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CIAC 2017-18 Class S Girls Submitted Qualifying Performances

*Denotes FAT time (When seeding is done for CIAC State Meets, 24/100ths [.24] of a second will be added to all handheld times for seeding purposes)

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Girls 4x200

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (28) All Divisions (101)
Bloomfield1:48.09*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Canton1:52.02*1/19: Yale Invitational
Coginchaug1:58.21/3: SL #1
Cromwell1:53.03*2/3: SLC Championship
East Catholic1:53.23*1/27: CCC
East Granby1:59.96*1/31: NCCC Championships
East Hampton1:57.31*2/3: Shoreline Conference Championships
Granby Memorial1:57.99*12/28/17: Haddam Killingworth Invitational
Classical Magnet1:59.42*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Griswold1:55.07*1/13: East Coast Invite
Haddam-Killingworth1:53.57*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Immaculate1:54.83*1/20: New Balance invite
Old Lyme1:56.54*2/3: SLC Championship
Innovation1:57.69*1/28: CRAL Conference Championships
Montville1:57.41*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Morgan1:51.96*2/3: shoreline conf champ
North Branford1:53.14*1/19: Yale Invitational
Northwest Catholic1:54.33*1/20: Yale HS Classic
Notre Dame-Fairfield1:59.36*2/3: SWC Championship
Old Saybrook1:53.03*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Oxford1:58.16*1/29: NVL Championship
Plainfield1:50.07*1/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Sacred Heart1:59.93*2/5: Capitol last chance qualifier
Seymour1:53.14*1/29: Nvl Championships
Stafford1:56.96*1/30: NCCC Championship
St. Bernard1:58.18*1/12: McReavy Invitational
Valley Regional1:59.88*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Westbrook1:57.29*2/5: shoreline conference championship
Girls 4x400

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (17) All Divisions (71)
Bloomfield4:05.58*1/27: CCC Championship
Canton4:29.26*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Coginchaug4:37.08*1/26: SLC #2
Cromwell4:22.00*1/19: Yale
Derby4:33.66*12/18/17: Relay Rust Buster @SCSU
East Hampton4:31.52*2/4: Shoreline Conference Championships
Griswold4:24.21*1/27: Bacon Invite
Haddam-Killingworth4:28.35*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Immaculate4:09.98*2/3: SWC Championships
Montville4:26.38*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Morgan4:24.50*2/3: shoreline conf champ
North Branford4:24.40*2/3: SLC Championship
Northwest Catholic4:36.33*1/19: Yale HS Classic
Old Saybrook4:20.64*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Plainfield4:13.22*1/6: URI Rhody Classic
Seymour4:23.69*1/19: Yale Indoor Classic Day #1
St. Bernard4:35.70*1/12: McReavy Invitational
Girls 4x800

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (9) All Divisions (55)
Bloomfield10:55.82*2/5: CP Last Chance Meet
Canton10:55.87*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Cromwell10:42.36*2/3: SLC Championship
Derby10:58.98*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Haddam-Killingworth10:20.41*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Immaculate10:06.31*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invite
Morgan10:27.03*2/3: shoreline conf champ
Old Saybrook10:07.38*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Thomaston10:58.21/27: Litchfield Frostbite
Girls Sprint Medley

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (22) All Divisions (75)
Bloomfield4:30.48*12/28/17: RI Classic
Canton4:35.04*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Coginchaug4:43.00*12/28/17: HK Invite
Coventry4:49.00*1/31: NCCC Championship
Cromwell4:37.20*1/3: SLC Meet
Derby4:36.03*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
East Catholic4:39.73*1/13: SCC
East Hampton4:47.06*1/26: Shoreline Conference League Meet #2
Griswold4:36.65*1/13: East Coast Invite
Haddam-Killingworth4:39.00*1/27: BACON INVITATIONAL
Immaculate4:25.82*2/3: SWC Championships
Montville4:47.55*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Morgan4:29.91*2/3: shoreline conf champ
Hale Ray4:40.30*1/4: SLC League Meet # 1
North Branford4:49.70*12/20/17: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Northwest Catholic4:26.56*1/27: CCC Championship
Old Saybrook4:28.99*1/26: SLC League Meet #2
Oxford4:43.36*1/13: SCC Invitational
Plainfield4:17.46*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Seymour4:46.30*2/5: Cap Prep last chance meet
Shepaug Valley4:45.66*1/12: McGreavy Invitational
Thomaston4:49.61/27: Litchfield Frostbite
Girls 55M Dash

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (72) All Divisions (253)
Allen, NataliaEast Catholic7.87*1/27: CCC
Allgood, TatyanaNorth Branford8.09*1/3: SLC Championships
Avery, RubyGriswold8.07*2/4: ECC Championship
Bailey, KhailaBulkeley7.64*1/27: CCC Championships
Balzano, TaylorPlainfield8.12*12/16/17: ECC Developmental #1
Bargnesi, LeahValley Regional7.81/3: Shoreline League Meet #1
Botelho, Kalli'AnaGriswold7.46*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Brathwaite, AdriannaHMTCA8.07*1/20: NCCC Invitational
Browdy, KhiaraHMTCA8.06*2/1: NCCC Indoor Track Championship
Brown, ShanteBloomfield7.90*1/13: East Coast Invite
Bryden, JennaNorth Branford8.00*12/28/17: HK Invitational
Cahill, ChloeOld Lyme7.81/3: SLC League Meet 1
Camara, MagnalenAmistad7.45*1/20: Yale Invitational
Chrzanowski, VeronicaHaddam-Killingworth7.78*1/20: SCC INVITATIONAL
Cleveland, IsobelCoginchaug7.71/3: SL #1
Cobb, CharlotteWindsor Locks7.92*1/31: NCCC Championship
Colon, EliciaBloomfield7.85*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Daire, EboneMLC7.84*1/28: CRAL Championship
Desiata, AlexisHale Ray7.40*1/4: SLC League Meet # 1
Deveran, EmmaEast Hampton7.70*1/3: Shoreline Conference League Meet #1
DiBenedetto, NicoleEast Catholic7.88*1/27: CCC
Doyley, BrijaeUniversity8.12*12/22/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Dreyfus, CarlieStafford7.75*12/27/17: Jack Long Invite
Eastwood, LaurenSomers8.11*1/31: NCCC Championship
Edwards, RenitaCapital Prep7.98*1/13: SCC Invite
Evans, AhvyonGrasso Tech7.55*1/7: James Barber Invite
Ferriera, TassiaNotre Dame-Fairfield7.91/10: SWC Developmental - DSD
Gurnee, KamrynGriswold7.74*2/4: ECC Championship
Harjunpaa, AdaOld Lyme7.91/3: SLC League Meet 1
Howe, JillianNotre Dame-Fairfield7.85*1/6: SWC Developmental - Wesleyan
Hultgren, TyraCoginchaug7.91/3: SL #1
Imetovski, SuzanaSeymour8.06*1/7: James Barber Invite
Johnson, NyaBloomfield8.07*2/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Johnson, RebeccaSeymour8.12*1/13: SCC Invite
Jones, JohnaeCreed8.04*1/20: SLC Coahes Invite
Joseph, ReyaInnovation7.82*1/28: CRAL Conference Championships
Jurkowski, PatriciaSeymour7.48*1/29: Nvl Championships
Kemes, AudreyTerryville8.07*1/7: James Barber Invitational
Kriak, AvaEast Catholic7.93*1/27: CCC
LaTour, GwenGriswold7.88*1/13: East Coast Invite
Lewkowicz, KaitlinCromwell7.80*1/3: SLC Meet
Little, GraceNorth Branford7.98*1/3: SLC Championships
Londregan, MiaSt. Bernard8.02*1/12: McReavy Invitational
Long, JaidaMLC8.00*12/30/17: HPHS Meet #2
Mickens, GemyaCapital Prep8.04*12/16/17: Hillhouse Invitational
Mitchell, ChelseaCanton7.51*1/9: Snowflake Inv.
Mooving, SantoriniBloomfield8.10*1/20: Shoreline Conference Invitational
Napoleon, YasantaiaUniversity7.82*12/16/17: Hartford Public
Newbury, IzzyPlainfield7.97*1/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Nolan, MariaGranby Memorial8.10*1/31: NCCC Championship
Pare, JordanCromwell7.60*1/3: SLC Meet #1
Phillips, RhemaGrasso Tech8.02*1/31: CTC Championships
Rose, TijahWeaver7.80*1/20: Yale Classic
Ross, LexiValley Regional8.04*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Rottino, EmilyHale Ray7.90*1/4: SLC League Meet
Salvati, LindsayNotre Dame-Fairfield8.04*1/15: SWC Developmental - Wesleyan
Scarlett, LatanyaUniversity8.01*12/16/17: Hartford Public
Scott, TiandraInnovation7.99*1/20: NCCC Invitational
Shirley, JuliaEast Hampton7.40*1/3: Shoreline Conference League Meet #1
Strmiska, AudreyGriswold7.63*1/13: East Coast Invite
Szilagyi, NicoleGranby Memorial7.96*1/31: NCCC Championship
Tiemann, GraceEllis Tech8.14*2/4: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Tinnerello, BiancaOld Lyme7.81/3: SLC League Meet 1
Torres, MahryeahInnovation7.512/30/17: Hartford Public #1
Ward, ZeandreaWeaver7.48*1/20: Yale Track Classic
Wassick, MeganGranby Memorial8.01*1/31: NCCC Championship
Westberry, BriannaCapital Prep7.89*1/28: Ocean Breeze Invitation
Wolliston, SheenaNorthwest Catholic7.91*12/29/17: Hillhouse Qualifier Meet
Woods, KianaNorthwest Catholic7.55*1/20: Yale HS Classic
Woodward, AshleyCoginchaug7.81/3: SL #1
Wyatt, TaylorMorgan7.64*1/3: shoreline one
Yearwood, AndrayaCromwell7.37*12/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Girls 55M Hurdles

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (35) All Divisions (127)
Archangelo, MadelineCanton9.30*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Aviles, SarahGriswold10.26*1/27: Bacon Invite
Bogoslofski, AmandaTourtellotte10.16*2/3: ECC League Championship Meet
Botelho, Kalli'AnaGriswold8.62*2/4: ECC Championship
Brown, MeredithGriswold9.59*1/27: Bacon Invite
Coady, AutumnHaddam-Killingworth9.59*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Coppes, CateOld Saybrook10.00*1/6: URI Invitational
Cumello, CarolynCoginchaug9.61/3: SL #1
Donohue, IsabellaOld Saybrook9.37*1/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Figoras, AubreyCoginchaug9.91/3: SL #1
Gillis, SheyenneMontville10.18*2/3: ECC Championship
Hollister, BriannaUniversity10.29*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Jacobs, KatherineNorthwest Catholic8.61*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Jurkowski, PatriciaSeymour9.37*12/30/17: Wintergreen Invite
Kisner, SophieEast Catholic9.11*1/27: CCC
Kopec, TessaStafford8.92*1/30: NCCC Championship
Krause, KirstenCoventry9.26*1/31: NCCC Championship
Leary, MollyPortland9.60*2/3: Shoreline Championship
LePage, SarahCoventry10.38*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Lucas, MackenzieSeymour10.29*1/29: Nvl Championships
Marchi, AlyssaEast Hampton10.41*1/20: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Mattson, LydiaNorth Branford10.18*2/3: SLC Championships
McCarthy, MadisonThomaston10.11/27: Litchfield Frostbite
McCray, OliviaMorgan9.91/3: shoreline one
Nye, GeorgiaMorgan10.06*1/20: shoreline coach's inv
Pawlik, OliviaThomaston10.11/27: Litchfield Frostbite
Phillips, RhemaGrasso Tech9.12*1/31: CTC Championships
Pranger, SuzanneCoventry9.22*1/31: NCCC Championship
Ross, LaurenMontville9.56*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Roy, LaurenGranby Memorial10.01*2/3: NCCC Last Chance Qualifier
Sepanek, LeanneOxford10.28*1/29: NVL Championship
Szilagyi, NicoleGranby Memorial8.81*1/9: Snowflake
Talbot, AlyssaEast Hampton10.18*1/20: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Thaci, AnneaOld Saybrook9.00*1/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Wood, CamrieCoventry10.14*1/9: Snowflake Invitational
Girls 300 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (66) All Divisions (250)
Adams, DylanOld Saybrook46.62*12/28/17: H-K Inv.
Anderson, MoniqueBloomfield44.91*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Archangelo, MadelineCanton45.56*1/19: Yale Invitational
Balzano, TaylorPlainfield44.17*2/3: ECC Championship
Banton, JahliaBloomfield45.13*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Belvit, HopeBloomfield45.05*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Blomquist, TirzahWestbrook47.21*2/5: shoreline conference championship
Bobb, VanessaEast Windsor47.05*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Botelho, Kalli'AnaGriswold41.45*1/19: Yale Invite
Brown, ShanteBloomfield44.09*1/27: CCC Championship
Camara, MagnalenAmistad43.14*1/20: 36th Yale Invitational
Campbell, ElieshaBloomfield47.08*2/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Campbell, ShenequaBloomfield43.57*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Carleson, KatePlainfield42.13*2/3: ECC Championship
Cleaveland, SydneyPlainfield46.67*2/3: ECC Championship
Cody, AllisonOld Saybrook44.04*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Colon, EliciaBloomfield44.76*12/28/17: RI Classic
Connolly, EmmaImmaculate46.13*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Cooper, IashiaDerby43.76*1/29: NVL Championships
Coyle, MollyImmaculate46.32*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Daire, EboneMLC46.64*1/28: CRAL Championship
Desiata, AlexisHale Ray45.95*2/3: SLC Championship
Duncanson, AshleyHaddam-Killingworth46.27*1/27: BACON INVITATIONAL
Eastwood, LaurenSomers46.64*1/27: Bacon Academy Invite
Evans, AhvyonGrasso Tech45.20*1/31: CTC Championships
Francis, MauriceaBloomfield47.06*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Garen, AshleyPortland45.52*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Gibson, JadynBloomfield46.19*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Harris, JahleahBloomfield44.38*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Imetovski, SuzanaSeymour46.89*1/15: Freshman-Sophomore Invite
Jones, JohnaeCreed45.83*1/20: SLC Coahes Invite
Joseph, ReyaInnovation46.66*1/28: CRAL Conference Championships
Jurkowski, PatriciaSeymour43.77*1/29: Nvl Championships
Kisner, SophieEast Catholic44.53*1/20: Shoreline Invitation
Kondic, JessicaOxford45.57*1/29: NVL Championship
Kriak, AvaEast Catholic46.92*1/15: Freshman/Sophomore Invitation
Linder, JamiliaMontville46.27*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Long, JaidaMLC47.11*2/3: NCCC Last Chance: NON-NCCC Schools
Mancini, MikaylaMorgan46.41/3: shoreline one
Mars, JillianBloomfield40.13*1/27: CCC Championship
McCaffrey, ChristinaSt. Bernard45.51*12/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Mckenna, MerylImmaculate47.05*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Minteh, KaddijahClassical Magnet46.44*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Mitchell, ChelseaCanton42.28*1/19: Yale Invitational
Newbury, IzzyPlainfield43.55*2/3: ECC Championship
Nolan, MariaGranby Memorial47.19*1/20: NCCC Invitational
Okoronkwo, BeverlySacred Heart45.99*1/29: NVL Championship
Peck, AlexandriaMontville46.86*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Pranger, SuzanneCoventry45.98*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Price, KatelinMontville45.61*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Quinones, TainaSt. Bernard46.25*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Reynolds, DamaniBloomfield46.09*1/19: Yale Track Classic
Sedensky, AudreyImmaculate46.21*1/20: New Balance Games
Shirley, JuliaEast Hampton45.13*1/20: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Strmiska, AudreyGriswold43.64*1/19: Yale Invite
Sutton-Hall, MayaCanton45.65*1/13: SCC Invitational
Taylor, LyndseyCoginchaug46.71/3: SL #1
Tibbatts, OliviaShepaug Valley45.51*2/5: Capitol Prep Qualifier
Torres, MahryeahInnovation46.67*1/28: CRAL Conference Championships
Valentine, DominqueImmaculate41.77*2/3: SWC Championships
Villanueva, RebeccaEast Catholic46.75*1/20: Shoreline Invitation
Walker, AaliyahInnovation46.76*2/3: NCCC Last Chance Qualifier
Ward, ZeandreaWeaver41.95*2/4: Hartford City Meet
Wolliston, SheenaNorthwest Catholic45.00*1/27: CCC Championship
Wyse, SchylerEast Granby46.13*2/3: Nccc last chance
Yearwood, AndrayaCromwell43.25*2/3: SLC Championship
Girls 600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (22) All Divisions (122)
Bouthillier, LexieHaddam-Killingworth1:48.59*1/20: SCC INVITATIONAL
Carleson, CassandraPlainfield1:46.80*12/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Connolly, EmmaImmaculate1:39.15*2/3: SWC Championships
Coyle, MollyImmaculate1:45.49*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Dana, AshleyCoginchaug1:46.06*2/3: SLC Championship
Fleischer, RachelDerby1:44.39*12/28/17: Wright Invite
Frawley, JaneCanton1:47.37*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Gill, AngelinaStafford1:47.66*1/30: NCCC Championship
Hanratty, GraceOld Saybrook1:41.53*1/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Kelly, JulianneHaddam-Killingworth1:46.54*1/27: BACON INVITATIONAL
Kondic, JessicaOxford1:44.52*1/29: NVL Championship
Mars, JillianBloomfield1:37.06*1/20: Shoreline Conference Invitational
McCaffrey, ChristinaSt. Bernard1:48.06*2/3: ECC Championships
Mckenna, MerylImmaculate1:46.88*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Merchant, SarahGriswold1:47.80*2/4: ECC Championship
Morrill, ShannonCromwell1:46.36*2/3: SLC Championship
Peck, AlexandriaMontville1:47.78*2/3: ECC Championship
Savinelli, MeghanCromwell1:48.83*2/3: SLC Championship
Stratton, JessicaOld Saybrook1:46.25*12/28/17: H-K Invitational
Valentine, DominqueImmaculate1:46.17*12/26/17: North Shore Invite
Ward, ZeandreaWeaver1:49.512/30/17: Hartford Public
Whittaker, MadyMontville1:43.46*1/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Girls 1000 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (39) All Divisions (179)
Anziano, EmmaHaddam-Killingworth3:15.59*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Bauman, AveryWestbrook3:29.51/4: Shoreline Conference meet #1
Boland, IngridOld Saybrook3:28.21*1/6: URI Invitational
Bouthillier, LexieHaddam-Killingworth3:28.88*1/6: ELM CITY RELAYS
Bowman, ElizabethMontville3:25.25*1/20: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Britner, SerenaSt. Bernard3:28.27*2/3: ECC Championships
Burke, BettinaPortland3:29.66*1/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Caputo, JuliaCanton3:20.85*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Carleson, CassandraPlainfield3:06.68*2/3: ECC Championship
Casey, JessicaLyman Memorial3:25.13*12/27/17: Jack Long Invitational
Castro, AlianaOld Saybrook3:20.29*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Caulkins, FaithOld Lyme3:29.25*1/26: SLC League Meet 2
Chacko, CeliaAerospace3:12.99*1/20: NCCC Invite
Coyle, MollyImmaculate3:11.05*2/4: SWC Championships
Dana, AshleyCoginchaug3:16.41/3: SL #1
Diana, SabrinaUniversity3:29.69*2/4: Hartford City Meet
DiStefano, LivEast Hampton3:12.44*1/26: Shoreline Conference League Meet #2
Duhig, SophiaSt. Bernard3:27.68*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Frawley, JaneCanton3:20.47*1/31: NCCC Championship
French, JennaSacred Heart3:14.95*1/29: NVL Championship
Givehand, TehraOld Saybrook3:23.05*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Goff, BrianneHale Ray3:21.49*2/3: SLC Championship
Gould, MaddieMontville3:23.74*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Hanratty, GraceOld Saybrook3:07.23*1/26: SLC League Meet #2
Kelly, JulianneHaddam-Killingworth3:27.31*1/6: ELM CITY RELAYS
Khanthaphixay, AnnalyDerby3:21.42*1/29: NVL Championships
Krebs, EmmaShepaug Valley3:10.54*2/5: Capitol Prep Qualifier
Kunka, BrigidSt. Bernard3:29.53*12/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
Lobraico, EmmaOxford3:22.60*2/5: Capital Prep
Murphy, MauraImmaculate3:27.63*1/15: Swc developmental 2
Raymond, KylieSomers3:19.07*1/13: SCC Invite
Rivard-Lentz, KathrynEast Hampton3:20.02*2/4: Shoreline Conference Championships
Shea, KathrynNorthwest Catholic3:09.86*1/27: CCC Championship
Sienna, EmilyHale Ray3:04.43*2/3: SLC Championship
Stratton, EmilyOld Saybrook3:23.64*1/6: URI Invitational
Stratton, JessicaOld Saybrook3:08.70*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Sultini, JuliaOld Saybrook3:24.29*1/6: URI Invitational
Whittaker, MadyMontville3:06.94*2/3: ECC Championship
Winkler, HelenaCanton3:23.71*1/13: SCC Invitational
Girls 1600 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (34) All Divisions (157)
Anziano, EmmaHaddam-Killingworth5:44.30*1/20: SCC INVITATIONAL
Bouthillier, LexieHaddam-Killingworth5:50.16*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Brown, MollyEast Catholic5:54.88*1/6: Rhody Classic
Byars, AnnValley Regional5:38.49*1/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Caputo, JuliaCanton5:31.69*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Castro, AlianaOld Saybrook5:51.95*1/26: SLC League Meet #2
Chacko, CeliaAerospace5:36.43*12/28/17: CRAL Championship
Chickosky, LaurenStafford5:52.16*2/3: NCCC Last Chance
Crowley, FionaEast Catholic5:49.18*1/13: SCC
Dana, AshleyCoginchaug5:36.34*12/28/17: HK Invite
DiStefano, LivEast Hampton5:16.43*2/4: Shoreline Conference Championships
Dudas, NatalieImmaculate5:54.09*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Frawley, JaneCanton5:34.96*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
French, JennaSacred Heart5:52.71*2/5: Capitol last chance qualifier
Gerace, JessicaGranby Memorial5:50.67*12/28/17: Haddam Killingworth Invitational
Givehand, TehraOld Saybrook5:49.75*1/6: URI Invitational
Gott, OnnaNorth Branford5:48.37*2/3: SLC Championships
Gould, MaddieMontville5:48.35*1/20: Shoreline Conference Coaches Invitational
Hanratty, GraceOld Saybrook5:26.29*1/6: URI Invitational
Kowal, EmilyEast Granby5:51.46*2/3: Nccc last chance
Krebs, EmmaShepaug Valley5:25.16*1/12: McGreavy Invitational
Lobraico, EmmaOxford5:54.31*1/13: SCC Invitational
Mascetta, TaylorImmaculate5:15.35*2/3: SWC Championships
Moran, EmilyPlainfield5:33.84*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Raymond, KylieSomers5:26.55*1/27: Bacon Academy Invite
Rizzo, NicoleDerby5:49.45*1/29: NVL Championships
Saidman, AngelaImmaculate5:10.05*2/4: SWC Championships
Segreti, KatelynImmaculate5:40.78*1/6: SWC Developmental 1
Shea, KathrynNorthwest Catholic5:28.48*1/20: Yale HS Classic
Sienna, EmilyHale Ray5:12.74*2/3: SLC Championship
Stratton, JessicaOld Saybrook5:28.63*1/6: URI Invitational
Sultini, JuliaOld Saybrook5:49.19*1/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Whittaker, MadyMontville5:25.78*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Winkler, HelenaCanton5:41.21*12/27/17: Jack Long Inv.
Girls 3200 Meters

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (21) All Divisions (105)
Bodak, MearaHaddam-Killingworth12:39.56*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Byars, AnnValley Regional11:52.65*2/3: Shoreline Championship
Caputo, JuliaCanton11:33.96*1/20: Yale Invitational
Castro, AlianaOld Saybrook12:31.12*2/3: SLC Champ Meet
Chacko, CeliaAerospace12:02.49*12/28/17: CRAL Championship
Daley, KateMorgan11:49.54*2/3: shoreline conf champ
DiStefano, LivEast Hampton12:08.14*2/4: Shoreline Conference Championships
Dudas, NatalieImmaculate12:32.46*2/3: SWC Championships
Frawley, JaneCanton12:26.04*1/20: Yale Invitational
Givehand, TehraOld Saybrook12:33.48*1/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Hanock, SabrinaDerby12:44.99*1/20: Shoreline Invite
Kunka, BrigidSt. Bernard12:45.46*1/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Marcone, EmilyImmaculate12:32.62*2/3: SWC Championships
Mascetta, TaylorImmaculate11:41.21*2/3: SWC Championships
Raymond, KylieSomers11:17.10*1/20: Yale HS Classic
Rizzo, NicoleDerby12:06.63*1/13: @ SCC Coaches Invite
Saidman, AngelaImmaculate11:34.01*2/3: SWC Championships
Segreti, KatelynImmaculate11:51.62*2/3: SWC Championships
Shea, KathrynNorthwest Catholic12:23.26*1/6: Elm City Relays
Sienna, EmilyHale Ray12:08.35*1/4: HK Invitational
Winkler, HelenaCanton12:34.65*1/31: NCCC Championship
Girls Shot

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (28) All Divisions (118)
Avila, ChelseaSeymour29-00.012/18/17: Relay Rust Buster Invite
Booth, AlliyahBloomfield34-08.001/27: CCC Championship
Boyd, PaygeClassical Magnet34-05.012/28/17: HK Invite
Cook, OliviaWamogo29-05.02/5: Capital Prep Last Chance Qualifier
Davis, AngeliaBloomfield32-10.51/27: CCC Championship
Denno, TaylorWindsor Locks29-07.001/31: NCCC Championship
Edwards, ColleenMorgan28-05.02/3: shoreline conf champ
Engels, DanyelleWestbrook34-07.501/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Figoras, AubreyCoginchaug29-03.01/26: SLC #2
flores, FrancesUniversity28-02.02/3: NCCC Last Chance
Gall, RachelDerby28-01.0012/16/17: ATandT Coaches Hall of Fame Classic
Garcia, WendyAerospace28-07.012/30/17: Hartford Public #2
Hall, AshanteBloomfield28-08.51/6: Rhody Classic
Harriman, HaileePlatt Tech28-07.002/5: Captial Prep Qualifier
Kerwin, HaleyMontville29-09.51/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Layte, AlyssaOld Saybrook31-04.001/6: URI Invitational
Lewkowicz, KaitlinCromwell28-10.502/3: SLC Championship
Mariol, ElizabethOld Saybrook28-10.251/18: @ Glastonbury Meet
Mesidor, NiahOxford29-00.02/5: Capital Prep
Mobley, KailynBloomfield29-09.001/27: CCC Championship
O'Banner, KaylanOxford31-11.51/29: NVL Championship
Rivera, BriannaSeymour29-06.01/29: Nvl Championships
Smith, FionaSeymour29-02.02/5: Cap Prep last chance meet
Turlis, JessSeymour29-03.01/7: James Barber Invite
Vasiliou, MicheleSacred Heart29-10.251/7: James Barber invitational
Waldron, MayaGriswold28-08.02/4: ECC Championship
Williams, OtishaBloomfield32-07.01/15: Fresh Soph Meet
Wilson, JustyceBloomfield36-08.001/27: CCC Championship
Girls Long Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (42) All Divisions (132)
Anderson, MoniqueBloomfield17-00.012/28/17: RI Classic
Archangelo, MadelineCanton15-05.02/3: NCCC Last Chance
Bailey, KhailaBulkeley16-07.51/20: NCCC Invite
Belvit, HopeBloomfield16-05.751/13: East Coast Invite
Blomquist, TirzahWestbrook15-01.001/3: Shoreline Conference meet
Botelho, Kalli'AnaGriswold16-08.01/27: Bacon Invite
Branford, TifaniePublic Safety15-10.001/28: CRAL Championship
Campbell, ShenequaBloomfield16-03.251/13: East Coast Invite
Chrzanowski, VeronicaHaddam-Killingworth16-00.0012/28/17: HK INVITATIONAL
Cruz, XiomaraBloomfield14-06.52/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Daire, EboneMLC14-06.251/28: CRAL Championship
Dingivan, MichelleGranby Memorial14-06.001/20: NCCC Invitational
Dreyfus, CarlieStafford15-02.02/3: NCCC Last Chance
Fleischer, RachelDerby17-00.001/29: NVL Championships
Gillis, SheyenneMontville14-06.012/30/17: ECC Developmental Meet
Glenn, MacKenzieNorth Branford16-02.01/4: SLC LEague Meet 1
Gurnee, KamrynGriswold15-05.51/27: Bacon Invite
Harris, JahleahBloomfield18-02.02/3: NCCC Last Chance Meet
Jiang, ZhilinOld Saybrook14-09.501/18: @ Glastonbury Meet
Johnson, RebeccaSeymour15-01.251/29: Nvl Championships
Jurkowski, PatriciaSeymour16-03.251/29: Nvl Championships
Kopec, TessaStafford15-01.02/3: NCCC Last Chance
Kremidas, CallaNorthwest Catholic14-06.51/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
LeMay, AlyssaMorgan15-08.02/3: shoreline conf champ
LePage, SarahCoventry14-06.001/20: NCCC Invitational
Lombardi, OliviaOxford15-00.01/29: NVL Championship
Londregan, MiaSt. Bernard15-01.012/22/17: ECC Developmental #2
McKiernan, SeraphinaCromwell14-10.012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Merced, VictoriaInnovation14-08.001/28: CRAL Conference Championships
Mickens, GemyaCapital Prep15-02.501/6: URI Rhody Classic
Mitchell, ChelseaCanton16-11.51/31: NCCC Championship
Phillips, RhemaGrasso Tech16-07.251/31: CTC Championships
Provencher, IsabelleGranby Memorial15-11.501/20: NCCC Championship
Richardson, TionnaClassical Magnet15-00.502/3: NCCC Last Chance
Ross, LaurenMontville14-10.51/27: Bacon Academy Invitational
Rousseau, FaithSeymour14-10.01/15: Freshman-Sophomore Invite
Roy, LaurenGranby Memorial16-03.001/31: NCCC Championship
Thaci, AnneaOld Saybrook16-03.502/3: SLC Champ Meet
Wassick, MeganGranby Memorial15-06.002/3: NCCC Last Chance Qualifier
Woodcock, MelissaCromwell14-11.751/20: Shoreline Coaches invite
Woods, KianaNorthwest Catholic15-04.01/20: Yale HS Classic
Young, AlexandriaWestbrook15-06.502/5: shoreline conference championship
Girls High Jump

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (25) All Divisions (93)
Anderson, MoniqueBloomfield5-05.012/16/17: Hill house Invite
Archangelo, MadelineCanton5-00.01/9: Snowflake Inv.
Botelho, Kalli'AnaGriswold5-04.01/6: URI
Cooper, IashiaDerby5-00.001/29: NVL Championships
Coppes, CateOld Saybrook4-08.001/6: URI Invitational
DiBenedetto, NicoleEast Catholic4-10.012/21/17: Old Saybrook Qualifier
Duffy, ErinStafford4-08.02/3: NCCC Last Chance
Eastwood, LaurenSomers4-10.0012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Jurkowski, PatriciaSeymour4-08.012/28/17: Wilton Wright Invite
Karwowski, KlaudiaSeymour4-08.02/5: Cap Prep last chance meet
Krause, KirstenCoventry5-02.001/9: Snowflake Invitational
Larned, SarahPlainfield4-10.0012/30/17: ECC Developmental #3
Lombardi, OliviaOxford5-00.01/29: NVL Championship
Merced, AliyahInnovation4-08.012/16/17: Hartford Public #1
Morgan, EmilyTerryville4-08.001/20: Shoreline Invitational
Pranger, SuzanneCoventry4-10.001/9: Snowflake Invitational
Provencher, IsabelleGranby Memorial4-10.0012/28/17: Haddam Killingworth Invitational
Ross, LaurenMontville4-10.001/13: SCC Coaches Invitational
Rousseau, FaithSeymour4-10.01/29: Nvl Championships
Roy, LaurenGranby Memorial5-00.002/3: NCCC Last Chance Qualifier
Strmiska, AudreyGriswold4-08.012/16/17: ECC Developmental #1
Thaci, AnneaOld Saybrook4-10.001/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Vigorita, RachelOld Saybrook5-02.002/3: SLC Champ Meet
Walker, AaliyahInnovation4-08.01/20: NCCC Invitational
Yorker, JackieEast Hampton4-08.002/4: Shoreline Conference Championships
Girls Pole Vault

View Qualifiers For: Class S Only (10) All Divisions (53)
Bauman, AveryWestbrook8-00.001/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Braun-Fales, GabrielleEast Hampton8-00.001/20: Shoreline Coaches Invitational
Coppes, CateOld Saybrook9-00.001/26: SLC League Meet #2
Cumello, CarolynCoginchaug9-06.02/3: SLC Championship
Finkeldey, TyraOld Saybrook11-00.001/20: SLC Coaches Inv.
Karwowski, KlaudiaSeymour8-00.01/7: James Barber Invite
Lucas, MackenzieSeymour7-06.01/7: James Barber Invite
McDaniel, CoralinEast Hampton8-00.002/3: Shoreline Conference Championships
Petersen, SkylarGriswold7-06.012/16/17: ECC Developmental #1
Tewksbury, AllisonPortland8-00.02/3: Shoreline Championship