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CIAC 2018-19 Class LL Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (24) All Divisions (117)
Brien McMahon1:34.57*1/31: FCIAC CHAMPIOSHIPS
Conard1:39.66*1/26: CCC Championships
Danbury1:33.82*1/31: FCIAC Championship
East Hartford1:37.53*1/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
Enfield1:40.91*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Qualifier
Fairfield Prep1:37.79*1/23: SCC West Div
Fairfield Ludlowe1:37.48*1/11: Yale Track Classic
Fairfield Warde1:43.32*1/31: FCIACs
Glastonbury1:36.63*1/26: CCC Championship
Greenwich1:33.53*1/11: Yale
Hamden1:32.94*1/12: Yale
Manchester1:40.45*1/11: McReavey
New Britain1:38.71*1/26: CCC
Newtown1:39.57*1/5: SWC Developmental
Norwalk1:34.89*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Norwich Free Academy1:35.22*1/26: Bacon Academy Invite
Ridgefield1:38.99*12/21/18: Jim Mitchell Invite
Shelton1:35.35*1/22: SCC East Section Championship
Southington1:36.19*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Stamford1:43.45*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Staples1:41.25*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Trumbull1:38.08*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Wilbur Cross1:34.81*1/23: SCC West Sectional Meet
Hall1:34.07*1/11: Yale Invite
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (20) All Divisions (88)
Conard3:48.70*12/27/18: Jack Long Invite
Danbury3:34.53*12/26/18: North Shore Invitation
East Hartford3:42.48*1/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic
Fairfield Prep3:38.94*1/19: SCC Coach Inv
Fairfield Ludlowe3:38.37*1/11: Yale Track Classic
Fairfield Warde3:52.71*1/12: Yale
Glastonbury3:31.62*1/11: Yale Invitational
Greenwich3:35.55*1/11: Yale
Hamden3:34.16*1/12: Yale
Manchester3:50.65*1/26: CCC Championship
New Britain3:44.64*12/29/18: Wilton Wright
Newtown3:45.56*1/11: Yale Invitational
Norwich Free Academy3:39.97*1/11: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic (Day 1)
Ridgefield3:36.08*1/19: NB Games
Shelton3:34.68*2/2: SCC Championship
Southington3:33.17*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Staples3:45.96*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Trumbull3:36.78*1/12: Yale Interscholastic
Wilbur Cross3:35.83*1/23: SCC West Sectional Meet
Hall3:34.19*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (17) All Divisions (63)
Conard8:28.65*1/26: CCC Championships
Danbury8:28.49*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Enfield9:04.62*1/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
Fairfield Prep8:28.10*2/1: SCC Championship
Fairfield Ludlowe8:24.30*1/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Fairfield Warde8:59.95*1/12: Yale
Glastonbury8:06.77*1/11: Yale Invitational
Greenwich8:34.80*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Newtown8:56.04*2/3: SWC Championships
Norwich Free Academy8:45.43*1/11: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic (Day 1)
Ridgefield8:30.79*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Shelton8:53.40*1/22: SCC East Section Championship
Southington8:48.36*1/5: URI Invite
Staples8:09.06*1/11: Yale Track Classic
Trumbull8:35.24*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Wilbur Cross8:13.57*12/15/18: HH Invitational
Hall8:05.79*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (19) All Divisions (75)
Conard3:57.97*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Danbury3:42.59*1/19: New Balance Games
East Hartford3:56.92*12/15/18: 2nd Relay Rust Buster
Enfield3:55.86*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Qualifier
Fairfield Prep3:46.70*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Qualifier
Fairfield Ludlowe3:58.79*1/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Fairfield Warde3:59.27*1/26: FCIAC East
Glastonbury3:43.51*1/15: Snowflake Invitational
Greenwich3:48.56*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Hamden3:49.99*1/23: SCC West
Manchester3:53.97*1/26: CCC Championship
New Britain3:49.18*1/10: Wesleyan #1
Newtown3:58.27*2/3: SWC Championships
Norwalk3:48.23*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Shelton3:51.34*2/2: SCC Championship
Southington3:45.30*1/26: CCC
Staples3:46.85*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Wilbur Cross3:37.78*1/19: New Balance Games
Hall3:44.16*1/19: SCC Coaches
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (59) All Divisions (260)
Ada-George, GuyHamden6.97*1/23: SCC West
Anderson, AndredEast Hartford7.04*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance
Aristilde, DangeloNorwich Free Academy6.92*2/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Barnes, JasiahWilbur Cross6.79*12/27/18: SCC Developmental #2
Belton, CameronNorwich Free Academy6.95*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Blount, DarrenFairfield Prep6.88*2/1: SCC Championship
Bookal, BaijeonNew Britain6.61*1/3: Wintergreen
Breslin, ConnorNewtown6.97*2/3: SWC Championships
Carreiro, JohnSouthington6.99*1/5: URI Invite
Cazorla, JadenDanbury6.67*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Clark, HunterGreenwich7.00*1/12: FCIAC #3 Wilton
Cloiseau, OlivierNorwalk6.74*1/5: Elm City Meet
Coppola, NeilNewtown6.87*2/3: SWC Championships
Cue, DevinWilbur Cross6.83*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invitational
Davis, Rodney JRHamden6.76*12/18/18: SCC Developmental
DeLaCruz, BernieDanbury7.04*1/26: Western Division Champ
Eason, KhalilNorwalk6.95*12/15/18: FCIAC Qualifier #1
Farley, RyanConard6.87*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Foster, GregoryNorwalk7.00*1/5: Elm City Meet
Gomez, RafaelShelton6.76*2/2: SCC Championship
Gordon, KyleNorwalk7.03*12/15/18: FCIAC Qualifier #1
Gumbs, CamerinShelton6.78*1/12: Yale Classic
Hill, BrendenConard6.88*1/26: CCC Championships
Hornby, WilliamNewtown7.00*1/23: SWC Developmental 2
Hughes, AlecGlastonbury6.91*1/26: CCC Championship
Hyslop, ArmonWilbur Cross6.74*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invitational
Lambo, CarterFairfield Ludlowe6.94*1/26: FCIAC Eastern Division Championship
Large, LanceGreenwich6.89*1/5: Freedom Games
Lorent, JasonShelton6.63*2/2: SCC Championship
Lorick, MalachiusDanbury6.86*1/26: Western Division Championship
Lynn, MicahEast Hartford6.91*12/22/18: Hartford Public #2
McCulloch, RobertFairfield Prep6.91*2/1: SCC Championship
McGeehan, CaseyStaples6.89*1/5: FCIAC Qualifier # 2
Merritt, ChristianDanbury6.91*1/4: Hispanic Games
Miller, SeanBrien McMahon6.92*1/31: FCIAC CHAMPIOSHIPS
Morin, JosephHall6.78*1/19: SCC Coaches
Morton, KoreyBrien McMahon6.47*1/31: FCIAC CHAMPIOSHIPS
Okeke Egwuekwe, GabrielHamden6.75*1/23: SCC West
Owen, CalebWilbur Cross6.88*1/23: SCC West Sectional Meet
Pastore, ThomasGreenwich6.99*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Penta, AnthonySouthington6.88*1/26: CCC
Pigatt, ChristopherHamden6.52*1/23: SCC West
Porter, MykalNew Britain6.89*12/29/18: Wilton Wright
Raybuck, RyanGreenwich6.60*1/12: Yale
Rivera, YovanHall6.81*1/19: SCC Coaches
Robinson-Nye, ZaneGreenwich6.69*12/15/18: ATT Hall of Fame
Rodia, MichaelShelton6.58*2/1: SCC Championship
Rodriguez, ElijahSouthington7.01*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Santos, LukaDanbury6.90*1/4: Hispanic Games
Spruill, JahiemNorwich Free Academy6.86*12/27/18: Jack Long Invitational
Stevens, MaliqueNorwalk6.66*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Stewart, JoelEnfield6.61*1/3: Wintergreen Invitational
Thomas, MalikDanbury6.60*12/15/18: ATandT Hall of Fame Invitational
Umunakwe, JudeDanbury6.96*12/26/18: North Shore Invitation
Wallace, ChristopherHamden6.85*12/18/18: SCC Developmental
White, AaronEast Hartford6.71*1/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
Williams, ChazNew Britain6.93*1/3: Wintergreen
Wint, ChristopherGreenwich6.83*1/12: Yale
Zitofsky, JustinSouthington7.00*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (19) All Divisions (98)
Beiku, AlexanderDanbury8.02*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Bocchino, JackShelton8.76*1/22: SCC East Section Championship
Fahsbender, ShayDanbury8.30*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Fulton, TahzirNorwalk8.88*1/26: FCIAC East Div.
Hartley, ThomasNewtown8.58*2/3: SWC Championships
Hill, AnthonyGreenwich8.62*1/5: Freedom Games
Jerome, KervensBrien McMahon9.00*1/26: WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIOSHIPS
Kryspin, PeterFairfield Ludlowe8.93*1/26: FCIAC Eastern Division Championship
Lee, JuvaughnFairfield Prep9.01*1/23: SCC West Div
Lindsay, JonathanNew Britain7.87*1/26: CCC
Markos, AmitRidgefield9.00*12/15/18: Hall of Fame
Martinez, JohanseDanbury8.95*1/31: FCIAC Championship
McDonough, SamuelRidgefield8.34*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Osagie, OsaretinNorwich Free Academy8.00*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Pinnix, JordanManchester8.45*1/11: McReavey
Rodriguez, ElijahSouthington8.18*1/5: URI Invite
Taylor, SandreEast Hartford8.03*1/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
Wasilefsky, DevinGlastonbury8.32*1/26: CCC Championship
Williams, ChazNew Britain7.99*1/3: Wintergreen
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (70) All Divisions (229)
Anderson, AndredEast Hartford38.95*1/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
Andrew, TristanNewtown39.36*1/12: Yale Invitational
Bacon, JoshuaFairfield Prep39.01*1/7: SCC Dev Mt 2
Baker, SamuelConard39.52*1/26: CCC Championships
Bakre, OluwatobiGlastonbury39.27*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Beiku, AlexanderDanbury38.81*1/19: New Balance Games
Bonfiglio, DominicRidgefield38.9*1/12: Yale
Bowen, NathanTrumbull39.53*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Carter, ShamarDanbury38.77*1/12: Yale Invitational
Cazorla, JadenDanbury37.47*1/12: Yale Invitational
Costick, JustinNorwich Free Academy39.48*1/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic (Day 2)
Cote, AndrewNorwich Free Academy38.47*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Cue, DevinWilbur Cross38.31*1/7: SCC Developmental #2
Davis, Rodney JRHamden36.79*1/12: Yale
DeLaCruz, BernieDanbury39.38*1/12: Yale Invitational
DeMato, LukeFairfield Warde38.77*1/12: Yale
Farrell Jr, JasonHall39.61*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Foster, IanGreenwich39.38*1/12: Yale
Gersten, ScottDanbury38.93*1/12: Yale Invitational
Gumbs, CamerinShelton37.39*1/12: Yale Classic
Hayes, NigelTrumbull38.66*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Hill, AnthonyGreenwich39.20*1/5: Freedom Games
Hill, BrendenConard37.5*1/26: CCC Championships
Hopkins, MalachiDanbury39.21*1/12: Yale Invitational
Hughes, AlecGlastonbury38.03*1/15: Snowflake Invitational
Hurdle, EdmundDanbury37.69*1/19: New Balance Games
Jupp, SimonRidgefield35.69*1/12: Yale
Kane, JamesRidgefield37.34*1/12: Yale
Kankam, DavidEast Hartford37.97*1/14: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Kovachev, MartinShelton38.31*1/12: Yale Classic
Large, LanceGreenwich36.70*1/5: Freedom Games
Lewis, Nic-AntioHamden38.70*1/23: SCC West
Lips, MatthewGlastonbury38.94*1/26: CCC Championship
Lizardi, IsaiahHall38.42*1/5: Elm City
Lops, JeffersonStamford38.99*1/19: New Balance Games
Lorent, JasonShelton36.89*1/12: Yale Classic
Lorick, MalachiusDanbury36.93*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Lynn, MicahEast Hartford39.40*2/4: Capital Prep Last Chance
Markos, AmitRidgefield39.42*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Mazurkiewicz, BlaiseBrien McMahon39.32*1/31: FCIAC CHAMPIOSHIPS
McGeehan, CaseyStaples39.05*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Mello, JackConard38.74*1/12: Yale Invite
Morin, JosephHall37.50*1/27: CCC Championship
Murphy, AkeimBrien McMahon37.53*1/31: FCIAC CHAMPIOSHIPS
Murphy, JordanGlastonbury39.15*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Osagie, OsaretinNorwich Free Academy39.37*12/27/18: Jack Long Invitational
Owen, CalebWilbur Cross36.23*2/1: SCC Championship
Pastore, ThomasGreenwich38.38*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Paul, NazaiahNorwich Free Academy37.88*2/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Pigatt, ChristopherHamden36.20*1/19: SCC Coaches
Porter, MykalNew Britain39.66*2/4: CP Last Chance
Porter, TrevorSouthington38.23*1/12: Yale
Rinaldi, NathanConard38.29*1/26: CCC Championships
Rison, AndrewGlastonbury36.73*1/26: CCC Championship
Rivano, MaximoFairfield Warde38.52*1/19: New Balance
Rivera, YovanHall39.22*1/5: Elm City
Robinson-Nye, ZaneGreenwich37.25*1/5: Freedom Games
Rodia, MichaelShelton39.74*1/7: SCC Developmental 2
Rullo, NicoFairfield Ludlowe38.92*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet Hillhouse
Samaras, JoshuaFairfield Prep38.97*1/12: YALE CLASSIC
Santos, LukaDanbury38.09*1/12: Yale Invitational
Seymour, EvanTrumbull39.40*1/12: Yale Interscholastic
Spillane, AndyTrumbull38.86*1/12: Yale Interscholastic
Stevens, MaliqueNorwalk38.15*1/5: Elm City Meet
Stewart, JoelEnfield38.29*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Thomas, MalikDanbury36.67*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Verderame, JosephSouthington38.33*1/12: Yale Invite
Williams, ChazNew Britain38.89*1/5: URI Rhody
Williams, JeremiahWilbur Cross38.37*1/23: SCC West Sectional Meet
Wisdom, JordaineHall39.68*12/27/18: Jack Long
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (52) All Divisions (201)
Agostisi, ColinFairfield Ludlowe1:29.40*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet Hillhouse
Ali, MuhammadHall1:25.19*1/12: Yale Invite
Amalfitano, BrennanDanbury1:31.11*1/12: Yale Invitational
Avery, KristianNew Britain1:31.35*1/19: SCC Inv
Betancourt, NassaiahWilbur Cross1:25.57*2/1: SCC Championship
Blodgett, AustinHall1:30.79*1/27: CCC Championship
Bolden, CalebFairfield Prep1:29.09*1/19: SCC Coach Inv
Bonaddio, FrankNorwalk1:28.38*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Caldwell, RyanDanbury1:27.77*1/12: Yale Invitational
Cormier, TreyHall1:30.03*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Cosentino, MatthewGlastonbury1:28.58*1/12: Yale Invitational
Costantini, FedericoConard1:30.62*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Cote, AndrewNorwich Free Academy1:28.91*12/22/18: ECC Developmental Meet 1 Session 2
Croteau, AidenNorwich Free Academy1:31.27*1/26: Bacon Academy Invite
DeVega, TylerNorwich Free Academy1:31.62*2/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Ellwanger, AidanFairfield Ludlowe1:30.38*1/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Faulkner, ElliotWilbur Cross1:27.61*12/17/18: SCC Developmental #1
Furlong, AidanGlastonbury1:30.00*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
George, BenjaminDanbury1:32.05*1/12: Yale Invitational
Going, MalcolmDanbury1:20.77*1/12: Yale Invitational
Guasta, MatthewGlastonbury1:32.19*1/26: CCC Championship
Guiduli, BrunoStaples1:32.20*2/2: FCIAC JV/Last Chance Inv.
Gumbs, CamerinShelton1:31.83*12/17/18: SCC Developmental 1
Haas, HenryStaples1:30.82*1/5: FCIAC Qualifier # 2
Hayes, NigelTrumbull1:28.72*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Hill, EamonWilbur Cross1:31.43*1/23: SCC West Sectional Meet
Hussain, MahammedWilbur Cross1:27.55*1/7: SCC Developmental #2
Jackson, TylerHamden1:31.12*2/1: SCC
Jupp, SimonRidgefield1:24.43*12/21/18: Jim Mitchell Invite
Kane, JamesRidgefield1:28.43*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Kwarteng, GabrielDanbury1:28.59*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Lamour, RockDanbury1:31.44*1/12: Yale Invitational
Lee, NoahWilbur Cross1:26.77*2/1: SCC Championship
Markos, AmitRidgefield1:30.01*1/12: Yale
Martin, TravisWilbur Cross1:25.87*1/7: SCC Developmental #2
Megquier, AlexanderEast Hartford1:30.63*12/22/18: Hartford Public #2
Miller, NathanHall1:32.06*1/12: Yale Invite
Murphy, AkeimBrien McMahon1:28.85*1/31: FCIAC CHAMPIONSHIPS
Nishimura, MasahitoWilbur Cross1:29.23*1/23: SCC West Sectional Meet
Pavano, SethGlastonbury1:28.09*1/12: Yale Invitational
Rendon, DylanHall1:27.14*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Rison, AndrewGlastonbury1:30.59*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Rosemark, DylanDanbury1:30.81*1/12: Yale Invitational
Ruffo, TobiasHall1:29.18*1/19: SCC Coaches
Rullo, NicoFairfield Ludlowe1:28.85*1/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Sacoto, JoshuaShelton1:27.48*2/2: SCC Championship
Slesinski, RyanSouthington1:24.44*1/12: Yale
Smith, RyanGlastonbury1:26.18*1/26: CCC Championship
Swift, DamonHamden1:27.47*1/19: SCC Coaches
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep1:28.84*12/17/18: SCC Dev Mt 1
Vellon, NazirNew Britain1:28.84*2/4: CP Last Chance
Wilcox, SamuelGlastonbury1:27.53*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (47) All Divisions (144)
Agostisi, ColinFairfield Ludlowe2:43.06*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet Hillhouse
Ali, MuhammadHall2:44.64*1/19: SCC Coaches
Amalfitano, BrennanDanbury2:48.24*1/19: New Balance Games
Anderson, MillerHall2:30.98*1/12: Yale Invite
Blodgett, AustinHall2:47.62*1/12: Yale Invite
Bolden, CalebFairfield Prep2:45.41*2/1: SCC Championship
Caldwell, RyanDanbury2:42.57*12/26/18: North Shore Invitation
Cote, NathanNorwich Free Academy2:42.26*2/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Croteau, AidenNorwich Free Academy2:45.50*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Dalton, JohnConard2:44.89*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep2:38.66*1/19: SCC Coach Inv
Diaz, YankarlosManchester2:47.81*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Dillon, RobertShelton2:38.94*1/22: SCC East Section Championship
Fernandes, JoshuaHall2:45.88*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Fierro, MorganStaples2:43.24*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Going, MalcolmDanbury2:33.35*1/19: VA Showcase
Grady, JacksonHall2:47.60*12/22/18: Hartford Public #2
Haas, HenryStaples2:37.92*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Hefele, JacobDanbury2:38.36*1/19: New Balance Games
Hussain, MahammedWilbur Cross2:37.39*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invitational
Jupp, SimonRidgefield2:46.89*1/19: NB Games
King, CharlesRidgefield2:45.36*1/19: NB Games
Kosyakov, AlexanderGreenwich2:48.12*1/5: Freedom Games
Lepska, GeorgeStaples2:42.18*1/19: SCC Coaches Inv.
Lorenz, LukeStaples2:40.04*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Lovallo, EthanFairfield Ludlowe2:47.54*1/19: SCC Coaches' Invitational Hillhouse
MacKenzie, EthanRidgefield2:45.84*1/19: NB Games
Muhlenberg, RyanFairfield Warde2:44.12*1/19: SCC Coaches
Musall, RichardGlastonbury2:46.89*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Nogueira, JadynGlastonbury2:45.11*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
O'Kane, TeddyStaples2:47.87*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Penna, MatthewSouthington2:43.39*1/5: URI Invite
Remigino, TylerConard2:43.81*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Rendon, DylanHall2:35.48*1/12: Yale Invite
Rosemark, DylanDanbury2:44.57*1/19: New Balance Games
Sagers, IanConard2:42.91*1/12: Yale Invite
Sherry, CallumConard2:46.33*12/27/18: Jack Long Invite
Slesinski, RyanSouthington2:40.69*1/5: URI Invite
Smith, RyanGlastonbury2:46.36*12/27/18: Jack Long Invitational
Suhie, AndrewManchester2:40.59*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Swift, DamonHamden2:40.50*1/12: Yale
Taubenheim, NicholasStaples2:41.10*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep2:36.91*1/19: SCC Coach Inv
Vogt, GregoryFairfield Warde2:42.88*1/19: SCC Coaches
Watson, JackDanbury2:45.49*1/18: New Balance Games
Wilcox, SamuelGlastonbury2:34.69*1/12: Yale Invitational
Zuckerman, AndrewStaples2:43.02*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (59) All Divisions (161)
Agostisi, ColinFairfield Ludlowe4:34.56*1/19: SCC Coaches' Invitational Hillhouse
Ali, MuhammadHall4:38.60*1/5: Hispanic Games
Anderson, MillerHall4:26.61*1/5: Hispanic Games
Bein, AlexanderGreenwich4:44.77*1/5: Freedom Games
Brock, AidanGreenwich4:44.90*1/19: SCC Invitational
Brown, AidanNorwich Free Academy4:47.40*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Byrne, AidanDanbury4:47.54*1/31: FCIAC Championship
Caldwell, RyanDanbury4:42.78*12/15/18: ATandT Hall of Fame Invitational
Chavan, KedarFairfield Ludlowe4:35.56*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet Hillhouse
Cormier, TreyHall4:28.63*1/17: Wesleyan Qualifier
Courtney, SeanRidgefield4:46.28*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Dalton, JohnConard4:42.55*1/12: Yale Invite
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep4:24.13*1/12: YALE CLASSIC
DeMarco, TrevorRidgefield4:47.84*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Diaz, YankarlosManchester4:41.90*12/27/18: Rhode Island Classic
Dillon, RobertShelton4:30.11*1/7: SCC Developmental 2
Dires, SophoniasConard4:42.62*12/27/18: Jack Long Invite
Fernandes, JoshuaHall4:36.22*12/27/18: Jack Long
Fierro, MorganStaples4:33.63*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Garskof, JeremyFairfield Warde4:46.46*1/26: FCIAC East
Going, MalcolmDanbury4:20.73*12/26/18: North Shore Invitation
Grady, JacksonHall4:40.27*12/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Gregory, JosephTrumbull4:45.81*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Haas, HenryStaples4:32.34*1/5: Hidpanic Games
Hefele, JacobDanbury4:23.92*1/12: Yale Invitational
Hutchens, AustinFairfield Warde4:40.28*1/31: FCIACs
Jelinek, ZacharyGreenwich4:47.84*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Kosyakov, AlexanderGreenwich4:46.32*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Lepore, ChristopherTrumbull4:45.84*12/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Loalbo, MichaelHamden4:42.77*1/19: SCC Coaches
Lorenz, JonathanStaples4:46.77*1/19: SCC Coaches Inv.
Lorenz, LukeStaples4:32.44*1/31: FCIAC Championships
MacKenzie, EthanRidgefield4:37.63*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Marks, JamesHall4:44.11*12/27/18: Jack Long
Martin, TravisWilbur Cross4:21.35*2/1: SCC Championship
McGuire, DylanNorwich Free Academy4:47.52*2/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Molekudy, AkashGreenwich4:42.04*1/5: Freedom Games
O'Farrell, EthanEnfield4:45.27*1/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
O'Kane, TeddyStaples4:38.54*1/5: Hidpanic Games
Penna, MatthewSouthington4:36.34*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Pomer, DylanFairfield Warde4:33.12*1/31: FCIACs
Printy, OliverGlastonbury4:43.58*1/5: Elm City Coaches Invitational
Puffer, AidanManchester4:32.87*12/27/18: Rhode Island Classic
Remigino, TylerConard4:33.48*12/27/18: Jack Long Invite
Rendon, DylanHall4:36.33*1/5: Hispanic Games
Riccio, LuccaSouthington4:41.15*1/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Schneider, BrettGlastonbury4:46.43*1/26: CCC Championship
Sherry, CallumConard4:39.92*1/5: James Barber Invite
Smith, JacobGlastonbury4:31.82*12/27/18: Jack Long Invitational
Smith, ZacharyGlastonbury4:42.08*12/14/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Snyder, EthanRidgefield4:47.11*1/31: FCIAC Championships
Stone, ThomasGlastonbury4:43.25*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Suhie, AndrewManchester4:42.09*12/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Taubenheim, NicholasStaples4:35.38*1/5: Hidpanic Games
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep4:25.54*1/12: YALE CLASSIC
Vogt, GregoryFairfield Warde4:36.45*1/31: FCIACs
Wilcox, SamuelGlastonbury4:37.08*12/14/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Williams, AshtonStamford4:38.19*1/5: James Barber Invitational
Zuckerman, AndrewStaples4:35.17*1/5: Hidpanic Games
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (55) All Divisions (117)
Adamski, ChrisDanbury10:12.55*1/12: Yale Invitational
Anderson, MillerHall9:21.79*1/19: New Balance Games
Bein, AlexanderGreenwich9:57.03*1/19: SCC Invitational
Biegal, PeterFairfield Warde10:16.63*1/12: Yale
Brock, AidanGreenwich10:17.26*1/12: Yale
Byrne, AidanDanbury10:10.65*1/12: Yale Invitational
Chavan, KedarFairfield Ludlowe9:33.67*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Cormier, TreyHall9:40.14*1/27: CCC Championship
Courtney, SeanRidgefield10:13.24*1/12: Yale
Cramer, NathanFairfield Ludlowe10:21.69*1/19: SCC Coaches' Invitational Hillhouse
DellaCorte, ChazRidgefield10:16.50*1/12: Yale
DeMarco, TrevorRidgefield10:17.93*1/12: Yale
Diaz, YankarlosManchester9:52.68*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Dillon, RobertShelton9:53.76*1/13: Wintergreen Invitational
Dires, SophoniasConard10:12.49*1/12: Yale Invite
Fernandes, JoshuaHall10:15.26*1/19: SCC Coaches
Fierro, MorganStaples9:36.18*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Frank, SamuelHall10:21.31*1/12: Yale Invite
Garskof, JeremyFairfield Warde10:04.24*1/12: Yale
Grady, JacksonHall9:53.11*12/27/18: Jack Long
Gregory, JosephTrumbull10:22.92*1/12: Yale Interscholastic
Halmose, JustinNewtown10:18.55*1/12: Yale Invitational
Hanlon, AdamHall10:18.78*1/12: Yale Invite
Hefele, JacobDanbury9:37.58*12/26/18: North Shore Invitation
Hutchens, AustinFairfield Warde9:49.02*1/19: SCC Coaches
King, CharlesRidgefield10:07.97*1/12: Yale
Kosyakov, AlexanderGreenwich10:08.32*1/12: Yale
Leahy, PaulGlastonbury10:20.40*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Loalbo, MichaelHamden10:10.33*1/12: Yale
Lopez, ErikWesthill10:22.69*1/12: Yale Invitational
Lorenz, LukeStaples9:37.35*1/12: Yale Track Classic
MacKenzie, EthanRidgefield9:48.77*1/12: Yale
Marks, JamesHall10:09.90*1/12: Yale Invite
Martin, TravisWilbur Cross9:28.82*2/1: SCC Championship
McGuire, DylanNorwich Free Academy10:17.50*1/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
McLaughlin, ColinWesthill10:03.42*1/12: Yale Invitational
Molekudy, AkashGreenwich10:11.26*1/12: Yale
Muhlenberg, RyanFairfield Warde10:15.66*1/12: Yale
O'Kane, TeddyStaples9:50.27*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Penna, MatthewSouthington10:05.06*1/12: Yale
Pineau, TylerShelton10:15.26*1/12: Yale Classic
Pomer, DylanFairfield Warde9:47.64*1/12: Yale
Puffer, AidanManchester9:26.86*1/12: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Riccio, LuccaSouthington10:18.40*1/12: Yale
Sherry, CallumConard9:56.18*1/12: Yale Invite
Smith, JacobGlastonbury9:48.06*1/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Smith, ZacharyGlastonbury9:54.06*1/12: Yale Invitational
Snyder, EthanRidgefield10:16.33*1/12: Yale
Taubenheim, NicholasStaples9:37.72*1/12: Yale Track Classic
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep10:25.22*12/17/18: SCC Dev Mt 1
Vogt, GregoryFairfield Warde9:55.43*1/12: Yale
Watson, JackDanbury10:07.52*1/19: New Balance Games
Williams, AshtonStamford10:14.28*1/19: New Balance Games
Wisialowski, JackHall10:16.64*1/12: Yale Invite
Zuckerman, AndrewStaples10:05.66*1/26: FCIAC West. Div. Ch.
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (28) All Divisions (124)
Agyeman, Nana YawGlastonbury49-04.012/14/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Baxter, TroyEast Hartford38-00.02/4: Capital Prep Last Chance
Belton, CameronNorwich Free Academy51-10.012/15/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Byrne, LiamRidgefield41-10.01/26: FCIAC Eastern Division
Caplan, JasonStaples39-03.251/31: FCIAC Championships
Carroll, RobertNewtown39-09.51/5: SWC Developmental
Chard, SamuelGreenwich39-11.02/2: FCIAC JV/Last Chance
Daviega, AdelinoNorwich Free Academy49-01.51/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic (Day 2)
Dike, IkechiEast Hartford42-02.51/14: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Gianni, NicholasGlastonbury45-02.251/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Gladstone, ZachStaples46-09.001/26: FCIAC West. Div. Ch.
Gleason, PatrickGlastonbury42-11.751/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
Harvey, MatthewFairfield Warde39-05.001/26: FCIAC East
Havemann, JoshStaples38-03.751/31: FCIAC Championships
Hill, LaveryNorwich Free Academy38-09.012/22/18: ECC Developmental Meet 1 Session 2
Hyde, StephenNorwich Free Academy39-07.012/15/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Kyrkos, VassiliBrien McMahon40-09.012/15/18: FCIAC QUALIFIER WILTON
McHugh, MichaelTrumbull42-00.01/26: Western Divisional Championship
Mierzejewski, KrystianRidgefield40-02.012/15/18: FCIAC Developmental
Mysirlidis, AndrewShelton40-03.001/3: Wintergreen Invitational
Quaye, NathanManchester54-06.001/19: East Coast Invitational Rhode Island
Redfield, TyManchester38-09.5012/15/18: Hillhouse Invitational
Sherald, KeleteBrien McMahon42-10.01/31: FCIAC CHASMPIOSHIPS
Smith, MaathewFairfield Ludlowe40-04.51/5: FCIAC Qualifier #2 Wilton
Smith, MarcelEast Hartford44-00.01/26: CCC Indoor TF Championship
Spruill, JahiemNorwich Free Academy40-02.012/29/18: ECC Developmental Meet 2 Session 1
Tann, EricManchester45-11.001/5: Hillhouse Invitational
Williams, JadenNorwalk42-08.012/22/18: Reindeer Relays
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (35) All Divisions (156)
Bacon, JoshuaFairfield Prep19-03.751/19: SCC Coach Inv
Bardos, TroyBrien McMahon20-05.512/15/18: HILLHOUSE
Bianchi, OwenGreenwich19-11.01/31: FCIAC Championships
Cazorla, JadenDanbury20-02.001/26: Western Division Championship
Chesanow, AidenSouthington19-03.512/29/18: Hillhouse Relays
Costick, JustinNorwich Free Academy18-11.252/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Deleon, MichaelWilbur Cross18-09.01/19: SCC Coaches Invitational
DeMato, LukeFairfield Warde21-07.0012/15/18: Wilton
Ellis, ChetStaples20-04.001/31: FCIAC Championships
Farley, RyanConard18-11.001/5: James Barber Invite
Figol, KyleShelton18-10.01/22: SCC East Section Championship
Forde, JustinBrien McMahon23-05.51/20: VA SHOWCASE
Foster, GregoryNorwalk19-06.001/5: Elm City Meet
Francois, CrizauldHall19-04.012/22/18: Hartford Public #2
Henriques-Setho, IsraelHall21-01.251/27: CCC Championship
Lambo, CarterFairfield Ludlowe20-07.51/19: SCC Coaches' Invitational Hillhouse
LaRosa, JeffreyConard19-05.01/10: Wesleyan Qualifier
Lavalette, JakeGlastonbury19-02.501/15: Snowflake Invitational
McCulloch, RobertFairfield Prep20-05.12/1: SCC Championship
Moore, LoganManchester18-11.5012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Orefice, JohnFairfield Ludlowe20-06.51/19: SCC Coaches' Invitational Hillhouse
Osagie, OsaretinNorwich Free Academy20-06.51/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Pardo, EliasBrien McMahon19-09.01/5: Hillhouse
Penta, AnthonySouthington19-09.01/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Rogers, KolbySouthington19-05.251/19: SCC Coaches Invite
Samaras, JoshuaFairfield Prep19-07.02/1: SCC Championship
Santos, LukaDanbury19-09.0012/21/18: Jim Mitchell Invitational
Sevigny, JackGlastonbury20-04.01/15: Snowflake Invitational
Spillane, AndyTrumbull18-10.01/26: Western Divisional Championship
Spruill, JahiemNorwich Free Academy22-01.51/12: 37th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic (Day 2)
Umunakwe, JudeDanbury19-04.001/4: Hispanic Games
Wallace, ChristopherHamden20-03.002/1: SCC
Williams, ChazNew Britain18-08.512/27/18: RI Classis
Witmer, HaydenGreenwich18-09.51/12: FCIAC #3 Wilton
Zitofsky, JustinSouthington19-11.512/15/18: Hillhouse Invite
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (18) All Divisions (73)
Bianchi, OwenGreenwich5-08.01/12: FCIAC #3 Wilton
Bocchino, JackShelton5-10.01/22: SCC East Section Championship
Buongiorno, DillonFairfield Ludlowe6-00.01/5: Elm City Coaches Meet Hillhouse
Caesar, MarquelWilbur Cross5-10.02/1: SCC Championship
Chesanow, AidenSouthington5-10.01/5: URI Invite
Costick, JustinNorwich Free Academy5-10.02/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Ellis, ChetStaples6-08.001/5: FCIAC Qualifier # 2
Forde, JustinBrien McMahon6-10.012/22/18: HILLHOUSE QUALIFIER
Funk, BenFairfield Ludlowe5-10.01/26: FCIAC Eastern Division Championship
Hill, AnthonyGreenwich6-00.01/5: Freedom Games
LaRosa, JeffreyConard5-08.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Maloney, EricEnfield5-10.02/4: Capital Prep Last Chance Qualifier
Morton, KoreyBrien McMahon6-04.01/5: ELM CITY COACHES MEET
Nagy, KyleFairfield Ludlowe5-08.01/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Phillips, XavierHall5-08.01/5: Elm City
Prindle, ZacharyShelton5-10.001/7: SCC Developmental 2
Soisson, ConnorGlastonbury5-10.01/5: Elm City Coaches Meet
Spruill, JahiemNorwich Free Academy6-02.012/22/18: ECC Developmental Meet 1 Session 2
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (20) All Divisions (81)
Badey, TannerGlastonbury12-00.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Bazinet, JacobNorwich Free Academy14-02.02/2: ECC Division 1 Championships
Burg, JackStaples11-06.001/26: FCIAC West. Div. Ch.
Chesanow, AidenSouthington11-00.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Chong, AnthonyNorwich Free Academy10-06.01/15: Snowflake Invite
Davidson, MaxNorwich Free Academy11-06.01/15: Snowflake Invite
Green, JacobDanbury10-06.001/4: Hispanic Games
Hemphill, JacksonFairfield Ludlowe13-02.01/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Hotchkiss, RussellSouthington11-00.01/23: Glastonbury Mid-Week Meet
Iannucci, ZachTrumbull12-00.012/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Jasinski, AidenNewtown12-06.01/12: Yale Invitational
Lavalette, JakeGlastonbury12-06.01/15: Snowflake Invitational
McKeon, DanielTrumbull10-06.012/26/18: North Shore Invitational
Moore, LoganManchester12-06.01/11: McReavey
Nagy, KyleFairfield Ludlowe11-06.01/31: FCIAC Championship Meet Hillhouse
Rosas-Perez, YoskarNew Britain10-06.02/4: CP Last Chance
Sanchez, HectorManchester12-00.01/11: McReavey
Selinske, CaseySouthington12-00.012/22/18: Hillhouse Qualifier
Sevigny, JackGlastonbury12-09.01/9: Glastonbury Meet #3
Towey, EmmetBrien McMahon10-06.001/16: FCIAC QUALIFYING MEET