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CIAC 2021-22 Class L Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (26) All Divisions (98)
Amity1:34.30*1/8: Hispanic Games
Bristol Central1:40.56*1/8: Elm City Coaches Invite
Bunnell1:41.68*2/5: SWC Championships
Cheshire1:41.28*12/22/21: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Conard1:40.67*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Daniel Hand1:42.06*1/26: SCC East
Darien1:42.70*2/3: FCIAC Championship
East Lyme1:38.35*1/22: ECC Dev Meet #5
Farmington1:42.43*2/6: CCC Championship
Fitch1:41.41/8: ECC Developmental #4
Hartford Public1:44.79*2/6: CCC Championships
Hillhouse1:33.89*2/6: SCC Conference Championships
Middletown1:44.10*2/6: CCC Championships
Naugatuck1:36.09*2/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
Newington1:41.93*12/29/21: Bob Saulsbury Invitational
New Milford1:42.64*2/5: SWC's
Newtown1:39.14*2/5: SWC Championship
Pomperaug1:41.79*2/5: SWC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Shelton1:36.43*2/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Simsbury1:40.84*12/29/21: Coach Saulsbury Invite
Stratford1:40.53*1/8: Bethel
Wethersfield1:41.77*2/6: CCC Championship
Wilton1:37.18*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Windsor1:35.29*2/6: CCC Championships
Woodstock Academy1:42.26*1/14: Bethel Invitational Meet
Xavier1:34.55*1/27: SCC West Sectional
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (15) All Divisions (60)
Amity3:35.82*1/8: Hispanic Games
Bristol Eastern3:52.77*2/6: CCC Championships
Cheshire3:50.28*2/6: SCC Championship Floyd Little Field House New Haven
Daniel Hand3:49.33*1/26: SCC East
Darien3:49.05*2/3: FCIAC Championship
East Lyme3:48.80*1/15: East Coast Invite
Fitch3:50.27*1/8: ECC Developmental #4
Hillhouse3:41.89*1/4: SCC Boys Developmental
Naugatuck3:40.33*1/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
New Milford3:40.55*2/5: SWC's
Shelton3:41.52*1/22: SCC Coaches Invitational
Simsbury3:49.68*12/29/21: Coach Saulsbury Invite
Wilton3:46.72/6: Warrior Last Last Chance
Windsor3:35.44*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Xavier3:41.69*1/4: SCC Developmental #2
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (17) All Divisions (49)
Amity8:30.84*1/8: Hispanic Games
Bristol Eastern8:44.61*2/6: CCC Championships
Conard8:25.06*2/6: CCC ITF Championship
Daniel Hand9:09.36*1/26: SCC East
East Lyme8:59.54*1/8: ECC Dev Meet #4
Fitch8:53.05*1/15: East Coast Invitational
Guilford9:06.70*1/5: Wintergreen Invite
Hillhouse8:54.42*2/6: SCC Championships
Naugatuck8:35.86*2/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
New Canaan9:09.00*2/5: FCIAC Qualifying
New Milford9:01.59*2/5: SWC's
Newtown8:39.79*2/5: SWC Championship
Pomperaug9:06.53*2/5: SWC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Simsbury8:53.56*2/6: CCC Championships
Wethersfield9:08.80*2/6: CCC Championship
Wilton8:38.72/6: Warrior Last Last Chance
Xavier8:22.32*1/8: Elm City Coaches
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (14) All Divisions (51)
Amity3:50.45*2/6: SCC championship
Bristol Central3:49.50*2/6: CCC Championships
Bristol Eastern3:55.95*2/6: CCC Championships
Daniel Hand3:55.63*2/6: SCC Championship
Darien3:57.39*1/22: at SCC Coach's Invitational
Fitch3:57.99*1/8: ECC Developmental #4
Guilford3:50.80*1/26: SCC East Sectional
Hillhouse3:50.30*1/4: SCC Boys Developmental
Naugatuck3:58.62*2/1: NVL Championship
Newtown3:57.44*1/8: SWC Developmental
Shelton3:55.42*1/4: SCC Boys Developmental Meet 2
Simsbury3:54.44*12/17/21: Hillhouse Invite
Windsor3:51.40*2/6: CCC Championships
Xavier3:41.38*1/4: SCC Developmental #2
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (39) All Divisions (175)
Anderson, DanielNaugatuck6.90*2/1: NVL Championship
Belabe, EvanConard6.66*2/6: CCC ITF Championship
Bennett, PatrickStratford6.82*2/5: Floyd little athletic center
Bouvier, GarretWilton6.75*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Bowman, MichaelAmity6.99*12/22/21: Boys Development 1
Boxley, JarrettBristol Central6.74*1/2: 5th Annual Wilton Wright Invite
Brown, ColinCheshire6.57*2/6: SCC Championship Floyd Little Field House New Haven
Cabusao, CharlesFitch7.04*12/30/21: ECC Developmental Meet #3
Charlemagne, OswinWindsor6.88*2/6: CCC Championships
Conneely, EamonXavier6.87*1/8: Elm City Coaches
Conrod, NoahBristol Central6.99*1/2: 5th Annual Wilton Wright Invite
Dawkins, JustinWindsor6.83*1/2: Wilton Wright Invitational
Dukate, BrockNewtown6.98*2/5: SWC Championship
Freeman, NolanNew Milford6.56*1/19: SWC 2
Gamboa, NimyelFitch6.96*1/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Hawkins, RalphaelHillhouse6.55*1/11: Millrose Trials
Henning, ShawnEast Lyme7.03*12/23/21: ECC Dev Meet #2
Houser, QuincyAmity6.86*1/22: SCC coaches Invite
James, TravisHillhouse6.94*2/6: SCC Championships
Kershaw, KhyolFitch6.97*1/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Klein, SamuelShelton6.76*1/4: SCC Boys Developmental Meet 2
Lazaro, JadenStratford6.99*1/19: Floyd little athletic center
Lopez, LeoAngelNaugatuck6.86*2/1: NVL Championship
Mazzarella, MarioDaniel Hand7.00*1/26: SCC East
Miller, OwenXavier6.95*1/4: SCC Developmental #2
Montano, JustinNewington6.99*12/29/21: Bob Saulsbury Invitational
Musial, MaximilianAmity6.68*2/6: SCC championship
Navarro, RubenWilby6.98*2/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
Paterson, KyleSimsbury6.61*2/6: CCC Championships
Phongsa, JeffreyWoodstock Academy7.04*2/1: Bethel Last Chance Qualifier
Picheco, ConnorShelton6.96*1/4: SCC Boys Developmental Meet 2
Ranger, CalebShelton7.02*2/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Sama, MichaelFarmington6.93*12/29/21: Coach Saulsbury Invitational
Smith, CalebNewtown6.90*2/5: SWC Championship
Speed, HoldenWethersfield6.98*12/17/21: New Haven Invitational
Sterling, ConnorNew Milford6.98*1/19: SWC 2
Tarbox, CharlesFitch6.85*1/8: ECC Developmental #4
Williams, ThomasFitch6.83*1/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Young, JayveonWindsor6.69*2/6: CCC Championships
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (19) All Divisions (62)
Anderson, DanielNaugatuck8.45*2/1: NVL Championship
Biao, ChakourHillhouse8.34*2/6: SCC Championships
Boxley, JarrettBristol Central7.93*2/6: CCC Championships
Clarke, JoshuaWindsor7.93*1/2: Wilton Wright Invitational
Downer, TafariNaugatuck8.78*2/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
Elliott, LiamDaniel Hand8.90*1/26: SCC East
Guzy, OliverNewtown8.88*2/5: SWC Championship
Harris, BlakeEast Lyme8.43*1/6: ECC Championship
Huss, LeviAmity8.53*1/4: SCC Dev 2
Jacobs, CameronNaugatuck8.43*2/1: NVL Championship
Kershaw, KheavenFitch8.90*1/8: ECC Developmental #4
Lavi, EydanAmity8.94*1/4: SCC Boys Dev 1
Luke, DillonXavier8.22*2/6: SCC Championships
McGeary, JacobDaniel Hand8.44*1/26: SCC East
Oko, EthanShelton8.51*1/26: SCC Eastern Sectional Championships
Silvia, ColeWilton8.55*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Taylor, MatthewDarien8.71*1/10: at James Barber Invitational
Warburton Baker, JelaniStratford8.59*2/5: Floyd little athletic center
Wells, JadonStratford9.02*2/5: Floyd little athletic center
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (44) All Divisions (178)
Anderson, DanielNaugatuck38.86*12/23/21: Hillhouse Holiday Invitational
Belabe, EvanConard37.33*2/6: CCC ITF Championship
Bennett, PatrickStratford37.41*2/5: Floyd little athletic center
Bopp, ChristopherNew Canaan39.25*2/3: FCIAC Championship
Bouvier, GarretWilton38.29*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Bowman, MichaelAmity38.47*1/4: Boys Dveleopment 2
Brown, ColinCheshire36.89*1/26: SCC East Sectional Meet
Cabusao, CharlesFitch39.65*12/23/21: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Charlemagne, OswinWindsor38.70*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Colbert, MichaelWilton39.12*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Conneely, EamonXavier37.31*1/27: SCC West Sectional
Conrod, NoahBristol Central39.25*2/6: CCC Championships
Dawkins, JustinWindsor37.34*12/29/21: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
DeNucci, LucasEast Lyme39.5*12/18/21: ECC Dev Meet #1
Doron, SeanAmity39.02*2/7: Last chance Qualifier
Francis, MikealBunnell39.62*2/1: Last Chance Meet @ Bethel
Freeman, NolanNew Milford36.70*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invite
Gilling, MarkWindsor39.63*12/29/21: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Harris, GrantWindsor39.32*1/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
Hawkins, RalphaelHillhouse35.71*2/6: SCC Championships
Henning, ShawnEast Lyme38.94*1/6: ECC Championship
Houser, QuincyAmity39.08*1/10: James barber Invite
James, TravisHillhouse38.87*2/6: SCC Championships
Kim, DanielAmity38.92*1/10: James barber Invite
Klein, SamuelShelton37.82*2/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Long, JadenWindsor38.87*12/29/21: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Lopez, LeoAngelNaugatuck37.48*2/1: NVL Championship
Miller, JasonWilton38.73*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Musial, MaximilianAmity36.69*12/29/21: Marine Corp holiday classic
Navarro, RubenWilby39.32*1/10: 5th James Barber Invitational
Parker, BreonWindsor37.39*12/29/21: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Paterson, KyleSimsbury35.05*12/29/21: Coach Saulsbury Invite
Pestka, OwenXavier39.44*1/4: SCC Developmental #2
Phongsa, JeffreyWoodstock Academy39.52*12/30/21: ECC Developmental Meet 3
Small, DrakeWindsor39.28*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invitational
Sterling, ConnorNew Milford37.41*2/5: SWC's
Stewart, MatthewBunnell38.98*1/7: SWC Developmental
Sweat, TremayneHillhouse38.67*12/29/21: Bob Saulsbury Invite
Taylor, MatthewDarien39.62*1/10: at James Barber Invitational
Trowers, TaylorNaugatuck37.58*2/1: NVL Championship
Welch, ThomasWilton39.62*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Welsh, MarlonWindsor37.73*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Whorf, CameronNewtown39.47*1/8: SWC Developmental
Williams, ThomasFitch38.76*1/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (21) All Divisions (122)
Bergman, NathanEast Lyme1:32.06*1/6: ECC Championship
Budge, AidanNewtown1:31.45*1/26: SWC Developmental
Caron, TylerCheshire1:30.21*12/22/21: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Chekal, JamesEast Lyme1:31.42*1/22: ECC Dev Meet #5
Collins, WilliamDarien1:31.20*2/3: FCIAC Championship
Gilling, MarkWindsor1:29.15*1/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
Gregory, ThomasGuilford1:28.64*2/6: SCC Championship
Hallgren, MatthewWindsor1:29.38*1/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
Hawkins, RalphaelHillhouse1:26.60*2/6: SCC Championships
Lopez, LeoAngelNaugatuck1:27.61*2/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
McCasland, ZacharyNaugatuck1:30.64*1/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
O'Grady, AidanShelton1:32.14*12/22/21: SCC Boys Developmental Meet 1
Pacheco, LukeShelton1:27.74*2/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Porrini, FrancisBristol Central1:26.94*1/2: 5th Annual Wilton Wright Invite
Serrano, AnthonyMiddletown1:30.32*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invite
Sterling, ConnorNew Milford1:26.76*1/6: SWC 1B
Stillman, RyanWindsor1:30.12*2/6: CCC Championships
Sweat, TremayneHillhouse1:32.00*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invitational
Tischer, AidenAmity1:30.57*12/22/21: Boys Development 1
Vitale, ChaseXavier1:26.98*2/6: SCC Championships
Whorf, CameronNewtown1:31.02*1/8: SWC Developmental
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (28) All Divisions (108)
Burke, EamonXavier2:34.66*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Caron, TylerCheshire2:44.87*1/22: SCC Coaches Invitational Floyd Little Field House
Crowley, LoganBristol Eastern2:42.89*2/6: CCC Championships
Forde, ThomasFitch2:47.12*1/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Garrick, BrettonGuilford2:47.57*1/26: SCC East Sectional
Gregory, ThomasGuilford2:46.97*1/10: Barber Invite
Hasipi, ShayneNaugatuck2:46.98*2/1: NVL Championship
Hoffman, IanWoodstock Academy2:45.15*12/30/21: ECC Developmental Meet 3
Jordan, MasonXavier2:46.49*12/29/21: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Lu, BrodeyAmity2:44.84*1/22: SCC coaches Invite
Martin, NicholasXavier2:47.80*1/8: Elm City Coaches
Masotti, MichaelGuilford2:45.36*1/10: Barber Invite
Moe, GarrettWilton2:48.03*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Nofri, MatthewNaugatuck2:43.69*2/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
O'Grady, AidanShelton2:44.50*2/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
O'Keefe, JohnDaniel Hand2:47.63*12/22/21: SCC Dev I
Paragas, ParkerAmity2:48.05*1/22: SCC coaches Invite
Porrini, FrancisBristol Central2:35.46*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invitational
Riley, CarsonFitch2:43.93*1/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Riordan, LukeDarien2:40.80*2/3: FCIAC Championship
Ritz, KaiEast Lyme2:47.95*1/22: ECC Dev Meet #5
Santagata, BrodyXavier2:47.43*12/22/21: SCC Developmental #1
Sarsen, RyanDarien2:45.00*1/22: at SCC Coach's Invitational
Shiffrin, JustinGuilford2:40.99*2/6: SCC Championship
Taborsak, AndrewNew Milford2:46.67*1/6: SWC 1B
Ushchak, AlexanderXavier2:39.68*2/6: SCC Championships
Walsh, CollinNew Milford2:43.44*1/6: SWC 1B
Zimmermann, RyanXavier2:45.31*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (31) All Divisions (121)
Anderson, DavisSimsbury4:42.00*1/10: James Barber Invite
Bastura, Vincente EmmanuelWoodstock Academy4:47.05*1/22: Bethel Pentathlon/PV/Distance meet
Beaudette, MasonAmity4:38.27*1/4: Boys Development 2
Burke, EamonXavier4:15.30*2/6: New Balance Grand Prix
Caron, TylerCheshire4:41.93*1/4: SCC Developmental Meet 2
Jennings, KyleSimsbury4:40.54*2/6: CCC Championships
Jordan, MasonXavier4:45.81*1/27: SCC West Sectional
Kirejczyk, JacobXavier4:33.83*1/27: SCC West Sectional
Lesniak, JoshuaXavier4:34.34*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Masotti, MichaelGuilford4:45.41*1/2: Will Wright Invite
McCormick, MalcolmWilton4:31.45*2/3: FCIAC Champs
Montana, NicholasDaniel Hand4:42.19*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invite
Nofri, MatthewNaugatuck4:48.13*1/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
O'Grady, AidanShelton4:46.15*1/4: SCC Boys Developmental Meet 2
O'Keefe, JohnDaniel Hand4:40.50*1/26: SCC East
Ouellette, JackXavier4:40.34*1/8: Elm City Coaches
Paragas, ParkerAmity4:45.98*1/4: Boys Development 2
Porrini, FrancisBristol Central4:25.55*12/29/21: Saulsbury Invite
Riley, CarsonFitch4:47.35*12/23/21: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Riordan, LukeDarien4:43.78*1/10: at James Barber Invitational
Rodrigues, WilliamShelton4:44.53*2/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Santagata, BrodyXavier4:28.20*12/29/21: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Selfors, ConorXavier4:47.10*1/27: SCC West Sectional
Sherry, CallumConard4:09.24*2/6: NB Balance Grand Prix
Sherry, GavinConard4:03.68*2/6: NB Balance Grand Prix
Shiffrin, JustinGuilford4:44.47*1/2: Will Wright Invite
Taborsak, AndrewNew Milford4:40.91*1/19: SWC 2
Ushchak, AlexanderXavier4:31.41*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Walsh, CollinNew Milford4:36.60*1/19: SWC 2
Yoo, NickDarien4:30.64*2/3: FCIAC Championship
Zimmermann, RyanXavier4:45.32*1/15: Hillhouse Freshmen/Sophomore Invite
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (23) All Divisions (75)
Anderson, DavisSimsbury9:54.60*1/15: Hillhouse Varsity Meet
Beaudette, MasonAmity9:58.35*12/21/21: Dev 1
Burke, EamonXavier9:36.90*12/22/21: SCC Developmental #1
Jennings, KyleSimsbury10:17.61*1/15: Hillhouse Varsity Meet
Jordan, MasonXavier10:24.02*12/22/21: SCC Developmental #1
Larkin, JohnXavier10:07.87*2/6: SCC Championships
Lesniak, JoshuaXavier9:53.95*2/6: SCC Championships
Masotti, MichaelGuilford9:55.54*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
McCormick, MalcolmWilton9:48.82/6: Warrior Last Last Chance
O'Keefe, JohnDaniel Hand9:54.00*12/18/21: Hillhouse Invite
O'Rourke, EvanDarien10:19.81*1/22: at SCC Coach's Invitational
Ouellette, JackXavier10:20.98*12/22/21: SCC Developmental #1
Paragas, ParkerAmity9:47.66*2/6: SCC championship
Porrini, FrancisBristol Central10:00.56*2/6: CCC Championships
Rodrigues, WilliamShelton10:16.68*1/26: SCC Eastern Sectional Championships
Santagata, BrodyXavier9:34.88*1/8: Elm City Coaches
Sherry, CallumConard9:03.33*1/21: New Balance Games
Sherry, GavinConard8:46.98*1/21: New Balance Games
Shiffrin, JustinGuilford9:52.71*1/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Taborsak, AndrewNew Milford10:13.51/10: New Milford Invite
Ushchak, AlexanderXavier9:45.52*2/6: SCC Championships
Walsh, CollinNew Milford10:13.51/10: New Milford Invite
Yoo, NickDarien9:58.89*1/22: at SCC Coach's Invitational
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (29) All Divisions (99)
Athis, JquanHillhouse48-01.752/6: SCC Championships
Bon Tempo, ChristopherNew Milford50-09.252/5: SWC's
Burke, CormacXavier38-10.01/27: SCC West Sectional
Cousin, AmirHartford Public38-03.02/7: Last Chance State Qualifier
Davis, QuincyWindsor42-02.501/8: Elm City Coaches Meet
Eaton, JaredWoodstock Academy41-09.012/18/21: ECC developmental meet 1 session 2
Haley, DamonFitch42-10.01/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Jones, MalachiBristol Central48-04.251/14: Hillhouse Varsity Night Meet
LaMontagne, KeenanWoodstock Academy47-01.251/14: Bethel Invitational Meet
Langdon, MaxfieldWethersfield38-00.012/18/21: New Haven Invitational
Latronica, ColinMiddletown40-05.01/8: Elm city coaches meet
Luke, DillonXavier39-05.02/7: Last Chance Meet
Lydon, OwenNew Canaan40-09.02/5: Warrior FCIAC Qualifying
Matlock, ThomasEast Lyme44-11.51/6: ECC Championship
Mazzarella, JosephDaniel Hand38-10.01/26: SCC East
Mazzarella, MarioDaniel Hand38-10.01/26: SCC East
Meleshenko, Samuel RobertSouth Windsor38-07.241/8: HPHS
Moore Jr., GaryHillhouse63-02.02/6: SCC Championships
Muccino, ReisKennedy40-06.52/7: Last Chance Qualifier
Murray, KevinNewtown43-09.252/5: SWC Championship
Noland, SkylarFitch39-00.012/23/21: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Olechno, JakubBunnell40-02.252/5: SWC Championships
Perez Soto, JavierNew Canaan41-09.01/15: FCIAC Qualifying
Prince, AndreWindsor46-06.752/6: CCC Championships
Radzion, TylerShelton38-11.2512/22/21: SCC Boys Developmental Meet 1
Roy, JohnXavier39-01.01/22: SCC Coaches Invite
Steadman, LeviDarien40-07.52/3: FCIAC Championship
Walker, DavidHillhouse40-00.01/26: SCC East Championships
Wiest, AndreWilton42-05.01/8: Elm City Coaches
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (21) All Divisions (80)
Dogbey, SelormXavier18-09.02/7: Last Chance Meet
Doron, SeanAmity18-09.001/10: James Barber Invite
Francis, MikealBunnell19-02.251/19: SWC Developmental FLAC
Griffin, ZayshawnFitch18-10.01/22: ECC Developmental Meet #5
Guzy, OliverNewtown18-08.751/19: SWC Developmental
Harris, GrantWindsor20-11.001/14: Hillhouse Varsity Night
Huss, LeviAmity18-11.001/8: Hispanic Games
Jacobs, CameronNaugatuck19-01.002/1: NVL Championship
Johnson, RyanWilton20-10.92/3: FCIAC Champs
Long, JadenWindsor20-10.001/14: Hillhouse Varsity Night
Luke, DillonXavier21-00.52/6: SCC Championships
Montano, JustinNewington19-01.012/29/21: Bob Saulsbury Invitational
Navarro, RubenWilby19-11.51/10: 5th James Barber Invitational
O'Neal, Malachi JirahSouth Windsor19-10.501/8: HPHS
Ranger, CalebShelton19-10.52/6: SCC Indoor Track and Field Championships
Rider, ZacheryStratford18-09.52/5: Floyd little athletic center
Riley Jr., AnthonyWindsor19-09.2512/18/21: Hillhouse Invitational
Savino, JosephShelton19-00.01/26: SCC Eastern Sectional Championships
Speed, HoldenWethersfield19-06.02/6: CCC Championship
Stewart, MatthewBunnell20-06.251/19: SWC Developmental FLAC
Watson, TimothySimsbury19-08.752/6: CCC Championships
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (10) All Divisions (44)
Huss, LeviAmity6-02.012/22/21: SCC Development 1
Long, JadenWindsor5-08.01/2: Wilton Wright Invitational
Luke, DillonXavier5-10.012/22/21: SCC Developmental #1
McGeary, JacobDaniel Hand5-10.51/14: Hillhouse Var. Meet
Savino, JosephShelton6-00.01/22: SCC Coaches Invitational
Smith, CalebNewtown6-01.02/5: SWC Championship
Taylor, MatthewDarien5-10.012/23/21: Hillhouse Holiday Invitational
Vogel, NicholasEast Lyme5-10.012/23/21: ECC Dev Meet #3
Wali, ZyairHillhouse6-02.012/18/21: Hillhouse Invite
Watson, TimothySimsbury6-08.012/17/21: Hillhouse Invite
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (12) All Divisions (46)
Aldrich, ConnorSimsbury11-06.001/10: James Barber Invite
Baitch, JoshuaAmity10-06.02/7: Last chance Qualifier
Camerlin, LangstonEast Lyme10-00.01/6: ECC Championship
England, BenEast Lyme10-00.01/17: East Coast Invite
Feitel, HunterXavier11-06.01/14: Hillhouse Varsity Night
Hagan, QuinnDaniel Hand10-00.02/6: SCC Championship
Harris, CarterBristol Eastern10-00.012/29/21: Saulsbury Invite
Hoffman, IanWoodstock Academy10-00.02/1: Bethel Last Chance Qualifier
Peters, TeddyDarien10-00.02/5: Last Chance Qualifier at Staples
Sanders, RyanSimsbury10-00.01/5: Wintergreen Invite
Sweat, TremayneHillhouse11-00.01/26: SCC East Championships
Vogel, NicholasEast Lyme11-00.01/8: ECC Dev Meet #4