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SWC Girls Basketball Unofficial Rankings

Power Points: One point for each win by each opponent beaten

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School Pct. Wins Losses Pwr.
Record Breakdown
Pomperaug .900 18 2 172 Wins: Cheshire (6w), Stamford (8w), Cromwell (15w), Naugatuck (9w), Wethersfield (8w), Kolbe (10w), East Lyme (7w), Bunnell (2w), Stratford (8w), Masuk (10w), Brookfield (12w), Bethel (10w), New Milford (15w), Newtown (17w), New.Fair. (13w), Barlow (5w), Stamford (8w), Weston (9w)
Losses: Immaculate, ND-Ffld
Immaculate .850 17 3 170 Wins: St. Joseph (16w), Wilton (8w), Pomperaug (18w), Westhill (2w), Danbury (10w), New.Fair. (13w), Masuk (10w), ND-Ffld (11w), New.Fair. (13w), Stratford (8w), Barlow (5w), Bethel (10w), Kolbe (10w), New Milford (15w), Masuk (10w), Weston (9w), Bunnell (2w)
Losses: Brookfield, Newtown, Danbury
Newtown .850 17 3 142 Wins: Darien (4w), NFA (9w), East Lyme (7w), New.Fair. (13w), Brookfield (12w), Bethel (10w), Ridgewood (NJ) (w), Park Ridge (NJ) (w), Weston (9w), Greenwich (10w), Masuk (10w), Stratford (8w), ND-Ffld (11w), Immaculate (17w), Barlow (5w), Bunnell (2w), New Milford (15w)
Losses: Cromwell, Kolbe, Pomperaug
New Milford .750 15 5 144 Wins: Trumbull (13w), Bunnell (2w), Weston (9w), Danbury (10w), ND-Ffld (11w), Kolbe (10w), Brookfield (12w), Maloney (9w), Weston (9w), Barlow (5w), New.Fair. (13w), Masuk (10w), Nonnewaug (13w), Bethel (10w), Stratford (8w)
Losses: Norwalk, New.Fair., Pomperaug, Immaculate, Newtown
New Fairfield .650 13 7 126 Wins: Staples (8w), Barlow (5w), Coventry (13w), New Milford (15w), Weston (9w), Wamogo (10w), Bunnell (2w), Kolbe (10w), Stratford (8w), Brookfield (12w), Berlin (11w), Bethel (10w), Oxford (13w)
Losses: Immaculate, Newtown, Immaculate, ND-Ffld, New Milford, Masuk, Pomperaug
Brookfield .600 12 8 99 Wins: Masuk (10w), Stratford (8w), Westhill (2w), Greenwich (10w), Immaculate (17w), Crosby (5w), Bethel (10w), Bunnell (2w), ND-Ffld (11w), Weston (9w), Barlow (5w), Kolbe (10w)
Losses: Ridgefield, Thomaston, Bacon Acad., Newtown, New Milford, Pomperaug, New.Fair., Masuk
Notre Dame-Fairfield .550 11 9 117 Wins: Danbury (10w), Ffld.Warde (15w), Weston (9w), Thomaston (17w), Pomperaug (18w), New.Fair. (13w), Kolbe (10w), Stratford (8w), Bunnell (2w), Bethel (10w), Barlow (5w)
Losses: Barrington (RI), Ffld.Ludlowe, New Milford, Immaculate, Masuk, West Haven, Brookfield, Newtown, Hillhouse
Kolbe Cathedral .500 10 10 82 Wins: Bridg.Central (2w), Amistad (2w), Newtown (17w), Bull. Havens (14w), Lauralton (9w), Platt Tech (12w), Bunnell (2w), Barlow (5w), Weston (9w), Masuk (10w)
Losses: Ffld.Ludlowe, E.O. Smith, Pomperaug, New Milford, Bethel, ND-Ffld, New.Fair., Immaculate, Brookfield, Stratford
Masuk .500 10 10 78 Wins: Bassick (10w), Shelton (5w), Bethel (10w), Stratford (8w), Barlow (5w), Amistad (2w), ND-Ffld (11w), Bunnell (2w), New.Fair. (13w), Brookfield (12w)
Losses: Brookfield, Bethel, Trumbull, Immaculate, Weston, Pomperaug, Newtown, New Milford, Immaculate, Kolbe
Bethel .500 10 10 68 Wins: Abbott Tech (5w), Nonnewaug (13w), Greenwich (10w), Masuk (10w), Amistad (2w), Stratford (8w), Wilbur Cross (3w), Kolbe (10w), Barlow (5w), Bunnell (2w)
Losses: Masuk, Amity, Weston, Newtown, Brookfield, Immaculate, Pomperaug, New Milford, ND-Ffld, New.Fair.
Weston .450 9 11 64 Wins: Foran (15w), Bunnell (2w), Bridg.Central (2w), Bassick (10w), Bethel (10w), Masuk (10w), Wright Tech (8w), Bunnell (2w), Barlow (5w)
Losses: New Canaan, ND-Ffld, New Milford, New.Fair., New Milford, Newtown, Brookfield, Kolbe, Stratford, Immaculate, Pomperaug
Stratford .400 8 12 58 Wins: Platt Tech (12w), Law (0w), Barlow (5w), Bassick (10w), Bunnell (2w), Bassick (10w), Weston (9w), Kolbe (10w)
Losses: Lauralton, Brookfield, Foran, Masuk, Bethel, St. Joseph, Pomperaug, Immaculate, Newtown, New.Fair., ND-Ffld, New Milford
Joel Barlow .250 5 15 15 Wins: McMahon (7w), Darien (4w), Harding (1w), Harding (1w), Bunnell (2w)
Losses: New Canaan, New.Fair., Nonnewaug, Masuk, Stratford, Lauralton, Kolbe, New Milford, Immaculate, Bethel, Weston, Brookfield, Newtown, Pomperaug, ND-Ffld
Bunnell .100 2 18 11 Wins: Wamogo (10w), Harding (1w)
Losses: Norwalk, Weston, Seymour, New Milford, Bassick, Pomperaug, Kolbe, New.Fair., Brookfield, Northwestern, Stratford, Barlow, Weston, Masuk, Bethel, ND-Ffld, Newtown, Immaculate