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CIAC 2017-18 Class LL Boys Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Boys 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (24) All Divisions (115)
Brien McMahon1:37.55*1/19: Yale
Cheshire1:41.14*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet #1
Conard1:38.66*1/19: Yale Invite
Danbury1:31.45*1/20: Yale Invitational
East Hartford1:34.22*1/27: CCC
Enfield1:42.32*1/12: Mcreavey invite
Fairfield Prep1:37.27*2/2: SCC CH
Fairfield Warde1:38.81*1/19: Yale
Glastonbury1:39.89*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Greenwich1:36.01*1/19: Yale Invitational
Hamden1:32.57*1/19: Yale
Manchester1:41.92*1/27: CCC Championship
New Britain1:36.12*2/5: Cap Prep Qual
Newtown1:37.79*1/19: Yale
Norwalk1:35.90*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Norwich Free Academy1:37.51*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track and Field Classic
Ridgefield1:35.53*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Shelton1:34.34*1/19: Yale
Simsbury1:37.18*1/26: Ccc champship
Southington1:35.03*1/19: Yale Invite
Stamford1:40.87*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Staples1:40.19*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Trumbull1:37.32*1/20: Yale Invitational
West Haven1:39.79*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Boys 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (22) All Divisions (84)
Brien McMahon3:49.56*1/19: Yale
Cheshire3:46.60*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Conard3:46.33*1/27: CCC Championships
Danbury3:27.70*1/20: Yale Invitational
East Hartford3:45.28*1/12: McReavy invite
Enfield3:51.04*1/27: Ccc championship
Fairfield Ludlowe3:40.55*2/1: FCIAC Championship Meet
Fairfield Warde3:49.06*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Glastonbury3:33.54*1/19: Yale Invitational
Greenwich3:36.04*1/19: Yale Invitational
Hamden3:34.79*2/2: SCC
Manchester3:49.26*1/27: CCC Championship
New Britain3:42.26*2/5: Cap Prep Qual
Newtown3:45.97*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Norwich Free Academy3:40.73*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track and Field Classic
Ridgefield3:30.44*1/20: NB Games
Shelton3:36.95*2/2: SCC Championship
Simsbury3:48.72*1/26: Ccc champship
Southington3:34.35*1/19: Yale Invite
Staples3:38.73*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Trumbull3:34.26*1/20: Yale Invitational
Xavier3:38.03*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Boys 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (19) All Divisions (68)
Cheshire8:49.43*1/24: SCC East Sectional
Conard8:56.99*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Danbury9:00.00*1/13: Stanner Games
East Hartford8:54.61*1/12: McReavy invite
Fairfield Prep8:11.57*2/2: SCC CH
Fairfield Ludlowe8:24.19*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Fairfield Warde8:17.39*1/19: Yale
Glastonbury8:16.57*1/19: Yale Invitational
Greenwich8:28.48*2/1: FCIAC
Hamden8:31.58*1/19: Yale
Manchester8:47.19*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Newtown8:35.36*1/19: Yale
Norwich Free Academy8:57.35*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track and Field Classic
Ridgefield9:06.36*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Shelton8:27.83*1/19: Yale
Southington8:37.94*1/27: CCC Championships
Staples8:03.13*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Trumbull8:39.15*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Xavier8:16.70*1/19: Yale Invitational
Boys Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (18) All Divisions (65)
Brien McMahon3:53.78*1/27: West
Danbury3:37.67*1/13: SCC Invitational
East Hartford3:52.61*1/12: McReavy invite
Fairfield Prep3:54.68*1/9: SCC DEV MT 2
Fairfield Ludlowe3:48.47*2/1: FCIAC Championship Meet
Fairfield Warde3:58.29*1/27: FCIAC East
Glastonbury3:46.61*1/6: Elm City Relays
Greenwich3:51.19*12/29/17: Hillhouse 2nd qualifier
Hamden3:49.94*1/13: SCC Coaches
Manchester3:51.50*1/27: CCC Championship
Newtown3:51.24*1/15: SWC Qualifier 2
Norwich Free Academy3:52.82*1/27: Bacon Academy Invite
Ridgefield3:45.16*1/6: Elm City
Shelton3:49.84*2/2: SCC Championship
Southington3:54.12*1/5: Elm City Relays
Staples3:46.06*1/13: SCC Coaches Inv.
Trumbull3:44.28*2/1: FCIAC championships
Xavier3:45.35*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Boys 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (48) All Divisions (219)
Allen, JaquanEast Hartford6.74*1/12: McReavy invite
Anderson, GregoryFairfield Prep6.69*2/2: SCC CH
Andrade, NicholasShelton6.75*1/24: SCC East
Bardos, TroyBrien McMahon6.94*2/1: FCIAC
Brooks, IsaiahEast Hartford6.99*2/5: capital prep state qualifier
Brown jr, MarlonNorwalk6.90*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Carreiro, JohnSouthington7.00*12/28/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Cazorla, JadenDanbury6.78*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Clay, KatrellNorwalk6.69*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Cledera, ChristopherDanbury6.60*1/13: SCC Invitational
Cloiseau, OlivierNorwalk6.96*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Codjoe, MuhamedNew Britain6.85*12/30/17: Wintergreen
Danazumi, QasimFairfield Warde6.81*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Davis Jr., RodneyHamden6.66*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Deri, BrettNewtown6.99*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Diamond, PedroTrumbull6.95*2/1: FCIAC championships
Downes, WilliamSouthington6.95*1/20: Yale Invite
Eaton, JamarEast Hartford6.74*12/30/17: hartford high
Farley, RyanConard6.92*2/5: Capital Prep Qualifier
Foskey, AaronStamford6.89*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Foster, IanGreenwich7.04*1/6: Freedom Games
Gumbs, CamerinShelton6.88*12/19/17: SCC Developmental 1
Johnson, EdwardNorwich Free Academy6.90*2/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Lorick, MalachiusDanbury6.92*1/27: Western Division Championship
Lynn, Mic'ahGlastonbury6.92*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
McCulloch, RobertFairfield Prep6.95*2/2: SCC CH
McGeehan, CaseyStaples6.95*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Morton, KoreyBrien McMahon6.99*1/27: West Division
Parkinson, Sean-MichaelDanbury6.80*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Pigatt, ChristopherHamden6.55*1/24: SCC WEST
Pinkrakthok, KoreyDanbury7.02*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invitational
Porter, MykalNew Britain6.93*12/28/17: Wilton Wright
Quintana, CruzNorwich Free Academy6.91*2/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Rapuano, MichaelHamden6.92*2/2: SCC
Rivera, JaylenNew Britain6.71*1/18: Wes Dev #1
Robinson-Nye, ZaneGreenwich6.89*1/6: Freedom Games
Rodia, MichaelShelton6.95*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Santos, LukaDanbury6.95*1/27: Western Division Championship
Scarlett, TreyWesthill7.01*1/6: FCIAC Qualifying #2
Seigel, MatthewCheshire07.04*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Shkreli, ThomasNewtown6.83*2/3: SWC Champs
Showstead, JustinRidgefield6.97*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Sirisouk, SeanShelton7.04*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Stewart, JoelEnfield6.69*1/8: james barber invite
Sutherland, QuinceyHamden6.97*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Terray, JohnSouthington7.02*12/28/17: Wilton Wright Invite
Turdera, FranciscoRidgefield6.96*1/20: NB Games
Wallace, ChristopherHamden6.93*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Boys 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (24) All Divisions (100)
Bates, Alex TXavier8.34*12/23/17: SCC West Sectional
Beiku, AlexanderDanbury8.54*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Clay, KatrellNorwalk8.11*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Colon, WillieWest Haven8.29*2/2: SCC Championship
Deri, BrettNewtown8.10*2/3: SWC Champs
Fahsbender, ShayDanbury8.48*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Fink, MaxFairfield Warde8.75*1/20: Wilton
Hartley, ThomasNewtown8.82*1/6: SWC Qualifier 1
Hill, AnthonyGreenwich8.92*1/20: FCIAC 4
Kryspin, PeterFairfield Ludlowe8.67*1/27: FCIAC East Championship - Wilton
Lindsay, JonathanNew Britain8.59*1/27: CCC
Mensah-Simms, NathanielDanbury8.23*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Molski, JoeXavier8.98*2/5: Capital Prep Last Chance
Osagie, DavidNorwich Free Academy8.34*1/6: Elm City Relays
Reid, JordanDanbury8.40*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Rivera, PaulFairfield Warde8.61*1/20: Yale
Rodriguez, ElijahSouthington7.79*1/20: Yale Invite
Samedi, DavidShelton8.73*1/24: SCC East
Turdera, FranciscoRidgefield8.56*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Vilinskis, ThomasRidgefield8.08*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Villarini, CarlosNew Britain8.44*12/30/17: Wintergreen
Wasilefsky, DevinGlastonbury8.57*1/27: CCC Championship
Williams, AidanRidgefield8.54*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Williams, ChazNew Britain8.28*12/30/17: Wintergreen
Boys 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (80) All Divisions (242)
Akomeah, SethManchester38.33*1/6: Elm City Relay
Akomeah, ShawnManchester38.33*1/6: 4th elm city relays
Allen, JaquanEast Hartford37.18*1/27: yale track classic
Anderson, LaMarHamden39.23*1/18: SCC Novice
Andrew, TristanNewtown39.57*2/3: SWC Champs
Arnold, KevinRidgefield39.18*1/6: Elm City
Bartlett, IanFairfield Ludlowe38.40*12/16/17: Staples Qualifier
Bean, MatthewShelton36.39*1/19: Yale
Briones Lopez, SantiagoRidgefield39.50*1/6: Elm City
Brooks, IsaiahEast Hartford37.87*1/27: CCC
Brown jr, MarlonNorwalk37.57*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Cazorla, JadenDanbury37.79*1/19: Yale Invitational
Chukwura, ChineduConard38.42*1/19: Yale Invite
Clay, KatrellNorwalk35.97*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Codjoe, MuhamedNew Britain39.33*1/18: Wes Dev #1
Colon, WillieWest Haven38.60*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Cote, AndrewNorwich Free Academy39.00*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Danazumi, QasimFairfield Warde36.42*2/1: FCIAC Champ
DeMato, LukeFairfield Warde39.61*1/20: Yale
DePina, DanteTrumbull37.85*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Deri, BrettNewtown38.45*1/19: Yale
Dyson, IanRidgefield37.90*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Ford, GlenroyDanbury37.00*1/19: Yale Invitational
Foster, IanGreenwich39.07*1/13: SCC Invitational
Gnibus, JohnFairfield Prep37.54*2/2: SCC CH
Going, MalcolmDanbury35.95*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Gordon, KyleNorwalk39.49*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Gosnay, JonahDanbury39.21*12/26/17: North Shore Invitation
Gumbs, CamerinShelton39.35*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Hall, AltonNorwalk39.00*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Hayes, NigelTrumbull38.70*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Johnson, EdwardNorwich Free Academy39.45*2/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Jupp, SimonRidgefield36.63*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Kane, JamesRidgefield37.81*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Kovachev, MartinShelton39.65*1/19: Yale
Large, LanceGreenwich39.25*1/6: Freedom Games
Lima, BryanDanbury38.98*1/19: Yale Invitational
Lorick, MalachiusDanbury37.91*1/19: Yale Invitational
Lynn, Mic'ahGlastonbury39.33*1/15: Frosh/Soph MLK Invite
Madore, JohnRidgefield39.25*1/20: NB Games
Markos, ManavRidgefield38.84*1/20: NB Games
Mastorakis, BjornNorwich Free Academy39.62*2/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Mayes, JohnHamden36.51*2/2: SCC
McCulloch, RobertFairfield Prep38.41*1/23: SCC WEST REGIONAL
McGarry, ConnerHamden38.77*2/2: SCC
Mello, JackConard39.13*1/19: Yale Invite
Melo, PhillipDanbury38.59*1/13: Stanner Games
Moeller, DavidXavier39.68*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Moran, EmmanuelStamford38.84*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Moxham, GrantNewtown37.91*2/3: SWC Champs
Murphy, AkeimBrien McMahon37.37*2/1: FCIAC
Oakes, TamarkoWest Haven38.53*1/23: SCC West Sectional
Ornstein, PierceGreenwich38.75*1/13: Molloy Stanner Games
Pardo, EliasBrien McMahon39.74*1/19: Yale
Park, TaehyeonSimsbury39.14*1/3: Uri indoor track classac
Parkinson, Sean-MichaelDanbury35.63*1/19: Yale Invitational
Peralta, DeyvisNew Britain38.71*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Pigatt, ChristopherHamden37.41*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Pike, StuartEast Hartford37.78*1/19: yale track classic
Pinkrakthok, KoreyDanbury39.62*12/26/17: North Shore Invitation
Rapuano, MichaelHamden39.06*1/9: SCC Developmental
Rison, AndrewGlastonbury36.52*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Rivera, JaylenNew Britain38.24*1/27: CCC
Robinson-Nye, ZaneGreenwich38.39*1/13: SCC Invitational
Rodriguez, ElijahSouthington39.30*12/28/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Rubush, TylerTrumbull38.70*12/16/17: Staples
Scarlett, TreyWesthill39.10*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Shafer, MaxCheshire38.99*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Stewart, JoelEnfield39.54*12/29/17: Hillhouse qualifier
Tenney, MatthewGlastonbury38.79*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Turdera, FranciscoRidgefield37.95*1/20: NB Games
van der Noll, MitchellRidgefield37.07*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Vellon, NazirNew Britain39.64*1/18: Wes Dev #1
Verderame, JosephSouthington38.83*12/28/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Vilinskis, ThomasRidgefield39.37*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Villarini, CarlosNew Britain38.44*1/27: CCC
Wallace, ChristopherHamden39.74*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Walters, SeanBrien McMahon38.31*2/1: FCIAC
Wasilefsky, DevinGlastonbury39.02*1/6: Elm City Relays
Williams, AidanRidgefield38.07*1/20: NB Games
Boys 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (47) All Divisions (183)
Achille, JoshuaNorwich Free Academy1:29.81*2/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Agostisi, ColinFairfield Ludlowe1:29.61*2/3: Last Chance Qualifier Meet - Staples
Akomeah, SethManchester1:26.71*1/27: CCC Championship
Akomeah, ShawnManchester1:26.71*1/27: CCC Championship
Albee, BenjaminNewtown1:26.23*2/3: SWC Champs
Arnold, KevinRidgefield1:27.98*1/6: Elm City
Baker, ColinNorwalk1:29.75*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Barolli, FrankCheshire1:31.97*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet #1
Bartlett, IanFairfield Ludlowe1:25.64*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational, Hillhouse
Bean, MatthewShelton1:30.65*12/19/17: SCC Developmental 1
Christie, TrevorXavier1:26.91*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Cosentino, MatthewGlastonbury1:27.79*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Cote, AndrewNorwich Free Academy1:28.62*2/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep1:29.59*1/13: COACH'S INV
Duval, JoelNewtown1:29.16*2/3: SWC Champs
Ford, GlenroyDanbury1:27.92*1/6: Dartmouth Relays
Furlong, AidanGlastonbury1:30.58*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Galletta, PhilipFairfield Warde1:31.52*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Going, MalcolmDanbury1:23.72*12/26/17: North Shore Invitation
Hall, DevinEast Hartford1:27.42*1/27: ccc
Hannigan, JeffreySouthington1:28.29*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Jupp, SimonRidgefield1:26.79*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Kane, JamesRidgefield1:28.93*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Karakadas, GeorgiosGreenwich1:26.90*1/13: Molloy Stanner Games
Lamour, RockDanbury1:31.66*1/13: Stanner Games
Leone, ShaneSouthington1:31.34*12/28/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Lestik, ChristianNewtown1:28.79*1/6: SWC Qualifier 1
Mocarski, AlexFairfield Warde1:29.70*1/27: FCIAC East
Muller, ZackaryShelton1:30.02*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Murphy, AkeimBrien McMahon1:27.28*2/1: FCIAC
Murray, BrendanCheshire1:30.02*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Parimal, SrivatsStaples1:31.87*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Prydun, MatthewXavier1:30.61*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Rison, AndrewGlastonbury1:29.87*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Rubush, TylerTrumbull1:29.43*12/16/17: Staples
Sacoto, JoshuaShelton1:29.61*1/9: SCC Developmental 2
Shafer, MaxCheshire1:31.67*1/24: SCC East Sectional
Sharpe, KoryDanbury1:31.83*1/13: Stanner Games
Smith, KyleManchester1:29.65*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Smith, RyanGlastonbury1:31.24*1/6: Elm City Relays
Swift, DamonHamden1:27.24*2/2: SCC
Sylvain, PierreXavier1:24.59*2/2: SCC Championships
Thomas, PhilipHamden1:31.97*1/9: SCC Developmental
Thompson, DrewFairfield Prep1:30.92*1/9: SCC DEV MT 2
van der Noll, MitchellRidgefield1:27.02*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Van Spaendonck, GerardStaples1:30.23*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Wright, TylerStaples1:29.01*1/13: SCC Coaches Inv.
Boys 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (38) All Divisions (126)
Agostisi, ColinFairfield Ludlowe2:42.93*2/1: FCIAC Championship Meet
Arnold, KevinRidgefield2:39.71*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Bartlett, IanFairfield Ludlowe2:32.81*2/1: FCIAC Championship Meet
Bernal, NicolasGreenwich2:53.87*1/13: SCC Invitational
Bolden, CalebFairfield Prep2:47.73*1/23: SCC WEST REGIONAL
Burke, MatthewDanbury2:47.85*1/13: Stanner Games
Chambers, CameronHamden2:47.62*12/19/17: SCC Developmental
Christie, TrevorXavier2:40.85*2/2: SCC Championships
Davis, SolomonSimsbury2:43.04*1/13: Scc coaches invitation
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep2:42.02*1/6: ELM CITY INV
Dillon, RobertShelton2:38.94*2/2: SCC Championship
Duval, JoelNewtown2:47.81*1/6: SWC Qualifier 1
Going, MalcolmDanbury2:38.98*1/13: SCC Invitational
Jagoe, DannyFairfield Warde2:48.07*1/27: FCIAC East
Karakadas, GeorgiosGreenwich2:42.35*1/13: Molloy Stanner Games
Lally, OwenXavier2:38.69*2/2: SCC Championships
Landowne, WilliamStaples2:31.30*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Lestik, ChristianNewtown2:41.22*2/3: SWC Champs
Lorenz, LukeStaples2:39.21*1/13: SCC Coaches Inv.
Mellor, BenjaminFairfield Ludlowe2:48.24*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational, Hillhouse
Mocarski, AlexFairfield Warde2:48.09*12/28/17: Wilton
Murray, BrendanCheshire2:42.66*12/19/17: SCC Developmental Meet #1
Myers, ChristianStaples2:40.92*1/13: SCC Coaches Inv.
Nichols, DanielDanbury2:37.97*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Pearl, JoeManchester2:33.18*1/27: CCC Championship
Remigino, TylerConard2:47.66*1/11: Wesleyan Qualifier #2
Rubush, TylerTrumbull2:33.02*1/13: SCC Invite
Sacoto, JoshuaShelton2:41.24*2/2: SCC Championship
Sagers, IanConard2:45.60*1/13: SCC Invite
Seiple, BenjaminStaples2:41.45*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Sheldon, MacKinnonFairfield Prep2:40.91*1/23: SCC WEST REGIONAL
Smith, JacobGlastonbury2:42.70*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Smith, KyleManchester2:43.29*1/27: CCC Championship
Smith, RyanGlastonbury2:47.26*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Swift, DamonHamden2:44.26*1/13: SCC Coaches
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep2:44.24*12/19/17: SCC Dev Mt 1
Wilcox, SamuelGlastonbury2:39.05*1/27: CCC Championship
Wright, TylerStaples2:41.30*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Boys 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (55) All Divisions (153)
Agostisi, ColinFairfield Ludlowe4:46.55*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational, Hillhouse
Arnold, KevinRidgefield4:45.20*12/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Bernal, NicolasGreenwich4:53.58*1/6: Freedom Games
Bolden, CalebFairfield Prep4:46.76*1/9: SCC DEV MT 2
Burke, MatthewDanbury4:48.16*1/27: Western Division Championship
Caldwell, RyanDanbury4:45.34*1/20: Yale Invitational
Chambers, CameronHamden4:47.12*1/9: SCC Developmental #2
Chavan, KabirFairfield Ludlowe4:42.47*1/13: SCC Coaches' Invitational, Hillhouse
Christie, TrevorXavier4:38.32*12/29/17: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Collado, EricDanbury4:48.03*1/13: SCC Invitational
Curran, OwenXavier4:28.73*1/5: Hispanic Games
Curran, WilliamXavier4:28.59*2/2: SCC Championships
Davis, SolomonSimsbury4:31.68*1/3: Uri
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep4:31.01*2/2: SCC CH
Dillon, RobertShelton4:31.28*1/24: SCC East
Dires, SophoniasConard4:47.69*1/27: CCC Championships
Fierro, MorganStaples4:46.35*1/13: SCC Coaches Inv.
Grochowski, RyanXavier4:34.61*2/2: SCC Championships
Hefele, JacobDanbury4:47.94*1/13: Stanner Games
Igram, NoahFairfield Warde4:38.13*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Kaplan, ConradStaples4:48.07*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Karakadas, GeorgiosGreenwich4:43.60*1/6: Freedom Games
Lally, OwenXavier4:35.26*1/19: Yale Invitational
Landowne, WilliamStaples4:18.78*1/6: Hispanic Games
Leone, ConnerSouthington4:41.20*1/27: CCC Championships
Lestik, ChristianNewtown4:42.06*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Loalbo, MichaelHamden4:42.22*1/24: SCC WEST
Lorenz, JonathanStaples4:44.52*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Lorenz, LukeStaples4:32.98*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Maniscalco, JamesFairfield Warde4:27.58*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Mocarski, AlexFairfield Warde4:20.39*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Murray, BrendanCheshire4:32.57*1/9: SCC Developmental Meet #2
Myers, ChristianStaples4:29.83*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Newcomb, DrewFairfield Prep4:35.09*1/9: SCC DEV MT 2
Nichols, DanielDanbury4:28.60*1/6: Dartmouth Relays
Pearl, JoeManchester4:19.66*1/20: Yale Interscholastic Classic
Pomer, DylanFairfield Warde4:44.95*2/1: FCIAC Champ
Remigino, TylerConard4:38.66*1/13: SCC Invite
Rubush, TylerTrumbull4:43.15*1/6: Stapes
Sagers, IanConard4:46.66*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Schuck, RyanGlastonbury4:47.15*1/27: CCC Championship
Schulten, PeterXavier4:28.46*1/19: Yale Invitational
Seiple, BenjaminStaples4:28.52*1/6: Hispanic Games
Selfors, DillonXavier4:33.21*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Sheldon, MacKinnonFairfield Prep4:31.47*12/27/17: BOSTON HOLIDAY CLASSIC
Slesinski, RyanSouthington4:47.35*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Smith, JacobGlastonbury4:36.79*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Taubenheim, NicholasStaples4:45.01*1/13: SCC Coaches Inv.
Thompson, DrewFairfield Prep4:22.31*12/27/17: BOSTON HOLIDAY CLASSIC
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep4:29.91*1/23: SCC WEST REGIONAL
Watson, JackDanbury4:44.74*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Wilcox, SamuelGlastonbury4:40.59*1/6: Elm City Relays
Williams, AshtonStamford4:46.89*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Wright, TylerStaples4:35.60*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Zuckerman, AndrewStaples4:40.84*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Boys 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (44) All Divisions (112)
Bernal, MatiasGreenwich10:27.26*1/20: Yale Invitational
Burke, MatthewDanbury10:12.40*1/20: Yale Invitational
Caldwell, RyanDanbury10:20.18*1/20: Yale Invitational
Chavan, KabirFairfield Ludlowe9:51.84*1/20: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Christie, TrevorXavier10:00.59*12/16/17: ATandT Coaches Hall of Fame
Cozean, RobbieXavier9:52.09*2/2: SCC Championships
Curran, WilliamXavier9:50.09*12/16/17: ATandT Coaches Hall of Fame
Dawson, AzaanFairfield Prep9:48.88*1/20: Yale Inv
Diaz, YankarlosManchester10:21.98*1/27: CCC Championship
Dillon, RobertShelton9:30.23*1/20: Yale
Dires, SophoniasConard10:19.92*1/19: Yale Invite
Fierro, MorganStaples10:03.68*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Green, SunilStaples10:13.93*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Hefele, JacobDanbury9:58.88*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Igram, NoahFairfield Warde10:07.65*1/20: Yale
Jacobs, NickNewtown10:24.34*1/15: SWC Qualifier 2
Jagoe, DannyFairfield Warde9:57.05*1/20: Yale
Kosyakov, AlexanderGreenwich10:39.78*12/29/17: Hillhouse 2nd qualifier
Landowne, WilliamStaples9:11.68*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Leone, ConnerSouthington10:03.80*1/27: CCC Championships
Luke, GeorgeXavier10:23.39*2/2: SCC Championships
Maniscalco, JamesFairfield Warde9:39.07*1/20: Yale
Mellitt, BrendanCheshire10:17.76*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Mellor, BenjaminFairfield Ludlowe10:01.61*2/1: FCIAC Championship Meet
Mocarski, AlexFairfield Warde9:27.11*1/20: Yale
Murray, BrendanCheshire9:21.90*1/19: Yale Interscholastic Track Classic
Myers, ChristianStaples9:34.38*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Newcomb, DrewFairfield Prep9:45.48*1/20: Yale Inv
Nichols, DanielDanbury9:40.37*2/1: FCIAC Championship
Pearl, JoeManchester9:46.96*12/28/17: Rhode Island Classic
Pineau, TylerShelton10:23.18*1/20: Yale
Pomer, DylanFairfield Warde10:18.41*1/20: Yale
Schulten, PeterXavier9:34.10*12/29/17: Marine Corps Holiday Classic
Seiple, BenjaminStaples9:26.34*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Selfors, DillonXavier9:42.77*1/19: Yale Invitational
Sheldon, MacKinnonFairfield Prep10:00.63*1/23: SCC WEST REGIONAL
Smith, JacobGlastonbury9:47.38*1/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Smith, ZacharyGlastonbury10:10.31*1/27: CCC Championship
Taubenheim, NicholasStaples10:04.34*2/1: FCIAC Championships
Thompson, DrewFairfield Prep9:15.93*1/20: Yale Inv
Tristine, EdwardFairfield Prep9:49.99*1/20: Yale Inv
Vogt, MattFairfield Warde10:22.69*1/20: Yale
Watson, JackDanbury10:13.64*1/20: Yale Invitational
Wilcox, SamuelGlastonbury10:07.94*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Boys Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (33) All Divisions (126)
Agyeman, Nana YawGlastonbury43-04.501/9: Snowflake Invitational
Almansi, MatthewStaples38-01.251/20: FCIAC Qualifier # 4
Arnold, BrianGreenwich38-02.5012/16/17: FCIAC
Bell, MarcellousWesthill44-02.002/1: FCIAC Championship
Belton, CameronNorwich Free Academy42-03.02/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Benton, TreHamden43-05.5012/19/17: SCC Developmental
Cafarelli, TommyDanbury41-06.0012/28/17: Wilton Qualifier #1
Cangiano, SeanCheshire38-04.52/5: Capital Prep State Qualifier
Caplan, JasonStaples39-11.252/1: FCIAC Championships
Carroll, RobertNewtown40-04.001/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Colon, DavonXavier40-04.012/23/17: SCC West Sectional
Daviega, AdelinoNorwich Free Academy45-05.01/6: Elm City Relays
Gianni, NicholasGlastonbury39-05.001/27: CCC Championship
Gladstone, ZachStaples44-07.501/27: Western Div. Ch.
Hall, RobensonStaples39-09.501/27: Western Div. Ch.
Hebert, ChristopherNorwich Free Academy42-03.251/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Jarvis, KeeganSouthington43-03.7512/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Kostohryz, StephenBrien McMahon40-07.012/27/17: #1 Qualifier
Krawiec, BrianStaples38-06.002/1: FCIAC Championships
O'Keefe, EvanFairfield Ludlowe38-01.01/27: FCIAC East Championship - Wilton
Pierce, TreyEnfield41-01.51/27: Ccc championship
Pierre, JonathanNorwich Free Academy39-00.02/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Prell, JonathanSimsbury49-04.001/26: Ccc champship
Quaye, NathanManchester45-06.01/6: Elm City Relay
Quinn, JulianRidgefield38-10.252/1: FCIAC Championships
Radzion, EdwardShelton50-10.01/9: SCC Developmental 2
Saks, GriffinXavier42-08.251/23: SCC West Sectional
Showstead, JustinRidgefield49-10.52/1: FCIAC Championships
Smith, MarcelEast Hartford38-00.01/18: Glastonburry
Tann, EricManchester41-02.001/27: CCC Championship
Westbrook, ToryGlastonbury38-08.001/25: Glastonbury Home Meet
Williams, RyanNewtown42-07.001/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Woodring, KyleGreenwich45-03.51/27: FCIAC Western Division
Boys Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (36) All Divisions (132)
Agnew, IanSouthington19-03.752/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Agymang, PatrickEast Hartford19-05.502/5: capital prep state qualifier
Alcius, ArmstrongNorwich Free Academy20-09.51/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Andrade, NicholasShelton19-03.01/9: SCC Developmental 2
Andrew, TristanNewtown18-09.0012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Bacon, JoshuaFairfield Prep19-01.51/23: SCC WEST REGIONAL
Bardos, TroyBrien McMahon21-00.752/1: FCIAC
Bianchi, OwenGreenwich19-05.012/26/17: North Shore Invitational
Bridges, SilasConard18-11.002/5: Capital Prep Qualifier
Carr, JohnShelton19-08.751/24: SCC East
Cazorla, JadenDanbury19-10.252/1: FCIAC Championship
Cledera, ChristopherDanbury20-10.7512/16/17: ATT Invitational
Codjoe, MuhamedNew Britain19-03.001/27: CCC
Colleran, EricGlastonbury21-06.512/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Dailey, EdwardSimsbury20-01.012/16/17: Hartford public meet
Danazumi, QasimFairfield Warde19-01.0012/28/17: Wilton
DeMato, LukeFairfield Warde20-05.252/1: FCIAC Champ
Dumdum, KurtManchester18-10.51/27: CCC Championship
Eaton, JamarEast Hartford19-03.502/5: capital prep state qualifier
Ellis, ChetStaples19-08.752/1: FCIAC Championships
Foskey, AaronStamford20-05.502/1: FCIAC Championships
Harmer, GrantRidgefield19-01.52/1: FCIAC Championships
Jones, JackTrumbull22-03.501/20: Yale Invitational
Kim, PaulRidgefield19-00.501/20: NB Games
Martin, JaredSouthington19-02.52/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
McCulloch, RobertFairfield Prep20-04.751/18: SCC NOVICE MEET
Orefice, JohnFairfield Ludlowe20-04.02/1: FCIAC Championship Meet
Perrin, ToddNewtown19-08.012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Rogers, KolbySouthington20-06.01/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Samedi, DavidShelton20-03.01/24: SCC East
Santos, LukaDanbury19-03.502/1: FCIAC Championship
Sevigny, JackGlastonbury19-03.01/9: Snowflake Invitational
Shelton, GeorgeHamden20-02.501/9: SCC Developmental #2
Spruill, JahiemNorwich Free Academy20-10.501/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Sutherland, QuinceyHamden18-09.751/9: SCC Developmental #2
Terray, JohnSouthington19-09.251/27: CCC Championships
Boys High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (25) All Divisions (83)
Alcius, ArmstrongNorwich Free Academy6-02.01/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Ball, JamesRidgefield5-08.01/6: Wilton
Bardos, TroyBrien McMahon5-08.012/26/17: North Shore
Beaupre, JakeSouthington5-10.0012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Bianchi, OwenGreenwich5-10.02/1: FCIAC
Bocchino, JackShelton5-08.01/9: SCC Developmental 2
Buongiorno, DillonFairfield Ludlowe5-08.02/3: Last Chance Qualifier Meet - Staples
Byram, JohnGlastonbury5-08.001/27: CCC Championship
Carroll, AndrewGlastonbury5-10.0012/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier
Crebbin, ZachNewtown6-02.01/15: SWC Qualifier 2
Ellis, ChetStaples6-08.0012/16/17: FCIAC Qualifier # 1
Hannigan, JeffreySouthington5-08.012/28/17: Wilton Wright Invite
Hill, AnthonyGreenwich5-08.01/20: FCIAC #4
Jones, JackTrumbull6-02.001/27: Staples
Maloney, EricEnfield5-08.012/29/17: Hillhouse qualifier
McGill, ConorGlastonbury5-10.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Morton, KoreyBrien McMahon6-02.01/15: 3rd Frosh/Soph Meet Hill
Nagy, KyleFairfield Ludlowe5-10.012/29/17: Marine Corps Holiday Classic, Armory
Oakes, TamarkoWest Haven6-00.01/23: SCC West Sectional
Ryan, MaxConard5-08.01/13: SCC Invite
Samedi, DavidShelton5-08.01/9: SCC Developmental 2
Shelton, GeorgeHamden5-08.01/9: SCC Developmental #2
Spruill, JahiemNorwich Free Academy6-02.01/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Terray, JohnSouthington6-00.02/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Wojciechowski, JosephConard6-02.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Boys Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class LL Only (22) All Divisions (88)
Appel, JoshuaWesthill13-00.012/16/17: FCIAC Qualifying #1
Badey, TannerGlastonbury11-00.001/15: Frosh/Soph MLK Invite
Bazinet, JacobNorwich Free Academy11-06.02/3: ECC Division 1 Championships
Burg, JackStaples10-06.002/1: FCIAC Championships
Burleigh, ZacharySouthington13-06.01/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Gottwals, BrandonDanbury12-06.001/20: Yale Invitational
Greenspan, MichaelNewtown10-06.001/15: SWC Qualifier 2
Hayes, OliverRidgefield12-06.01/20: NB Games
Hemphill, JacksonFairfield Ludlowe13-00.012/29/17: Marine Corps Holiday Classic, Armory
Iannucci, ZachTrumbull12-00.0012/16/17: Staples High School
Jasinski, AidenNewtown13-00.012/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Jun, DanielSimsbury10-06.001/25: Glastonbury meet
Keeton, GeoffreyStaples12-06.001/6: FCIAC Qualifier # 2
Lavalette, JakeGlastonbury12-00.001/18: Glastonbury Home Meet
Leppla, ChristopherFairfield Warde11-00.001/20: Wilton
Llanos, NathanielDanbury13-06.0012/30/17: Wintergreen Invitational
Moore, LoganManchester10-06.001/27: CCC Championship
Motyl, MattStaples11-00.002/1: FCIAC Championships
Selinske, CaseySouthington11-06.001/13: SCC Coaches Invite
Sevigny, JackGlastonbury12-06.01/3: Glastonbury Home Meet #2
Tristine, JakeXavier11-06.02/2: SCC Championships
Weir, ChristopherNorwich Free Academy14-01.01/27: Bacon Academy Invite