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NVL Girls Basketball Unofficial Rankings

Power Points: One point for each win by each opponent beaten

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School Pct. Wins Losses Pwr.
Record Breakdown
Torrington .875 14 2 103 Wins: Naugatuck (6w), Wilby (2w), Watertown (7w), WCA (8w), Oxford (9w), St.Paul (11w), Ansonia (6w), Gilbert (9w), Derby (0w), Wolcott (12w), Seymour (11w), Crosby (4w), St.Paul (11w), Watertown (7w)
Losses: Holy Cross, Woodland
Remaining: Wolcott (2/10,12w), Naugatuck (2/14,6w), Kennedy (2/16,6w)
Holy Cross .875 14 2 94 Wins: Crosby (4w), Oxford (9w), St. Marys Bay View (RI) (w), Woodland (10w), Wolcott (12w), WCA (8w), Torrington (14w), Ansonia (6w), Derby (0w), Kennedy (6w), Seymour (11w), Kennedy (6w), Naugatuck (6w), Wilby (2w)
Losses: Mercy, St.Paul
Remaining: Crosby (2/3,4w), WCA (2/7,8w), Wilby (2/14,2w), Watertown (2/16,7w)
Wolcott .750 12 4 83 Wins: Seymour (11w), East Lyme (7w), Kennedy (6w), WCA (8w), Watertown (7w), St.Paul (11w), Woodland (10w), Ansonia (6w), Oxford (9w), Naugatuck (6w), Wilby (2w), Derby (0w)
Losses: Southington, Holy Cross, Torrington, Watertown
Remaining: Naugatuck (2/7,6w), Torrington (2/10,14w), St.Paul (2/13,11w), Crosby (2/16,4w)
St. Paul Catholic .688 11 5 76 Wins: Kennedy (6w), Ansonia (6w), Staples (6w), Wilby (2w), Naugatuck (6w), Watertown (7w), Oxford (9w), Crosby (4w), Woodland (10w), Holy Cross (14w), Naugatuck (6w)
Losses: Ffld.Ludlowe, Wolcott, Seymour, Torrington, Torrington
Remaining: Watertown (2/7,7w), Derby (2/10,0w), Wolcott (2/13,12w), WCA (2/16,8w)
Seymour .647 11 6 69 Wins: Ansonia (6w), Bunnell (2w), Crosby (4w), Wind.Locks (6w), Kennedy (6w), Oxford (9w), St.Paul (11w), Naugatuck (6w), Wilby (2w), WCA (8w), Oxford (9w)
Losses: Wolcott, Woodland, Watertown, Woodland, Holy Cross, Torrington
Remaining: Derby (2/7,0w), Ansonia (2/10,6w), Derby (2/16,0w)
Woodland .625 10 6 72 Wins: Watertown (7w), Wilby (2w), Seymour (11w), Derby (0w), Torrington (14w), Seymour (11w), Crosby (4w), Kaynor Tech (6w), Kennedy (6w), Nonnewaug (11w)
Losses: Oxford, Holy Cross, Wolcott, Naugatuck, St.Paul, WCA
Remaining: Ansonia (2/7,6w), Oxford (2/10,9w), Derby (2/14,0w), Ansonia (2/15,6w)
Oxford .600 9 6 43 Wins: Crosby (4w), Woodland (10w), Derby (0w), WCA (8w), Derby (0w), Kennedy (6w), Wilby (2w), Watertown (7w), Ansonia (6w)
Losses: Holy Cross, Seymour, Torrington, Wolcott, St.Paul, Seymour
Remaining: Naugatuck (2/6,6w), O'Brien (2/7,11w), Woodland (2/10,10w), Ansonia (2/13,6w), New.Fair. (2/16,9w)
WCA .471 8 9 35 Wins: Wilby (2w), Terryville (3w), Ansonia (6w), Platt Tech (8w), Wilby (2w), Derby (0w), Crosby (4w), Woodland (10w)
Losses: Naugatuck, Watertown, Wolcott, Oxford, Torrington, Holy Cross, Kennedy, Seymour, Kennedy
Remaining: Holy Cross (2/7,14w), Crosby (2/10,4w), St.Paul (2/16,11w)
Watertown .438 7 9 43 Wins: Crosby (4w), WCA (8w), Kennedy (6w), Derby (0w), Seymour (11w), Wolcott (12w), Wilby (2w)
Losses: Woodland, Naugatuck, Glastonbury, Wolcott, Torrington, St.Paul, Ansonia, Oxford, Torrington
Remaining: St.Paul (2/7,11w), Naugatuck (2/10,6w), Holy Cross (2/16,14w)
Naugatuck .400 6 9 35 Wins: WCA (8w), Derby (0w), Watertown (7w), Crosby (4w), Woodland (10w), Kennedy (6w)
Losses: Torrington, Pomperaug, Wilton, Ansonia, St.Paul, Wolcott, Seymour, Holy Cross, St.Paul
Remaining: Oxford (2/6,9w), Wolcott (2/7,12w), Watertown (2/10,7w), Torrington (2/14,14w), Wilby (2/16,2w)
Ansonia .400 6 9 22 Wins: Shelton (3w), Naugatuck (6w), Wilby (2w), Watertown (7w), Derby (0w), Crosby (4w)
Losses: Seymour, St.Paul, WCA, E.Hartford, Wolcott, Holy Cross, Kennedy, Torrington, Oxford
Remaining: Derby (2/3,0w), Woodland (2/7,10w), Seymour (2/10,11w), Oxford (2/13,9w), Woodland (2/15,10w)
Kennedy .375 6 10 30 Wins: Kaynor Tech (6w), Derby (0w), Wilby (2w), Ansonia (6w), WCA (8w), WCA (8w)
Losses: St.Paul, Wolcott, Crosby, Seymour, Watertown, Holy Cross, Oxford, Holy Cross, Woodland, Naugatuck
Remaining: Northwestern (2/7,15w), Wilby (2/9,2w), Crosby (2/14,4w), Torrington (2/16,14w)
Crosby .267 4 11 14 Wins: Kennedy (6w), Wilby (2w), Derby (0w), Kaynor Tech (6w)
Losses: Oxford, Watertown, Holy Cross, Seymour, Naugatuck, Brookfield, Woodland, WCA, St.Paul, Ansonia, Torrington
Remaining: Holy Cross (2/3,14w), Wilby (2/7,2w), WCA (2/10,8w), Kennedy (2/14,6w), Wolcott (2/16,12w)
Wilby .133 2 13 6 Wins: Kaynor Tech (6w), Derby (0w)
Losses: WCA, Woodland, Torrington, St.Paul, Crosby, Kennedy, WCA, Ansonia, Wolcott, Oxford, Shepaug, Holy Cross, Seymour
Remaining: Watertown (2/2,7w), Crosby (2/7,4w), Kennedy (2/9,6w), Holy Cross (2/14,14w), Naugatuck (2/16,6w)
Derby .000 0 15 0 Losses: Naugatuck, Oxford, Kennedy, Wilby, Woodland, Watertown, Hale Ray, Crosby, Holy Cross, Oxford, WCA, Torrington, Ansonia, Wolcott, O'Brien
Remaining: Ansonia (2/3,6w), Seymour (2/7,11w), St.Paul (2/10,11w), Woodland (2/14,10w), Seymour (2/16,11w)