27,0w), New London (1/2,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/4,0w), NFA (1/7,0w), Stonington (1/9,0w), New London (1/11,0w), Windham (1/14,0w), Prince (1/17,0w), Glastonbury (1/21,0w), NFA (1/25,0w), Fitch (1/28,0w), Enfield (2/1,0w), Ledyard (2/4,0w), Waterford (2/6,0w), Woodstock (2/11,0w), Amistad (2/15,0w), Waterford (2/18,0w), Fitch (2/21,0w)
Fitch .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Woodstock (12/20,0w), Norwalk (12/23,0w), St. Bernard (1/2,0w), New London (1/4,0w), Ledyard (1/7,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/11,0w), Stonington (1/16,0w), Windham (1/21,0w), Woodstock (1/24,0w), East Lyme (1/28,0w), Prince (1/30,0w), Waterford (2/4,0w), Ledyard (2/6,0w), Bassick (2/8,0w), NFA (2/11,0w), Bacon Acad. (2/17,0w), Stonington (2/18,0w), East Lyme (2/21,0w)
Griswold .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Killingly (12/20,0w), Suffield (12/23,0w), Bacon Acad. (12/27,0w), Windham (1/2,0w), Tourtellotte (1/4,0w), Plainfield (1/7,0w), Woodstock (1/13,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/17,0w), St. Bernard (1/20,0w), Stonington (1/22,0w), Killingly (1/24,0w), Montville (1/28,0w), Windham (1/31,0w), Wheeler (2/4,0w), Parish Hill (2/10,0w), Putnam (2/11,0w), St. Bernard (2/14,0w), Bolton (2/19,0w), Ledyard (2/21,0w), Plainfield (2/24,0w)
Killingly .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Griswold (12/20,0w), Montville (12/23,0w), Woodstock (12/27,0w), Plainfield (1/2,0w), Putnam (1/6,0w), St. Bernard (1/7,0w), Ledyard (1/11,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/13,0w), New London (1/14,0w), Windham (1/17,0w), Woodstock (1/20,0w), Putnam (1/22,0w), Griswold (1/24,0w), Tourtellotte (1/28,0w), Plainfield (1/31,0w), Montville (2/4,0w), St. Bernard (2/7,0w), Lyman Mem. (2/11,0w), Windham (2/18,0w), Lyman Mem. (2/21,0w)
Ledyard .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Bacon Acad. (12/20,0w), Granby (12/28,0w), Putnam (12/30,0w), Stonington (1/2,0w), Newtown (1/4,0w), Fitch (1/7,0w), NFA (1/9,0w), Killingly (1/11,0w), Woodstock (1/17,0w), St. Bernard (1/22,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/24,0w), Old Saybrook (1/25,0w), Stonington (1/30,0w), East Lyme (2/4,0w), Fitch (2/6,0w), New London (2/12,0w), Waterford (2/14,0w), Woodstock (2/18,0w), Griswold (2/21,0w), West Haven (2/24,0w)
Lyman Memorial .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Montville (12/19,0w), Plainfield (12/21,0w), Canton (12/27,0w), Norwich Tech (12/30,0w), St. Bernard (1/4,0w), Putnam (1/7,0w), Ellington (1/10,0w), Tourtellotte (1/13,0w), Windham Tech (1/16,0w), Wheeler (1/17,0w), Norwich Tech (1/21,0w), Montville (1/24,0w), Plainfield (1/27,0w), Windham (2/4,0w), Putnam (2/6,0w), Wind.Locks (2/8,0w), Killingly (2/11,0w), Tourtellotte (2/13,0w), Wheeler (2/18,0w), Killingly (2/21,0w)
Montville .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Lyman Mem. (12/19,0w), Killingly (12/23,0w), Tourtellotte (1/2,0w), Windham (1/4,0w), Wheeler (1/11,0w), Putnam (1/17,0w), Windham Tech (1/21,0w), Lyman Mem. (1/24,0w), Griswold (1/28,0w), Tourtellotte (1/30,0w), Killingly (2/4,0w), Grasso Tech (2/6,0w), Plainfield (2/11,0w), Norwich Tech (2/13,0w), Putnam (2/18,0w), Bacon Acad. (2/19,0w), Stonington (2/21,0w), Windham Tech (2/25,0w)
New London .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Windham (12/19,0w), New Bedford (MA) (12/21,w), Wilbur Cross (12/30,0w), East Lyme (1/2,0w), Fitch (1/4,0w), Waterford (1/7,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/9,0w), East Lyme (1/11,0w), Killingly (1/14,0w), Stonington (1/20,0w), Waterford (1/23,0w), Capital Prep (1/31,0w), LaSalle Academy (RI) (2/1,w), LaSalle Academy (RI) (2/1,w), Woodstock (2/4,0w), NFA (2/5,0w), Amistad (2/8,0w), Ledyard (2/12,0w), NFA (2/18,0w), Woodstock (2/21,0w), Weaver (2/24,0w)
Norwich Free Academy .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Classical (RI) (12/19,w), Enfield (12/21,0w), Daniel Hand (12/30,0w), Waterford (1/2,0w), Stonington (1/4,0w), East Lyme (1/7,0w), Ledyard (1/9,0w), Waterford (1/11,0w), St. Bernard (1/14,0w), Hall (1/18,0w), Wethersfield (1/21,0w), East Lyme (1/25,0w), Woodstock (1/28,0w), E.Hartford (1/31,0w), Bacon Acad. (2/4,0w), New London (2/5,0w), Fitch (2/11,0w), Norwalk (2/15,0w), New London (2/18,0w), Xavier (2/24,0w)
Plainfield .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Stonington (12/19,0w), Lyman Mem. (12/21,0w), Killingly (1/2,0w), Wheeler (1/4,0w), Griswold (1/7,0w), Windham (1/10,0w), Waterford (1/15,0w), St. Bernard (1/17,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/21,0w), Stonington (1/24,0w), Lyman Mem. (1/27,0w), Killingly (1/31,0w), Putnam (2/4,0w), Woodstock (2/8,0w), Montville (2/11,0w), Windham (2/13,0w), Windham Tech (2/15,0w), St. Bernard (2/18,0w), Tourtellotte (2/21,0w), Griswold (2/24,0w)
Putnam .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Ledyard (12/30,0w), Wright Tech (1/4,0w), Killingly (1/6,0w), Lyman Mem. (1/7,0w), Civic Leadership (1/13,0w), Ellis Tech (1/15,0w), Montville (1/17,0w), Killingly (1/22,0w), Tourtellotte (1/24,0w), St. Bernard (1/28,0w), Wheeler (1/30,0w), Plainfield (2/4,0w), Lyman Mem. (2/6,0w), Wheeler (2/8,0w), Griswold (2/11,0w), Bacon Acad. (2/12,0w), Achievement First (2/15,0w), Montville (2/18,0w)
St. Bernard .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Windham (12/20,0w), Stonington (12/23,0w), Fitch (1/2,0w), Lyman Mem. (1/4,0w), Killingly (1/7,0w), Immaculate (1/11,0w), NFA (1/14,0w), Plainfield (1/17,0w), Griswold (1/20,0w), Ledyard (1/22,0w), Windham (1/24,0w), Putnam (1/28,0w), Tourtellotte (2/3,0w), Killingly (2/7,0w), Wheeler (2/12,0w), Griswold (2/14,0w), Plainfield (2/18,0w), Waterford (2/21,0w)
Stonington .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Plainfield (12/19,0w), St. Bernard (12/23,0w), Chariho (RI) (12/27,w), Tournament Opponent TBA (12/30), Ledyard (1/2,0w), NFA (1/4,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/7,0w), East Lyme (1/9,0w), Woodstock (1/11,0w), Fitch (1/16,0w), New London (1/20,0w), Griswold (1/22,0w), Plainfield (1/24,0w), Ledyard (1/30,0w), E.O. Smith (2/1,0w), Bacon Acad. (2/6,0w), Waterford (2/11,0w), Woodstock (2/14,0w), Fitch (2/18,0w), Montville (2/21,0w)
Tourtellotte .000 0 0 0 Remaining: East Hampton (12/23,0w), Ellis Tech (12/30,0w), Montville (1/2,0w), Griswold (1/4,0w), Wheeler (1/7,0w), Parish Hill (1/9,0w), Lyman Mem. (1/13,0w), Aerospace (1/15,0w), Ellis Tech (1/17,0w), Putnam (1/24,0w), Killingly (1/28,0w), Montville (1/30,0w), St. Bernard (2/3,0w), Wheeler (2/6,0w), Windham (2/11,0w), Lyman Mem. (2/13,0w), East Hampton (2/19,0w), Plainfield (2/21,0w)
Waterford .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Trumbull (12/20,0w), NFA (1/2,0w), New London (1/7,0w), Woodstock (1/9,0w), NFA (1/11,0w), Plainfield (1/15,0w), Old Lyme (1/16,0w), Immaculate (1/18,0w), New London (1/23,0w), Amistad (1/25,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/28,0w), Fitch (2/4,0w), East Lyme (2/6,0w), Stonington (2/11,0w), Ledyard (2/14,0w), Farmington (2/15,0w), East Lyme (2/18,0w), St. Bernard (2/21,0w)
Wheeler .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Ellis Tech (12/19,0w), Hale Ray (12/21,0w), Plainfield (1/4,0w), Tourtellotte (1/7,0w), Montville (1/11,0w), Norwich Tech (1/15,0w), Lyman Mem. (1/17,0w), Ellis Tech (1/21,0w), Grasso Tech (1/24,0w), Windham (1/28,0w), Putnam (1/30,0w), Griswold (2/4,0w), Tourtellotte (2/6,0w), Putnam (2/8,0w), St. Bernard (2/12,0w), Lyman Mem. (2/18,0w), Windham (2/21,0w), Parish Hill (2/24,0w)
Windham .000 0 0 0 Remaining: New London (12/19,0w), St. Bernard (12/20,0w), Valley Reg. (12/23,0w), Windham Tech (12/27,0w), Griswold (1/2,0w), Montville (1/4,0w), Woodstock (1/7,0w), Plainfield (1/10,0w), East Lyme (1/14,0w), Killingly (1/17,0w), Fitch (1/21,0w), St. Bernard (1/24,0w), Wheeler (1/28,0w), Griswold (1/31,0w), Lyman Mem. (2/4,0w), Rocky Hill (2/7,0w), Tourtellotte (2/11,0w), Plainfield (2/13,0w), Killingly (2/18,0w), Wheeler (2/21,0w)
Woodstock Academy .000 0 0 0 Remaining: Fitch (12/20,0w), Killingly (12/27,0w), Bacon Acad. (1/2,0w), Windham (1/7,0w), Waterford (1/9,0w), Stonington (1/11,0w), Griswold (1/13,0w), Ellington (1/15,0w), Ledyard (1/17,0w), Killingly (1/20,0w), Fitch (1/24,0w), NFA (1/28,0w), Auburn (MA) (1/30,w), Bacon Acad. (1/31,0w), New London (2/4,0w), Plainfield (2/8,0w), East Lyme (2/11,0w), Stonington (2/14,0w), Ledyard (2/18,0w), East Lyme (2/21,0w)