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CIAC 2017-18 Class L Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (19) All Divisions (80)
Amity1:35.93*1/13: SCC Coaches invite
Bristol Central1:37.25*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Bunnell1:34.33*1/15: Wesleyan
Crosby1:41.26*1/19: Yale Classic
E.O. Smith1:44.00*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Fitch1:38.19*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Hartford Public1:35.38*1/6: 4th Elm City Relays
Kennedy1:44.69*12/29/17: 2nd Hillhouse Track and Field Qualifier Meet
Masuk1:36.07*1/13: scc inv
Middletown1:39.25*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Naugatuck1:38.21*1/5: 2nd James Barber Invitational
New Milford1:37.80*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
North Haven1:41.75*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational
Notre Dame-West Haven1:44.35*1/5: Hispanic Games NYC
Pomperaug1:37.78*1/15: SWC Development #2
Wilbur Cross1:37.47*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Wilby1:42.82*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Windsor1:34.02*1/6: US Army Hispanic Games
Hall1:35.75*1/12: McReavy
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (13) All Divisions (46)
Bristol Central3:40.29*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Bunnell3:49.93*1/15: Wesleyan
Crosby3:48.68*1/19: Yale Classic
Daniel Hand3:36.18*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Fitch3:44.21*1/19: Yale Invitational
Hartford Public3:44.512/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Masuk3:44.66*1/6: swc #1
Middletown3:51.37*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invitational
North Haven3:54.49*1/6: Elm City Relays
Notre Dame-West Haven3:52.20*1/9: SCC Developmental
Wilbur Cross3:42.20*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Windsor3:34.94*1/6: US Army Hispanic Games
Hall3:41.50*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (11) All Divisions (45)
Amity8:51.04*12/19/17: SCC Developmental 1
Bristol Central8:57.84*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Fitch8:52.81*1/19: Yale Invitational
Kennedy8:37.77*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Middletown8:41.96*1/19: Yale Track Classic
North Haven8:58.16*12/19/17: SCC Boys Developmental I
Notre Dame-West Haven9:09.56*12/19/17: SCC Developmental
Pomperaug9:06.52*1/15: SWC Development #2
Wethersfield9:03.68*1/12: McReavy Invitatational
Wilbur Cross8:43.65*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Hall8:25.02*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (12) All Divisions (48)
Bristol Central3:55.85*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Crosby3:55.47*1/12: McReavy Invite
E.O. Smith3:59.98*1/13: SCC invitation
Fitch3:49.87*12/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
Kennedy3:59.27*1/5: 4th Elm City Relays
Masuk3:50.19*1/6: swc #1
New Milford3:57.36*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Notre Dame-West Haven3:54.32*1/5: Hispanic Games NYC
Pomperaug3:56.13*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invitational
Wilbur Cross3:50.83*12/28/17: RI Classic
Windsor3:45.85*12/30/17: Hillhouse TF Qualifier
Hall3:45.63*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (33) All Divisions (152)
Albo, AdrianFitch6.83*12/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
Barnes, JasiahWilbur Cross7.00*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Bradshaw, DeShaunMiddletown6.66*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Bradshaw, TreyMiddletown6.74*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Campbell, LeonHartford Public6.61*1/6: 4th Elm City Relays
Cineus, JonathanBunnell6.95*1/15: Wesleyan
Cole, MarcusFitch7.02*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Dandridge, GarrettMiddletown6.56*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invitational
Dibenedetto, JosephAmity6.97*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Fournier, MarkNewington6.98*1/18: Wesleyan
Freeman, JayvonWilbur Cross6.74*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Gayle, Le-AndreWindsor7.02*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Gordon, ArielAmity7.04*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Grate, MalcolmHartford Public6.78*1/6: 4th Elm City Relays
Gray, DonnieWilbur Cross6.91*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Gross, TheodoreMasuk7.00*1/13: scc inv
Henry, ElijahBunnell6.79*1/15: Wesleyan
Johnson, PaulAmity6.89*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Jones, JasynWilbur Cross6.87*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Kanter, ThomasAmity7.04*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Lim, AnthonyHall6.93*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Mahony, ConorMasuk6.75*1/15: swc wes #2
Mastrorocco, MaxwellMasuk6.65*1/15: swc wes #2
McKitty, DylenWilby6.94*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational Meet
Mosley, AlexanderBunnell6.99*1/15: Wesleyan
N'Dabian, ChristBunnell6.73*1/15: Wesleyan
Parks, AmeenDaniel Hand6.91*1/12: McReavy Invite
Rivera, YovanHall6.90*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Satchell, LawrenceHartford Public6.812/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Seeger, ArenNaugatuck6.89*1/5: 2nd James Barber Invitational
Snipes, JianniNorth Haven7.04*1/9: SCC Developmental II
Stigler, KobeE.O. Smith6.97*1/13: SCC invitation
West, NigelBristol Central6.87*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (14) All Divisions (73)
Alves, EthanFitch8.94*1/15: 3rd Frosh and Soph Meet
Domonkos, BrandonWethersfield9.02*1/12: McReavy Invitatational
Exantus, RamsleyBunnell8.15*1/15: Wesleyan
Farley, RobertNorth Haven8.87*12/19/17: SCC Boys Developmental I
Koslosky, ZacharyNaugatuck8.94*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
McGeary, GreysonDaniel Hand8.74*1/9: SCC Dev. I
Navedo, JoseBristol Central8.55*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Ortiz, ElijahBristol Central8.25*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Papa, RichardAmity8.40*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Powell, RussellDaniel Hand8.67*1/9: SCC Dev. I
Reid, RyanWindsor8.75*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invite
Sawicki, JasonNotre Dame-West Haven8.90*12/30/17: Wintergreen Meet
Seeger, ArenNaugatuck7.90*1/12: McReavey Invitational
Torres, JayminMiddletown8.45*12/16/17: New Haven Invitational
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (30) All Divisions (142)
Albo, AdrianFitch39.24*12/22/17: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Chastain, LukeNew Milford39.11*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Colbert, ChristopherWilton35.46*12/30/17: Marine Corps Classic
Dandridge, GarrettMiddletown35.71*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Exantus, RamsleyBunnell38.94*1/6: Wesleyan
Figueroa, AntonyoFitch38.81*12/22/17: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Freeman, JayvonWilbur Cross39.67*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Gayle, Le-AndreWindsor38.18*1/15: Freshmen/Sophomore Invite
Grate, MalcolmHartford Public39.44*1/6: 4th Elm City Relays
Henry, ElijahBunnell38.68*1/15: Wesleyan
Holliday, CordellWindsor39.31*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Holly, JackDarien39.36*1/13: at SCC Coaches Invitational
Johnson, PaulAmity38.52*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Jones, JasynWilbur Cross38.95*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Kanter, ThomasAmity39.49*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Kjornrattanawanich, PatBristol Central38.56*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Manson, MarcusWindsor35.97*12/30/17: Hillhouse TF Qualifier
Middleton, NajiHall37.66*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Moretti, BrendanMasuk38.88*1/13: scc inv
Murphy, WarrenNotre Dame-West Haven37.20*1/9: SCC Developmental
Papa, RichardAmity38.31*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Parks, AmeenDaniel Hand38.31*1/9: SCC Dev. I
Schwindt, AlexFitch38.27*12/22/17: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Seeger, ArenNaugatuck36.48*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Stabile, MasonHall39.10*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Stewart, ZinodeneHartford Public38.412/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Tate, AslanNewington39.70*1/18: Wesleyan
Tejada-Ruiz, AbdielE.O. Smith38.76*1/13: SCC invitation
West, NigelBristol Central37.86*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Wolliston, BrendenWindsor39.27*1/15: Freshmen/Sophomore Invite
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (20) All Divisions (113)
Ali, MuhammadHall1:29.01*12/27/17: Boston Holiday Challenge
Anderson, MillerHall1:24.16*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Betancourt, NassaiahWilbur Cross1:31.46*12/29/17: 2nd Hillhouse Track and Field Qualifier Meet
Canarie, ColeHall1:29.04*12/27/17: Boston Holiday Challenge
Chavey, PaulHall1:31.61*12/27/17: Boston Holiday Challenge
Davis, ColinMasuk1:29.44*1/15: swc wes #2
Farrell Jr, JasonHall1:30.14*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier
Knight, OliverDarien1:31.51*12/16/17: New Haven Invitational
Lewis, ElijahCrosby1:28.88*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Manson, MarcusWindsor1:24.52*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Marinelli, AndrewNotre Dame-West Haven1:31.19*1/9: SCC Developmental
Meraz, IvanKennedy1:28.68*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Nishimura, MasahitoWilbur Cross1:31.82*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Osborne, CharlesNew Milford1:24.48*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Ramirez, JoseBristol Central1:29.12*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Readett, TomFitch1:30.11*12/30/17: ECC Developmental Meet #3
Rendon, DylanHall1:28.26*12/27/17: Boston Holiday Challenge
Schweickert, BradNorth Haven1:30.32*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational
Tarby, MichaelNew Milford1:29.86*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Velez-Pastrana, TolanyCrosby1:29.85*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (14) All Divisions (85)
Ali, MuhammadHall2:44.24*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Anderson, MillerHall2:36.19*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Canarie, ColeHall2:42.01*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Cormier, TreyHall2:36.59*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Hotchkiss, KyleKennedy2:46.00*1/5: 4th Elm City Relays
Hussain, MahammedWilbur Cross2:48.09*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet 1
Klarer, AlexDarien2:44.71*1/6: at Elm City Relays
Knight, OliverDarien2:46.10*1/13: at SCC Coaches Invitational
Lewis, ElijahCrosby2:44.41*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Osborne, CharlesNew Milford2:43.07*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Ott, GriffinDarien2:44.13*1/6: at Elm City Relays
Readett, TomFitch2:40.53*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Rendon, DylanHall2:38.87*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Reynolds, MatthewHall2:45.29*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (17) All Divisions (113)
Anderson, MillerHall4:28.30*1/6: Hispanic Games
Burford, AndrewAmity4:41.75*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Canarie, ColeHall4:47.04*1/6: Hispanic Games
Carlson, BenMiddletown4:42.80*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invitational
Carpenter, IanAmity4:37.26*1/13: SCC Coaches invite
Cormier, TreyHall4:20.96*1/6: Hispanic Games
Ditc, KonstantinMiddletown4:44.50*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invitational
Hotchkiss, KyleKennedy4:42.28*12/29/17: 2nd Hillhouse Track and Field Qualifier Meet
Hussain, MahammedWilbur Cross4:47.43*12/16/17: 16th Annual Hillhouse Track and Field Invitational
Klarer, AlexDarien4:40.01*12/16/17: New Haven Invitational
Landis, RichardHall4:45.95*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Lecky, MatthewMiddletown4:41.84*1/6: Elm City Relays
Mattei, JakeAmity4:42.06*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Nahom, EliNew Milford4:39.11*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Ott, GriffinDarien4:34.40*1/13: at SCC Coaches Invitational
Petrosky, MarkBristol Central4:33.31*1/13: SCC coaches invite
Readett, TomFitch4:44.68*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (12) All Divisions (68)
Burford, AndrewAmity9:59.76*1/13: SCC Coaches invite
Carlson, BenMiddletown10:01.05*12/16/17: New Haven Invitational
Cormier, TreyHall10:04.95*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Hussain, MahammedWilbur Cross10:06.68*12/28/17: RI Classic
Landis, RichardHall10:23.13*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Lecky, MatthewMiddletown10:05.76*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invitational
Martin, TravisWilbur Cross10:11.31*12/28/17: RI Classic
Mattei, JakeAmity9:51.35*1/13: SCC Coaches invite
Nahom, EliNew Milford10:09.40*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Petrosky, MarkBristol Central10:17.10*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Rocheleau, JacobHall10:21.48*12/27/17: Boston Holiday Challenge
Visnic, ConnorAmity9:54.96*12/19/17: SCC Developmental 1
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (16) All Divisions (79)
Atad, AdrianFitch45-00.012/30/17: ECC Developmental Meet #3
Beecher, BrandonHall42-10.51/12: McReavy
DePrimo, JoeNorth Haven41-07.512/19/17: SCC Boys Developmental I
Faulise, DeanFitch41-08.01/9: Snowflake Invitational
Foster, KwesiWindsor41-07.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Gallant, GavinWilbur Cross39-08.012/19/17: Boys Dev. Meet #1
Hornak, MitchellMasuk43-00.001/15: swc wes #2
Keeney, RobertDarien39-06.01/6: at FCIAC Qualifier #2 Wilton
Maruca, KyleNorth Haven45-11.01/6: Elm City Relays
Maruca, LukeNorth Haven40-02.512/19/17: SCC Boys Developmental I
Mbaya, BernardoCrosby42-03.01/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Meadows, JacobNew Milford48-08.51/6: SWC Developmental 1
Milliard, EricNorth Haven45-08.512/19/17: SCC Boys Developmental I
Neary, MichaelDarien44-07.512/28/17: at FCIAC Qualifier #1 Wilton
Richards, OsbourneMiddletown45-06.0012/30/17: Wintergreen Invitational
Tomanelli, PeterE.O. Smith45-02.51/7: James Barber Invitational
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (12) All Divisions (88)
Batternay, KevinNew Milford19-11.512/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Cineus, JonathanBunnell19-10.01/15: Wesleyan
Gayle, Le-AndreWindsor19-06.01/15: Freshmen/Sophomore Invite
Healy, BenjaminNaugatuck19-05.501/5: 2nd James Barber Invitational
Jones, JasynWilbur Cross21-03.012/29/17: Boys Dev. Meet #1
Lim, AnthonyHall19-02.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
McMahon, EthanDaniel Hand19-04.01/9: SCC Dev. I
Mickey Jr, DarrellHall19-09.0012/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Peterson, HunterBristol Central19-04.01/13: SCC coaches invite
Raia, CameronDarien19-00.01/13: at SCC Coaches Invitational
Stigler, KobeE.O. Smith19-09.51/13: SCC invitation
Stoughton, GeorgeWethersfield20-09.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (17) All Divisions (50)
Airall, NicholasNaugatuck5-08.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Chisolm, KayinDarien5-10.012/28/17: at FCIAC Qualifier #1 Wilton
Cloud, KennethWilbur Cross6-00.012/19/17: Boys Dev. Meet #1
Healy, BenjaminNaugatuck5-08.01/12: McReavey Invitational
Heinrich, QuinceyDaniel Hand5-10.01/9: SCC Dev. I
Meadows, JacobNew Milford5-08.012/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Mickey Jr, DarrellHall6-00.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Munoz, GabrielE.O. Smith5-08.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Nelli, TylerFitch5-10.012/30/17: ECC Developmental Meet #3
Nugent, CalebDaniel Hand6-00.01/12: McReavy Invite
Petruzelli, NickNotre Dame-West Haven6-00.01/9: SCC Developmental
Phillips, XavierHall5-09.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Powell, RussellDaniel Hand5-08.01/12: McReavy Invite
Raia, CameronDarien5-08.012/28/17: at FCIAC Qualifier #1 Wilton
Schwindt, AlexFitch5-08.01/13: East Coast Invitational
Stoughton, GeorgeWethersfield6-02.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Valentin, RaymondFitch5-10.012/22/17: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (9) All Divisions (62)
Bell, PatrickSouth Windsor11-06.012/29/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Bracale, MatthewNotre Dame-West Haven10-00.012/30/17: Wintergreen Meet
Chisolm, KayinDarien11-06.01/6: at FCIAC Qualifier #2 Wilton
Daly, KiernanDarien12-00.01/13: at SCC Coaches Invitational
Koslosky, ZacharyNaugatuck11-06.01/12: McReavey Invitational
Matson, ZacharyNew Milford12-00.01/6: SWC Developmental 1
Petruzelli, NickNotre Dame-West Haven13-00.012/30/17: Wintergreen Meet
Schwindt, AlexFitch12-06.012/22/17: ECC Developmental Meet #2
Vossler, HendrikDarien12-00.01/13: at SCC Coaches Invitational