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CIAC 2018-19 Class L Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (28) All Divisions (117)
Amity1:33.59*12/26/18: Bullis invite
Bristol Central1:36.47*1/12: yale track classic
Bristol Eastern1:39.29*1/12: Yale Invite
Bunnell1:39.08*1/5: SWC Developmental Meet
Cheshire1:40.04*1/11: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Crosby1:41.64*1/28: NVL
Daniel Hand1:34.32*2/1: SCC Championship
Darien1:40.35*1/31: FCIAC Championship
East Lyme1:40.78*1/5: URI Invite
E.O. Smith1:39.05*1/12: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Fitch1:38.89*1/26: Bacon Academy Invitational
Kennedy1:37.92*1/28: NVL Championships
Middletown1:39.69*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Naugatuck1:43.24*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
New Canaan1:38.74*1/12: Yale
Newington1:42.31*1/26: CCC Championships
New London1:38.94*1/11: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
New Milford1:37.12*1/12: Yale Classic
North Haven1:42.75*1/23: SCC Western Sectional Championship
Notre Dame-West Haven1:35.67*1/23: SCC West Championship
Pomperaug1:36.02*2/2: SWC Champ
RHAM1:40.12*12/16/18: Hillhouse Invite
Simsbury1:38.75*1/26: Ccc championship
South Windsor1:43.39*1/26: CCC Championship
Wethersfield1:41.59*1/11: Yale
Wilby1:36.46*1/28: NVL Championships
Wilton1:36.94*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Windsor1:32.51*1/19: New Balance Games
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (26) All Divisions (88)
Amity3:43.20*1/7: SCC Dev2
Bristol Central3:37.22*1/12: yale track classic
Bristol Eastern3:40.57*1/26: CCC Invite
Cheshire3:34.17*1/11: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Crosby3:44.24*1/11: Yale Invitational
Daniel Hand3:34.14*2/1: SCC Championship
Darien3:36.47*1/11: Yale Invitational
East Lyme3:41.96*2/2: ECC Championship
E.O. Smith3:52.99*1/12: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Fitch3:45.09*2/2: ECC Championship
Guilford3:50.88*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Kennedy3:40.89*1/11: McReavy Invitational
Maloney3:47.45*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Naugatuck3:42.72*1/28: NVL Championship
New Canaan3:36.57*1/12: Yale
Newington3:51.83*12/29/18: Wilton Wright Invitational
New London3:49.57*1/11: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
New Milford3:35.58*1/12: Yale Classic
North Haven3:46.89*1/23: SCC Western Sectional Championship
Notre Dame-West Haven3:34.67*1/23: SCC West Championship
Pomperaug3:48.44*12/29/18: Will Wright
Simsbury3:41.77*1/26: Ccc championship
Wethersfield3:42.20*1/11: Yale
Wilton3:44.83*1/11: Yale Classic
Windsor3:45.01*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Xavier3:36.67*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (21) All Divisions (63)
Amity8:38.41*1/22: SCC East Sectional
Bristol Central8:12.05*1/12: yale track classic
Bristol Eastern8:47.55*1/12: Yale Invite
Cheshire9:01.61*12/17/18: SCC Developmental New Haven Field House
Daniel Hand8:44.31*1/3: Wintergreen Invite
East Lyme8:26.25*1/26: Bacon Invite
E.O. Smith8:40.53*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Meet
Fitch8:59.85*1/11: Yale Invitational
Guilford9:00.21*12/17/18: SCC Developmental 1
Kennedy8:52.20*12/14/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Maloney8:48.90*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Middletown8:54.41*12/15/18: Rust Buster Relays
New Canaan8:32.13*1/12: Yale
New Milford9:01.55*12/29/18: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
North Haven8:55.15*1/23: SCC Western Sectional Championship
Notre Dame-West Haven8:50.33*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Simsbury8:47.03*2/4: Last chance meet
Wethersfield8:40.33*1/11: Yale
Wilton8:38.93*1/11: Yale Classic
Windsor8:56.92*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Xavier8:00.83*2/3: SCC Championships
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (19) All Divisions (75)
Amity3:51.97*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance
Bristol Central3:47.82*1/19: SCC coaches invite
Crosby3:47.72*1/19: SCC Invite
Daniel Hand3:45.86*1/7: SCC Dev. II
Darien3:54.38*1/31: FCIAC Championship
East Lyme3:50.50*12/30/18: RI Classic
E.O. Smith3:48.69*1/11: McReavey Invitational
Fitch3:53.85*1/15: Snowflake Invitational
Naugatuck3:57.77*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
New Canaan3:53.42*1/3: Wintergreen Invitational
New London3:55.38*1/26: Bacon Academy Invitational
New Milford3:53.25*1/5: SWC Developmental 1
Notre Dame-West Haven3:55.85*1/5: 25th Hispanic Games
Simsbury3:49.25*1/26: Ccc championship
Wethersfield3:55.30*1/3: Wintergreen
Wilby3:55.89*1/28: NVL Championships
Wilton3:51.77*12/19/18: Reindeer Relays
Windsor3:51.57*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Xavier3:47.31*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (51) All Divisions (260)
Aurora, CarlosNotre Dame-West Haven6.72*1/23: SCC West Championship
Balenzano, NicholasDarien6.92*1/26: FCIAC Eastern Division Championship
Bryan, GabrielWindsor6.78*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Burnett, NathanWindsor6.73*1/26: CCC Champtionships
Cady, TylerFitch6.79*2/2: ECC Championship
Callendar, JeylenNew London6.93*2/2: ECC Indoor TF Division 1 Championship
Cristino, MarkPomperaug6.90*12/29/18: Will Wright
Daher, TylerWilton6.98*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Dehmel, AustinDarien6.98*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Dibenedetto, JosephAmity6.92*1/22: SCC East Sectional
Duncan, TristanWindsor6.91*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Duvert, PierreBunnell6.61/16: SWC Developmental Meet DSD
Evardo, SeanNaugatuck7.04*1/11: McReavey Invitational
Featherstone, DevonWindsor6.612/19/18: Glastonbury Meet
Firmin, MattDarien7.03*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Freeman, NolanNew Milford7.00*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Fuentes, DenysCheshire6.98*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Galley, GabrielSouth Windsor6.94*1/12: Yale Interscholastic
Gordon, ArielAmity6.95*1/7: SCC Dev2
Gulish, JonathanBunnell6.81/16: SWC Developmental Meet
Hardin, JosephBristol Eastern6.99*1/5: James Barber
Harling, MessiahWilby6.68*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Hart, BlaneEast Lyme6.92*2/2: ECC Championship
Holmes, ChrisFitch6.98*1/15: Snowflake Invitational
Iannuzzi, BenjaminWilton7.02*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Iannuzzi, ColeWilton7.04*2/1: FCIAC Last Chance
Johnson, PaulAmity7.01*12/17/18: SCC Dev#1
Jones, GarrettNotre Dame-West Haven7.03*1/15: SCC Indoor Novice Meet
Khantikone, JesoneBunnell6.81/16: SWC Developmental Meet
Lawrence, MarquiseBunnell6.77*2/2: SWC Championship Meet
Levesque, TrystanEast Lyme7.02*2/2: ECC Championship
Markward, AidanPomperaug7.03*12/29/18: Will Wright
Mathews, MauriceCrosby6.87*1/11: McReavy Invite
McKitty, DylenWilby6.85*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Mosley, AlexanderBunnell6.73*2/2: SWC Championship Meet
Myers, JackWilton6.86*1/31: FCIAC Champs
N'dabian, ChristBunnell6.62*2/2: SWC Championship Meet
Pappa, AnthonyMiddletown7.04*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invite
Park, TaehyeonSimsbury6.98*1/26: Ccc championship
Parks, AmeenDaniel Hand6.73*2/1: SCC Championship
Scarlett, TyrekeKennedy6.96*1/28: NVL Championships
Skopas, NathanRHAM6.97*12/14/18: Hillhouse Invite
Steinberg, NathanWindsor6.81/9: Glastonbury Meet
Stewart, JoshuaDaniel Hand6.86*1/3: Wintergreen Invite
Stigler, KobeE.O. Smith6.99*1/11: McReavey Invitational
Sudhoff, EricCheshire7.03*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Tate, AslanNewington6.97*1/12: Yale
Thoby, WooderWilton6.90*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Wentzel, LucaWilton7.04*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Williams, EdwardMiddletown6.78*1/26: CCC Championships
Zavaleta, JonathanEast Lyme6.99*2/2: ECC Championship
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (21) All Divisions (98)
Alexander, SimonWilton8.99*12/29/18: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Alves, EthanFitch8.45*12/22/18: ECC Developmental Meet
Anastos, ChristianWilton8.84*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Brownbill, GarySouth Windsor8.81*1/12: Yale Interscholastic
Chiamkurthi, AkhilEast Lyme8.44*2/2: ECC Championship
Dale, HunterE.O. Smith8.80*1/18: HK Invitational
Dipietro, EthanCrosby8.52*1/28: NVL
Duncanson, CoreyDaniel Hand8.69*2/1: SCC Championship
Farley jr., RobertNorth Haven8.05*1/23: SCC Western Sectional Championship
Golbourn, CharlieWilton8.40*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Kennedy, TylerWilton8.77*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Koslosky, ZacharyNaugatuck8.33*1/28: NVL Championship
McGeary, GreysonDaniel Hand8.30*1/11: McReavy Invite
Navedo, JoseBristol Central8.38*1/5: James Barber Invitational
Papa, RichardAmity7.79*1/19: SCC Coaches invite
Powell, RussellDaniel Hand8.46*1/3: Wintergreen Invite
Provencher, MichaelRHAM8.62*12/22/18: Hill House Qualifier
Reid, RyanWindsor8.68*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Russo, JaredNotre Dame-West Haven8.52*1/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Sawicki, JasonNotre Dame-West Haven8.50*1/23: SCC West Championship
Torres, JayminMiddletown8.43*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (50) All Divisions (229)
Ambert, RamonBristol Central37.96*1/19: SCC coaches invite
Andrea, JaredCheshire37.17*1/22: SCC East Sectional Hillhouse H.S.
Barolli, FrankCheshire39.43*1/7: SCC Developmental 2 New Haven Field House
Bill, CoryE.O. Smith37.81*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Meet
Cady, TylerFitch36.99*1/5: URI Rhody Classic
Caldwell, MichaelWindsor37.70*1/19: New Balance Games
Callendar, JeylenNew London39.15*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Chiamkurthi, AkhilEast Lyme38.97*1/5: URI Invite
Cristino, MarkPomperaug37.42*2/2: SWC Champ
DaGraca, LeonardoWilby38.20*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
DeBose, AndrewMaloney39.20*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Meet
Dehmel, AustinDarien37.90*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Donovan, AndrewDarien38.96*1/12: Yale Invitational
Galarza, OrlandoFitch39.54*1/26: Bacon Academy Invitational
Gayle, Le-AndreWindsor37.21*1/26: CCC Champtionships
Gutierrez, MiguelSimsbury38.63*1/5: Elm city
Hardin, JosephBristol Eastern38.37*1/14: Old Saybrook
Hart, BlaneEast Lyme39.13*2/2: ECC Championship
Healy, BenjaminNaugatuck38.47*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Hines, CarsonDaniel Hand37.01*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Holly, JackDarien37.09*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Hoyda, PierceDarien39.10*1/12: Yale Invitational
Johnson, O'CarterriaHartford Public39.24*12/22/18: Hartford Public #2
Johnson, PaulAmity37.24*1/22: SCC East Sectional
Koslosky, ZacharyNaugatuck38.04*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Markward, AidanPomperaug37.08*2/2: SWC Champ
Metsack, NathanE.O. Smith37.52*1/26: CCC Indoor Championships
Mosley, AlexanderBunnell38.83*2/2: SWC Championship Meet
Murphy, WarrenNotre Dame-West Haven36.20*1/7: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Myers, JackWilton36.68*1/31: FCIAC Champs
N'dabian, ChristBunnell37.55*2/2: SWC Championship Meet
Nanez, JackWilton39.01*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Navedo, JoseBristol Central39.55*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Papa, RichardAmity38.46*1/7: SCC Dev2
Parks, AmeenDaniel Hand36.17*1/22: SCC East
Patel, OmFitch39.54*2/2: ECC Championship
Patrick, MalikCrosby39.34*1/5: Elm City
Paulo, WeslyNew London39.42*2/2: ECC Indoor TF Division 1 Championship
Phillips, TariqKennedy37.53*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Range, DanNotre Dame-West Haven39.60*1/7: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Reid, RyanWindsor39.50*1/19: New Balance Games
Scarlett, TyrekeKennedy39.61*12/14/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Shafer, MaxCheshire39.25*1/7: SCC Developmental 2 New Haven Field House
Sylvain, PierreXavier37.31*1/7: SCC Developmental #2
Tarbet, JonathanNew Milford38.31*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Tonelli, CaseyNotre Dame-West Haven38.5*1/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Vial, AndreNew Milford39.52*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Wehrly, DylanSimsbury39.63*1/5: Elm city
Williams, EdwardMiddletown39.39*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invite
Zavaleta, JonathanEast Lyme38.71*2/2: ECC Championship
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (37) All Divisions (201)
Avena, RobertEast Lyme1:29.34*2/2: ECC Championship
Bill, CoryE.O. Smith1:28.37*1/26: CCC Indoor Championships
Broda, JackSimsbury1:29.08*1/5: Elm city
Chastain, LukeNew Milford1:30.53*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Cristino, MarkPomperaug1:29.82*1/5: SWC Meet
Deans, ElliotE.O. Smith1:31.57*1/26: CCC Indoor Championships
DeBose, AndrewMaloney1:31.04*12/29/18: SCSU Wilton Wright Invitational
Eschinger, MckendryGuilford1:31.28*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Farrell, RyanCheshire1:30.75*1/7: SCC Developmental 2 New Haven Field House
Freve, AustinBristol Central1:30.87*1/19: SCC coaches invite
Hallgren, MatthewWindsor1:32.03*1/19: New Balance Games
Hardin, JosephBristol Eastern1:29.00*12/29/18: Wilton Wright
Hines, CarsonDaniel Hand1:28.66*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Hubbard, CameronGuilford1:32.03*1/7: SCC Developmental 2
Karp, RyanPomperaug1:28.68*1/5: SWC Meet
Katz, JonathanNotre Dame-West Haven1:31.54*1/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Kenney, SheaFitch1:29.36*2/2: ECC Championship
Kung, MatthewEast Lyme1:29.20*2/2: ECC Championship
Lammey, LukeSimsbury1:31.78*1/19: Scc coaches inv
Lewis, ElijahCrosby1:25.67*12/27/18: Jack Long Invite
Lewis, JahkoyeWindsor1:31.05*1/19: New Balance Games
Mahoney, WilliamKennedy1:28.50*1/28: NVL Championships
Markward, AidanPomperaug1:30.18*1/12: Yale
McNeice, EvanWethersfield1:30.69*1/26: CCC Championship
Meadows, JesseNew Milford1:30.76*2/2: SWC Championships
Metsack, NathanE.O. Smith1:24.73*1/26: CCC Indoor Championships
Oliveri, DominicMaloney1:31.89*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Meet
Opstrup, BesufekadDaniel Hand1:31.17*2/1: SCC Championship
Parthasarthy, ConnorDaniel Hand1:28.48*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Ramirez, JoseBristol Central1:24.48*1/12: yale track classic
Rowley, EdwardWilton1:32.20*2/2: Last Chance Qualifer
Shafer, MaxCheshire1:28.82*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Sylvain, PierreXavier1:22.68*1/12: Yale Classic
Tarbet, JonathanNew Milford1:31.13*2/2: SWC Championships
Whyte, MarquisNew London1:28.02*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Woznicki, JacobBristol Eastern1:27.96*1/26: CCC Invite
Zengo, TylerWilton1:32.02*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (26) All Divisions (144)
Abbey, ChristopherEast Lyme2:40.43*1/5: URI Invite
Adam, SadadineHartford Public2:45.88*2/2: NCCC Last chance invite
Bruno, AnthonyNotre Dame-West Haven2:47.59*1/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Burke, EamonXavier2:47.86*2/3: SCC Championships
Curran, WilliamXavier2:37.14*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Dunn, MichaelWethersfield2:46.72*12/27/18: Jack Long
Farrell, RyanCheshire2:45.01*2/1: SCC Championship
Flores, PacificoBristol Central2:40.72*1/12: yale track classic
Freve, AustinBristol Central2:41.26*1/12: yale track classic
Gagne, OwenWethersfield2:44.89*1/12: Yale
Golembeski, JasonNew Milford2:42.52*2/2: SWC Championships
Grochowski, RyanXavier2:41.42*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Imbruce, DylanNew Canaan2:44.72*1/19: SCC
Lewis, ElijahCrosby2:43.22*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Luke, GeorgeXavier2:47.86*2/1: SCC Championships
Lytle, RyanNew Canaan2:45.95*1/31: FCIAC Champ
Nahom, EliNew Milford2:44.49*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Parthasarthy, ConnorDaniel Hand2:48.14*1/22: SCC East
Petrosky, MarkBristol Central2:44.91*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Ramirez, JoseBristol Central2:41.35*1/5: James Barber Invitational
Rukundo, FredEast Lyme2:45.72*2/2: ECC Championship
Santasiere, KeeganE.O. Smith2:44.85*1/12: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Schulten, PeterXavier2:39.58*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Visnic, ConnorAmity2:41.13*1/19: SCC Coaches invite
Whittaker, SamuelEast Lyme2:36.65*12/29/18: ECC Dev
Wollenberg, OwenSimsbury2:47.00*1/5: Elm city
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (30) All Divisions (161)
Abbey, ChristopherEast Lyme4:41.10*1/5: URI Invite
Adam, SadadineHartford Public4:42.70*1/26: CCC Championships
Ahern, SeanMiddletown4:38.11*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invite
Brites, AlexanderKennedy4:44.09*1/28: NVL Championships
Burke, EamonXavier4:39.09*2/3: SCC Championships
Cote, DavisWilton4:44.42*1/31: FCIAC Champs
Cozean, RobbieXavier4:30.72*12/15/18: Coaches Hall of Fame
Curran, WilliamXavier4:27.31*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Dillon, ElijahGuilford4:48.07*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Dunn, MichaelWethersfield4:41.77*1/12: Yale
Farrell, GarredNew Milford4:45.22*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Flores, DevinBristol Central4:47.72*1/19: SCC coaches invite
Flores, PacificoBristol Central4:45.83*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Geisler, SamuelNewington4:38.91*1/17: Wesleyan Qualifier
Grochowski, RyanXavier4:34.82*1/12: Yale Classic
Ivanov, NicholasWilton4:43.22*2/1: FCIAC Last Chance
Lecky, MatthewMiddletown4:31.23*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invite
Malling, AndrewNew Canaan4:30.00*12/29/18: Marine Corps Invitational
Nahom, EliNew Milford4:29.12*12/29/18: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Parthasarthy, ConnorDaniel Hand4:44.84*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Petrosky, MarkBristol Central4:34.35*1/19: SCC coaches invite
Poe, RyanFitch4:47.95*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Schulten, PeterXavier4:28.48*12/27/18: Rhode Island Classic
Simpatico, FrancisCheshire4:41.80*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Stardellis, NapoleonAmity4:44.63*1/22: SCC East Sectional
Torres, ReynaldoMaloney4:44.79*1/26: CCC Championships
Visnic, ConnorAmity4:32.53*1/19: SCC Coaches invite
Whittaker, SamuelEast Lyme4:26.08*1/5: URI Invite
Wollenberg, OwenSimsbury4:44.91*1/5: Elm city
Zucconi, DanteDaniel Hand4:42.73*2/1: SCC Championship
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (23) All Divisions (117)
Adam, SadadineHartford Public10:06.57*1/12: Yale Invite
Ahern, SeanMiddletown9:56.63*1/26: CCC Championships
Brites, AlexanderKennedy10:14.17*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Burke, EamonXavier10:12.42*1/12: Yale Classic
Cozean, RobbieXavier9:35.20*2/3: SCC Championships
Farrell, GarredNew Milford10:02.96*1/13: Yale Classic
Flores, PacificoBristol Central10:03.40*1/19: SCC coaches invite
Geisler, SamuelNewington9:50.75*1/12: Yale
Harkin, RobertNew Milford10:16.17*1/13: Yale Classic
Lecky, MatthewMiddletown9:38.82*1/12: Yale Invite
Luke, GeorgeXavier10:11.85*1/12: Yale Classic
Madariaga, LucasDarien10:22.04*1/12: Yale Invitational
Malling, AndrewNew Canaan9:34.39*1/3: Wintergreen Invitational
Mellitt, BrendanCheshire9:53.93*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Nahom, EliNew Milford9:21.12*1/13: Yale Classic
Petrosky, MarkBristol Central9:50.56*1/12: yale track classic
Schulten, PeterXavier9:35.41*12/15/18: Coaches Hall of Fame
Selfors, DillonXavier9:49.29*2/3: SCC Championships
Tom, AnthonyAmity10:21.97*1/19: SCC Coaches invite
Toth, AidenNewington10:22.09*1/26: CCC Championships
Visnic, ConnorAmity9:23.71*2/1: SCC Championship
Whittaker, SamuelEast Lyme9:35.98*1/5: URI Invite
Zucconi, DanteDaniel Hand10:15.37*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (32) All Divisions (124)
Barrett, CameronMiddletown39-04.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Blumenthal, JoshuaNorth Haven39-09.51/7: SCC Developmental II
Borrelli, DominicNorth Haven41-02.751/7: SCC Developmental II
Browning, MichaelRHAM58-10.512/29/18: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Cangiano, SeanCheshire43-03.752/1: SCC Championship
Cherneskie, ThomasCheshire39-03.501/22: SCC Championship
Colon, DavonXavier48-00.51/12: Yale Classic
Conley, JackNew Canaan51-02.001/5: FCIAC #2
Day, JamesNew Milford41-00.01/23: SWC Developmental 2
DeVivo, NolanE.O. Smith44-09.251/11: McReavey Invitational
Duperval, DanielNew London41-05.01/21: New Haven Freshman Sophomore Meet
Fitzgerald, ParkerAmity40-09.002/1: SCC Championship
Forte, MaxNew Canaan40-03.751/19: FCIAC Eastern Champ
Genther, JohnDaniel Hand43-03.01/22: SCC East
Helbig, NicholasFitch47-07.501/26: Bacon Academy Invitational
Joyner III, ThomasFitch41-08.001/12: East Lyme Field Meet
Klein-Robbenhaar, JohanNotre Dame-West Haven44-06.01/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Logie, DawsonE.O. Smith38-02.01/18: HK Invitational
Maruca, KyleNorth Haven48-01.02/1: SCC Championship
Maruca, LukeNorth Haven46-10.51/5: Elm City Coaches
McElroy, GideonFitch40-02.002/2: ECC Championship
Morton, JoshuaEast Lyme41-07.02/2: ECC Championship
Mullen, MattNorth Haven42-04.51/7: SCC Developmental II
Nemecek, LukeAmity43-05.252/1: SCC Championship
Okoro, ChisomCheshire40-04.501/22: SCC East Championship
Petritz, JamesGuilford42-04.01/5: Wintergreen Invite
Prell, JonathanSimsbury53-06.251/5: Elm city meet
Randolph, MalachiHartford Public44-10.012/22/18: Hartford Public #2
Rose, ConnorGuilford41-00.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifer
Skyrm, HarrisonNew Canaan40-08.012/15/18: FCIAC #1
Stevenson, ElijahMaloney40-05.02/2: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Strycharz, KoleMiddletown38-02.012/28/18: Hillhouse Relays
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (26) All Divisions (156)
Balenzano, NicholasDarien20-02.01/31: FCIAC Championship
Bouzakis, MatthewNew Milford18-09.012/29/18: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Carratu, ChristopherNew Canaan19-05.51/26: FCIAC Eastern Champ
Eppley, RyanDarien19-03.751/26: FCIAC Eastern Division Championship
Gayle, Le-AndreWindsor21-05.0012/14/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Graham, ShaunAmity20-01.001/7: SCC Dev2
Harling, MessiahWilby21-06.01/28: NVL Championships
Healey, RyanWilton19-01.251/26: FCIAC East
Healy, BenjaminNaugatuck20-07.01/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Jacobs, CameronNaugatuck18-09.51/21: New Haven Freshman-Sophomore Meet
Jones, GarrettNotre Dame-West Haven19-01.01/23: SCC West Championship
Kemp, KyleCheshire18-08.01/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Khantikone, JesoneBunnell19-11.002/2: SWC Championship Meet
Kosiewicz, BraedenDaniel Hand19-212/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Krompegal, RyanBristol Central18-09.01/5: James Barber Invitational
Llerena, AlecNew Milford18-11.752/2: SWC Championships
Pappa, AnthonyMiddletown20-00.751/26: CCC Championships
Peiser, JohnNew Canaan18-10.751/31: FCIAC Champ
Perez, ChrisWilby19-10.501/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Peterson, HunterBristol Central20-06.01/12: yale track classic
Roper, CullenBunnell18-08.01/23: SWC Developmental Meet
Skopas, NathanRHAM19-00.512/14/18: Hillhouse Invite
Stigler, KobeE.O. Smith20-08.0012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Tate, AslanNewington19-04.01/17: Wesleyan Qualifier
Thoby, WooderWilton21-00.01/31: FCIAC Champs
Williams, EdwardMiddletown20-07.501/5: Elm City Coaches Invite
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (17) All Divisions (73)
Alves, EthanFitch5-08.0012/27/18: Rhode Island Classic
Daly, KiernanDarien5-08.01/26: FCIAC Eastern Division Championship
Eppley, RyanDarien6-04.01/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Graham, ShaunAmity6-04.01/12: yale classic
Healey, RyanWilton5-08.01/26: FCIAC East
Healy, BenjaminNaugatuck5-08.012/14/18: Hillhouse Invite
Helbig, NicholasFitch5-08.001/26: Bacon Academy Invitational
Nelli, TylerFitch5-10.001/12: East Lyme Field Meet
Nugent, CalebDaniel Hand6-00.01/22: SCC East
Olawale, MakaihEast Lyme5-10.012/22/18: ECC Dev Meet #1
Pappa, AnthonyMiddletown5-10.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Peiser, JohnNew Canaan6-00.012/15/18: FCIAC #1
Peterson, HunterBristol Central6-00.01/26: CCC Championship
Powell, RussellDaniel Hand6-00.012/17/18: SCC Dev. I
Reed, ChristopherAmity5-10.001/7: SCC Dev2
Reid, RyanWindsor5-08.001/2: Glastonbury Meet
Sawicki, JasonNotre Dame-West Haven6-02.012/17/18: SCC Boys Developmental Meet
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class L Only (26) All Divisions (81)
Abu-Rahmeh, JamesRHAM11-00.001/17: Wesleyan Qualifier Meet
Alves, EthanFitch11-00.001/15: Snowflake Invitational
Blaze, ChrisCheshire10-00.01/7: SCC Developmental 2 New Haven Field House
Bothwell, MaxNotre Dame-West Haven11-00.01/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Charkales, AndrewNew Canaan11-00.01/12: FCIAC #3
Chiamkurthi, AkhilEast Lyme12-06.02/2: ECC Championship
Christenson, EmmettE.O. Smith11-00.001/12: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Daly, KiernanDarien13-00.01/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Deshpande, HrishikeshEast Lyme10-00.01/12: EL Field Meet
Farley jr., RobertNorth Haven10-06.012/29/18: Hillhouse Winter Relays
Gallois, AndrewNew Canaan10-06.01/13: FCIAC #3
Hills, AidenDarien11-00.01/31: FCIAC Championship
Jun, DanielSimsbury10-06.01/5: Elm city meet
Kluge, EvanEast Lyme10-00.02/2: ECC Championship
Koslosky, ZacharyNaugatuck12-06.012/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Ky, JasonAmity10-06.01/22: SCC East Sectional
Martin, ZacharyBristol Eastern10-00.01/5: James Barber
Moon, JayAmity10-06.002/1: SCC Championship
Myers, BryceDaniel Hand12-06.01/22: SCC East
Norton, ConnorAmity10-00.001/7: SCC Dev2
Oatman, PatrickRHAM11-06.001/17: Wesleyan Qualifier Meet #2
Rivera, KyleBristol Eastern10-06.01/5: James Barber
Salib, MarkGuilford10-06.02/1: SCC Championship
Spignesi, EricNorth Haven12-06.01/19: SCC Coaches' Invitational
Wurm, JacobNorth Haven10-00.01/23: SCC Western Sectional Championship
Zanin, AlexanderDarien10-00.01/19: FCIAC Qualifier #4 at Staples