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CIAC 2017-18 Class M Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (21) All Divisions (80)
Avon1:44.49*1/13: SCC Coaches’ Invitational
Bacon Academy1:39.32*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Branford1:43.54*12/19/17: SCC Boys DEV. One
Brookfield1:42.22*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
East Lyme1:40.28*1/6: Rhody Classic
Hillhouse1:36.40*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Jonathan Law1:35.77*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Ledyard1:38.48*1/9: Snowflake Invite
New London1:41.23*1/6: URI Classic
Northwestern1:39.912/21/17: 1st annual cross town rivalry Inddor/outdoor shortest day of the year dual
Platt1:44.85*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Rockville1:42.70*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Rocky Hill1:42.63*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Sheehan1:42.66*1/5: 4th Elm City Relays
St. Joseph1:38.14*12/18/17: Relay Buster Invitational
Stonington1:37.11*12/27/17: RI Classic
Suffield1:41.31*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Tolland1:42.25*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Torrington1:37.35*1/6: ECR
Watertown1:41.93*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Weston1:37.45*1/6: swc 1
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (12) All Divisions (46)
Avon3:48.90*1/13: SCC Coaches’ Invitational
Bacon Academy3:54.87*1/13: SCC Invitational
Brookfield3:54.88*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
East Lyme3:40.41*1/13: East Coast Invite
Hillhouse3:28.45*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Jonathan Law3:44.38*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet
Sheehan3:47.39*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Stonington3:39.72*12/22/17: ECC Developmental 2
Suffield3:49.52*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Tolland3:52.20*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Watertown3:53.24*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Weston3:37.84*1/6: swc 1
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (13) All Divisions (45)
Avon9:01.12*1/13: SCC Coaches’ Invitational
Berlin9:09.61*12/29/17: Hillhouse Q Meet
East Lyme9:01.12*1/13: East Coast Invite
Guilford9:09.50*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier
Hillhouse8:31.41*12/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Jonathan Law8:57.70*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Ledyard9:00.43*1/9: Snowflake Invite
New Fairfield8:32.84*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Stonington8:49.97*1/6: Rhody Classic
Suffield8:25.77*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Tolland8:34.95*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Watertown8:59.78*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Weston8:39.00*12/16/17: NH Invite
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (14) All Divisions (48)
Bacon Academy3:59.16*1/6: Elm City Relays
Branford3:51.50*1/9: SCC Boys Dev. II.
East Lyme3:44.45*12/28/17: RI Classic
Guilford3:54.93*1/9: SCC Dev 2
Hillhouse3:43.99*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Jonathan Law3:54.50*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet
Ledyard3:49.68*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Sheehan3:58.90*1/5: 4th Elm City Relays
St. Joseph3:51.47*12/18/17: Relay Buster Invitational
Stonington3:40.12*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Suffield3:50.66*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Tolland3:56.87*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Watertown3:59.88*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Weston3:45.39*1/13: scc Invite
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (41) All Divisions (152)
Beckloff, ShayneWaterford6.95*1/12: McReavy Invite
Bernick, JosephSheehan7.13*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Brown, TravonLedyard7.09*1/6: URI Invite
Bruce-Tagoe, KarlSt. Joseph7.06*1/18: Wesleyan TandF Qualifier
Cheung, JoshuaBrookfield6.90*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Curtin, JoshuaStonington7.02*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Devone, JahmikLedyard7.06*12/16/17: East Lyme Meet 1
Donaldson, JayEast Haven6.66*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invitational at SCSU
Dowd, PatrickEast Lyme6.95*1/13: East Coast Invite
Dufane, CyrusStratford6.82*1/15: Wesleyan SWC Developmental
Eley, NealHillhouse6.83*12/19/17: Hillhouse Invite
Estefani, ChristianTorrington6.95*1/6: ECR
Hatajik, DylanEast Lyme6.68*12/22/17: ECC Dev Meet
Ingram, JordanEast Haven6.88*1/9: S.C.C. Boy's Developmental #2
Johnson, JelaniKillingly7.11*1/6: Elm City Relays
Macaay, CarlosBranford7.10*12/19/17: SCC Boys DEV. One
Mallory, TerronHillhouse6.73*12/19/17: SCC Developmental
Marcus, JahydeNew London7.07*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Muzsi, AdamRockville6.91*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Myrie, DylanTorrington6.83*12/27/17: JL
Oleynick, AndrewWeston7.03*12/28/17: scsu
Petriel, RobbieLedyard7.07*12/16/17: East Lyme Meet 1
Plaskon, MichaelJonathan Law6.74*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet
Poole, DeshauneHillhouse6.89*12/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL 1
Pratcher, AlexJonathan Law6.74*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Shirden, JadenSt. Joseph6.87*1/15: Hillhouse Froshmore Inivitational
Skopas, NathanRHAM7.13*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Skowronski, JosephWatertown7.03*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Smith, ChristopherWaterford7.10*12/27/17: Bacon Invite
Smith, JamesLedyard7.01*12/30/17: East Lyme Meet 3
Sondak, CoreyGuilford6.63*1/9: SCC Dev 2
Stebbins, WalkerJonathan Law7.14*1/18: SCC Novice Meet
Strzepa, TimNorthwestern6.98*1/18: wesleyan night of sprints
Torrence Robinson, NaszierHillhouse7.00*12/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL 1
Warren, DarrenSt. Joseph6.98*1/18: Wesleyan TandF Qualifier
Washington, NaheimJonathan Law6.81*12/28/17: HK Invite
Weber, JamesonNorthwestern6.712/21/17: 1st annual cross town rivalry Inddor/outdoor shortest day of the year dual
Weretelnik, NicholasNorthwestern7.13*1/7: James Barber Invite
Whalen, CameronStonington6.87*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Wharton Gardner, John THillhouse7.01*12/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL 1
Wiltshire, CollinLedyard7.12*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (20) All Divisions (73)
Beck, JordanJonathan Law8.18*12/28/17: HK Invite
Cassol, JohnWeston8.63*1/15: swc 2
Chicha, SamuelWeston8.86*1/6: swc 1
Chilamkurthi, AkhilEast Lyme8.90*1/13: East Coast Invite
Gable, AaronNorthwestern8.34*1/18: wesleyan night of sprints
Hall, MylesSt. Joseph8.35*1/18: Wesleyan TandF Qualifier
Joseph, RaphaelHillhouse8.57*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Kennedy, BrianWeston8.31*12/28/17: SCSU
Kern, NickSheehan8.95*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Lopez Garcia, EnriqueWindham8.30*1/13: SCC Invitational
Onyejekwe, BrandonRocky Hill8.96*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Pegg, CamdynSheehan8.71*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Poole, DeshauneHillhouse7.74*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Rudzinsky, JaredStonington8.83*12/22/17: ECC Developmental 2
Sharp, JaredSuffield8.90*1/6: Elm City Relays
Smith, JasonJonathan Law8.79*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Smith, ShaneStonington8.72*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Whalen, CameronStonington7.83*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Wharton Gardner, John THillhouse8.18*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Wiltshire, CollinLedyard8.52*1/6: URI Invite
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (37) All Divisions (142)
Arnold, RyanWatertown39.73*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qual.
Bekele, ManassehHillhouse36.49*12/19/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Benjamin, NicholasStonington38.41*1/6: Rhody Classic
Caouette, KeithWatertown39.50*1/15: Frosh / Soph Meet at Hillhouse
Cohen, HenryWeston38.73*1/15: swc 2
Cotnoir, AlekSuffield39.18*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Coughlin, ChrisSt. Joseph39.73*1/18: Wesleyan TandF Qualifier
Devone, JahmikLedyard38.49*12/30/17: East Lyme Meet 3
Dowd, PatrickEast Lyme37.94*1/6: Rhody Classic
Dowd, WillBacon Academy39.71*1/13: SCC Invitational
Edwards, BlakeStonington39.30*12/30/17: ECC Dev #3
Eley, NealHillhouse39.37*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Franco, DaltonEast Lyme39.58*1/6: Rhody Classic
Goodman, BaruchWeston38.09*1/6: swc 1
Graham, BenjaminWatertown39.19*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Hammond, RhysStonington38.09*12/30/17: ECC Dev #3
Hart, BlaneEast Lyme38.08*12/22/17: ECC Dev Meet
Hatajik, DylanEast Lyme37.08*12/22/17: ECC Dev Meet
Hinckley, JosephStonington38.53*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Ingram, JordanEast Haven38.50*1/9: S.C.C. Boy's Developmental
Lewis, JonLewis Mills37.20*12/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
McBride, TalibHillhouse37.07*1/9: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
McCauley, RyanEast Lyme39.53*12/16/17: ECC Dev Meet
Mudgett, JohnLewis Mills37.81*12/16/17: 16th Hillhouse Invitational
Muzsi, AdamRockville39.27*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Noniewicz, BradyBacon Academy38.87*1/13: SCC Invitational
Northrop, JosephTolland39.65*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Poole, DeshauneHillhouse36.36*1/9: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Rajamanickam, AnishAvon38.25*12/16/17: Hill House Invitational
Smith, JamesLedyard39.47*1/6: URI Invite
Thompson, NaseemTorrington38.7*1/6: ECR
Titus, AnthonyWindham38.04*12/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
Torrence Robinson, NaszierHillhouse38.82*12/19/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Weretelnik, NicholasNorthwestern38.73*12/28/17: HK Invite
Whalen, CameronStonington36.39*12/30/17: ECC Dev #3
Wilson, WillTorrington39.07*12/27/17: JL
Zannis, MichaelSt. Joseph37.68*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse TandF Invitational
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (45) All Divisions (113)
Abbey, ChristopherEast Lyme1:32.36*12/22/17: ECC Dev Meet
Arnold, RyanWatertown1:30.77*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Avena, RobertEast Lyme1:32.21*1/6: Rhody Classic
Bekele, ManassehHillhouse1:25.29*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Cotnoir, AlekSuffield1:30.15*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Edwards, BlakeStonington1:28.64*1/6: Rhody Classic
Englander, KyleSuffield1:30.712/16/17: HPHS #1
Eschinger, MckendryGuilford1:33.94*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier
Flynn, ChaseStonington1:28.00*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Gardiner, BenjaminSheehan1:31.16*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Genovese, RyanBrookfield1:33.34*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Hammond, RhysStonington1:27.45*12/22/17: ECC Developmental
Hawkins, PascalWeston1:30.20*1/13: scc Invite
Korczynski, AlexanderWindham1:29.17*12/16/17: ECC #1
Krystofik, KyleBacon Academy1:34.07*1/13: SCC Invitational
Kung, MatthewEast Lyme1:32.04*1/6: Rhody Classic
Laliberte, MatthewBacon Academy1:33.64*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Lambert, JeroldNew Fairfield1:27.40*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Lautenbach, TimWeston1:26.67*1/15: swc 2
LaValla, JoeySuffield1:33.05*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Maldonado, JonathanWolcott1:27.62*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Marino, MattJonathan Law1:26.54*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Martens, JacobTolland1:33.33*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Mastroianni, MarzioBranford1:30.21*1/9: SCC Boys Dev. II.
McBride, TalibHillhouse1:25.60*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
McCauley, RyanEast Lyme1:24.89*1/6: Rhody Classic
McCracken, NathanLedyard1:34.24*12/22/17: East Lyme Meet 2
Miller, CamSuffield1:31.43*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Miller, ChristianBranford1:34.07*12/19/17: SCC Boys DEV. One
Noniewicz, BradyBacon Academy1:33.70*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Parris, SchylerBrookfield1:31.84*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Polletta, JohnathanWatertown1:33.77*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Roethlein, MatthewWoodstock Academy1:33.36*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Saluzzi, JeremyJoel Barlow1:28.67*1/15: SWC Dev.
Sasaoglu, MaherJonathan Law1:31.06*12/28/17: HK Invite
Scott, MatthewWeston1:26.83*1/6: swc 1
Sfakios, AllenWindham1:31.62*1/9: Snow flake invite @ Wesleyan
Sharp, JaredSuffield1:26.54*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Shriffin, JacobGuilford1:28.33*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier
Smith, WillGuilford1:28.33*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier
Stokesbury, JackAvon1:30.58*12/16/17: Hill House Invitational
Thompson, DaleHillhouse1:30.60*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Titus, AnthonyWindham1:27.46*1/6: Rhode Island Classic
Walters, JoeGuilford1:32.14*1/9: SCC Dev 2
Werner, RyanWeston1:30.42*12/28/17: SCSU
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (26) All Divisions (85)
Abbey, ChristopherEast Lyme2:51.42*12/16/17: ECC Dev Meet #2
Bekele, ManassehHillhouse2:40.95*12/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Cox, ColbyBrookfield2:51.22*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Edwards, BlakeStonington2:49.20*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Englander, KyleSuffield2:43.18*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Flynn, ChaseStonington2:51.44*12/16/17: ECC Developmental
Hammond, RhysStonington2:37.74*1/6: Rhody Classic
Hatch, DavidTolland2:40.47*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Janus, AndrewBacon Academy2:50.30*12/16/17: First E.C.C. Developmental Meet
Korczynski, AlexanderWindham2:31.98*1/13: SCC Invitational
Laliberte, MatthewBacon Academy2:49.14*1/13: SCC Invitational
Lautenbach, TimWeston2:32.43*1/13: scc Invite
Mastroianni, MarzioBranford2:46.99*12/19/17: SCC Boys DEV. One
McBride, TalibHillhouse2:50.58*12/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
McCauley, RyanEast Lyme2:47.60*12/16/17: ECC Dev Meet
McCracken, NathanLedyard2:51.82*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
McNamee, KillianTolland2:44.36*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Miller, CamSuffield2:49.52*12/16/17: HPHS #1
Parris, JadonBrookfield2:50.54*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Saluzzi, JeremyJoel Barlow2:49.08*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Scott, MatthewWeston2:44.23*1/15: swc 2
Sharp, JaredSuffield2:46.29*12/16/17: HPHS #1
Sutton, StephenTolland2:41.60*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Wehelie, SamatarSuffield2:50.56*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Whittaker, SamuelEast Lyme2:42.00*12/16/17: ECC Dev Meet
Yung, ZacharyWeston2:46.15*1/13: scc Invite
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (32) All Divisions (113)
Abbey, ChristopherEast Lyme4:47.68*1/6: Rhody Classic
Alexander, NolanTolland4:53.85*12/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Arcata, EthanRocky Hill4:53.24*1/6: Elm City Relays
Bekele, ManassehHillhouse4:35.80*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Caryward, JacksonTolland4:48.24*12/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Davidson, NateSuffield4:48.76*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Englander, KyleSuffield4:41.71*1/6: Elm City Relays
Fengler, StephenSheehan4:47.91*1/5: 4th Elm City Relays
Finck, DanielBrookfield4:52.92*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Finck, StephenBrookfield4:51.16*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Gerow, JacobTolland4:54.97*12/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Golino, AnthonyNew Fairfield4:35.71*12/30/17: Hillhouse Qualifier Meet
Hatch, DavidTolland4:48.52*12/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Janus, AndrewBacon Academy4:39.79*1/13: SCC Invitational
Kaeslin, NeilWeston4:52.70*12/28/17: SCSU
Kaisen, BrennanGuilford4:50.61*1/7: James Barber Invite
King, ZacharyLedyard4:31.72*1/6: URI Invite
Korczynski, AlexanderWindham4:19.19*1/6: Rhode Island Classic
Lagana, MatthewWeston4:51.30*12/16/17: NH Invite
Lautenbach, TimWeston4:27.94*12/16/17: NH Invite
Mastroianni, MarzioBranford4:42.00*12/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
McNamee, KillianTolland4:47.37*12/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Miller, CamSuffield4:48.62*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Nyklicek, MatthewAvon4:50.26*1/13: SCC Coaches’ Invitational
Paolangeli, NathanTolland4:43.21*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Preneta, KevinForan4:42.06*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Roethlein, MatthewWoodstock Academy4:53.48*1/6: URI Indoor Track Classic
Saluzzi, JeremyJoel Barlow4:50.96*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Sauter, AlecTolland4:44.37*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Sutton, StephenTolland4:43.93*12/16/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Wehelie, SamatarSuffield4:50.58*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Whittaker, SamuelEast Lyme4:37.84*1/13: East Coast Invite
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (22) All Divisions (68)
Arcata, EthanRocky Hill10:10.89*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Bendtsen, NicholasWolcott10:30.52*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Caryward, JacksonTolland10:19.47*1/6: Elm City Relays
Dillon, ElijahGuilford10:27.50*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Englander, KyleSuffield10:03.45*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Fengler, StephenSheehan10:18.60*1/5: 4th Elm City Relays
Finck, DanielBrookfield10:29.50*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Finck, StephenBrookfield10:17.27*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Gerow, JacobTolland10:19.73*1/6: Elm City Relays
Golino, AnthonyNew Fairfield10:04.16*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Hatch, DavidTolland10:16.98*1/6: Elm City Relays
Janus, AndrewBacon Academy10:24.91*1/9: Snowflake Invite
King, ZacharyLedyard10:05.82*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Korczynski, AlexanderWindham9:25.41*1/13: SCC Invitational
Lautenbach, TimWeston9:50.30*12/16/17: NH Invite
McNamee, KillianTolland9:50.59*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Paolangeli, NathanTolland10:17.33*1/6: Elm City Relays
Parris, JadonBrookfield10:24.22*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Sauter, AlecTolland10:17.59*1/6: Elm City Relays
Sutton, StephenTolland10:04.81*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Wehelie, SamatarSuffield10:15.43*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Whittaker, SamuelEast Lyme10:12.03*1/13: East Coast Invite
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (20) All Divisions (79)
Abe, JustinJonathan Law42-11.51/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Barbosa Torres, NatanaelWindham46-06.251/13: SCC Invitational
Bharara, AshiespalTorrington38-00.2512/27/17: JL
Bovino, StevenStonington38-00.0012/30/17: ECC Dev #3
Browning, MichaelRHAM59-06.501/12: East Coast Invitational
DelGrosso, GraysonStonington48-00.0012/22/17: ECC Developmental 2
Dumas, MArkWoodstock Academy49-11.512/30/17: ECC Developmental Meet #3
Elmady, KhaledBrookfield47-11.51/6: SWC Developmental 1
Gargano, SheldonJonathan Law42-07.512/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Gibbs, AdamStonington40-04.001/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Highman, SamEast Lyme42-09.251/13: East Coast Invite
Martindale, CyleSheehan42-04.012/28/17: HK Invitational
Morton, JoshuaEast Lyme38-07.251/13: East Coast Invite
Mueller, JakeStonington39-00.001/7: James Barber Invite
Patel, JeetSheehan38-10.501/5: 4th Elm City Relays
Paulus, AndrewJonathan Law38-06.512/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Rose, ConnorGuilford39-01.01/9: SCC Dev 2
Snide, RobertWolcott40-09.512/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Williams, JermaineSt. Joseph39-09.001/11: Wesleyan TandF Qualifier
Zannis, MichaelSt. Joseph42-00.2512/18/17: Relay Buster Invitational
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (20) All Divisions (88)
Attardo, NicholasRockville18-09.0012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Beck, JordanJonathan Law20-00.012/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Chicha, SamuelWeston20-06.01/13: scc Invite
Eley, NealHillhouse21-00.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Fisk, AlexJonathan Law19-04.01/18: SCC Novice Meet
Hatajik, DylanEast Lyme21-01.251/13: East Coast Invite
Joseph, RaphaelHillhouse19-02.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Luddy, MaxwellSheehan18-10.251/9: SCC Developmental #2
Mallory, TerronHillhouse19-09.012/19/17: East Coast Invite
Myrie, DylanTorrington21-00.512/27/17: JL
Parrilla, HaydenStonington20-00.501/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Petriel, RobbieLedyard19-09.01/9: Snowflake Invite
Post, WadeStonington19-10.001/6: Rhody Classic
Senderoff, PrestonWolcott18-09.512/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Thompson, NaseemTorrington20-03.751/6: ECR
Tilsch, ZacharyAvon18-11.01/13: SCC Coaches’ Invitational
Whalen, CameronStonington18-08.7512/16/17: ECC Developmental
Wiltshire, CollinLedyard19-02.2512/16/17: East Lyme Meet 1
Young, AaronBacon Academy18-09.01/9: Snowflake Invite
Zych, OliverWeston18-10.512/16/17: NH Invite
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (7) All Divisions (50)
Chicha, SamuelWeston6-00.012/16/17: NH Invite
McBride, TalibHillhouse5-10.012/19/17: SCC DEVELOPMENTAL
Metviner, ElliotWeston5-08.012/16/17: NH Invite
Post, WadeStonington5-08.0012/16/17: ECC Developmental
Smith, ChristopherWaterford5-08.012/27/17: Bacon Invite
Wiltshire, CollinLedyard5-08.012/30/17: East Lyme Meet 3
Zych, OliverWeston5-10.012/28/17: SCSU
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class M Only (26) All Divisions (62)
Abu-Rahmeh, JamesRHAM11-00.01/18: Wesleyan Track and Field Qualifier Meet 1
Andrews, josephEast Lyme11-06.012/30/17: ECC Dev Meet #3
Beck, JordanJonathan Law11-06.012/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet
Bigelow, MatthewWeston10-06.01/15: swc 2
Blumenstock, MichaelWeston10-00.01/6: swc 1
Burns, WilliamLedyard10-00.012/30/17: East Lyme Meet 3
Campos, VaughnWeston11-06.01/6: swc 1
Chilamkurthi, AkhilEast Lyme11-06.012/16/17: ECC Dev Meet #2
Clinton, AustinForan10-00.012/28/17: 2nd Wilton Wright Invitational
Constantini, NicholasForan12-00.01/9: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Dombrowski, JustinBranford10-00.012/19/17: SCC Boys DEV. One
Graham, BenjaminWatertown12-00.01/9: Snowflake Invitational
Hinckley, JosephStonington13-00.0012/16/17: ECC Developmental
Johnston, AaronTolland12-06.01/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Kropiwnicki, AidanBranford12-00.012/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
LaValla, JoeySuffield10-00.01/9: Snowflake Invitational
Lewis, ChristopherWeston11-06.01/13: scc Invite
Rivera, GregorioWindham11-06.001/13: SCC Invitational
Sharp, JaredSuffield11-06.012/28/17: HK Invitational
Shirk, JonathanWatertown10-00.01/7: James Barber Invitational
Smith, ShaneStonington13-00.0012/30/17: ECC Dev #3
Stuart, KyleForan12-00.01/9: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Sylvia, ColeJoel Barlow10-00.001/15: SWC Dev.
Weber, JamesonNorthwestern11-06.01/7: James Barber Invite
Young, AaronBacon Academy12-06.012/30/17: E.C.C. Developmental
Zych, OliverWeston11-06.012/28/17: SCSU