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CIAC 2017-18 Class S Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (24) All Divisions (80)
Aerospace1:44.82*12/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Bloomfield1:36.94*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Canton1:44.60*1/13: SCC Invitational
Coginchaug1:40.91/3: SL Meet #1
Derby1:38.64*1/6: Freedom Games
East Catholic1:40.17*1/13: SCC
Classical Magnet1:44.612/30/17: Hartford #2
Griswold1:36.73*1/13: East Coast Invite
Haddam-Killingworth1:43.73*12/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Holy Cross1:41.25*1/12: McReavy Invite
Creed1:41.26*12/28/17: H-K Invite
Immaculate1:43.67*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Montville1:41.74*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Morgan1:41.41/3: shoreline one
Northwest Catholic1:38.66*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Old Saybrook1:37.41*12/21/17: OSAY Qualifier
Oxford1:37.25*1/13: SCC Invitational
Plainfield1:41.05*1/13: East Coast Invitational
Public Safety1:43.79*12/16/17: HPHS 12/16/17
Sacred Heart1:40.07*1/6: James Barber invitational
Stafford1:43.60*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
University1:39.79*12/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Windsor Locks1:43.57*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Woodland1:39.33*1/6: Elm City Relays
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (11) All Divisions (46)
Bloomfield3:45.70*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Canton3:47.74*1/13: SCC Invitational
Derby3:32.74*1/6: Freedom Games
Haddam-Killingworth3:46.71*1/13: SCC INVITATIONAL
Immaculate3:36.91*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Innovation3:49.012/30/17: Hartford Public #3
Montville3:44.51*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Morgan3:54.01/3: shoreline one
Northwest Catholic3:53.85*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Old Saybrook3:36.38*1/6: URI Invitational
Woodland3:47.72*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (9) All Divisions (45)
Bloomfield8:44.54*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Canton8:51.25*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Derby8:44.64*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
East Catholic8:38.48*1/13: SCC
Haddam-Killingworth8:38.16*1/13: SCC INVITATIONAL
Immaculate8:59.31*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Old Lyme9:04.71/3: SLC League Meet 1
Northwest Catholic8:58.25*1/6: Elm City Relays
Old Saybrook8:52.01/3: SLC League Meet #1
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (11) All Divisions (48)
Bloomfield3:55.25*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Canton3:58.69*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Coginchaug3:58.14*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Derby3:42.72*1/12: @ McGreavy Invite
East Catholic3:52.69*1/13: SCC
East Windsor3:59.88*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Haddam-Killingworth3:57.48*12/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Immaculate3:45.85*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Northwest Catholic3:51.56*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier Meet
Oxford3:57.92*12/29/17: hillhouse
Woodland3:55.97*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (46) All Divisions (152)
Ahmad Rizal, AdamCreed6.91/4: League Meet 1
Almada, DannyOld Saybrook6.71/3: SLC League Meet #1
Andersen, DerekHale Ray7.10*1/4: SLC League Meet # 1
Anderson, AjraelBloomfield7.08*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Babolol, StephenClassical Magnet6.712/30/17: Hartford #2
Batlle, DylanOxford6.85*1/7: Southern
Bolden, MalachiInnovation7.01*12/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Broadie, MichaelDerby6.99*1/7: James Barber Invite
Carpenter, ParisNorthwest Catholic6.97*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Clements, AndrewGriswold7.14*1/13: East Coast Invite
Daly, JordanMLC7.10*12/30/17: HPHS Meet #2
DelaCruz, DouglasMontville7.03*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
DiGiovancarlo, MichaelSacred Heart6.90*1/7: James Barber invitational
Ferguson, TajhClassical Magnet6.912/30/17: Hartford #2
Foreman McNeil, JeromeCreed6.71/4: League Meet 1
Garcia, JonWindsor Locks6.91*1/7: 2nd James Barber Invite
Hay, KymaliUniversity6.66*1/18: Wesleyan Sprint Night
Hayes, MechaiSacred Heart6.90*1/7: James Barber invitational
Hendel, DanielCoventry7.01*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Hunter, BrendonAerospace6.812/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Hyslop, ArmonCreed7.06*12/28/17: H-K Invite
Jackson, TeyshawnNorthwest Catholic6.97*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Johnson, JalenOld Saybrook6.75*1/6: URI Invitational
Lawrence, KeonGranby Memorial6.81*12/28/17: Haddam Killingworth Invitational
Logan, LucasGriswold7.02*1/13: East Coast Invite
Luty, DavaughnGriswold6.74*1/6: URI
MacFeat, KyleStafford6.98*1/9: Snowflake Invite
Melms, BobbySeymour6.83*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invite
Moshier, DevonOld Saybrook6.91/3: SLC League Meet #1
Nealy, JaylonBloomfield6.64*1/6: URI Indoor Track Classic
Nuss, BenjaminWoodland6.83*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Panfili, ElijahHale Ray7.00*1/4: SLC League Meet # 1
Piao, MickeyImmaculate7.11*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Pouncey, ElijahInnovation7.01*12/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Regan, SethHaddam-Killingworth7.09*1/15: FROSH/SOPH INVITATIONAL
Rodriguez, EdgarAerospace6.912/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Ruff, DonteEast Windsor7.06*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Sanchez, MannyPublic Safety7.08*12/16/17: HPHS 12/16/17
Schinas, MatthewCoginchaug6.812/21/17: OS Qualifier
Slade, MichaelCapital Prep6.97*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Smith, TomWoodland6.73*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Smyth-Harriot, DoventeWeaver6.812/30/17: Hartford Public # 2
Southavong, TylerPlainfield7.08*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Tetreault, RyanOld Lyme7.10*1/3: SLC League Meet 1
Williams, ChambrellePublic Safety6.94*12/16/17: HPHS 12/16/17
Young, JordanUniversity6.93*12/16/17: Hartford Public
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (22) All Divisions (73)
Askew, QuentinInnovation8.812/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Auguste, MarckensHoly Cross8.10*1/7: James Barber Invite
Baker, BrandonUniversity8.90*1/18: Wesleyan Sprint Night
Brown, CameronShepaug Valley8.86*1/12: McGreavy Invitational
caracoglia, AnthonyCromwell6.81/4: Shoreline league meet 1
Coretti, AnthonyMorgan8.00*1/3: shoreline one
DuBord, RyanOld Saybrook8.85*12/21/17: OSAY Qualifier
Duvall, JoshuaEast Catholic8.81/11: Glastonbury Development
Gadun, AnesMorgan8.51/3: shoreline one
Garcia, LorenzoNorthwest Catholic8.41*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Hale, Ja'kwanDerby8.36*1/7: James Barber Invite
Labasi, DerekCoginchaug8.31/3: SL Meet #1
Lewicki, MaciejWoodland8.87*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Mills, MatthewWoodland8.78*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Montaque, DanteBloomfield9.01*1/15: Fresh Soph Meet
Panfili, ElijahHale Ray7.00*1/4: SLC League Meet # 1
Rodriguez, JonathanInnovation8.59*12/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Sodergren, LukeHaddam-Killingworth9.04*1/13: SCC INVITATIONAL
Stewart, ShemarBloomfield8.59*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Strickland, DerekMontville8.34*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Williams, ChaddaneBloomfield8.84*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Williams, EdwardSacred Heart7.61*1/13: SCC invitational
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (25) All Divisions (142)
Agyie, SamuelMLC38.6*12/30/17: HPHS Meet #2
Arcari, TimCoginchaug38.31/3: SL Meet #1
Askew, QuentinInnovation38.912/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Babolol, StephenClassical Magnet38.89*1/19: Yale HS Classic Day
Butler, DaltynMontville38.98*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
caracoglia, AnthonyCromwell38.51/4: Shoreline league meet 1
Christe, MattImmaculate39.23*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Clark, GregMontville35.25*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Curra, DominickImmaculate38.43*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Dixon-Bode, SeanBloomfield38.33*1/15: Fresh Soph Meet
Estelle, CalebBloomfield38.58*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Hay, KymaliUniversity36.23*1/18: Wesleyan Sprint Night
Hayes, MechaiSacred Heart38.10*1/13: SCC invitational
Johnson, JalenOld Saybrook37.94*12/28/17: H-K Inv.
Labasi, DerekCoginchaug39.31/3: SL Meet #1
Lindo, JahmarBloomfield38.91*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Luty, DavaughnGriswold38.58*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
MacMurray, ZakGriswold39.45*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Montaque, DanteBloomfield39.19*1/15: Fresh Soph Meet
Nealy, JaylonBloomfield36.93*1/6: URI Indoor Track Classic
Slade, MichaelCapital Prep38.62*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Smyth-Harriot, DoventeWeaver38.512/16/17: Hartford Public
Tavares, JustinNorthwest Catholic39.14*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Walton, JasonPlainfield36.58*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Williams, EdwardSacred Heart37.41*12/29/17: Hillhouse 2nd qualifier
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (23) All Divisions (113)
Belletsky, AaronNorthwest Catholic1:30.97*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
blue, CASEYOld Lyme1:32.11/3: SLC League Meet 1
Christe, MattImmaculate1:25.76*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Criscuolo, KyleHaddam-Killingworth1:34.20*12/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Curtiss, JosephOxford1:33.15*12/29/17: hillhouse
Donnell, NicholasMontville1:34.12*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Estelle, CalebBloomfield1:30.74*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Freeman, SethHaddam-Killingworth1:33.58*1/6: ELM CITY RELAYS
Gasparrini, WilliamImmaculate1:33.59*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Hanratty, LukeOld Saybrook1:30.27*1/6: URI Invitational
Hay, KymaliUniversity1:31.14*1/18: Wesleyan Distance Night
Herbert, RayBloomfield1:33.30*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Kennedy, EvanEast Catholic1:30.55*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Luxeder, MatthewWoodland1:29.80*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Obrzut, AndrewCanton1:32.81*1/13: SCC Invitational
Rios, XavierOld Saybrook1:34.01/3: SLC League Meet #1
Santiago, JesusInnovation1:32.40*12/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Shmidt, NoahImmaculate1:33.55*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Sultini, EricOld Saybrook1:26.78*12/21/17: OSAY Qualifier
Swanson, NoahAerospace1:30.012/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Szpekman, JamesCanton1:33.64*1/13: SCC Invitational
Temple, MaxCoginchaug1:33.71/3: SL Meet #1
Wix, JosephGranby Memorial1:32.41*12/28/17: Haddam Killingworth Invitational
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (14) All Divisions (85)
Belletsky, AaronNorthwest Catholic2:51.85*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Colon, LoganBloomfield2:41.13*1/6: URI Indoor Track Classic
Field, EliasNonnewaug2:48.64*1/7: James Barber invite
Kennedy, EvanEast Catholic2:49.76*12/28/17: H-K Invitation
Little, KenDerby2:36.34*1/7: James Barber Invite
McMaster, SeanCoginchaug2:50.10*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Ney, TaylorCoventry2:49.10*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Olivieri, HeathEast Catholic2:44.22*1/6: Rhody Classic
Sanchez, DeonEast Windsor2:47.62*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Schumann, DanielHaddam-Killingworth2:50.91*1/6: ELM CITY RELAYS
Sparks, MaximillianCanton2:41.34*1/9: Snowflake Inv.
Spector, JonahHaddam-Killingworth2:47.58*12/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Stamm, MichaelNorthwest Catholic2:46.42*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Warren, JonathanSacred Heart2:48.09*1/7: James Barber invitational
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (27) All Divisions (113)
Bouzolin, DanielSeymour4:52.93*1/13: SCC Invite
Colon, LoganBloomfield4:49.86*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Connolly, SeanImmaculate4:48.45*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Cropsey, PatrickImmaculate4:50.41*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Deforest, ChrisTerryville4:51.14*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Field, EliasNonnewaug4:37.69*1/12: Mcgreevy invite
Kittredge, JonathanWindsor Locks4:52.00*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Little, KenDerby4:20.21*1/6: Freedom Games
McCabe, ConorHaddam-Killingworth4:45.74*1/6: ELM CITY RELAYS
McKenzie, ParkerImmaculate4:54.70*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
McNerney, ConnorImmaculate4:39.95*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
McNerney, RyanImmaculate4:49.85*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Meredith, AndrewHaddam-Killingworth4:40.82*12/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Ney, TaylorCoventry4:44.26*1/6: U.S. Army Hispanic Games
Nicholas, EddieNonnewaug4:47.45*1/12: Mcgreevy invite
O'Donnell, AidanCanton4:44.23*1/13: SCC Invitational
Olivieri, HeathEast Catholic4:44.50*12/28/17: H-K Invitation
Olsen, SilasLyman Memorial4:53.33*1/12: McReavy Invitational
Picard, CoreyTerryville4:49.65*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Schumann, DanielHaddam-Killingworth4:49.22*12/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Shifrin, CooperEast Catholic4:47.92*1/6: Rhody Classic
Sparks, MaximillianCanton4:33.99*1/13: SCC Invitational
Spector, JonahHaddam-Killingworth4:38.54*1/5: ELM CITY RELAYS
Stamm, MichaelNorthwest Catholic4:45.78*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Stanley, StevenDerby4:35.77*1/13: @ SCC Coaches Invite
Tallcouch, JoshuaSeymour4:50.38*1/13: SCC Invite
Warren, JonathanSacred Heart4:45.37*1/7: James Barber invitational
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (13) All Divisions (68)
Connolly, SeanImmaculate10:26.18*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Cropsey, PatrickImmaculate10:27.11*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Deforest, ChrisTerryville10:22.10*12/28/17: H-K Invitational
Field, EliasNonnewaug10:21.58*12/28/17: HK Invite
McNerney, ConnorImmaculate09:53.65*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Mitchell, DrewImmaculate10:29.00*1/15: SWC Developmental 2
Ney, TaylorCoventry10:09.28*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
O'Donnell, AidanCanton10:16.76*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Olivieri, HeathEast Catholic10:22.37*12/30/17: Wintergreen
Picard, CoreyTerryville10:16.58*12/28/17: H-K Invitational
Sparks, MaximillianCanton9:55.06*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Stamm, MichaelNorthwest Catholic10:09.59*1/6: Elm City Relays
Stanley, StevenDerby10:22.42*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (23) All Divisions (79)
Almada, DannyOld Saybrook38-02.001/3: SLC League Meet #1
Breiling, NateHaddam-Killingworth38-02.5012/21/17: OS QUALIFIER
Campbell, NickBloomfield42-08.7512/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Campbell, NickBloomfield43-05.001/6: URI Indoor Track Classic
Ceric, ArminShepaug Valley38-03.512/28/17: Hadaam Killingworth
Chupak, MaxwellOld Saybrook40-02.0012/21/17: OSAY Qualifier
Garcia, NyranBloomfield39-09.001/13: East Coast Invitational
Garrick, TristanEast Windsor38-01.01/9: Snowflake Invitational
Glennon, DylanPlainfield47-02.001/6: URI Rhody Classic
Jalowiec, BrianDerby45-03.2512/16/17: ATandT Coaches Hall of Fame Classic
Johnson, SekileBloomfield39-06.501/13: East Coast Invitational
Lanham, JosephCoventry38-05.501/9: Snowflake Invitational
Mack, TyroneMontville43-05.251/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
McArdle, DavidCoventry38-11.501/9: Snowflake Invitational
Mounds, Lawrence JrCapital Prep43-01.5012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Nuss, BenjaminWoodland38-02.5012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Pruzinsky, TristanDerby50-00.251/13: @ SCC Coaches Invite
Pudelka, DylanOxford39-09.012/18/17: Relay Rust
Samuels, ErrisBloomfield44-08.001/6: URI Indoor Track Classic
Stephens, BrandonUniversity40-09.0012/22/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Stephens, DarrienWindsor Locks41-04.751/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Williams, AaronBloomfield46-06.7512/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Wlochowski, BrendanNorthwest Catholic39-09.012/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (36) All Divisions (88)
Anderson, AjraelBloomfield20-00.012/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Avila, JuanMorgan18-07.01/3: shoreline one
Baker, BrandonUniversity18-06.012/16/17: Hartford Public
Batlle, DylanOxford21-05.01/7: Southern
Brown, CameronShepaug Valley18-11.01/7: James Barber Invitational
Brown, SpencerImmaculate20-05.0012/26/17: North Shore Invite
Carpenter, ParisNorthwest Catholic19-07.512/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Curra, DominickImmaculate20-04.0012/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Dixon-Bode, SeanBloomfield20-07.501/15: Fresh Soph Meet
Ferguson, TajhClassical Magnet20-00.012/30/17: Hartford #2
Fitch, JerrellMontville18-08.512/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Garcia, LorenzoNorthwest Catholic19-01.01/6: Elm City Relays
Giove, NicholasUniversity18-06.7512/16/17: Hartford Public
Goodrich, ClaytonLyman Memorial19-03.012/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Guevera, JavanDerby19-03.001/12: @ McGreavy Invite
Hendel, DanielCoventry18-11.5012/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Jackson, TeyshawnNorthwest Catholic19-05.512/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Labasi, DerekCoginchaug18-07.01/3: SL Meet #1
Lawrence, KeonGranby Memorial22-00.0012/16/17: New Haven Invite
Luty, DavaughnGriswold20-04.51/6: URI
Mardin, SeanWoodland18-10.0012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Melms, BobbySeymour21-01.751/7: James Barber Invite
Morgan, CharltonInnovation19-03.012/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Moye, ThelbertCreed19-04.001/4: League Meet 1
Panfili, ElijahHale Ray18-10.251/4: SLC League Meet # 1
Parker, AustinOld Saybrook19-04.5012/28/17: H-K Inv.
Pouncey, ElijahInnovation19-04.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Richiez, BryanAerospace20-04.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Rodriguez, EdgarAerospace18-05.512/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Rodriguez, JonathanInnovation18-08.012/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Schinas, MatthewCoginchaug18-11.2512/28/17: HK Invitational
Slade, MichaelCapital Prep18-04.5012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Smith, AndelGranby Memorial18-07.5012/16/17: New Haven Invite
Vu, TylerUniversity19-10.512/16/17: Hartford Public
Watkins-Hunter, KamrenBloomfield18-07.012/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Watson, JudeAerospace18-04.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (10) All Divisions (50)
Arcari, TimCoginchaug5-10.01/3: SL Meet #1
Brown, SpencerImmaculate6-00.012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
DuBord, RyanOld Saybrook5-10.001/6: URI Invitational
Fuller, PeterCanton6-00.012/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Hale, Ja'kwanDerby6-04.001/6: Freedom Games
Krause, JacobCoventry5-08.001/9: Snowflake Invitational
Mallard, StephenClassical Magnet5-08.012/30/17: Hartford #2
Missell, JamesStafford5-08.012/16/17: HPHS 1
Smith, TomWoodland6-00.012/16/17: Reindeer Relays
Williams, ChaddaneBloomfield5-10.001/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (9) All Divisions (62)
Baxter, KyleSeymour10-06.012/28/17: Wilton Wright Invite
Berry, CooperCoginchaug12-06.012/28/17: HK Invitational
Brown, NorjaeWeaver35:04.012/16/17: Hartford Public
Dingivan, DylanGranby Memorial11-00.0012/16/17: New Haven Invite
Ellsworth, ColinHaddam-Killingworth10-06.001/13: SCC INVITATIONAL
Gingras, MichaelWestbrook10-06.0012/28/17: Haddam Killingworth Invitational
Knapp, TylerHaddam-Killingworth11-00.0012/21/17: OS QUALIFIER
Napolitano, AndrewStafford10-00.012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Starkey, CraigWoodland12-00.01/6: Elm City Relays