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CIAC 2017-18 Class M Girls Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Girls 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (19) All Divisions (66)
Berlin1:53.62*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Branford1:59.12*12/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental 1
Brookfield1:58.67*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
East Lyme1:55.41*1/13: East Coast Invite
Hillhouse1:48.10*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Jonathan Law1:59.35*12/28/17: HK Invite
North Haven1:52.05*12/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental I
RHAM1:50.67*1/12: East Coast Invitational
Rocky Hill1:50.80*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Sacred Heart Academy1:51.19*1/5: Hispanic Games
Sheehan1:57.99*12/18/17: SCC Developmental #1
St. Joseph1:54.89*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Stonington1:56.77*1/6: Rhody Classic
Stratford2:00.00*1/15: Wesleyan SWC Developmental
Tolland1:58.71*1/6: 4th elm city relays
Waterford1:55.37*1/12: McReavy Invite
Watertown1:58.27*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Weston1:52.00*1/6: swc 1
Woodland1:55.87*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Girls 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (13) All Divisions (43)
Brookfield4:29.78*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
East Lyme4:19.16*1/13: East Coast Invite
Hillhouse4:07.77*12/19/17: Hillhouse Invite
New Fairfield4:37.61*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
North Haven4:32.74*1/6: Elm City Relays
RHAM4:33.16*1/6: Elm City Relays
Rocky Hill4:15.89*1/6: Elm City Relays
Sacred Heart Academy4:21.34*1/5: Hispanic Games
Stonington4:27.30*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Suffield4:31.38*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Tolland4:36.78*1/6: 4th elm city relays
Watertown4:35.91*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Weston4:20.35*1/6: swc1
Girls 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (13) All Divisions (41)
Lauralton Hall10:36.78*12/18/17: SCC Dev 1
Berlin10:33.02*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
East Lyme10:24.80*1/6: Rhody Indoor Classic
Hillhouse10:34.88*12/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Lewis Mills10:59.99*12/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
RHAM10:46.50*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier Meet
Rocky Hill10:31.89*12/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
Sacred Heart Academy11:00.00*1/12: McReavy
Stonington10:17.90*1/6: Rhody Classic
Suffield10:50.21*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Tolland10:53.83*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Watertown10:56.35*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Weston10:04.80*12/16/17: NH Invite
Girls Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (11) All Divisions (44)
Lauralton Hall4:42.85*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Bacon Academy4:41.22*1/6: Elm City Relay
East Lyme4:36.45*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Hillhouse4:23.86*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Foran4:48.43*1/8: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Rocky Hill4:25.00*12/29/17: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Sacred Heart Academy4:40.76*1/12: McReavy
Stonington4:35.21*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Tolland4:39.60*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Watertown4:47.89*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qual.
Weston4:43.95*1/13: scc Invite
Girls 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (62) All Divisions (175)
Airoldi, MarissaTolland8.11*1/6: 4th elm city relays
Ambrose, NyimahHillhouse7.53*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Andersen, GwenStonington7.80*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Anekwe, Chi-ChiStratford8.12*1/15: Wesleyan SWC Developmental
Baker, CaraTorrington8.03*12/27/17: JL
Bothwell, HaleySacred Heart Academy7.66*1/12: McReavy
Brown, ZyieraKaynor Tech7.84*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Bunovsky, GretchenMasuk8.00*1/6: swc #1
Cameron, AliyaSacred Heart Academy7.83*1/5: Hispanic Games
Clark, KaylaSt. Joseph8.04*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Colegrove, RachelMasuk8.00*1/15: swc #2
Connor, LainnieStonington8.09*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Curcio, SammyNorth Haven7.87*12/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental I
Czarnecki, MadisonRHAM7.79*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Czarnecki, MorganRHAM7.96*1/12: East Coast Invitational
Daunis, AlanaWilby8.06*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational Meet
Davis, D AvionPrince Tech7.83*1/15: Frosh/Soph Meet
Dennis, KathrynForan8.05*1/18: SCC Novice Meet
Deveau, SaigeEast Lyme7.70*12/16/17: ECC Developmental #1
Franceschi, SamanthaEast Haven8.08*1/8: S.C.C. Girls Developmental
Francois, KishaEast Haven7.54*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invitational at SCSU
Gable, CarlyNorthwestern7.73*1/7: James Barber Invite
Grant, RheaJonathan Law7.95*1/8: SCC Developmental Meet
Harris, VidaHillhouse8.04*12/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Ibrahim, AviannaBacon Academy8.14*1/6: Elm City Relay
Ingenito, JessicaBerlin8.11*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
Jones, AmariHillhouse8.13*12/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Jones, SophieSt. Joseph8.01*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Kave, BiancaSacred Heart Academy7.76*1/5: Hispanic Games
Kelly, JnayaEast Lyme7.90*12/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Keth, JenniferWaterford8.13*12/27/17: Bacon Invite
Kingsley, KatieRHAM8.05*1/12: East Coast Invitational
Konior, NoelleBerlin8.07*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
LaBonte, ZoraWaterford7.92*12/30/17: ECC Developmental
Lalonde, BridgetRHAM7.55*1/18: Wesleyan University Qualifier TandF Invitational #1
Lizotte, NicoleBacon Academy7.70*1/6: Elm City Relay
Lockery, RoseBranford8.05*12/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental 1
Mackay, MollyRHAM8.12*1/12: East Coast Invitational
Malloy, AzriaNonnewaug8.01*1/7: James Barber invite
Marriott, EricaNorth Haven7.48*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational
McCoy, CourtneyMasuk7.78*1/15: swc #2
McFarland, MeganMasuk7.96*1/6: swc #1
Michie, ErikaWoodland7.73*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Molloy, EmmaRocky Hill8.01*1/6: Elm City Relays
Moshier, ElleStratford8.06*1/15: Wesleyan SWC Developmental
Murray, MollyJonathan Law7.93*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Muscatello, MaxineBerlin8.00*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Nelson, AyeshaHillhouse7.40*1/5: Elm City Meet
Orleans-Onyina, LordinaRocky Hill8.08*12/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
Papa, LindseyTolland7.63*1/6: 4th elm city relays
Parchinski, EmilyBrookfield7.87*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Podeszwa, SophiaWaterford8.12*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Russell, EliseWeston7.92*12/28/17: SCSU
Shanelee, WaltersPrince Tech7.81*12/30/17: HPHS Meet#2
Shawah, ChloeMasuk8.00*1/15: swc wes #2
Sullivan, HannahRockville7.512/30/17: HPHS #2
Sztachelski, NicoleWeston7.93*12/28/17: SCSU
Toribio, AubryTorrington7.95*12/27/17: JL
Villano, AllisonSheehan8.07*1/8: SCC Developmental #2
Washington, KristenHillhouse7.90*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Wirth, JocelynJonathan Law7.93*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Xiarhos, NikkiBerlin7.96*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Girls 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (28) All Divisions (78)
Bolduc, KaleighStonington9.76*1/7: James Barber Invite
Brown, ZyieraKaynor Tech9.41*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Cameron, KaylaSacred Heart Academy10.07*1/8: SCC Developmental
Christie, NiaSt. Joseph9.46*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Cianciolo, AlexandraWoodland10.17*1/6: Elm City Relays
Connolly, KyraSheehan10.43*1/8: SCC Developmental #2
Crawford, OliviaLedyard10.41*1/6: URI Invite
Goddard, EmilyStratford10.30*1/15: Wesleyan SWC Developmental
Grover, PhoenixTolland10.25*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Harris, VidaHillhouse9.55*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Jefson, AlexandraStonington10.34*12/22/17: ECC Developmental 2
Johnson, OliviaSt. Joseph8.94*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Kavarsky, LexiBerlin10.29*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
LaBonte, ZoraWaterford9.71*1/12: McReavy Invite
Lavoie, JessicaNorthwestern10.31*1/18: Wesleyan night of sprints
Midolo, KellySheehan10.38*12/18/17: SCC Developmental #1
Millbach, AbigailLedyard10.23*12/22/17: East Lyme Meet 2
Nelson, AyeshaHillhouse8.70*1/5: Elm City Meet
Podeszwa, SophiaWaterford8.85*1/12: McReavy Invite
Rockwood, LindsayStonington10.16*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Santillo, NikkiSheehan9.81*12/18/17: SCC Developmental #1
Savage, JessicaBacon Academy10.11*1/6: Elm City Relay
Sharp, KarinnSuffield10.07*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Silva, RileyTorrington10.32*1/15: 9/10 meet
Sirianni, AlyssaRockville10.36*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Wasco, GabrielleJoel Barlow10.21*1/15: SWC Dev.
Woviotis, LexiStonington10.01*1/7: James Barber Invite
Zumerchik, GiselleNorth Haven9.36*1/6: Elm City Relays
Girls 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (42) All Divisions (146)
Ambrose, NyimahHillhouse43.11*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Andersen, GwenStonington46.65*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Bernabe, EmilySuffield46.46*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Bigelow, LaurenWeston44.95*1/13: scc Invite
Bower, VictoriaRocky Hill43.92*1/6: Elm City Relays
Boyd, JadaHillhouse43.80*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Brennan, JadeWoodland45.86*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Brown, AshleyNorth Haven44.25*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational
Cameron, AliyaSacred Heart Academy46.58*12/26/17: SCC Developmental
Cameron, MeaghanSacred Heart Academy43.71*1/8: SCC Developmental
Claude, LianteBranford43.53*12/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
Colegrove, RachelMasuk45.85*1/15: swc #2
Daunis, AlanaWilby46.57*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational Meet
Detwiler, MeganStonington46.98*1/6: Rhody Classic
Dubuc, OliviaSheehan44.88*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Dzenutis, SydneyNorthwestern45.01*1/18: Wesleyan night of sprints
Edwards, GiaJonathan Law46.86*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Fernandez, PaulineForan46.79*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Francois, KishaEast Haven46.60*1/8: S.C.C. Girls Developmental #2
Gable, CarlyNorthwestern46.60*1/18: Wesleyan night of sprints
Grant, RheaJonathan Law46.57*12/28/17: HK Invite
Harris, VidaHillhouse47.03*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Jones, SophieSt. Joseph46.40*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Kavarsky, LexiBerlin47.05*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
Konior, NoelleBerlin46.59*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
LaBonte, ZoraWaterford44.60*12/30/17: ECC Developmental
Mackay, MollyRHAM47.20*1/18: Wesleyan University Qualifier TandF Invitational
Mansfield, JuliaSheehan46.78*1/8: SCC Developmental #2
McCoy, CourtneyMasuk45.81*1/13: scc inv
Nelson, AyeshaHillhouse43.72*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Nelson-Mbiah, AudreyRocky Hill43.89*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Orleans-Onyina, LordinaRocky Hill43.53*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Parchinski, EmilyBrookfield45.46*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Podeszwa, SophiaWaterford45.75*1/5: Elm City Relays
Reagan, KateStonington46.43*12/22/17: ECC Developmental 2
Riccardi, VanessaNew Fairfield46.71*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Shawah, ChloeMasuk45.32*1/13: scc inv
Stroh, MeghanNew Fairfield46.12*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Sztachelski, NicoleWeston45.79*1/6: swc1
White, NyiaHillhouse42.22*1/8: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Xiarhos, NikkiBerlin46.03*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Zielinski, AvaWeston45.36*1/15: swc 2
Girls 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (24) All Divisions (88)
Agbayani, LauraEast Lyme1:47.68*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Bates, JuliaEast Lyme1:46.72*12/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Bedard, KaitlynTolland1:45.56*1/6: 4th elm city relays
Black, SaraiHillhouse1:49.33*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Boyd, JadaHillhouse1:39.89*1/8: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Cameron, MeaghanSacred Heart Academy1:44.56*12/26/17: SCC Developmental
Claude, LianteBranford1:44.78*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Daigle, CelinaLewis Mills1:50.24*12/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
Detwiler, JessicaStonington1:46.75*12/22/17: ECC Developmental 2
Detwiler, MeganStonington1:47.36*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Dubuc, OliviaSheehan1:44.39*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Gutowski, MichelleWeston1:47.64*1/15: swc 2
Mason, ClaireEast Lyme1:43.29*1/6: Rhody Indoor Classic
Monroe, MadisonBerlin1:50.00*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Murphy, KathleenWeston1:39.99*1/15: swc 2
sirowich, MegenWoodland1:49.95*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Small, EmmaStonington1:48.40*1/6: Rhody Classic
Sztachelski, NicoleWeston1:45.29*1/13: scc Invite
Taylor, SophieEast Lyme1:46.66*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Walker, EdithRHAM1:49.66*1/6: Elm City Relays
White, AnneRocky Hill1:48.49*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
White, NyiaHillhouse1:44.06*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Zaccagnini, EmmaWatertown1:46.25*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qual.
Zielinski, AvaWeston1:43.76*1/6: swc1
Girls 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (33) All Divisions (124)
Anderson, LilyStonington3:27.20*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Bates, JuliaEast Lyme3:26.65*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Bedard, KaitlynTolland3:22.05*12/28/17: HK invite
Berger, HeleneNonnewaug3:29.39*1/7: James Barber invite
Bussell, JulietBrookfield3:19.70*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Davis, De'JanayHillhouse3:18.42*12/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Devine, LilahRocky Hill3:11.15*1/6: Elm City Relays
Dzenutis, SydneyNorthwestern3:15.97*1/11: Wesleyan Distance meet
Fernandez, LouiseForan3:20.87*1/18: SCC Novice Meet
Goodwin, GillianEast Lyme3:22.59*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Gray, ElizabethStonington3:22.42*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Haythorn, NatalieWeston3:18.96*1/6: swc1
Kirvelevicius, RasaEast Lyme3:15.86*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Kleban, ElizaWeston3:20.76*1/15: swc 2
Lan, AliciaEast Lyme3:28.88*1/6: Rhody Indoor Invite
Mason, ClaireEast Lyme3:12.58*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Murphy, KathleenWeston3:04.86*1/13: scc Invite
Orr, LindseyStonington3:18.71*1/6: Rhody Classic
Ottowitz, BethanyWatertown3:24.68*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Perrotta, MeganBerlin3:22.25*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Stanio, KarissaSuffield3:30.21*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Sullivan, StephanieSacred Heart Academy3:23.65*1/8: SCC Developmental
Taylor, SophieEast Lyme3:25.41*12/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Thorp, ChristineSheehan3:28.87*12/18/17: SCC Developmental #1
Valente, MarenRocky Hill3:19.30*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Wald, LilyLauralton Hall3:18.88*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Walker, EdithRHAM3:24.78*12/28/17: HK Invitational
White, NyiaHillhouse3:15.21*12/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Wywoda, RachelLauralton Hall3:29.52*12/18/17: SCC Dev 1
Young, JadenWoodland3:29.04*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Zaccagnini, EmmaWatertown3:18.48*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Zeller, GabrielleSuffield3:28.36*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Zielinski, AvaWeston3:13.80*1/15: swc 2
Girls 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (25) All Divisions (116)
Berger, HeleneNonnewaug5:45.01*1/7: James Barber invite
Bussell, JulietBrookfield5:30.02*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Cancellieri, JulianaBerlin5:41.81*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
Cohen, KaylaNew Fairfield5:28.19*12/30/17: Hillhouse Qualifier Meet
Davis, De'JanayHillhouse5:28.18*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Devine, LilahRocky Hill5:30.29*1/12: McReavey Invitational
Goodwin, GillianEast Lyme5:46.88*1/13: East Coast Invite
Gubetta, ChristinaNorthwestern5:47.76*1/7: James Barber Invite
Hudson, HazelNew Fairfield5:46.39*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Kirvelevicius, RasaEast Lyme5:38.68*12/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Morehouse, CarolineStonington5:42.17*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Murphy, KathleenWeston5:17.67*1/6: swc1
Orr, LindseyStonington5:45.28*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Ottowitz, BethanyWatertown5:45.35*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Percy, KyleighRockville5:47.99*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Perrotta, MeganBerlin5:46.24*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Potticary, AbigailRHAM5:38.68*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Rodrigues, KathrynWolcott5:39.45*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Stanio, KarissaSuffield5:43.66*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Stockman, ElizabethRocky Hill5:13.43*12/29/17: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Sullivan, StephanieSacred Heart Academy5:48.00*1/8: SCC Developmental
Walker, LibbyRHAM5:45.00*1/6: Elm City Relays
Zaccagnini, EmmaWatertown5:46.18*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Zeller, GabrielleSuffield5:49.07*1/6: Elm City Relays
Zielinski, AvaWeston5:26.45*1/13: scc Invite
Girls 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (13) All Divisions (62)
Almeida, BrookeRHAM12:27.81*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier Meet#2
Berger, HeleneNonnewaug12:28.90*12/28/17: HK Invite
Bussell, JulietBrookfield12:01.45*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Cancellieri, JulianaBerlin12:02.06*12/16/17: New Haven Inv
Cohen, KaylaNew Fairfield11:42.27*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Davis, De'JanayHillhouse12:29.26*12/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Hudson, HazelNew Fairfield12:01.98*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Kirvelevicius, RasaEast Lyme12:31.61*1/6: Rhody Indoor Classic
Ottowitz, BethanyWatertown11:53.60*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Rodrigues, KathrynWolcott12:01.71*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Stockman, ElizabethRocky Hill11:24.58*1/6: Elm City Relays
Young, HaleySuffield12:39.64*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Zeller, GabrielleSuffield12:01.06*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Girls Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (36) All Divisions (83)
Bacon, CaitlinStratford28-08.01/6: Wesleyan SWC Developmental
Barringer, LauraMasuk29-03.001/13: scc inv
Boccamazzo, GinaJonathan Law29-00.2512/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Bouffard, SarahNorth Haven28-02.01/6: Elm City Relays
Brown, AmandaSheehan30-08.001/8: SCC Developmental #2
Cerra, SamanthaTolland29-10.51/13: SCC coaches invite
Christensen, SarahEast Lyme28-10.001/6: Rhody Indoor Classic
Coggins, EmmaSuffield29-00.012/16/17: HPHS #1
Conde, AlezandriaKillingly32-10.51/6: Elm City Relays
Diamanti, EmmaStonington32-06.501/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Donaldson, SharmaineHillhouse29-10.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Edjah, MaameSacred Heart Academy29-08.5012/29/17: SCC Developmental
Emanuel, JacalinLauralton Hall29-02.01/13: Scc Coaches Invite
Facchini, OliviaEast Lyme33-06.0012/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Foster, JamieEast Lyme34-02.0012/16/17: ECC Developmental #1
Fox, AlexiaTorrington36-03.012/27/17: JL
Hammar, IsabelleLedyard28-08.012/16/17: East Lyme Meet 1
Hunter, SavannahEast Lyme29-01.0012/16/17: ECC Developmental #1
Jax, TaylorKillingly32-07.012/27/17: Jack Long
Karosas, DianaBranford29-01.001/8: SCC Girls Developmental 2
Lichvar, AlexandraMasuk28-05.251/6: swc #1
Mars, GwynethJoel Barlow30-09.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
McCarthy, JennaSheehan28-04.512/18/17: SCC Developmental #1
McCown, JalynnHillhouse35-09.5012/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Mello, SydneyLewis Mills35-07.512/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
michie, JasmineWoodland35-06.512/16/17: Reindeer Relays
Moore, LeahHillhouse35-03.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Perry, AlixTolland31-00.01/13: SCC coaches invite
Persico, KristenWoodland31-09.5012/28/17: HK Invitational
Rolon, NatalieBacon Academy30-00.01/5: Elm City Relay
Rose, MayaEast Lyme28-04.001/9: Snowflake Invite
Rosen, AydneyKillingly28-09.01/6: Elm City Relays
Shaw, CameronSuffield28-11.01/6: Elm City Relays
Williams, EmaniHillhouse28-05.01/13: East Coast Invite
Winters, ShawnaJonathan Law30-02.51/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Wolcheski, RileySheehan29-00.512/28/17: HK Invitational
Girls Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (24) All Divisions (89)
Ambrose, NyimahHillhouse16-03.012/26/17: North Shore Invite
Burgess, AlexisEast Lyme16-07.501/13: East Coast Invite
Christie, NiaSt. Joseph14-11.501/6: Staples High School
Cianciolo, AlexandraWoodland14-11.0012/28/17: HK Invitational
DeJesus, KelseyWatertown15-03.512/28/17: HK Invitational
Francois, KishaEast Haven16-02.01/13: S.C.C. Coaches Invite
Gagnon, CarolineKillingly15-09.01/6: Elm City Relays
Greene, HannahWeston15-00.01/6: swc1
Johnson, OliviaSt. Joseph16-06.751/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Kelly, JnayaEast Lyme14-09.0012/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Lamb, HannahStonington14-06.501/6: Rhody Classic
Marks, JacquelineHillhouse15-03.012/18/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Marriott, EricaNorth Haven16-03.01/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational
McFarland, MeganMasuk14-10.001/13: scc inv
Rico, SophiaWeston15-08.01/13: scc Invite
Russell, EliseWeston15-01.01/15: swc 2
Sahirul, CamilleNorth Haven15-04.512/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental I
Shaw, CameronSuffield15-04.751/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Smith, ShaynaHillhouse14-08.012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Sullivan, HannahRockville14-07.012/30/17: HPHS #2
Tolentino, ElisaSheehan16-04.7512/28/17: HK Invitational
Torres, AndriaJonathan Law14-06.512/18/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Washington, KristenHillhouse15-07.012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Zumerchik, GiselleNorth Haven15-02.512/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental I
Girls High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (13) All Divisions (66)
Christie, NiaSt. Joseph5-02.01/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Greene, HannahWeston5-00.01/15: swc 2
Hulzman, RachelKillingly4-10.01/6: Elm City Relays
Karosas, DianaBranford5-00.0012/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental 1
Lizotte, NicoleBacon Academy4-08.01/6: Elm City Relay
Lokken, EllieWaterford4-08.012/27/17: Bacon Invite
Lottridge, AbigailEast Lyme4-10.0012/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Mazzucco, MollyEast Haven4-10.012/28/17: Wilton Wright Invitational at SCSU
Mroczkowski, PatriciaBerlin5-04.0012/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
Rancourt, LaurenMasuk4-08.001/15: swc wes #2
Shaw, CameronSuffield4-10.012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
St. Louis, TiannaTolland5-00.012/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Sureshanand, SnehaMasuk4-10.001/13: scc inv
Girls Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (18) All Divisions (39)
Airoldi, MarissaTolland8-06.01/6: Elm City Relays
Cameron, KaylaSacred Heart Academy8-00.01/12: McReavy
Connolly, KyraSheehan8-06.001/8: SCC Developmental #2
DeJesus, KelseyWatertown8-03.01/7: James Barber Invitational
Donohue, KeeganStonington8-00.0012/22/17: ECCDevelopmental 2
Esch, MarleySheehan8-00.01/8: SCC Developmental #2
Karosas, DianaBranford8-06.0012/18/17: SCC Girls Developmental 1
Kluge, KaitlinEast Lyme7-06.0012/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Lokken, EllieWaterford7-06.012/27/17: Bacon Invite
Matsuoka, KatieJoel Barlow8-00.012/28/17: W.Wright
Noreika, EmilieWoodland7-06.0012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Pedro, AmandaRHAM7-06.0012/28/17: HK Invitational
Phoenix, StephanieSheehan9-06.001/5: 4th Elm City Relays
Rico, SophiaWeston9-06.01/6: swc1
Russell, EliseWeston9-06.01/6: swc1
Smith, CalliNorthwestern7-06.01/7: James Barber Invite
Tartsinis, EmilyWindham7-06.001/9: Snowflake Invitational
Wirtz, BridgetBranford10-00.001/8: SCC Girls Developmental 2